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Trump's People - SNL -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 3 weeks ago

4, 087, 813 views

33, 843 Likes   3, 771 Dislikes

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) meets with supporters (Mikey Day, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant) in Kentucky's Boone County.

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'eddsramm1' 4 hours ago
soo true!!!
Frank M Dimon
'Frank M Dimon' 5 hours ago
Idiots vote Hillary or Bernie
adam adam
'adam adam' 5 hours ago
Look at all the liberals thinking SNL is real news. Makes sense since people believe CNN, MSNBC and fox news is real too.
alena moka
'alena moka' 15 hours ago
andrew hosler
'andrew hosler' 18 hours ago
how enraging... not everyone who voted for trump is a redneck nor do we stand by him unquestionably. We don't regret our vote because the thing everyone seems to forget is Hillary was the other choice.Still sure I made the correct decision.
stephan l
'stephan l' 22 hours ago
I can remember when SNL was a stepping stone for new talent. Now its a career extension for those that never had any
Tom Cat Lyons
'Tom Cat Lyons' 23 hours ago
Your a true description to Howdy Doody dildo.  Even Trumps jokes are funnier than your mama's sat nite underwear. That was last sat night.  Time to change butt wipe.
Christina Hope
'Christina Hope' 1 day ago
do you like that I bombed syria
I sure do Mr . president
'vertabrate1' 2 days ago
all his deplorable deserve is coal.
Richard Lester
'Richard Lester' 2 days ago
All you non Trump Supporters seem to always forget one thing he ran against Hillary that the reason he won.
John Sholl
'John Sholl' 2 days ago
Snot Nose Lizard! FU and all the people that watch Snot Nose Live !
Jacob Godwin
'Jacob Godwin' 3 days ago
I fully support trump as my President and can say I have no regrets voting for him. But Alec's impression is gold!
'newwhiteorder' 3 days ago
Fuck SNL
Wizey Boyz
'Wizey Boyz' 3 days ago
So whites aren't "immigrants"? And other colors are?
'WEAKKNEED' 3 days ago
4 million people see Trump as a fool.

2.8 million voted against him and were the plurality, I doubt most Trump supporters understand plurality.
Prem Krishna Chettri
5:00.."We gonna Keep that.. we gonna keep that" Watched that like 20 times... So authentic..
'kavaldzhia' 3 days ago
Damn... baldwin is getting better and better at this !
Be Seeing You
'Be Seeing You' 3 days ago
Many trump suporters are just people who Cant take a joke
And cant realize whats truth and no
And many all anti trump people are ignorant people who Cant read a whole news article and have terrible arguments
#Both sides have good intentions
'BAGFRY' 3 days ago
hes Scary ! hes actually literally Scary !
Lawrence Vose
'Lawrence Vose' 3 days ago suk....with the country on the brink of nuclear war, you make fun of the president....poor taste...even worse audience....your all pukes...
Yur Face 2.0
'Yur Face 2.0' 3 days ago
Thought someone would find this interesting: The fastest growing job in the U.S is a wind turbine technician, so don't believe coal as being a more viable option for jobs than wind
Gerardo Rivera
'Gerardo Rivera' 3 days ago
Check my videos like subscribe and comment
Gerardo Rivera
'Bry' 4 days ago
Trump is against recreational marijuana. I do not support him now.
steven bowdich
'steven bowdich' 4 days ago
IM a trump supporter and I want all welfare programs cut. Why am I paying for other people's crap. Cut taxes and cut government programs.
J. Muller
'J. Muller' 4 days ago
A show by morons  for morons
steven richards
'steven richards' 4 days ago
The blind rage you liberals have against Trump leads me to believe he is on the right track !!
Xplocial OnlineNetworking
This is the best the left can come up with? PATHETIC
Lola Star
'Lola Star' 4 days ago
Oh my......are there still folks believing Trump??
'Vince0311' 4 days ago
Trump is like a trumpet.. Makes to much fucking noise yet a band (nation) would suck without it.
'TheKnightCrawler' 4 days ago
btw trumps not getting rid of anything just buget cuts
'heronymous9' 4 days ago
haha this is fun, everyone loves TrumpTrumps America  so hes been in power 3 months ,but the last 300 years were just problems waiting for Trump to solve in 3 months
Daniel Smith
'Daniel Smith' 4 days ago
So when is snl going to do a skit on this piece of shit and his phone rant to his 11 year old daughter? inquiring minds want to know!
L E Johnson
'L E Johnson' 4 days ago
SNL is going to shit, they will do anything to boost there ratings...,And that is a FACT
L E Johnson
'L E Johnson' 4 days ago
Donald Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country since Ronald Regan? Do you agree?
'Figment494' 4 days ago
You know SNL made a good skit when your teacher specifically takes the last 10 minutes of class to go on a rant about how they made fun of our city even though half of what was said here is pretty accurate...
ash danish
'ash danish' 5 days ago
That was so funny
Tommy Willett
'Tommy Willett' 5 days ago
Idk if the people at SNL researched the location of Union, KY (I'm sure typing in "Union, KY," into Google is extremely time consuming with such bad wireless connections in Manhattan), but Boone County is so rural that the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport, where Amazon happens to be making a large investment, is located in BFE Kentucky 17 whole miles south of Cincinnati. Furthermore, there are two hospitals within 15 miles of Union (which both happen to be apart of the Mayo Clinic Care Network; once again, Google it to figure out the name of the hospital).

I'm a fan of SNL, but maybe they should get the facts right. If Democrats want to start winning elections again, maybe they should start by trying to pick a place actually in coal country, such as Dizney, KY. I'm sure someone in Rockefeller Center can take ten seconds out of their day to Google it.
Christian Rodriguez
not all people in Kentucky are like this lol
Mc Moses
'Mc Moses' 5 days ago
This is funny but not all Trump supporters are weird southerners. And not all southerners are weird and no im not from the south its just true
'bcrumpty' 5 days ago
Get some new material, Baldwin needs to go
'jamesandrew62' 5 days ago
this is an outside opinion However, the quality of this comedy helps me to see why the USA needs aresponsible media coverage as at the moment you have lost my confidence,, Trump or no trump the current system runs a personality cult & obama care is not providing value fopr money for the tax payer & problemswith adiction can be solved by a healthy enviroment and not punishing people to make them regret taking risks, make some jokes about childhood atachment disorders, freedom of speach & coping with abandonment strategys.
shawn weekley
'shawn weekley' 5 days ago
Not funny R.I.P SNL
'MARSHMELLO FAN' 5 days ago
TheRealRobertFrank 292
There aren't any coal mines here that's eastern and western Kentucky Boone county the county I live in has a lot of decent jobs and has one of the best high schools in the state
TheRealRobertFrank 292
Democrats claim to be non ignorant but make this wow
Yosi S
'Yosi S' 6 days ago
Alec Baldwin suck my you know what
jose betancourt
'jose betancourt' 6 days ago
So, SNL is now insulting regular Americans thinking we are stupid...I have news for you all...if you believe the BS SNL and the media puts out ....YOU ARE THE STUPID ONE...
Charles Garrett
'Charles Garrett' 6 days ago
this is getting old
'Melissa' 6 days ago
I greatly disagree with their politics, but the conservative/right deserve a better president. We all do. They got conned by a very corrupt campaign that exploited their legitimate hopes and principles. This kleptocracy is not what they signed up for. F*ck Trump, he is not a christian or a success etc like he claims, nothing but lies, he did not take this position on to serve the people. Embarrassment to their party and I am not enjoying seeing them fail like this. (edit b/c typo)
Morgan Kodysz
'Morgan Kodysz' 6 days ago
I make minimum wage but want someone who doesn't to support me. that's not what conservatives say....fake news! lol
UberStan 757
'UberStan 757' 6 days ago
I remember a time when SNL was actually funny and not pathetic.
Andrew Rice
'Andrew Rice' 6 days ago
Scary to think how many of his supporters voted for him and he is doing to them exactly as this skit says. The turkeys really did vote for Christmas, it seems!
Nina Tsiklauri
'Nina Tsiklauri' 6 days ago
wow...xaxaxaxaaaa..I Love you...
Illuminati Confirmed
Conservatives deserve to be insulted
Evan Rich
'Evan Rich' 6 days ago
I'm from Union, Kentucky and we are not country at all
The Boss
'The Boss' 7 days ago
Lol its so funny with all you snowflakes.... You cry, you bitch, you destroy shit, cause fights, punch ladies in the face, and yet you act like Trump is the problem.

You liberal retards are the problem, not President Trump!!! Get a life, get a job and get outta your mother's basement!!!!
jbsky nameses
'jbsky nameses' 7 days ago
What's really funny is there are no coal mines near Union,Ky. it's about 20 miles away from Cincinnati,Oh.
200 6969
'200 6969' 1 week ago
толком нифуя непонятно. Бочарик, ты тут, будешь переводить?
Autistic Foamer
'Autistic Foamer' 1 week ago
If they were real Trump supporters they'd say "Sieg heil"
Christine Rex
'Christine Rex' 1 week ago
Wow snl should give a shout out to potus for saving your failing show
mario gamez
'mario gamez' 1 week ago
Hello how are you dears friend
Brown Sushiel
'Brown Sushiel' 1 week ago
Brown Sushiel
'Brown Sushiel' 1 week ago
Brown Sushiel
'Brown Sushiel' 1 week ago
This SNL BORN TO SOB...THEY FATHER IS MANY....WHY SOB's BORN to dick like OBAMA....SOB LIKE OBAMA his mom was a WHore ...WHO LIKES bbc....
Chaotic Order
'Chaotic Order' 1 week ago
I've always said that the simpler minds vastly outnumber the intelligent. The fact that Trump is president only serves to prove me right.
David Duffy
'David Duffy' 1 week ago
Alec, Please keep doing this
Titanium Burst
'Titanium Burst' 1 week ago
Are you guys gonna do this for all 4, possibly 8 years of his entire presidency? If so you should be ashamed of yourselves. Incredibly annoying, the president has greater things to worry about than TV shows mocking him. To the people who actually enjoy this, be a part of the solution not a part of the problem. This is being part of the problem
Matthew Hallock
'Matthew Hallock' 1 week ago
I love the skits that SNL does and I find it hilarious how they depict the people of Union, KY. I go to school in that city and there is almost none one like these people.
'tuttt99' 1 week ago
Oh God! What's happening?
Geoff Edevane
'Geoff Edevane' 1 week ago
It's like watching a court jester mock peasants for an exceptionally petulant court of nobles.
will shumway
'will shumway' 1 week ago
I wonder how much the popularity of SNL has gone up since the Trump administration has come into power
'multiyapples' 1 week ago
Amen Sheani
'Amen Sheani' 1 week ago
Awee.... Poor rednecks... I feel so bad for them.
'thaisboise' 1 week ago
This is so sad because it is so true. It's not even funny, because this is life now.
ben ben
'ben ben' 1 week ago
Yeah. Don't forget he IS the President of the United States. Don't forget Hillary lost douche bags!
Mel Ebil Kerai
'Mel Ebil Kerai' 1 week ago
It's funny... it's also very accurate.
Trying to Learn something
Trump was SELECTED not ELECTED and for a very particular reason that people will start seeing more clearly as each day passes. Hillary is no better.
Our country is going to be destroyed. And everyone is going to suffer.
Good luck! 😕
Trying to Learn something
They're making jokes but it's actually probably the truth in our face.
amir paykari
'amir paykari' 1 week ago
آقای ترامپ عزیز و گرامی در آیه پنجم سوره جمعه در قرآن ذکر شده ( مثل قوم یهود که تورات به آنان تعلیم داده شده ، ولی به آن عمل نکردندمانند دراز گوشیست که کتابهایی بر آن بار شده و خود آن حیوان ابدا بهره و آگاهی ازمعارف و حقایق آن کتابها ندارد و در نتیجه از حمل آنها چیزی جز خستگی عایدش نمی شود) میدانی یعنی چه؟؟؟ خداوند در کتاب آسمانی بزرگ قرآن احترام بالایی به کتاب مقدس یهود گذاشته است پس نباید نباید نباید نباید نباید بین یهود و مسلمان جنگ باشد با تشکر
'AICLyricFreak1023' 1 week ago
all I see when I go into YouTube now is more Celebrity's impersonating trump
Pugginton Pugsworth of west puggingshire
Trump is a laughingstock even when he's president...
Eliza Turrill
'Eliza Turrill' 1 week ago
"In Trump's America there's only two jobs for men: coal miners and Goldman Sachs." 😂
Samantha Vidas
'Samantha Vidas' 1 week ago
I feel depressed now.
'TheFarry_Guy' 1 week ago
When you watch this, while living in union Ky,😂 BTW= not all Kentucky people are coal miners
Michael Parker
'Michael Parker' 1 week ago
People like this who are so in the Trump bubble that they can't criticise him I struggle to have pity for.
Michael Newell
'Michael Newell' 1 week ago
so sad, so true, so funny. I want Alec Baldwin to run for president.
Mark Williams
'Mark Williams' 1 week ago
Alec baldwin is a failed bankrupt actor should stick to being in big brother with the rest of the loosers
Sparkle C
'Sparkle C' 1 week ago
Not Trump ,looks looks so fake dont even have eyes like that, and he is never that funny
Angel Michel Duran Pinto
no en tiendo el ese ideom
Inkoan Song
'Inkoan Song' 1 week ago
Interesting gag. ( = 흥미 있는 개그)
Julian Bransky
'Julian Bransky' 1 week ago
Alec's incredible...
Kenny Andrews
'Kenny Andrews' 1 week ago
SNL is officially as funny as Amy Shumer
'REXHD' 1 week ago
you fucking piece of shit
Alexandr F
'Alexandr F' 1 week ago
молодцы!Трамп уничтожит все живое на земле
Rod Dildo
'Rod Dildo' 1 week ago
I luv Trump and want his sex
Gregory Wright
'Gregory Wright' 1 week ago
cracking up.. "You're getting rid of my mortgage? ... No your house - JUNKED!
W.M. Aslam
'W.M. Aslam' 1 week ago
People voted for him because, "he's NOT a politician" - well, now he IS a politician.
Mystery Man
'Mystery Man' 1 week ago
I don't think people realize how accurate this is. Trump is giving the least benefit to his voters. SAD!
'MaryRod09' 1 week ago
"Honk, honk, honk!!!" Hahaha!
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