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Florida Georgia Line - Dig Your Roots (Static Version) -
Published: 4 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 4 months ago

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Click here to get Florida Georgia Line’s latest release Dig Your Roots:

Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Dig Your Roots. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Kyle Wiberg
'Kyle Wiberg' 4 days ago
Mom and dad up in the bleachers
Screaming while I pitch
Beatin' deep up on the speakers
Finally ridin' round town with friends

haha love it.
'dexm2010' 1 week ago
Love this band.
denise rose sampie
love all they songs. Too deadly hope they come to Australia. love them to bits.
denise rose sampie
love all they songs. Too deadly hope they come to Australia. love them to bits.
Retired sky the gamer
best song ever
Andre Whitney
'Andre Whitney' 2 weeks ago
love the whole album Florida Georgia line b***h's
Princess Leahh
'Princess Leahh' 2 weeks ago
When you go from rap to pop to this... I don't mind though. This song is good!
Dylan Smith
'Dylan Smith' 2 weeks ago
My praise and worship know he he truth
Puppet Masters
'Puppet Masters' 2 weeks ago
Thanks for subscribeing to to puppet masters
Devin Cooksley
'Devin Cooksley' 3 weeks ago
This song is the best!!! FGl is the best band ever
Clay Henderson
'Clay Henderson' 3 weeks ago
When I am down fla Georgia line cheers me up
Gabriel Vildma
'Gabriel Vildma' 3 weeks ago
when i payed attention to the lyrics i almost started to cry :)
Lisa Shinn
'Lisa Shinn' 3 weeks ago
Dig your roots.. this is America..
Jennifer Whitelaw
'Jennifer Whitelaw' 4 weeks ago
Got the album today, it's superb!
cap Hershey
'cap Hershey' 4 weeks ago
can't ask for more awesome song
cassie kennedy
'cassie kennedy' 4 weeks ago
I love this song and the artiest they make my day every time I listen to them💙💙💙
Ibrahim Gaad
'Ibrahim Gaad' 1 month ago
The best song from GFL Dig your roots.
'Ginaness' 1 month ago
This song needs a video, ASAP.
Sara Grant
'Sara Grant' 1 month ago
I have the shirt from when they were in Moncton
Mary Canen
'Mary Canen' 1 month ago
Florida Georgia. holy
Brett Amidon
'Brett Amidon' 1 month ago
I agree
Gaming _ Paw
'Gaming _ Paw' 2 months ago
Gaming _ Paw
'Gaming _ Paw' 2 months ago
I saw u GUYS in concert
Emily Gosnell
'Emily Gosnell' 2 months ago
can't wait to see them in march at the bryce jordan center 😍
Zachary Giffin
'Zachary Giffin' 2 months ago
they coming to my home state Greensboro NC in March can't wait
Tyler Shifflett
'Tyler Shifflett' 2 months ago
I no you can see this
Tyler Shifflett
'Tyler Shifflett' 2 months ago
Jayden Conn
'Jayden Conn' 2 months ago
if this was alittle slower it would be perfect
Austin Dube
'Austin Dube' 2 months ago
72 dislikes
Aust Mart
'Aust Mart' 2 months ago
love this song
Anthea Simmons
'Anthea Simmons' 2 months ago
another awesome song well gone guys 👍👍👍
Beth Conley-Eppen
'Beth Conley-Eppen' 2 months ago
good song😍😍😍😍😍
'xSevenDevilsx' 2 months ago
Saw these guys November 6th! Amazing concert! They know how to put on a show and sound exactly like the record.
Jayden Vancor
'Jayden Vancor' 2 months ago
I LOVE Florida Georgia line😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘
sassy girl
'sassy girl' 2 months ago
song is a very beautiful
Jennifer Mclendon
'Jennifer Mclendon' 2 months ago
Summer Manuel
'Summer Manuel' 2 months ago
love this song it gets me
Joshua Brewer
'Joshua Brewer' 3 months ago
I listen to this when im pitching in baseball it calmes me down
Gerrad Rose
'Gerrad Rose' 3 months ago
we are at your house
Tracy Inman
'Tracy Inman' 3 months ago
Tracy Inman
'Tracy Inman' 3 months ago
i listen to this song so much and it never gets old last he it he's so hot wish he'd hit me up
leviathan dragon
'leviathan dragon' 3 months ago
I really love this album I am getting it for christmas and also will get ripcord by keith urban and the weight of these wings by miranda lambert can`t wait.
Dylan Fulk
'Dylan Fulk' 3 months ago
There lyrics always kill it!!! Best duo since Brooks and Dunn
Elizabeth Ghareeb
'Elizabeth Ghareeb' 3 months ago
Love this!!
Tiffany Richard
'Tiffany Richard' 3 months ago
My oh my Florida Georgia Line is the best ! 💛
Barbara Brandon
'Barbara Brandon' 3 months ago
Even though I'm from the city, this song reminds me to remember where I came from.
Steven Graham
'Steven Graham' 3 months ago
miss my dad and my pawpaw love you mike g for showing me verse two of this song dig ya roots folks love it god bless all yall
Caleb Chapman
'Caleb Chapman' 3 months ago
I am a male, who identifies as a female who plays the role of a male in my lesbian relationship.
'Mr_Spiderflyer' 3 months ago
i saw this live IT WAS SO GOOD
Ashleigh Gerber
'Ashleigh Gerber' 3 months ago
i like song my favorite 9-14-16
Xander Arsenault Martin
Love this song❤️
Evan Warden
'Evan Warden' 3 months ago
love love love it
sabrina hodge
'sabrina hodge' 3 months ago
love this song but love all of Florida Georgia Line songs they never let me down
'KEEGAN 10' 3 months ago
sub to me please<3
Taylor Cox
'Taylor Cox' 3 months ago
My mom tells me to dig my roots all the time. This song hit it out of the park!! Love it guys. Keep it up!
Kathy Bariezas
'Kathy Bariezas' 3 months ago
their gettin' better and better! Love every song on "DIG YOUR ROOTS' CD.
Chelsey Parker
'Chelsey Parker' 3 months ago
I love this song because of my cousin Austin but he died 1 or 2 week a go
Sarwar Sami
'Sarwar Sami' 4 months ago
simply majestic <3
Jen Peterson
'Jen Peterson' 4 months ago
Mary Hicks
'Mary Hicks' 4 months ago
as I said  Before FGL  Great Music!!!!!!!   , you  keep making  great  music !!! oh  yeah , i'll keep  buying  all your   music ,love love love it ..
Shelby Pruitt
'Shelby Pruitt' 4 months ago
i love Tyler Hudson
Sylwia xx
'Sylwia xx' 4 months ago
Sharon Shupe
'Sharon Shupe' 4 months ago
Can't wait to see them Saturday!!!!
Reem Mansour
'Reem Mansour' 4 months ago
I love all the songs on this album! this is going to be their best album yet...can't wait :)
Tony Thomas
'Tony Thomas' 4 months ago
awesome live show guys!!
Johnny Vids
'Johnny Vids' 4 months ago
Tim C
'Tim C' 4 months ago
great song
hagi takanashi
'hagi takanashi' 4 months ago
love this song. rings deep inside me.
Shaa Niss
'Shaa Niss' 4 months ago
new fav song
ricosta lebrun
'ricosta lebrun' 4 months ago
can't get that song off my mind 🔴🔵
'JADEN Waite' 4 months ago
,I💒 this song.
Blue Water
'Blue Water' 4 months ago
Love love love these Country boys💕
Zachary Giffin
'Zachary Giffin' 4 months ago
so damn tired of this Honda commercial
Forgottenjam6 Rogers
'Forgottenjam6 Rogers' 4 months ago
love this song
'Sander's Fishing' 4 months ago
👏great song just great
'MG R' 4 months ago
Who are the idiots that disliked this???? This song is so good!
Ana Gavrić
'Ana Gavrić' 4 months ago
In love love love love!!! Great song!! Thank you FGL
Love this song
Harutaka Kawamura
'Harutaka Kawamura' 4 months ago
my fav in the new album
Liz Podrazo
'Liz Podrazo' 4 months ago
I love fgl go to NE again plzz
Grim Reaper Angel Sumuli
Static version?????
love it
James Kennedy
'James Kennedy' 4 months ago
love it <3
Lucas Marshall
'Lucas Marshall' 4 months ago
My favourite song in the new album!!
The straight A
'The straight A's' 4 months ago
love it
Evan the Great
'Evan the Great' 4 months ago
Tristin Hall
'Tristin Hall' 4 months ago
my channel
'my channel' 4 months ago
Angela Bowser
'Angela Bowser' 4 months ago
This is a really good song
Frederick Lazarus
'Frederick Lazarus' 4 months ago
Matthew Smith
'Matthew Smith' 4 months ago
VenturianGhost Lover
'VenturianGhost Lover' 4 months ago
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