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Dinner Date - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

3, 405, 852 views

19, 401 Likes   674 Dislikes

A couple's (Vanessa Bayer, Kenan Thompson) dinner date turns sour when an old friend (Dwayne Johnson) and his British girlfriend (Cecily Strong) unexpectedly join them.

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Charles Hocker
'Charles Hocker' 1 hour ago
Does the Rock's performance remind anyone of Christopher Walken's gigolo performance?
Oscar Ulises
'Oscar Ulises' 4 hours ago
at 0:50 that ass.
Jaishawn Boyd
'Jaishawn Boyd' 23 hours ago
he looks like if Bruno Mars was ripped in the 24k Magic music video
kiki love
'kiki love' 2 days ago
black women are never represented, this world truly don't like us. Biracial, white, and other women always displayed and shown as desirable. never black women. it is tuff being viewed as undesirable, unloved, and unwanted.
'HyugaGamer' 4 days ago
Dwayne looks like he's trying to cosplay as a modern version of Maui from Moana in which he did the voice acting for. XD
Walter Simms
'Walter Simms' 4 days ago
the rock funny af
Tommy Tom Tom
'Tommy Tom Tom' 4 days ago
pls make the BANANA song!!
My Intelleggenzzia
she is acting like madonna
'Wassim' 5 days ago
666 dislikes = illuminati confirmed
titus diodoros
'titus diodoros' 6 days ago
A song called Banana killed me
Ruben Brouwer
'Ruben Brouwer' 6 days ago
flee composition funeral mnmqc profit bottle milk
'sam21skin' 6 days ago
Ha ha ha ha the Calvin Harris slam
Look at my channel description
accent = spot on
'brainey001' 7 days ago
Lol cant get over how accurate she is to all those British singers from way of talking to thinking to looks lol
Bri Cortes
'Bri Cortes' 7 days ago
Gemma is Harry styles sis name!!!☹️😍
'Glitter' 7 days ago
Cecily obviously had a GREAT holistic vocal coach in England...............
'yamaotostrike' 1 week ago
She's Gemma? She's vagazzled?
Nether Ninja
'Nether Ninja' 1 week ago
Sounds more Australian than British lol
Julie Gustafson
'Julie Gustafson' 1 week ago
She's Essex
'DOTMH' 2 weeks ago
long banana, big banana, short banana love it..
Mariusz Dariusz
'Mariusz Dariusz' 2 weeks ago
Cecily Strong is the queen of Bonerland.
Big Caligula
'Big Caligula' 2 weeks ago
Cecily as a british brainless bird is hot.
'cylon74' 2 weeks ago
almost died at 2:26...LITERALLY....420 WA
'11DaltonB' 2 weeks ago
Wish i could listen to Banana in the club
Tingel 88
'Tingel 88' 2 weeks ago
Going out with my girls tonight,
Having fun with my girls tonight,
Big banana, long banana,
Short banana, wide banana,
Let's get bananas tonight,
Five, four, three, two, banana
Lizygurl400 Funny
'Lizygurl400 Funny' 3 weeks ago
banna! love ur songlol I wanna be a part of snl
'Nelson' 3 weeks ago
"Hi I'm Gemma, I'm vagazzled."
Jake James
'Jake James' 3 weeks ago
N2O Cobalt
'N2O Cobalt' 3 weeks ago
I have a peach song and her banana song is better ;-;
Nailaibai 808
'Nailaibai 808' 3 weeks ago
This is actually hilarious😂😂
Mike Person
'Mike Person' 3 weeks ago
SNL mostly isn't funny but I liked this one
Alexander Hamilton
'Alexander Hamilton' 4 weeks ago
At the end, it said "get the app" and I thought to myself "get the nibble"
Alexandre Bertrand-Lafleur
Miley Cyrus and Fat Albert with The Rock
Klara Kathrine Snejbjerg
Banana song 2:50
'Wetdookie' 1 month ago
The rock isn't funny... unless he's roasting people on the mic in wwf back in the attitude era.
Annie Curry
'Annie Curry' 1 month ago
snl is so disgusting now, no class comedy
'Bebopity' 1 month ago
LOL I'm as hard as a doorknob right now
Tart And Spoon Gaming
Why is Jemma such a stereotype
I gave up on clever usernames
It honestly wouldn't surprise me if her song came on the radio because it's pretty much that type of annoying song
F23A4 Accord
'F23A4 Accord' 1 month ago
Love the Rock in SNL skits but thought this one was lame when I first viewed it.

Hysterical on the eight follow up viewings. LOL! (Go figure)
False Positive
'False Positive' 1 month ago
LMAO, when she said 'footballers' it was really funny.
'Crybaby's Carnival' 1 month ago
Cecile is so cute here lol
The Ghetto Nerd
'The Ghetto Nerd' 1 month ago
"I asked him honey..." I started dying!
'draw512' 1 month ago
I love this Cecily Strong character
'LOUIEVIL 7.62' 1 month ago
that was probably one of the funniest ones
Braxton Marshall
'Braxton Marshall' 1 month ago
lol rock is holding in his laugh when she says she has a song called banana
Not Carlie
'Not Carlie' 1 month ago
I've had camp counselors that sound like her.
'nationofmillions' 1 month ago
One of my favorite SNL skits
'Gustavo11pr' 1 month ago
That Rock shirt looks a lot like the ones he used in WWE by '98 - 99....
Vicky Sewel
'Vicky Sewel' 1 month ago
Cecile is gorgeous but I feel like she always plays the same characters it's /;
Joe Neal
'Joe Neal' 1 month ago
What's Jimmy Snuka doing on SNL?
'egaliseur' 1 month ago
damn Kenan did Vanessa so dirty @ the end there lmao
'IM_RAZKAL_B****' 1 month ago
"im as hard as a doorknob right now know what i mean?" lmao
Jenn Nguyen
'Jenn Nguyen' 1 month ago
Omg rock and Cecily are amazing lmao
LT Computers
'LT Computers' 2 months ago
"Heyy! Who is this guy? You want to kiss my girlfriend in front of me? Like i am some kind of JOKE OF THE DAY?! Well... Here is something to kiss for you! BaaaMM!!"
Al N
'Al N' 2 months ago
Awfully stupid!!!
Cindy Jordan
'Cindy Jordan' 2 months ago
scatt jax
'scatt jax' 2 months ago
Cecily's amazing, where'd she get that accent from?
Lucy Goat
'Lucy Goat' 2 months ago
im so hard right now!
jane doe
'jane doe' 2 months ago
it's midnight and there's nothing good in the house and i would loooove to be eating two hundred onion rings right now.
ashish noel
'ashish noel' 2 months ago
Dont know what but i really got bonner...
Mark Medina
'Mark Medina' 2 months ago
That fucking girls accent got me 😂
Adam Golan
'Adam Golan' 2 months ago
They are annoying.
Kaya V
'Kaya V' 2 months ago
Possibly. LMAO
'RandomIdea' 2 months ago
200 onion rings at $0.25 per ring would be $50
Derrick Burch
'Derrick Burch' 2 months ago
Cecily Strong is Hot.... I got hard....Tell the truth fellas..
Christian Roldan
'Christian Roldan' 2 months ago
Rock sounds like Stallone in Rocky
Trev Mac
'Trev Mac' 2 months ago
Celicy Strong should avoid restaurants..she's getting very porky
'CallMeLum' 2 months ago
The Rock was great!
Horse 005
'Horse 005' 2 months ago
What's sad is that song sounds like a real song
Ebony Ss
'Ebony Ss' 2 months ago
pearl mokgatlhe
'pearl mokgatlhe' 2 months ago
benjamin wayne
'benjamin wayne' 2 months ago
"If you don't have a boner right now you should just kill yourself" - Dwyane the rock Johnson
'TTurner' 2 months ago
why does she kiss him on the cheek if she supposed to be his wife??
'ANKH-RA 999' 2 months ago
i wonder why the fat negroe doesnt get more movie roles..He's funny and he can do anything (except be white)
I guess Hollywood doesnt have alot of work for Negroes,unless its something demeaning and stereotypical....He's lucky to have the gig on SNL,, as a negroe buffoon...Its a stead paycheck, I guess.
Gus Goose
'Gus Goose' 2 months ago
wow... snl has gone downhill.
so this is what the Cupcake Generation considers funny? lame.
Clare Ordoñez
'Clare Ordoñez' 2 months ago
Cecily is so good keeping a straight face hahaha made even Vanessa almost brake character haha
Hopeless Romantic
'Hopeless Romantic' 2 months ago
"I'm hard as a doorknob right now." 😂😂😂
James Grandjean
'James Grandjean' 2 months ago

she is so talented.
Turk 1
'Turk 1' 2 months ago
Fucking retarded audience, Dwayne killed it.
John Baker
'John Baker' 2 months ago
her accent is half Australian and half cockney
The Weeping Prophet
'The Weeping Prophet' 2 months ago
is that the rock?
'beerboi55' 2 months ago
can't believe you guys find this funny...think the SNL writing is so bad in most of the skits I'm zipping through here desperate for a laugh....
Cadi Levox
'Cadi Levox' 2 months ago
come on with the "im offended withe her accent" comments. If she wasn't a comedian but a serious actress, you'd say "her accent is amazing"
Hopper Stanford
'Hopper Stanford' 2 months ago
cracked me up when vennessa started eating the onion rings
Leslie Longo
'Leslie Longo' 2 months ago
her song literally sounds like Bipling
Brabus 76
'Brabus 76' 2 months ago
I dont get it If I dont like mariachis why would I thumb down a Song from the Mariachis... I wouldnt be watching it and thumbing it down like if I was a masoquist but hey Viva La Trump & do it yourselves!
'sinkiy' 2 months ago
3:38 rocks face lol. Whoa whoa whoa this guy, who's this guy looking at us like this. I'm your waiter lol.
Lily Green
'Lily Green' 2 months ago
She sounds Australian when she says Gemma
Caylie B
'Caylie B' 2 months ago
How often do they remake this sketch?
Michael de Guzman
'Michael de Guzman' 2 months ago
"Big banana, long banana, short banana, wide banana."

Hero Zero
'Hero Zero' 2 months ago
'walkergirl02' 2 months ago
This is one of the funniest snl skits tbh
'Leahhh' 2 months ago
Cicily was so much funnier than Dwayne.
'LeafyIsQueerIsHere' 2 months ago
Cecily is hot
'sirdouglas2nd' 2 months ago
Could be from from English county of Essex
Malachi Fitten
'Malachi Fitten' 2 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this sketch
'anubiz632' 2 months ago
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