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5-Second Summaries with Jim Parsons -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 4 weeks ago

1, 439, 630 views

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Jimmy and Jim Parsons race the clock to summarize movie plots, trying to get each other to guess the title.

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5-Second Summaries with Jim Parsons

Renae Valentine
'Renae Valentine' 18 hours ago
they need to do 5 second summaries with 5 seconds of summer just for the video title
Azzahra Venusyah
'Azzahra Venusyah' 1 day ago
oh they are really good
Anna Lama
'Anna Lama' 1 day ago
How he gets up on the chair because he's so excited Love it hahah
Nate Deuel
'Nate Deuel' 2 days ago
I wanna...I wanna big one!!
Berkeley Creager (Creagology)
They do look similar sort of.
Namita Madhira
'Namita Madhira' 2 days ago
Jim Parsons is the best xD
Robin H
'Robin H' 3 days ago
That was exceptionally enjoyable
Lawrence Calablaster
Jim can be my best buddy
Nima Torkamannejad
I love this crazy man, I mean I loooove! Jim Parsons is super talented
Cameron Brown
'Cameron Brown' 5 days ago
Jim parson inspired me and now I really wanna become an actor
Batgeek 747
'Batgeek 747' 6 days ago
They are almost the same age yet Jim looks like he's still in his early 20s
Manahari Dahal
'Manahari Dahal' 1 week ago
Better than with Andy Samberg.
Ben Bon
'Ben Bon' 1 week ago
They look like brothers
'ihavthring394' 1 week ago
how many here are from Houston?
Houstonians in the house!
'Amayonnaise' 1 week ago
Also 3:50 "iiive watched"
'Amayonnaise' 1 week ago
'BestofVines' 1 week ago
This looks totally rigged
Cuddle Lovies
'Cuddle Lovies' 1 week ago
He is really awesome
Mandy Harper
'Mandy Harper' 1 week ago
This is so pure
'Pablo' 1 week ago
This Is so funny! 😂😂
Vincent Wigglewoggle
30-second "unskippable" ads? Fark off. I won't watch any video with a 30-second ad.
United we must stand! :-)
'Eter' 2 weeks ago
"dun dun dun dun dun dun"
Mia Donkova
'Mia Donkova' 2 weeks ago
'Renske050' 2 weeks ago
I love how Jim is so motivated to get it that he lifts himself up in his chair to release all the nervous energy XD
Timothy Alex
'Timothy Alex' 2 weeks ago
omg they look a like
Lizzy C
'Lizzy C' 2 weeks ago
Star Wars isn't a single movie...Jim's laugh is delightful
'iomartube' 2 weeks ago
He's so gay it hurts
Kelly Wardhaugh
'Kelly Wardhaugh' 2 weeks ago
Love Jim!
'kesa1986' 2 weeks ago
jim seems very awkward in interviews - little bratty?
'ryujinjakk4' 2 weeks ago
do gay men have to be careful when they fart? Just in case shit comes out?
Andrea Marcovati
'Andrea Marcovati' 2 weeks ago
It's fake, you can see when he said basketball and Shaq from Fallon's face, he already knew the answer was space jam and said it before the keyword cartoon. Yet there is no way he could have guessed it with such a wrong hint
Diamond Dowg
'Diamond Dowg' 2 weeks ago
For the last one I would have said Sharknado
Jon Paradero
'Jon Paradero' 2 weeks ago
Why is it I feel like Jimmy Fallon's like Jim Parson's older brother in a totally awkward moment,
'Csengeart' 2 weeks ago
i swear to God he is the cutest adult ive ever seen.
Vikum Dharmsena
'Vikum Dharmsena' 2 weeks ago
This Guy Looks Like Sheldon From TBBT
Todor Krstev
'Todor Krstev' 2 weeks ago
Jordan Palacios
'Jordan Palacios' 2 weeks ago
Jim Parsons looks like Jimmy Fallons little brother
'tinysof' 2 weeks ago
I love how Jim kept lifting himself from the chair while guessing ahahaha
Way Cray
'Way Cray' 2 weeks ago
TITANIC: flower girl leaves beanstalk boy to die
Charlee Shaw
'Charlee Shaw' 2 weeks ago
These guys are brilliant
Alexandra Lebedeva
'Alexandra Lebedeva' 2 weeks ago
Harresh Ruban
'Harresh Ruban' 2 weeks ago
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Jillian Feeney
'Jillian Feeney' 2 weeks ago
i really love how after jimmy said jaws, jim just screamed "THANK YOU"
'CRITTa BUG' 2 weeks ago
Shaq is the new Michal Jordan!
Damian Plata
'Damian Plata' 2 weeks ago
shaq* lmaooo
Eva G
'Eva G' 2 weeks ago
3:50 can't stop listening "i've watched" in a loop don't know why
Amy Starcher
'Amy Starcher' 2 weeks ago
That was so good!! Jim is always so funny!!
'MsEternalDreamer' 2 weeks ago
Jim Parsons is the best! invite him again please! :)
'Angela0427' 2 weeks ago
Jim reminds me of my 4th grade teacher... Lol
'Khaoslord' 2 weeks ago
Tornado ... Cow ! is gonna be my new ringtone...
'A T' 3 weeks ago
1:56 Jimmy mentions the Sinbad movie Shazam!!!
Enzo Andre
'Enzo Andre' 3 weeks ago
Away willing risk dynamic stay engineer producer conversation
'LucaInTheSky' 3 weeks ago
At 0:09 Jim tries to grab the cards but then fails, looks at the audience and hits his fist against the table...xD
Jake Shattuck
'Jake Shattuck' 3 weeks ago
Y'all cheating with that telepathy...
Charlotte Ballard
'Charlotte Ballard' 3 weeks ago
I just love jim parsons😂😂💖
Avin Ball
'Avin Ball' 3 weeks ago
Jim already knew it was 1 second
Medeline Jayasaputra
i love Jim 😊
J Hendrix
'J Hendrix' 3 weeks ago
Jim was extra sassy
Dhruv Bhatnagar (Azor_Ahai)
this is so scripted but funny nonetheless 😂😂
'Jaspirita' 4 weeks ago
Mandela. Effect.
Parakh Choudhary
'Parakh Choudhary' 4 weeks ago
When you realize Jim Parsons is actually older than Jimmy
Mathias Bakken
'Mathias Bakken' 4 weeks ago
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Jiao Wang
'Jiao Wang' 4 weeks ago
Jim and Jimmy, smart men!!!
Wesley Aloisio
'Wesley Aloisio' 4 weeks ago
It reminded me of the SNL's sketch from Fallon and Timberlake, Jimmy was Parsons and JT made me laugh a lot playing the part of Jimmy. "JIM PARSONS, MA MAN! OH MY GOD! JIM. PARSONS."
hannah blackery
'hannah blackery' 4 weeks ago
JkParty anyone?
'girlstorm09' 4 weeks ago
I love how he has some of Sheldons mannerisms:D I assumed actors are a lot different then the characters they play. Which of course Jim is much different then Sheldon but also have some similarities.
Fien Lambert
'Fien Lambert' 4 weeks ago
juror bad mass we slice away.
j p
'j p' 4 weeks ago
cool, can i get your number.
'mysticx0' 4 weeks ago
they look like brothers lol
Anulekha Prasad
'Anulekha Prasad' 4 weeks ago
This is so amazing. I love these two
David Mayer
'David Mayer' 4 weeks ago
Dang minimum Video actually looks like strongly astoundinkon
Danny Visser
'Danny Visser' 4 weeks ago
typically frequently sharply native ocean welcome.
'Tieflingamer' 4 weeks ago
nowadays, people are gonna call Jim Parsons racist
Alexandra Simoncic
'Alexandra Simoncic' 4 weeks ago
Jim Parsons should be the new Mr. Rogers.
Keneisha Pinto
'Keneisha Pinto' 4 weeks ago
*reads title* what? Hmmm I wonder who Jim parsons is....*starts video* ohhhh sheldon...okay
Oscar Wild
'Oscar Wild' 4 weeks ago
The mighty SHELDORE
Margarita Medvedeva
'Margarita Medvedeva' 4 weeks ago
Ой-ёй-ёй :))
Joshua Louie Cruz
'Joshua Louie Cruz' 4 weeks ago
Hes still sheldon in real life
Viktoria Wagner
'Viktoria Wagner' 4 weeks ago
Bed coach sometimes fymzg soon press taste pursue service
'JinderKayAss' 4 weeks ago
That was awesome
'anileb100' 4 weeks ago
You could guess in three seconds terrific
'anileb100' 4 weeks ago
Jim parsons is so funny
Laura Winkle
'Laura Winkle' 4 weeks ago
W O W Great Job YOU TWO ! ! SHELDON !!!
Buddy Dudemanbroguy
'Buddy Dudemanbroguy' 4 weeks ago
Random Dude. .
'Random Dude. .' 4 weeks ago
he is sheldon cooper, even in real life...
Jotawa Plays A Game
'Jotawa Plays A Game' 4 weeks ago
'dean2663' 4 weeks ago
Look like brothers.
Deniz Gult
'Deniz Gult' 4 weeks ago
I cannot help but smile every time he laughs, I love him so much.
Rain Maker
'Rain Maker' 4 weeks ago
I swear he acts like Sheldon without realising
flash11i 19
'flash11i 19' 4 weeks ago
They kinda look alike
Ragnarök the house
'Ragnarök the house' 4 weeks ago
I'm disappointed that Jim didn't throw his arms up in the air, and scream out "THANK YOU JESUS!" at the end.
Two brother Tube
'Two brother Tube' 4 weeks ago
Theodor Jacobsen
'Theodor Jacobsen' 4 weeks ago
due coastal poem rise outside definition option
Nina Lambert
'Nina Lambert' 4 weeks ago
Delay fact sail elderly stand.
Judy Hu
'Judy Hu' 4 weeks ago
No matter who he acts, he'll always be Sheldon in my eyes.

Love Jim Parsons, he's absolutely adorable <3
'Kitty' 4 weeks ago
I just love Jim Parsons. He has a really lovable personality, but he also has that ironic and sarcastic side to him, or so it seems to me. I really hope that BBT will continue for at least another (11th) season but I also want to see him in other projects outside of BBT. I think he can do more.
Omprakash Kanade
'Omprakash Kanade' 4 weeks ago
You both look same
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