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Pro Tour Chicago 1999 Final - Bob Maher vs Brian Davis -
Published: 5 years ago By: Ancient CS

By: Ancient CSPublished: 5 years ago

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Hezekiah B
'Hezekiah B' 4 days ago
Anyone know what card was played at 16:19?
Joshua Sarabia
'Joshua Sarabia' 3 weeks ago
this is torture to a double sleever
Austin Evans
'Austin Evans' 4 weeks ago
watching this in 2k17 lul.
Christopher Castle
'Christopher Castle' 1 month ago
Could you imagine if today's PT's required you to play unsleeved?
'TheOvermaster' 2 months ago
Pile shuffling in 1999 LUL
Bird Man Of The Woods
36:33 "he can plow his own creatures" lol
Kevin Agee
'Kevin Agee' 2 months ago
what card did he use at the end to win?
Andrew sd
'Andrew sd' 3 months ago
Unsleeved Dual Lands QQ :"(
Guipuina m
'Guipuina m' 3 months ago
No sleeves, sweet sound!
'ReformedThe' 3 months ago
nice a hard cast force of will. I have literally never seen that before today. lol
'PsyintZ' 4 months ago
I can't believe they let the crowd sit within earshot of the players while having access to the hand cams, so they can yell every time somebody draws something important. And then Bueler constantly telling everybody to be quiet, even though he screams every time he sees a top-deck himself. That shit would drive me crazy, and would certainly never fly in today's world. Lol
'PsyintZ' 4 months ago
For how much praise the announcers are giving Brian Davis regarding his Magic skills, he sure as hell made some terrible, rookie mistakes in that match. Literally threw away 2 games that he had in the bag. He played game 2 so poorly that it was actually difficult to watch. *Cringe*

And he might as well have just sideboarded his Consultations out, because he clearly has no idea how to play that card. There were several occasions where he could have used it to either save himself, or win the game, and for whatever reason, he just let it sit in his hand collecting dust. You cannot play "scared Magic" with that card. If you're afraid of it burning your tech, then use a different card like Vampiric Tutor or something.
'PsyintZ' 4 months ago
19:35 - Look how beat up that top card on Brian's deck is. That, my friends, is why sleeves have basically become mandatory.
prosper waldmann
'prosper waldmann' 5 months ago
Oh god it hurts me so much seeing unsleeved dual lands 😭😭
Zachary Lohner
'Zachary Lohner' 5 months ago
riffle shuffling the sleeveless duals mistakenly breaks the shuffle and the cards sickeningly jam together OHMYGOODNESSJUSTKILLMENOW!!!!!
'Blackadder75' 6 months ago
Apart from the value of the cards... it is really weird they allowed NO sleeves.

Just take an Ice Age card (necropotence) and a revised or 4th card (dark ritual) and look at the backs. they will have different shades of brown...... You could easily cheat without sleeves by using certain printings of cards for maximum difference....

That was a major reason why we got opaque sleeves , at first ultra pro would just produce transparent sleeves.... I still have some of those from around 1995
Nero edits
'Nero edits' 6 months ago
is that a laugh track?
Etienne Pham Do
'Etienne Pham Do' 6 months ago
What was the mono black deck that was used
Z Spot
'Z Spot' 6 months ago
Shuffling like that, with no sleeves, and all those duel lands, and FoW :(
James Bowen
'James Bowen' 6 months ago
I feel for Davis after that first game, all the confidence left him in a matter of seconds
'Calvert' 6 months ago
what is the format here? legacy?...or rather what we now call legacy?
Tempest and a Computer
Wow the quality on this is better than some of the 2000's stuff. I swear i can't find a good video for the lightning helix topdeck :l
'KabukiKid' 7 months ago
Heh... amusing to watch everyone freaking out about no sleeves on their decks. It's just the way the rules were for a while back then. As an aside, nobody played with sleeves when the game first started. We played with far more valuable cards and no sleeves... riffle shuffling and all that. lol The cards didn't have their value yet and the game was new. Gaming sleeves came later. In my gaming group, I was one of the last people to start sleeving. heh Funny to think about now. I even won a Type I (now called Vintage) tournament back then without sleeves.
'Drecon84' 7 months ago
Seeing this, I'm really glad Wizards decided to make creatures relevant. I mean, the best creatures in this match are Faerie Conclave and Treetop Village... That says something.
(Oh yeah, there's a Morphling in Bob's deck too, but still...)
Dillon Lee
'Dillon Lee' 7 months ago
beanie babies>?
burt reynoldz
'burt reynoldz' 7 months ago
Brian Davis- The only man to loose a pro tour final 5-0
tbelmont 54
'tbelmont 54' 9 months ago
Ah the days when Necropotence was legal... damn I miss them.
'king' 9 months ago
People asking why no sleeves etc in like 500 comments on this video. 1.) Sleeves were banned at a certain point of magic- they thought it would stop cheating or something to that extent. 2.) The cards they are playing with at that time are worth a max of 10$... dualands - 10 bucks, force of wills maybe 5 to 10 bucks. 3.) Also the game was no where near what it is today of more than possibly triple the player base, no magic online back then, the internet was only mainstream for 2 years when this tournament was held 1999... and to be honest the internet sucked back then.... Hell if we had any video's of people playing magic in 1993-- if any even exist-- you would see Alpha black lotus and power 9 and the original dual lands being done the exact same way as in this video..... Just goes to show you how times change...... my ohhh my how times change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stew Pac
'Stew Pac' 10 months ago
Bob got handed that pro tour victory...kid played awful lol
Shane Gedekoh
'Shane Gedekoh' 10 months ago
"How to punt" for dummies.
'JaxTwins' 11 months ago
Oh, the 90's! Back when music was soft and Magic was heavy.
Lets make America a monarchy again.
What's wrong with fat confidant?? He's not fat at all!
'BIG BOSS' 12 months ago
no sleeves FTW....lmfaooooooo
Sam Cellitti Studios
'Sam Cellitti Studios' 12 months ago
Luiz M.K.
'Luiz M.K.' 1 year ago
12:45 - that ringtone LOL
Ghost Empire Games
I cringed at 1:31:09
Alex Fiore
'Alex Fiore' 1 year ago
AHAHA NO SLEEVES... god how times have changed
Ralphy Puro
'Ralphy Puro' 1 year ago
...beanie baby swag #ty
Alex W
'Alex W' 1 year ago
2am... and still watching... why did I start? need sleep...but it's to great to watch 😀👌 gotta love mtg!!!
'NeonTooth' 1 year ago
>unsleeved cards
triggered as fuck
Sean Markie
'Sean Markie' 1 year ago
Dual lands, no sleeve... like a boss :)
'clayvision' 1 year ago
This is a great match, and its great for two reasons, for one is it really cool to see these old cards we have never heard of in action alongside these busted cards we know and love today like FOW and Enlightened tutor, and secondly in all these matches one of the players (usually brian davis) makes a mistake that compiles onto itself for future decisions, and it really shows how punishing your poor decision making can be in this game, in the last game when he didnt take the FOW if he took the FOW, he would have had more spells to bait the counters, and he also likely would have been able to define the gamestate much sooner, instead he took the counterspell, and if he had that extra 3 life, it very well may have saved him from being necro-locked not to mention it may have drawn him a discard spell to pick apart his opponents hand
'Nehps0' 1 year ago
So this is basically a convention for virgins.
Zoo Zoo
'Zoo Zoo' 1 year ago
That sacred ground call with nevinryll's disk was incorrect. All of the enchantments and manlands would leave the play zone and enter the graveyard at the same time. Sacred Ground is no longer in play and its effect is no longer active.
'KezmanClic' 1 year ago
Shield please!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Valenti Jr
Those poor dual lands
'h3liumdream' 1 year ago
i believe it was wizard policy at the time, that games at this level of play were no sleeves.
CommanderSh!mi X
'CommanderSh!mi X' 1 year ago
Im not one to bitch about sleeves, but my god... The pain I get from watching Necropotence bent in ones hands... DUAL LANDS!!!!
Chu Jin An
'Chu Jin An' 1 year ago
Man, Brian Davis looks like Shaun Mclaren...
Remember the days when you play with dual lands without sleeves and not give a shit?
'Ben' 1 year ago
Watching this in 2016
Adam Schorsch
'Adam Schorsch' 1 year ago
What pains me about the no sleeves isn't the damage being done to the cards, it's the simple fact that some of their cards are SO badly mangled that they're marked. When you look at your opponent's library and there are cards with straight-up creases all over the place...
Wobbles 808
'Wobbles 808' 1 year ago
lol the coinflip to see who goes first,
Smurfing Bear
'Smurfing Bear' 1 year ago
'C4rnif3X' 1 year ago
Why did they feel the need to add the computer generated full house laughter lmao.. Sounds ridiculous.
Chris Arico
'Chris Arico' 1 year ago
pile shuffling zzzzz
conceding early zzzzz
brainstorm zzzzz
Jonathan Montgomery
Now I know where Reid Duke got his hair style inspiration
Emily Plays
'Emily Plays' 1 year ago
"Alright, so Bob has a land and a card... Brian's only got two permanents, right?" pffffffft
Addison Kindel
'Addison Kindel' 1 year ago
Watching these forces and wastelands get shuffled like that are giving me depression.
'keatonkuuuun' 1 year ago
Man the days before thoughtseize and inquisition....I JSUT WANT TO SHOCK MYSELF FOR HAND ADVANTAGE!
christopher lacey
'christopher lacey' 1 year ago
omg ahhhhhhh shuffling these sorts of cards without sleeves wtfff. Even back then in 1999, these cards were still expensive!
'47Mortuus' 2 years ago
typical situation in constructed:
someone who build a deck based on the metagame (understands the game)
someone who has been told which deck is the best (no idea how to play)
'petrikovak' 2 years ago
no sleeves!!!!
Anton Ramil
'Anton Ramil' 2 years ago
2:53 wow , those cards ecah cost now around about 3k each
Guugle Sucks
'Guugle Sucks' 2 years ago
Haha, the fatso on the left will become a future neckbeard. Just by looking you can understand why neckbeards exist- without them, they just look like fat angry women.
'AMProductions' 2 years ago
It's not only the lack of sleeves, but the cards (at least from Brian Davis' side) look almost like they got wet, really warped at the edges
'AMProductions' 2 years ago
I love the laughs, it's like a MTG sitcom
Spiritual Onslaught
'Spiritual Onslaught' 2 years ago
'BugattiFan301' 2 years ago
Bob Maher, Jr. "The Great One"
francis thorpe
'francis thorpe' 2 years ago
the pain the pain
'aegisofhonor' 2 years ago
I got this all confused, must have been a different pro tour where the player accidentally drew 4 cards off brainstorm to lose the finals.
Storm Jumper
'Storm Jumper' 2 years ago
Blue Whale
'Blue Whale' 2 years ago
Are these guys still alive?
'jonkka3' 2 years ago
What? No card condoms?
mike bennett
'mike bennett' 2 years ago
the pain of watching this video is large
'GaeasBlessing' 2 years ago
Wastelands were like $2 back then. Duals were $10 and I got most of mine for $5 before they got "expensive." Ah, the good ol' days.
Marx Guimarães
'Marx Guimarães' 2 years ago
It is already painful to watch them play with cards unsleeved, but on top of that they also keep flickering the cards and slamming them on the board like a pair of 8 year-olds.
Carson Dooley
'Carson Dooley' 2 years ago
You can really feel the difference in tounament magic from then to now by watching this video I mean no sleeves flipping a coin to decide who goes first.
'Lepsychopat' 2 years ago
Bob Maher joue décidément comme un pied...
'PinkZephyr' 2 years ago
It looks like they belong in full house.
Bill Hilton
'Bill Hilton' 2 years ago
no sleeves.... my my eyes
'mulder1979' 2 years ago
Brian Davis should have won 5-0 easily. No offence, but this was some poor play. Discarding the Wasteland when your opponent has a deck full of manlands? Drain Life for 4 when you know he's playing Swords? Not taking the FOW with the Unmask AND the Ritual into Drain Life? Each very poor choices.
Dana Huffer
'Dana Huffer' 2 years ago
Not gonna lie, Davis played incredibly sloppy.  He should have gone 5-0 here.
The Governor
'The Governor' 2 years ago
i wouldnt beable to go against bob...not cuz he is to good, cuz i cant stand ass hole players..which he seems like he is.
'rsh0561' 2 years ago
The troll at the end of game 4 there was so good.
'glen2003' 2 years ago
Noob question guys... exactly how does necropotence work? And the other cards on the deck? How does it beat the opponent?
Slam Dunk Cosmos
'Slam Dunk Cosmos' 2 years ago
2:40 Just seeing that wasteland getting handled like a basic land, those dual lands getting slightly bent while shuffled. Ugh.
Jason Rohr
'Jason Rohr' 2 years ago
He sure is the great one... :O 
Rumiii plaes
'Rumiii plaes' 2 years ago
back when sleeves where unecassary, now people have double sleeves.
Noah Schatzline
'Noah Schatzline' 2 years ago
Zack Hall
'Zack Hall' 3 years ago
The lack of sleeves!!!!!
'Nick' 3 years ago
lol all these idiots in the comments can think about is how RARE AND EXPENSIVE these supposedly untouchable cards are because "omg they go for $200 on the internet!"

same kind of chumps that would buy a force of will, frame it, and hang it on their fuckin wall

you probably shouldnt be playing card games 
Dimitri Smith
'Dimitri Smith' 3 years ago
no sleeves and duals. I'm crying inside.
Délio Rodrigues
'Délio Rodrigues' 3 years ago
Sem shield!!! PQP!
'Sidecutt3' 3 years ago
I love how you can hear the crowds reactions in this tournament, i hope they would mic the crowd sounds in upcoming pro tours.
'Sidecutt3' 3 years ago
Playing duals without shields lol
Luciano Romano
'Luciano Romano' 3 years ago
Bunch of socially stunted nerds laughing and cheering unnecessarily loudly. Control yourselves, jeez.
'dannyzep92' 3 years ago
uff those shuffles at the begging make me shudder. and without sleeves? forget it im freaking out hahah
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