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Hillary Clinton Election Video Cold Open - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

6, 574, 070 views

32, 620 Likes   1, 875 Dislikes

Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) announces she's running for president in a social media video co-starring her husband, Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond).

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Alberto Gonzalez
'Alberto Gonzalez' 12 hours ago
Se han bloqueado ciertos vídeos, porque??
Kelly Merta
'Kelly Merta' 13 hours ago
I love the part about Bill being her VP. 😂😂
Its Not Thomas
'Its Not Thomas' 3 days ago
Is it me, or does she say "Tis I, Hillary Clint"? Like not Clinton, just Clint.. 1:58
Nikos Skefali
'Nikos Skefali' 5 days ago
I adore Kate's performances! She's the best and become national USA actor treasure. Greetings from Russia)
Jacob Kris
'Jacob Kris' 7 days ago
DONALD TRUMP 2017-2025
Richard McArthur
'Richard McArthur' 1 week ago
I was told SNL was pro-Clinton, but if this was typical, then with friends like this she needed no enemies.
junior torres
'junior torres' 1 week ago
No one, no one, no one ever is to blame
You can build a mansion, but you just can't live in it
You're the fastest runner but you're not allowed to win
Some break the rules, and let you cut the cost
The insecurity is the thing that won't get lost
'TheQuiescentGamer' 1 week ago
The fact that I can view this segment, as apposed to any another segment, shows the amount of fidelity in regions.

PS: SNL, please fix your shit dude, I'm living in a cave in Africa and I can't see your shit without region unlocking...this must be some NSA shit!

Sincerely yours
Cave Nigga in Africa!
Myriah trotsenko
'Myriah trotsenko' 2 weeks ago
both of these women are from Office Christmas Party
'dinsmojd' 2 weeks ago
Trump wins
M Johnsen
'M Johnsen' 2 weeks ago
I love Kate McKinnon so much! She is super awesome!
Nathan G.
'Nathan G.' 3 weeks ago
I seriously thought she was gonna win. I legit thought she was gonna win. Then 2016 went "psych!"
juliette and sean
'juliette and sean' 3 weeks ago
(juliette larsen) Did kate or hillary have two jackets but the same exact one.
splits seconds
'splits seconds' 3 weeks ago
Ha ha ha it's even funnier because she lost.
Abby Cullen
'Abby Cullen' 4 weeks ago
By law this has to have captions.
'MrCrazyboyravi' 4 weeks ago
hillary kill tons
when she told her to look into the camera I died
'panterizate' 1 month ago
'perliva' 1 month ago
05:16 Why is that cunt hitting a man?
My Life in HD
'My Life in HD' 1 month ago
little did they know ..real life would end up being a even bigger joke
Jonathan King
'Jonathan King' 1 month ago
Jonathan King
'Jonathan King' 1 month ago
One pen oak keg
Bone Hunter
'Bone Hunter' 1 month ago
get rekt
'ddavel5441' 1 month ago
So glad this whore lost. Country really dodged a major bullet!!
............President Trump for the next EIGHT yrs!! YES!!
Comedy on the Go!
'Comedy on the Go!' 1 month ago
Now tomorrow is a big day because it's gonna be the day when we know if Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton is going to be president
'ARMYMP' 1 month ago
She took a hard L 😂
Jenny Yue Jin
'Jenny Yue Jin' 1 month ago
She looks like she's gonna eat my face in that thumbnail. LOL love it.
David Ambriz
'David Ambriz' 1 month ago
Hillary more like killery
Dutch Master
'Dutch Master' 1 month ago
Sily Hilly couldn't lose, Donald couldn't win, I'm Dutch, but I laughed my ass off when that happend!!! Alec Baldwin is the next Mister President
'shigsho' 2 months ago
What terrible comedy writing. The Hillary imitation is God awful.
George Donaldson
'George Donaldson' 2 months ago
She's a hoot...
Daren Marshall
'Daren Marshall' 2 months ago
Hillary is a fucking Physio -bitch Holly SHIT – NEVER HITLARY
Daren Marshall
'Daren Marshall' 2 months ago
Drunk bitch
Кирилл A
'Кирилл A' 2 months ago
Hey, do you member Bill Clinton presidential?
Jeffrey Rodriguez
'Jeffrey Rodriguez' 2 months ago
Kate is awesome😄
Naris Krehic
'Naris Krehic' 2 months ago
I'd be in jail lol hahahahahha love that part
Blake Griffin So Damn Ugly
well she is right. the clinton is back. back to making tons of money on speeches LOL
Super SAFT
'Super SAFT' 2 months ago
'mark224' 2 months ago
Remember when she lost? Lollllllllllz
Soleh Khan
'Soleh Khan' 2 months ago
these guys are even better than original both including trump.
Raimee Cook
'Raimee Cook' 2 months ago
Doing vocal exercises with a hot young employee? Man that sounds familiar!
'jes381990' 2 months ago
"First female president.......first female president......turns out it will not be meeeeeeeeeeeee!" ;)
'jack17361' 2 months ago
bill clinton , did someone said women everywere ajjajajajajajajaaj so funny
'residentmagnum' 2 months ago
wtf is hilary running to be head of cobra in GI joe
michael L
'michael L' 2 months ago
what an insult on women, Clintons?
RawrzImmaDinocorn “AmyNobleGrande” Lolz
angela chen
'angela chen' 2 months ago
5:09 that moment though. he wasn't playing the saxophone. :')
Andrew Hong
'Andrew Hong' 2 months ago
so much has happened since this
'TopuONTOP' 2 months ago
i will elect you you will be my leader!!!
'02Crimson' 2 months ago
Funny how SNL changed once it looked like a real election. No more funny Hillary jokes.
'bewren1' 2 months ago
Just asking why the Trump you tube is not only "comment disabled", but also clicking on the thumbs up, thumbs down icon only registers as a "view". "Democracy id coming to the USA" - Leonard Cohen.
'Audfile' 2 months ago
CITIZENS!!! rrrrofl
Kelly Catalina Lo
'Kelly Catalina Lo' 2 months ago
Watching this now is really, really sad.
Mr. Ree (Mr. Ree)
'Mr. Ree (Mr. Ree)' 2 months ago
May Yim
'May Yim' 2 months ago
she's so funny lmfao
Edward LaFlamme
'Edward LaFlamme' 2 months ago
Ha Ha She aint Laughin now
Alex Parkerson
'Alex Parkerson' 2 months ago
Who's the girl actress playing Hillary. She's not very funny. SNL kinda weak on its game
0 0
'0 0' 2 months ago
This is funnier now seeing as she lost lol.
'Gentleman' 2 months ago
Just browsing through all the Clinton media propaganda, and thinking: "So much wasted effort."
Miles Washcalus
'Miles Washcalus' 2 months ago
"Citizens, you will elect me I will be your leader!" That was both a lie yet also funny.
Ry Clique
'Ry Clique' 2 months ago
so many assumptions about trump. and now that he is president to be. those same loud mouths are the ones rioting /#! $// oops I'm sorry as we hear it in the media. .. protests. and why ate they protesting when they didn't vote because they hate that they were wrong and is to late to vote. so the real fear they have is not if Trump doesn't do well its if he does do well. you know those pale that won't be proven wrong and will lie and manipulate at all coast to not be wrong and for any reason what so ever. I say screw those jerks destroying things and holding a fake sign as if they gave a damn. I bet if you quizzed them about anything they saw on tv. it would have been something from a propaganda controlled media real that they saw after the fact and not live news.
Katrina Andrusick
'Katrina Andrusick' 2 months ago
Anyone else watching this post 2016 election?
helga helgason
'helga helgason' 2 months ago
just take it in that people all over the states are crying and rioting because this psychopath didn't win lol
James Last
'James Last' 2 months ago
RIP! Feel the Bern!!!
miso mercy
'miso mercy' 2 months ago
wow looks like this Kate helped with getting Trump elected
Alexandre Andre
'Alexandre Andre' 2 months ago
"Aren't we such a fine and approchable dynasty :D" ahahahah xD
Winston Smith in Oceania
Ain't happennig you assholes
'nmfd72' 2 months ago
Love her!!
Sparkle Scribe
'Sparkle Scribe' 2 months ago
"Did someone say 'Women everywhere?'" LOL! That was amazing! Their Bill is so funny! XD
Sarah Brogden
'Sarah Brogden' 2 months ago
dillon ramblochun
'dillon ramblochun' 2 months ago
Is anyone watching this after the election?
Zachery Nicoson
'Zachery Nicoson' 2 months ago
I am so glad she lost.
'theog03playsmc' 2 months ago
Anyone watching this after the election.
david sanchez
'david sanchez' 2 months ago
You will vote me your leader.
nước mắm sạch
'nước mắm sạch' 2 months ago
I find her very pretty..
'jimgodfree' 2 months ago
Thank you electoral college! Thank YOU!
R Feyman
'R Feyman' 2 months ago
All feeding into the MSM that Hillary was robotic and out for herself. Well good job you helped to elect President Trump.
A Ferrara
'A Ferrara' 2 months ago
Haha. Hillary lost again despite SNL doing their best to carry her across the finish line.
'JohnnyBoyCali' 2 months ago
LOL On Point!
Martin Edwards
'Martin Edwards' 2 months ago
bryson birchfield
'bryson birchfield' 2 months ago
She deleted 33,000 Emails.
bryson birchfield
'bryson birchfield' 2 months ago
Trump Won! YES!
'zucchini2007' 2 months ago
First female President, first female President! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO.
'zucchini2007' 2 months ago
SNL, can you please make another skit of Hillary going to the Big House? #HillaryforPrison2016 #LOCKHERUP
Josh Pearce
'Josh Pearce' 2 months ago
heya pal! ! fuck journalist it's attractiwe depict
'KingSureShot' 2 months ago
I voted for Trump in the Florida general election. Hahahahahaha. I was nervous but this liberal squirm makes me feel lots better
Magitroopa (luigistar11)
Love watching this now that Trump won. Can't wait for President Trump!
kelem Dz
'kelem Dz' 2 months ago
sorry kate, Trump won
N Grogan
'N Grogan' 2 months ago
This is even funnier since Trump won the election
Daniel Woods
'Daniel Woods' 2 months ago
A pie to the window!
'flint55' 2 months ago
The one other person who is just as disappointed if not more than Hillary Clinton is Kate McKinnon. I'm sure she was so much looking forward to doing this for the next 4 years.
Gamer 12CJ56
'Gamer 12CJ56' 2 months ago
Donald J trump
Jack Ripper
'Jack Ripper' 2 months ago
Thanks to this...trump got more female voters for him..thank you Saturday night live...America is happy for your service..
'LambChowder1' 2 months ago
quite on point. it wasnt so much the fake ass scandals that lost it for her but her painfully inauthentic behavior. thats the unfortunate thing about america, though. the inbred yokel populace demands you be 'frank' and 'tell it like it is' but woe betide you if you offend their idiot sensibilities at all. its an impossible tight rope to walk and trump just abuses his audience because theyre so in thrall to the repellant idea of some new american golden age they dont have enough brain power left to wail about how much an elitist he is
kigozi muhammad
'kigozi muhammad' 2 months ago
she wishes she goes back to this day and rewrite everything but trump trumped her
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