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Meat Lovers Get Pranked With Plant Burgers -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 weeks ago

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"I'll have a big piece of meat... with a side plate of meat."

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Impossible Burgers provided by Crossroads Kitchen @CrossroadsKitchen

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Denise Thasder
'Denise Thasder' 3 hours ago
Isn't heme similar to haemoglobin found in red blood cells? Does that mean it can't be meaty tasting without an element of blood?
'noblesteed30' 5 hours ago
Doesn't matter, still gonna enjoy eating meat. I'll eat my steak/burger while you ramble on like a Jehovah's witness. Probably ask you to pass the condiments as well. Might as well be of some use while you prattle.
'prchoward' 9 hours ago
Next episode, vegans get pranked with meat burgers
Alexander Paul Belila
Jarl M
'Jarl M' 16 hours ago
Vegans dont know the thing called "food chain" its life deal with it..
Jonathan Castro
'Jonathan Castro' 1 day ago
eat people save the animals
Jade Arcade
'Jade Arcade' 1 day ago
Alright can you prank vegans now
killyourself mate
'killyourself mate' 2 days ago
If they can't tell, then they're not real meat lovers
'Trump' 2 days ago
have vegans eat meat burgers
Sheridan Parish
'Sheridan Parish' 2 days ago
She's upset because she isn't eating animal flesh?
Tifa Chan
'Tifa Chan' 2 days ago
OMG! I need a vegan burger now
Shwetha SundarRajan
if i see another Ryan Lochte ad, i'm going to sue youtube
'AmonRa' 3 days ago
"meat lovers"? you mean normal people?
Y Ish
'Y Ish' 4 days ago
Meat eaters and Vegans can we all just get along. In the animal kingdom there are different types of diets and we are part of it. Its not really the eating of meat its how we produce the meat we eat, thats the real problem. I dont see vegans getting mad at a lion for killing and eating raw meat. So why be mad at people who love eating meat?
Derek Bryceson
'Derek Bryceson' 5 days ago
"Vegans Get Pranked With Meat Burgers"
Now that's a video I would watch!
Samantha Weps
'Samantha Weps' 5 days ago
I don't know, an iceberg the size of delaware that will cause global sea levels to rise by 4 inches says more about the consumption/production of greenhouse gases than someone's guilt at having hamburgers be their favorite food. There comes a point where comfort becomes opinions and then goes against truth.
The noob of all ROBLOX
what if we were carnivores and had big fangs and sharp claws and people were still all like "I'm healthier than you because I'm a vegan/vegetarian" like bruh I could go out and kill and eat a bear right now and you're sitting here all happy because you think you can digest plants
The noob of all ROBLOX
I could definitely tell the difference between veggie burgers and hamburgers. idk how its just really obvious to me
Evan Sheehan (The Prepper)
I feel like they're just......trying too hard. I mean like they're overselling it a bit.
hoda ahmad
'hoda ahmad' 5 days ago
Just eat halal meat
lainey marie
'lainey marie' 6 days ago
guilt is a self-manufactured emotion. no one can make you feel it. you either think what you do is wrong, and feel bad/guilty OR you don't think it's wrong and don't feel guilty. it's your own morals making you feel it's wrong. you agree it's wrong, but want to blame others for informing you of just plain facts as if that is what made you feel bad instead of you just feeling bad cos you know it's wrong.
Mezz Shmezz
'Mezz Shmezz' 6 days ago
Maybe a little too salty
'ECL28E' 6 days ago
You know, scientists are working on something called "cultured meat" It's the same process they use to make actual organs, but you can eat this meat. Since they're never gonna turn everyone on the planet vegan, shouldn't vegetarians, vegans, and animal rights people be all over this?
Sarah Squared
'Sarah Squared' 6 days ago
I mean, if it tastes like a burger, I'm into it
Bradley Bamforth
'Bradley Bamforth' 7 days ago
Oh so now there shaming meat eaters
'TheSillyBreadHead' 7 days ago
Buzzfeed=cancer & aids with a bit of ebola on top
'FLUFFY POM POM' 7 days ago
I love how when they were eating the burger 🍔 without knowing it was a plant one, they were like oh Yh this is a real burger, and then when they found out they were like, oh Yh you can definitely tell the difference 😂
Lucas Wong
'Lucas Wong' 7 days ago
Bleach Bottle
'Bleach Bottle' 1 week ago
'Evan' 1 week ago
Is this supposed to mean something to people, they're really trying hard here but vegans just don't understand, you can't make us change a habit just for your cause that means nothing to us
Pranks gone SEXUAL
why cant we prank vegans.
Gummi Wormmi
'Gummi Wormmi' 1 week ago
I'm a vegetarian and when I tried the impossible burger I got so grossed out because it was so similar to meat.
Lune - chan (Luneon)
Such a shame I'm allergic to one of the ingredients :/
'J W' 1 week ago
real meat is healthier
Bob Bob
'Bob Bob' 1 week ago
Fake crap
Michael Westerdahl
So I'd you ain't a vegetarian or vegan... your automatically a "meat lover"? You can still hate meat....and not be vegetarian or vegan
Aden khounsaknalath
pranked from vegans.
'MoronSoldier' 1 week ago
NEXT: People Intolerant to Gluten try 100% Gluten burgers.
Jessica M
'Jessica M'mbai' 1 week ago
Neds eyes !!!!!
Bikramjit Biswas
'Bikramjit Biswas' 1 week ago
try to do the opposite by pranking a vegan eating a non-veg burger, all hell will break loose
Savannah Davis
'Savannah Davis' 1 week ago
MEAT SUCKS!! meatless alternatives helps to helpless animals and it's still tasty!
'FrenchFryKitty' 1 week ago
Ok. I eat meat, but I still LOVE some vegetarian products like boca burgers, fake chicken nuggets and other morning star products. Anyone else?
Tommy Gorham
'Tommy Gorham' 1 week ago
NEXT: epileptics get pranked with strobe lights
Tommy Gorham
'Tommy Gorham' 1 week ago
Possibly the best prank ever
Aaren YASS
'Aaren YASS' 1 week ago
Heads up, this video seems fun, but don't actually do this to people. At least without prior knowledge

Clearly the staff managing this video would know about things like allergies that the tasters might have, if any.

Don't "Prank" people with things like vegan foods, at least without knowledge of a potential allergy or telling them it's vegan.
Vegan foods often have to use substitutes that people may not like/ may not be able to tolerate due to allergies. And you wouldn't wanna give someone something that could trigger a severe allergic reaction. -
'CZJRE211' 1 week ago
i still love steaks and I will continue to purchase and consume as our right as masters if the world. this is about the new political correctness disease
Min Ortiz
'Min Ortiz' 1 week ago
The two guys i love in Buzzfeed. Ned and Robin. <3
'Aznod' 1 week ago
If i got this burger, i would probably throw it away and just get real food somewhere else.
Dave Thomas
'Dave Thomas' 1 week ago
Stephany Branly
'Stephany Branly' 1 week ago
But they won't prank a vegetarian with meat
'TheWanderingFox' 1 week ago
Next: Vegans Get Pranked With Rotten Animal Corpses
'TerribleVSasuke' 1 week ago
ok now the other way vegans get pranked with meet
cook/make your own food. its not hard being vegan/vegetarian
Jakery Jumpery
'Jakery Jumpery' 1 week ago
Dude that's like a crazy prank so crazy not just lying about food just a huge crazy prank
Who needs Sleep
'Who needs Sleep' 1 week ago
made some vegan chili with this meat and it tasted SOOOO good! loved it and it tasted JUST like meat! 😀😁🍔
Bani Badwal
'Bani Badwal' 1 week ago
Jacobson Tukua
'Jacobson Tukua' 1 week ago
The damn liberals are going to stop letting us eat meat now, how fun.
Kristina Bal
'Kristina Bal' 2 weeks ago
When they stop eating the burger because they find out it's not meat -_- but it's ok cause they carried on eating it after XD
'miranova' 2 weeks ago
"if the system changes, i'll change!" it's the other way around ned 🙄🙄🙄
Night Hawk
'Night Hawk' 2 weeks ago
Meat Eaters-Ted Bundy(Vegetarian In Prison)
Vegetarians-Adolf Hitler
Vegans-Adam Lanza
who u callin pinhead
The comments is the reason why I hate vegans.
'EndeKcreeper' 2 weeks ago
I have a problem, I genuinely can not eat vegetables... Like you probably think I'm over exaggerating but no I'm not, I can't eat vegetables...
'RiverWolf' 2 weeks ago
I kinda hate that they did this. Don't hate on people for not being those who ONLY eat "good". Like, everything in moderation is good. You're not cool if you go meatless, stop trying to force that onto other people. You're not cool
Jeff Novak
'Jeff Novak' 2 weeks ago
Scenario #1:
Give a meat-eater a veggie burger. Haha tricked you! Meh, still eating and happy.

Scenario #2:
Give a vegetarian a fake veggie burger. Haha. Spits it out, gets pissed or cries
MyOwnChannel -Youtube Vids. Viewer
Looks good...Looks healthy...But looks like expensive...
'Itzzmeghan99' 2 weeks ago
So proud to be a vegan right now ❤️😍❤️
'Itzzmeghan99' 2 weeks ago
Where can I get this burger 🍔
'S0rra' 2 weeks ago
this is really edgy dude
qxdg me
'qxdg me' 2 weeks ago
buzzfeed dont take it too far bro. back off !
Odd ًْ
'Odd ًْ' 2 weeks ago
My god idc about the vid i'm just in love with the black woman, she's gorgeous!!!
Owen Kidd
'Owen Kidd' 2 weeks ago
Vegan burger fact #57:

They're disgusting and animals were meant to be eaten meat is good... 100% factual no bias whatsoever
'alittlestateofgrace' 2 weeks ago
Can we stop arguing about food choices for a moment (since the bottom line is we have food) and be nice to each other? I hope everyone is having a great day and here are unlimited hugs from me :)
Celia G
'Celia G' 2 weeks ago
Im glad we live in a day where we can fight about pointless things such as eating meat products and eat no meat products what so ever =/ If you're Vegan thats great, do what you want to do. But for the most part a lot of the Vegans I run into try and force their way of life on me or criticize me for eating meat. I said most not all, I know some vegans who could care less what I eat. That's my only issue with vegans. Also you can tell me to watch what ever you want to try and change my perspective on meat but it just makes me want to eat a burger more. Considering how many people are in the world its no surprise to me that the animals get treated the way they do before they're slaughtered. But it is in my personal opinion it's not what we eat that matters, it's how much it takes to feed everyone that is.
Sneaker Head
'Sneaker Head' 2 weeks ago
Next do meat lovers go vegan for a week.
Ohemgeeits Marlen
'Ohemgeeits Marlen' 2 weeks ago
I'm vegan and I was just like I dont trust that burger 😐😐😐😐
Jjaro V
'Jjaro V' 2 weeks ago
I want someone to trick me into eating one of these.
'Gary' 2 weeks ago
'EC DC' 2 weeks ago
None of them seemed super duped or impressed except for the guy in the dark blue long sleeved shirt.
Ki mo chi
'Ki mo chi' 2 weeks ago
I would like a scientific study to be done on how a vegan diet effects the brain. Cause let me tell you i don't know one vegan who is mentally sound... In fact a lot of them seem to have overly aggressive and forceful tendencies as well as a bit of a superiority complex.

If said study exists please let me know!
The MadCatter
'The MadCatter' 2 weeks ago
Dont you just love it when your at work, and your co workers get you to go to a meat taste test, but you get tricked with VEGTABLES, and listen to how your BAD, for liking meat, because It hurts the world you love, and cute animals. Im sorry, but PLEASE just give me meat!!!!!
Glittering Guts
'Glittering Guts' 2 weeks ago
meat eaters feel so personally offended with vegan facts like... easy now, fam
diego gonzalez
'diego gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
They are all natural born vegans
Mr. Memeosity
'Mr. Memeosity' 2 weeks ago
Do the same thing to Vegans plz
'CLOROX BLEACH'S' 2 weeks ago
its ok to prank meat eaters with veggie food but its wrong to prank a vegan or vegetarian with meat
Lee Olsson
'Lee Olsson' 2 weeks ago
We don´t need to stop eating meat. We should just eat less of it.
kasper mortensen
'kasper mortensen' 2 weeks ago
Nothing can be too salty
Sandy Candy
'Sandy Candy' 2 weeks ago
you can just walk down the street and buy it... it's called safeway...
LPS Hazel
'LPS Hazel' 2 weeks ago
"I'm a carnivore."
Lol no you're not.
'Jeremie' 2 weeks ago
Now prank vegetarians and vegans with meat.
'THETRUTH202' 2 weeks ago
Humans aren't carnivores or even omnivores
Soozy Randall
'Soozy Randall' 2 weeks ago
"You Just Got Pranked, Bro!" says a guy in a pink bodysuit.
Ramon Gonzalez
'Ramon Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
They need to go to that one vegan restaurant in Pheonix, Arizona. The burgers there are a lot more convincing.
'jhyjfan' 2 weeks ago
Do Bocca burgers taste better now than they used to? While I don't eat meat that often anymore, I sometimes have a craving for a burger. Are there other brands (that are not too expensive) that make a good veggie burger...suggestions for ones doesn't necessarily try to taste like meat would be nice too.
Paul Smith
'Paul Smith' 2 weeks ago a video where you trick vegans and vegetarians into eating a real hamburger and I'll laugh till I cry
Stephanie Reneé DeRamus
I'm vegan and I've yet to try the Impossible Burger. I'm so ready to try it now.
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