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People Try Fast Food Wine Pairings -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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People try fast food and wines as paired by a sommelier.

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'TheScienceOfChic' 1 day ago
That poor sommelier.
Chantel Freckles
'Chantel Freckles' 2 weeks ago
Ned's hair tho 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💯 yaaaaaaas boyyyyyy
'Maia' 2 weeks ago
whats going on here? ned looks fantastic! the hair, the face, looks likehe aged back 5 years, go ned! :)
Aaron Burr BeaniMeme
Dude Ned in this video... 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
'blindxfaith' 2 weeks ago
this haircut suits ned SO MUCH
Madeline Moore
'Madeline Moore' 2 weeks ago
command the vid truly looks like prett} foolyear x‑d
Shannon Dean
'Shannon Dean' 2 weeks ago
watching this video i was so chill, no emotional responses to the content whatsoever and then at 1:07 i noticed that guy is wearing a strokes shirt and i just about had a heart attack
Aida Torres
'Aida Torres' 2 weeks ago
So hot Ned 😍😍❤
Erin Grant
'Erin Grant' 1 month ago
That strokes shirt tho 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
'dancechica' 1 month ago
Ned needs to keep his hair like this
Marie Pettit
'Marie Pettit' 1 month ago
Yoooo that guy is wearing a Strokes shirt!
Drew Stingah
'Drew Stingah' 1 month ago
Who else thinks the wine mom is hot af?
Amber Smith
'Amber Smith' 1 month ago
neds suit looks good but I cant decide on the hair.
Apollo Ramone
'Apollo Ramone' 2 months ago
he dresses in a suit... i trust em
Portia Bharath
'Portia Bharath' 2 months ago
Ned & that girl were getting way too friendly and it made me sad :( just hire Ariel at buzzfeed so they can be together 24/7!!
'MissFabulous1223' 2 months ago
Awwww, Ned lookin' fancy with his new haircut 💇🏼‍♂️
Over Cast Kid
'Over Cast Kid' 2 months ago
Ned looks so good 😂😍
Hania Douglas
'Hania Douglas' 2 months ago
Ned's hair was a fun way to class up fast food
Erika Zermeno
'Erika Zermeno' 2 months ago
I am so in love with love Ned lol
Jime Casta
'Jime Casta' 2 months ago
Ned's new haircut 😍😍😍
Laura Bollin
'Laura Bollin' 2 months ago
Ned transformed from a 5 to 10 real quick...
'Hkuzmich' 2 months ago
Leave it to buzzfeed to answer weird questions we didn't ask but secretly wondered.
Dambar Grg
'Dambar Grg' 2 months ago
Wow Ned 😘
Jose Cano
'Jose Cano' 3 months ago
Ned's look is on point!
Hannah Brown
'Hannah Brown' 3 months ago
Neds new hair tho 😍
Elnora Coleman
'Elnora Coleman' 3 months ago
Ned can get it with that look lol
Sakshi Shriyan
'Sakshi Shriyan' 3 months ago
ned looks like he'll steal your girl and your family and your dog with his looks
Mira Kihana
'Mira Kihana' 3 months ago
Who tf is Ned?
Caitlin Connell
'Caitlin Connell' 3 months ago
Ned's hair is goals
Nicte-ha M
'Nicte-ha M' 3 months ago
damnnnnnn ned
Lily Gilmour
'Lily Gilmour' 3 months ago
Living for that hair
Lily Gilmour
'Lily Gilmour' 3 months ago
Neds hair! Whooooaaaaaa loving it he looks so good! He has had the same hair for so long!
'Tangerine' 3 months ago
Ned looks SO GOOOOOD mmhmm.
yaraisnotsodark -
'yaraisnotsodark -' 3 months ago
Ned keep that hair
Mackenzie Klima
'Mackenzie Klima' 3 months ago
I love the videos with this sommelier guy
Sarah Bi
'Sarah Bi' 3 months ago
Ned is looking bam bam BAM!
Kate Jones
'Kate Jones' 3 months ago
Ned's hair DAMN 😍😍😍
paulii popcorn
'paulii popcorn' 3 months ago
Ned looks so handsome!!
Priscilla Kohli
'Priscilla Kohli' 3 months ago
Can we talk about Ned's hairstyle?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Gooosh fits him so well!!!!! Thanks Ariel!!!!
Jenna Biehn
'Jenna Biehn' 3 months ago
Ned looking super fly
Zen Andrei Gaming
'Zen Andrei Gaming' 3 months ago
0:10 did you say dorito???? omg
Anthony Martinez
'Anthony Martinez' 3 months ago
Asian girl has a thick mask made out of makeup lmao
Lydia Johnson
'Lydia Johnson' 3 months ago
Ned looks so good! I forgot he got that hair cut! His wife totally rocked that hair choice.
'EbonyPrincess921' 3 months ago
Is it just me or is Ned suddenly fine as hell? 😭
Алёнка Севастьянова
Chris Webb is adorable!)) would like to see him more often in the videos)
ChaseliketheBank 420
'ChaseliketheBank 420' 3 months ago
Ned is #bae
'harley_clang' 3 months ago
Ned should keep that hair. Ariel really knows what hair looks good for him. ugh! goals...
Santana Sandoval
'Santana Sandoval' 3 months ago
Anna M
'Anna M' 3 months ago
Love Ned's new haircut! Love the Hannah too!
'MsMeLoveMusic' 3 months ago
Okay any stroke fans here checking out that dudes shirt
Víctor Barraza
'Víctor Barraza' 3 months ago
ok I know the comments is probably full of this, but NED IS LOOKING HAWT AF IN THIS
Ana Guzman
'Ana Guzman' 3 months ago
Ned looks hot af with that haircut
Arden Leahy
'Arden Leahy' 3 months ago
I'm literally dying, Ned looks so good! Did anyone even watch this for the video😂
'YouCanBeTheBass' 3 months ago
"I'll eat your crust any day"
Helen Chang
'Helen Chang' 3 months ago
When you're on a date and you wanna be fancy but you both love fast food
Ahnaf .Raihan
'Ahnaf .Raihan' 3 months ago
ned your hair looks great friend
Bugs Bunny
'Bugs Bunny' 3 months ago
Pizza & red wine = 💫✨🙌🏻✨💫
'HurricaneJuli' 3 months ago
I'm so into Ned's new fuckboy haircut lmao
Tanner Peshek
'Tanner Peshek' 3 months ago
If Ned could take anything away from this video it should be that he is rocking this new style, both hair and clothes. Like all of the comments are about his looks. Nice job Ariel!
Kylie B.
'Kylie B.' 3 months ago
Damn Ned looks sexy
Igor Babushkin
'Igor Babushkin' 3 months ago
These kids put up this video and don't put a wine list for others to try it out. Bunch of idiots.
kelly FC
'kelly FC' 3 months ago
in PR the pizzahut sells wine and sangria
Sofia Riaz
'Sofia Riaz' 3 months ago
The girl in the very beggining with the denim jacket is so irritating i can't handle it
'meikusje' 3 months ago
Ned wtf your hair is so cool!
Trisha Horan
'Trisha Horan' 3 months ago
I'd like me a Ned please haha. Ariel I'm jealous of ya!! Aaahhhhh!! Haha
Agne B.
'Agne B.' 3 months ago
"I'll eat your crust any day."
Nathania KHL
'Nathania KHL' 3 months ago
Ned looks freaking good in his new hair
Kirashima Blue
'Kirashima Blue' 3 months ago
Ned's haircut looks amazing!
'Candies1Creations' 3 months ago
Ned's wife picked a great hair cut for him. He looks great
Kimberly Smith
'Kimberly Smith' 3 months ago
"Ill eat your crust any day" Do i detect some flirting? I bet you could girl :)
Camille Bianca Timbol
wine mommm 😍
Ayeshkream 101
'Ayeshkream 101' 3 months ago
Zea M-H
'Zea M-H' 3 months ago
Omg all of the comments are about Ned's hair. Like seriously I mostly clicked because his hair is in the thumbnail. He looks so goooood
Zea M-H
'Zea M-H' 3 months ago
I love love love Ned's hair
'Emmastyles729' 3 months ago
Neds hair damn😍😍
'L0v3Rock3t' 3 months ago
Ned lost SOOOOOO much weight, and that new haircut!!!!
'Hemmy' 3 months ago
And I'm sitting here, drinking Rosé and eating potato chips.
i LoveKamyraTV
'i LoveKamyraTV' 3 months ago
Melouzina Yancey
'Melouzina Yancey' 3 months ago
I LOVE NED'S HAIRCUT. who else does?
anna wind jeppesen
'anna wind jeppesen' 3 months ago
I love the fact that I've seen the video where Ned gets his hair cut <3
Alexandra Lee
'Alexandra Lee' 3 months ago
Fredric Marquez
'Fredric Marquez' 3 months ago
I love Ned's new hair do!
Detective me
'Detective me' 3 months ago
"I have made a huge mistake" -Ned XD
Sofia Sanchez
'Sofia Sanchez' 3 months ago
Ned looks amazing with his new look! Love itttttttt
Fu Talks
'Fu Talks' 3 months ago
This was hilarious. Especially Ned. <3
Desiree Macdonald
'Desiree Macdonald' 3 months ago
Ned looks hot in this video!
julia leite
'julia leite' 3 months ago
ned looks just handsome!❤️❤️
'246kisses' 3 months ago
Hannah and her wine buddy back again, I love it!
sarah albassam
'sarah albassam' 3 months ago
ned is giving me strong engine vibes
Thavisha Gomes
'Thavisha Gomes' 3 months ago
Ned looks good
Nicole Kerry
'Nicole Kerry' 3 months ago
❤❤❤❤ Ariel!!!!
Nicole Kerry
'Nicole Kerry' 3 months ago
Yo Ned is looken great with the new hair cut!!!!!! Woah good job Ned's wife you picked a perfect cut for him!!!!!
'themis' 3 months ago
NED <3
'TheRepty818' 3 months ago
I thought everyone drank wine with their pizza. I know I do.
'CrustyDustyTrash' 3 months ago
Ned looks hot af, Eugene watch out dude
'Larkle' 3 months ago
-Lol, Wine mom being a mom and 'sure I'll eat your crusts' because children. XD

-Ned's new haircut is making him look quite slender. It's a good look on him.

-Would have liked if there were less jump cuts. Usually buzzfeed videos have good flow, but, idk, it felt a bit abrupt to me. Especially with all the close up different angles.
Bethany Rosier
'Bethany Rosier' 3 months ago
Love Ned's new look - really suits him and makes him look younger!
'ColorfulConfessions' 3 months ago
This might seem like a weird idea, but I think it would be cool if Buzzfeed did like...Starbucks pairings. Like, what Starbucks drinks go good with which kinds of food. Beef, seafood, chicken, etc. Like how you would do wine pairings, but with a caramel macchiato, or an iced peach green tea, or pumpkin spice frappe. Idk, I think that would be cool.
Anya Mayhem
'Anya Mayhem' 3 months ago
Ned, your hair is bomb!!!! You look Super good!!!!
Julie Lavelle
'Julie Lavelle' 3 months ago
OMFG Ned's hair looks great
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