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Meat Lovers Get Pranked With Plant Burgers -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 months ago

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"I'll have a big piece of meat... with a side plate of meat."

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Impossible Burgers provided by Crossroads Kitchen @CrossroadsKitchen

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Crossroads Kitchen

'LiloVanity25' 18 hours ago
Some vegans are just pushy assholes. Yup I eat animals and It might be bad but there are vegans that do wrong in other categories of life and I'm not gonna try to force anybody to change anything because of my personal views on what I feel is wrong.
'thevegan_diaries' 2 days ago
system won't change unless we [demand] change.
Apple Watches Are Not Real Watches
Humans are omnivores we are supposed to eat meat and plants.
Alex Fossum
'Alex Fossum' 2 days ago
they were like "HAHA! ITS A PRANK! WE GOT YOU!" but all of them were just like "oh. ok."
Ben van Riemsdijk
'Ben van Riemsdijk' 2 days ago
My mom is a vegetarian and honestly, there is no way you can mistake plant meat for real meat. It has different taste and different texture.
Danny Boy007
'Danny Boy007' 3 days ago
I'm vegan, i am triggered.
Savage Samuel
'Savage Samuel' 3 days ago
Thieves had broken into my house and stolen everything except my soap, shower gel, towels and deodorant. Dirty Bastards.
Jefferson Julius
'Jefferson Julius' 3 days ago
Now prank vegans with meat burgers
Jackson Catlett
'Jackson Catlett' 4 days ago
reads how awful eating meat is

"wow... that's crazy.... wow that's terrible...*

does absolutely nothing about it
kristen snow
'kristen snow' 4 days ago
Now trick vegans with a meat burger
Heroine Malfoy
'Heroine Malfoy' 4 days ago
I'm gonna interrupt just to say damn Ned's eyes are so pretty :)
'TurquoiseCrow' 4 days ago
"Based on the true story of a hamburger"
alyssa rose
'alyssa rose' 4 days ago
psa: go vegan.
Magnet T
'Magnet T' 4 days ago
@3:06 swallow your tongue
'bubbby' 4 days ago
I'd defs choose that over regular hamburger if it was readily available like McD with the same price
'The'Sev.' 5 days ago
craving a Big Mac ..
'4 RUS' 5 days ago
And in 10-20 years these meat lovers will be told they have congestive heart failure, cancer, and strokes.
Yarely Zuno
'Yarely Zuno' 6 days ago
How about Vegetarians get pranked with real meat burger...
AlChimbo [GD]
'AlChimbo [GD]' 1 week ago
I'd eat this
Frazer Fastin
'Frazer Fastin' 1 week ago
They can tell it is different from an actual burger they just can't put their finger on it
Strawberry Laces
'Strawberry Laces' 1 week ago
"Plant burgers"
levi james
'levi james' 1 week ago
I feel like buzzfeed expected them to be like "wow this is delicious"

Looks like it backfired
emma !??
'emma !??' 1 week ago
lmao i love burgers too but im vegitarian. it's literally no taste difference between my quorn burgers and normal meat.
and like, im 14. the fact that these grown adults are acting like this is so funny
Giselle V.R.
'Giselle V.R.' 1 week ago
Where do you get them
Jewel McMurray
'Jewel McMurray' 1 week ago
Sometimes I think the comments left by those "militant/ aggressive vegans" have never been vegan for a day in their life lol. Every vegan person I've ever met was so extremely kind and compassionate and really chill. I don't think it's possible to believe strongly in showing kindness to animals but not to humans.
JoJoBean HD
'JoJoBean HD' 2 weeks ago
'OhSoUnicornly' 2 weeks ago
Next week: Vegetarians get pranked with meat burgers!
Turner Clan
'Turner Clan' 2 weeks ago
that's a big HELL NO from me, ive had one and they are horrid
Wong Tik Ki
'Wong Tik Ki' 2 weeks ago
You know what else you can do to minimize green house gases? Hold your breath.
Lillian Smith
'Lillian Smith' 2 weeks ago
The way they dissed tf out of the "burgers" before even knowing it wasn't meat lmaoooo They knew deep down it was an impostor. Starting with that nasty raw ground beef look. I'd rather just eat a meal not pretending to be something else than eat vegan meat lol There are better vegan burgers, I'm sure. Especially in LA, the vegan craze spot of the nation.
ThePoolQueenBaby Taylor
This is cruel. Think of it the other way round, tricking a vegetarian into eating meat. How dare anybody violate me by feeding me a fake meat burger. Damn right disrespectful. 😂
Nick Childs
'Nick Childs' 2 weeks ago
I was waiting for Ned to say "I eat a lot of meat with my wife."
'CookieCat25Gaming' 2 weeks ago
I shivered when I saw the patty in the thumbnail up close... Anyone else?... It's just so... Bumpy... Just me? Ok...
'Shadowrose54321' 2 weeks ago
It's funny how much people hate how preachy vegans and veterinarians are but most of these videos have a ton of meat eaters preaching propaganda and misleading info.
Ivan B
'Ivan B' 2 weeks ago
My favorite was always beyond chicken when I worked at whole foods. My boy Benito tore em up!!!
Dillon nguyen
'Dillon nguyen' 2 weeks ago
That black girl talks too much
Selina Hami
'Selina Hami' 2 weeks ago
I'm opening a vegan gourmet burger bar in Stockholm this year =) If you're sceptical about vegan burger, check out for inspo =D
well that was anti-climactic
Camia Camia
'Camia Camia' 2 weeks ago
Ned is definitely a click bait. I mean in a good way! 💕
MaximumBongo 643
'MaximumBongo 643' 3 weeks ago
The guy with the blue hair looks SO depressed
Angel Bagel
'Angel Bagel' 3 weeks ago
I would be vegan if I could afford it
AlexMeow bleufeline
'AlexMeow bleufeline' 3 weeks ago
Ned is SOOOOOO right.
I'm currently trying to be a vegetarian, and it's all fun and dandy when I'm cooking at home, trying all the new stuff, tofu, beans, soy milk, coconut yogurt, sweet potatoe patties. and just lots of cool stuff. But once you go out, it's either a) just the regular stuff with the meat taken away coz the restaurant doesn't have vegetarian options, b) limited options with bad value, c) salad
It's BS coz we should encourage vegetarianism and veganism!
'DeathAwaits' 3 weeks ago
I'll stick to my meat for now. Thanks...
'becky01lu2' 3 weeks ago
"you cant just go down the street and buy this" 2:41
what you mean you live in LA
Chessie B
'Chessie B' 3 weeks ago
The only vegan meat I have had so far is the beef crumbles. I made spaghetti and I made veggie chili with it. Omg...absolutely delicious...but then again I'm a beastess with cooking and spices.
'sherocks54' 3 weeks ago
yea you can it's called veggie grill
Luis J. Nuñez
'Luis J. Nuñez' 3 weeks ago
i dont care about it.. if it tastes like a burger ill eat it lol
'Destea' 4 weeks ago
Vegetarian food is really so good thought. its underrated
Isaac Esmoil
'Isaac Esmoil' 4 weeks ago
im not being rude but i dont tell you what to eat so dont tell me what to eat
camiy 202
'camiy 202' 4 weeks ago
Its so funny how any of them are surprise 😂😂 they were like "oh... "
Shahad Jaber
'Shahad Jaber' 4 weeks ago
Why do we watch them eating when we can get this food 🤔🤔🤔
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 4 weeks ago
Amanda Mwangi
'Amanda Mwangi' 4 weeks ago
idk why that black girl annoyed me
'Themetaminer' 4 weeks ago
Lol what a good prank lol!!!111
Dominika Konecna
'Dominika Konecna' 4 weeks ago
"I'll still eat it" .... what? so she is upset cos no animal was killed?:D cute
Horwin Jia
'Horwin Jia' 4 weeks ago
They recreating the nasty burger from spongebob
Little J
'Little J' 4 weeks ago
meat eater:" I could never go vegan"
okk. vegan food is amazing!
Lainie medina
'Lainie medina' 4 weeks ago
It's proven that vegetarian food is healthier and that it can be savory
but let's face it is not accessible and not always the most affordable one,
so yes even if people wanted to become vegan it wouldn't that easy to do.
Sisi Charriere
'Sisi Charriere' 4 weeks ago
Well that's nice and all, but I can't have wheat, need to stay away from most grains when I can, and really should NOT be eating any soy because I have thyroid and autoimmune issues and just really want to risk it.
yara kasem
'yara kasem' 4 weeks ago
1:44 whats on his burger?????
Just Jess
'Just Jess' 4 weeks ago
I want this burger so badly now, I love being vegetarian :) also it's so freaking easy to cut out meat and I hate it when people say they can't, especially in places like LA with way more options.
Bonzi Buddy
'Bonzi Buddy' 4 weeks ago
Any other omnivores in the comments?
Stina Fagerberg
'Stina Fagerberg' 4 weeks ago
They didn't know meat is bad for the environment??
'giveagoodsong' 4 weeks ago
even eating an imitation burger means you like the taste, texture of murder

'V' 4 weeks ago
I wanna see a Vegan or vegetarian whatever the hell they are get tricked into eating some meat!
'yoevan1' 4 weeks ago
Lol all these vegans getting triggered.
Chris -Sama
'Chris -Sama' 1 month ago
I wonder what Vegan burgers are they actually eating? Like the name and brand? I'd try it. Hope it tastes better than Beyond Meat's brand.
Jude Streby
'Jude Streby' 1 month ago
Do vegans get surprised with real meat burgers
'Jordan' 1 month ago
Go vegan!
'auggiedoggy' 1 month ago
Never heard of this burger or if it's even available in Canada. If it's as good as they say it is in this video, I'd buy it. p.s. Burgers are more of an occasional treat for me rather than a regular part of my diet. When I do eat burgers they are elk meat burgers from a local elk farm.
Ameiliyah Gutierrez
'Ameiliyah Gutierrez' 1 month ago
now feed vegans real meat jk jk don't attack me vegans but I don't get what's the big deal if it taste good eat the food
Katie Johns
'Katie Johns' 1 month ago
This was so anticlimactic lol
Denise Thasder
'Denise Thasder' 1 month ago
Isn't heme similar to haemoglobin found in red blood cells? Does that mean it can't be meaty tasting without an element of blood?
'noblesteed30' 1 month ago
Doesn't matter, still gonna enjoy eating meat. I'll eat my steak/burger while you ramble on like a Jehovah's witness. Probably ask you to pass the condiments as well. Might as well be of some use while you prattle.
'prchoward' 1 month ago
Next episode, vegans get pranked with meat burgers
Alexander Paul Belila
Jarl M
'Jarl M' 1 month ago
Vegans dont know the thing called "food chain" its life deal with it..
Jonathan Castro
'Jonathan Castro' 1 month ago
eat people save the animals
Jade Arcade
'Jade Arcade' 1 month ago
Alright can you prank vegans now
killyourself mate
'killyourself mate' 1 month ago
If they can't tell, then they're not real meat lovers
'Trump' 1 month ago
have vegans eat meat burgers
Sheridan Parish
'Sheridan Parish' 1 month ago
She's upset because she isn't eating animal flesh?
Tifa Chan
'Tifa Chan' 1 month ago
OMG! I need a vegan burger now
Shwetha SundarRajan
'Shwetha SundarRajan' 1 month ago
if i see another Ryan Lochte ad, i'm going to sue youtube
'AmonRa' 1 month ago
"meat lovers"? you mean normal people?
Y Ish
'Y Ish' 1 month ago
Meat eaters and Vegans can we all just get along. In the animal kingdom there are different types of diets and we are part of it. Its not really the eating of meat its how we produce the meat we eat, thats the real problem. I dont see vegans getting mad at a lion for killing and eating raw meat. So why be mad at people who love eating meat?
Derek Bryceson
'Derek Bryceson' 1 month ago
"Vegans Get Pranked With Meat Burgers"
Now that's a video I would watch!
Samantha Weps
'Samantha Weps' 1 month ago
I don't know, an iceberg the size of delaware that will cause global sea levels to rise by 4 inches says more about the consumption/production of greenhouse gases than someone's guilt at having hamburgers be their favorite food. There comes a point where comfort becomes opinions and then goes against truth.
'dreamsofmemes' 1 month ago
what if we were carnivores and had big fangs and sharp claws and people were still all like "I'm healthier than you because I'm a vegan/vegetarian" like bruh I could go out and kill and eat a bear right now and you're sitting here all happy because you think you can digest plants
'dreamsofmemes' 1 month ago
I could definitely tell the difference between veggie burgers and hamburgers. idk how its just really obvious to me
Evan Sheehan
'Evan Sheehan' 1 month ago
I feel like they're just......trying too hard. I mean like they're overselling it a bit.
hoda ahmad
'hoda ahmad' 1 month ago
Just eat halal meat
lainey marie
'lainey marie' 1 month ago
guilt is a self-manufactured emotion. no one can make you feel it. you either think what you do is wrong, and feel bad/guilty OR you don't think it's wrong and don't feel guilty. it's your own morals making you feel it's wrong. you agree it's wrong, but want to blame others for informing you of just plain facts as if that is what made you feel bad instead of you just feeling bad cos you know it's wrong.
Mezz Shmezz
'Mezz Shmezz' 1 month ago
Maybe a little too salty
'ECL28E' 1 month ago
You know, scientists are working on something called "cultured meat" It's the same process they use to make actual organs, but isolated to selected muscle tissue. Since they're never gonna turn everyone on the planet vegan, shouldn't vegetarians, vegans, and animal rights people be all over this? We could all win! I get my steak and Bessie can be a cow...somewhere
Sarah Squared
'Sarah Squared' 1 month ago
I mean, if it tastes like a burger, I'm into it
Bradley Bamforth
'Bradley Bamforth' 1 month ago
Oh so now there shaming meat eaters
'TheSillyBreadHead' 1 month ago
Buzzfeed=cancer & aids with a bit of ebola on top
'FLUFFY POM POM' 1 month ago
I love how when they were eating the burger 🍔 without knowing it was a plant one, they were like oh Yh this is a real burger, and then when they found out they were like, oh Yh you can definitely tell the difference 😂
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