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Meat Lovers Get Pranked With Plant Burgers -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

3, 219, 514 views

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"I'll have a big piece of meat... with a side plate of meat."

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Impossible Burgers provided by Crossroads Kitchen @CrossroadsKitchen

Made by BFMP

Crossroads Kitchen

Vogo :D
'Vogo :D' 5 hours ago
fatass americans sanababeches
Opinion Killah
'Opinion Killah' 17 hours ago
Vegans are seriously so annoying LMFAO
'capesummergirl' 19 hours ago
Too bad it's not gluten free.
Brooklyn Carter
'Brooklyn Carter' 1 day ago
go figure the whites were fooled
'KayBaeLily' 1 day ago
Burgers are my favorite food too.

I still became vegan
Hmong Vegan
'Hmong Vegan' 1 day ago
Go vegan
Jad Micheal
'Jad Micheal' 1 day ago
I am a carnivorous I love meat 🍖 it's so good 😊 btw just because I am a carnivore doesn't mean I am not healthy
Don Hicham
'Don Hicham' 2 days ago
do a vegans pranked with meat burgers
Eric Goodwin
'Eric Goodwin' 2 days ago
Do all vegans/vegetarians brag?We get it, okay? You all love vegetables and hate people that eat meat.
'Xennti' 2 days ago
Next video "Plant Lovers get pranked with meat burger"
Super cars arora
'Super cars arora' 2 days ago
when I clicked the video I found it it interesting but as soon soon as the horror lady with that bull earing nose came I had to throw my phone
'AnimateOut' 3 days ago
No animal were harm.
Melvin Bantum
'Melvin Bantum' 3 days ago
Why you gotta tear apart your food to judge it
Chris O
'Chris O'Bleness' 4 days ago
Just had one of these burgers at the Public House in San Francisco and it was fantastic, cannot wait for these to be more widely available. If you get the chance try one out!
Gaming with Monstar
Hey this is from crossroads
connor kinway
'connor kinway' 4 days ago
why do they look so depressed ?
Alexis Castillo
'Alexis Castillo' 5 days ago
I've had one and it's soooooo good. Has "bacon" too
Louis Collings
'Louis Collings' 5 days ago
'L0vEgy' 5 days ago
ok, ok , I just want to know this! why vegans want vegetables taste like meat.!?
Monica Ezzell
'Monica Ezzell' 5 days ago
The video is supposed to make you want to be veagan
Yugal Karol
'Yugal Karol' 5 days ago
people are commenting they have been vegan for 1 or 2 yrs and i am like a vegan from birth . Never tasted meat .
'Jason' 5 days ago
buzzfeed sucks!
'brent' 6 days ago
ROBIN PLEASE! get some sleep
FTG RoyalFall
'FTG RoyalFall' 6 days ago
Now lets give some vegans real burgers and see how they feel
Jesus D
'Jesus D' 6 days ago
'kalloused' 6 days ago
If you want to be vegan, fine but what pisses me off is they want everyone else to be vegan too. Meat eaters don't preach to vegans that they should be vegans too.
Lisa Thomas
'Lisa Thomas' 6 days ago
I would like to try this. I like Boca Burger patties- they taste pretty good and also boca crumbles subs for ground beef. My family enjoys it in veggie tacos
'tokento91' 7 days ago
Time to surprise vegans with Meat burgers
Molly Richter
'Molly Richter' 7 days ago
Why is she upset tho... like if it's good what's the problem 😂 is not eating meat that against your food beliefs? You don't have to have meat every meal lmao
kelly li
'kelly li' 7 days ago
Wait till they find out
'LickingBugattis' 1 week ago
you cant replace every form of meat and every style of preparation of it with veggies. you dont get that same succulency and savoriness. just not possible. it's only easy with burgers because it's mashed up
'BFHJWEKLR' 1 week ago
that brown haired girl is so fuking annoying
Eric Estrada
'Eric Estrada' 1 week ago
It's not that difficult to tell the difference once you've had a couple vegan patties yourself. I still prefer actual meat and will continue to eat it.
Sydney Goldberg
'Sydney Goldberg' 1 week ago
I cant have it because it's made of gluten :/
Dan Josef
'Dan Josef' 1 week ago
I'm not vegetarian, but I highly support vegetarian food and their endeavors
WolfPack LTD
'WolfPack LTD' 1 week ago
Vegans and their half-assed "facts".
'SaberofSpades' 1 week ago
I don't care to drop meat. I don't care about if being a vegetarian is healthier.

And as for VEGAN? Vegans are just weird. I wish to sit at a table of vegans and eat veal.
Arnas Staniulis
'Arnas Staniulis' 1 week ago
I just found out how to do this
'彭定康' 1 week ago
It's pointless to make veggies taste like meat. What makes you eat veggie meats over the meats? cuz you want meat but don't want to break you “vegan” identity, which means you are not a vegetarian in mind but a twisted person who think the “vegetarian” is a higher class over a lifestyle, hypocrite.
Young Cheong
'Young Cheong' 1 week ago
I can always tell. Someone gave me a piece of turket bacon and right away I said "what the F is this?"
'MuskratandRatman' 1 week ago
They should prank vegans by giving them real meat! Then shove meat facts down their throat!
Lou Goes
'Lou Goes' 1 week ago
After this the only reason you would continue to eat meat burgers is because you enjoy animal suffering.
Manuel Rodriguez
'Manuel Rodriguez' 1 week ago
guy with blue hair is so cute
22 Annas
'22 Annas' 1 week ago
Vegans get pranked with meat burgers
Saksham Gupta
'Saksham Gupta' 1 week ago
I see the new snapchat filter
Chris Okeke
'Chris Okeke' 2 weeks ago
the black girl looks like the goth snapchat filtet
Edward Huang
'Edward Huang' 2 weeks ago
I will kill the lady and cook her flesh and say I like eating humans. She better not be mad at me since she's using the same logic on cows.
Fian Fazlie
'Fian Fazlie' 2 weeks ago
Now can we prank vegans with meat burger? Yeah.
Ehhha awn
'Ehhha awn' 2 weeks ago
So does it mean its more healthy ??!
Keith R
'Keith R' 2 weeks ago
I'm good with Vegan stuff long as its of this is Vegan food variety, versus trying to mimic a dish with vegan food....
Joe hildreth
'Joe hildreth' 2 weeks ago
They didn't like it lol. And weren't that surprised
Vegan Furret Fanatic
No one should be PROUD to eat meat. There's nothing good about it. No health, and it's certainly not kind. It's bad for the environment, nothing. Nothing good about it.
'123gayretard' 2 weeks ago
BigJuicy Pickle
'BigJuicy Pickle' 2 weeks ago
Dem 3k (dislikers) vegans be triggered
'KarlieNotKloss' 2 weeks ago
This shouldnt be called pranking it should be called tricking. When i think o prank i think of it as someone who didnt like it in the moment but can look back at it and laugh or something. Most of them liked it.
Wei Zhao
'Wei Zhao' 2 weeks ago
Great! Now reverse the roles , oh wait..
'uroppafollowsme' 2 weeks ago
The thing I don't like about this concept is this: why else would you make a non-meat product taste and look like meat? The answer is to trick people into not eating meat. Why do vegans feel the need to force their ideals onto others to this extent? Especially when the real problem isn't the meat itself, it's industrialization and manufacturing, capitalism, and disproportionate meals. #BetYouDidntSeeThatComing
'Tomo' 2 weeks ago
"I'm a carnivore "
people do not know the existence of omnivores
S Okuna
'S Okuna' 2 weeks ago
If I had to hunt or slaughter my own meat I would have a lot less meat in my diet, Thoreau was mostly a vegetarian because of the extra effort involved in including meat in his diet. However I am not living a deliberate life by Walden Pond and meat is widely available in a packaged and fabricated form so will remain part of my diet.
Cristian Morales
'Cristian Morales' 2 weeks ago
Plz do vegetarians eat real meat burgers instead of veggie burgers prank
Mayo Fluffbutt
'Mayo Fluffbutt' 2 weeks ago
"You can't just walk down the street and buy that" Opens my fridge full of veggie burgers
Gamelover LP
'Gamelover LP' 2 weeks ago
i feel like these people want others to eat/live like they tell one..... makes me sick
Samantha Field
'Samantha Field' 2 weeks ago
Ok I used to love meat and I still love meat, but I recently went vegetarian and I'm choosing to not eat the meat. So it's not as hard as it seems to stop eating meat. It's just a life-style choice. As in you need to want to stop eating meat to be able to do it.
Bi Bi
'Bi Bi' 2 weeks ago
2:37 back at it again with that moustache
'Samuel115s' 2 weeks ago
us meat eaters are evil but being vegetarian is soooo hard. them people deserve a medal.
gypsy catcher
'gypsy catcher' 2 weeks ago
that drum sample though: hihache - lafayette afro rock band
luis alberto
'luis alberto' 2 weeks ago
Now feed vegans live skinned mice
luis alberto
'luis alberto' 2 weeks ago
"hey, thats pretty good, how much is it?
"90 Dollaz"
Big Bird
'Big Bird' 2 weeks ago
Here's a burger with a side of guilt.
Aida Torres
'Aida Torres' 2 weeks ago
Ned 😍😍❤❤❤❤
"I'm a carnivore" "I like meat with a side of lettuce"
I'm Vegan, and I'm niggered.
'ThatBeautyBoy' 2 weeks ago
Honestly there would be so much drama if they did a vegans get pranked with meat video, so I'm not ashamed to admit this bothered me.
'gandalf' 2 weeks ago
Ned looked stoned in this vid
Fernanda Garza
'Fernanda Garza' 2 weeks ago
why is every meat eater so concerned about vegan/vegeterian's life choices? just let them be...gosh..
'Chris' 2 weeks ago
Why does the black lady have black lipstick it makes no sense
Olivia D.
'Olivia D.' 2 weeks ago
I only clicked on this video because of how idiotic the title is.
RockTheSix 73
'RockTheSix 73' 2 weeks ago
PETA. People Eating Tasty Animals 😎 Im ready for some steak!!!!!!!!
Allovegamer 06
'Allovegamer 06' 2 weeks ago
Guess what if almost everyone wAs vegan the would harvest animals for nothing
'haileigh' 2 weeks ago
ChaseliketheBank 420
Ned is #BAE
Adam A.
'Adam A.' 2 weeks ago
Is it called impossible burger, because they are impossible to find?
Bubu Powa
'Bubu Powa' 2 weeks ago
Wow, never noticed until how how geen Ned's eyes are. They're beautiful.
Dominika Ožanová
'Dominika Ožanová' 3 weeks ago
Vegan 😍😍😍
'A' 3 weeks ago
Plant Lovers Get Tricked to Eat Meat Burgers! Do it!
Andrea S
'Andrea S' 3 weeks ago
I've heard of this burger! It's supposed to be the best veggie burger ever and im dying to try it but its super hard to find
titan H20
'titan H20' 3 weeks ago
Jesse ramos
'Jesse ramos' 3 weeks ago
I forgot her name but the brunette with the grey shirt is cringey af to me.
Rachel Jenner
'Rachel Jenner' 3 weeks ago
Did ned mention his wife???
Cindy Young
'Cindy Young' 3 weeks ago
Not very safe. They could have been allergic to something in the burger. You always need to tell people what you're giving them.
Alice The Walice
'Alice The Walice' 3 weeks ago
Why would you be upset that you were given a veggie burger instead of a meat one? Also don't wait for the system to change, change yourself and companies will see there is a demand for vegan food!!!!
Lucas Bossio
'Lucas Bossio' 3 weeks ago
I'm very upset I can't try this in Michigan XD like man where do I have to go to get a badass veggie burger like that? I'll stick with my spinach and white bean burgers for now...
'Pandora' 3 weeks ago
"Don't make me feel bad about it"
well, i'm actually surprised these peolpe reacted so positively, i liked that but there's nothing to think about or feel bad about, the options are there, and it is in our hands to make the conection and change for good.
Eugene Lee
'Eugene Lee' 3 weeks ago
beet juice.
Nej Tak
'Nej Tak' 3 weeks ago
Glad they did this :) <3
Dom Vasta
'Dom Vasta' 3 weeks ago
If you did this the other way around and gave vegans who were expecting a vegetarian burger one made of meat, you might have a lawsuit on your hands.
Isaac Lee
'Isaac Lee' 3 weeks ago
When I see the blue haired guy, I can only see him getting scrubbed naked tbh. 😳
Rafael Rodriguez
'Rafael Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
Thats not a burger.
E Lle
'E Lle' 3 weeks ago
Next video: Vegans fuckers get pranked with Meat burgers
Georgia Foster
'Georgia Foster' 3 weeks ago
You can't whine that it's hard to be a vegan if you live in Los Angeles! I live in rural northern england and have been a vegan for ecological reasons for years. It is not hard.
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