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TOP 5 CRAZIEST MEMES AND TRENDS OF 2016 - Top List Show Ever -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 3 weeks ago

40, 597 views

1, 423 Likes   37 Dislikes

#HARAMBE2020 Anyone?
The year 2016 may be over, but these memes and trends will live on forever - maybe. Here are our favorite memes and trends of the year! Let us know your faves in the comments below!

→ Credits ←
Hosted by Ruba Wilson

Produced by Maggie Knox
PA: Sierra Middlebrooks & Arianna Jonae
Written by Ellie Romano
Edited by Earl Wells




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Kassidy Larson
'Kassidy Larson' 2 weeks ago
I like this guy ☺
Victoria Joseph
'Victoria Joseph' 2 weeks ago
I heard that if u dab in 2017 ull have bad luck for the rest of the year
Side Flower
'Side Flower' 2 weeks ago
Xanthe Christie
'Xanthe Christie' 2 weeks ago
They forgot about bottle flipping
I Love shoes
'I Love shoes' 3 weeks ago
Not offense but I ruba Wilson a girl or boy or transgender
Not Ur Average Zo
'Not Ur Average Zo' 3 weeks ago
Ruba My QUEEN or KING you slay it! Idk why all these people are asking ur gender...does it even matter? Uh.. HECK TO THE NO! You are probably not reading this but that okay😀 You have helped me through so much stuff and you are my role model. IDC what other people say YOU BE YOU and SLAYYYYYYY
Angelwing Firefox
'Angelwing Firefox' 3 weeks ago
is she a man or just has a mustache
Huda Ahmed
'Huda Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
'Princess' 3 weeks ago
I'm only liking this video because my boy Logan is in it
Kylie Marie
'Kylie Marie' 3 weeks ago
For picture day a girl at my school wore a shirt that had a picture of harambe a poem about him
Alrighty Then
'Alrighty Then' 3 weeks ago
Why do people get so confused when they can't label someone ? Jesus why do all of you need to know someone's gender or not to be okay !!! RUBA IS SO BEAUTIFUL !! LOVE UR HAIRR!!
Escape into books
'Escape into books' 3 weeks ago
Hello? They missed the flip the bottle trend!! That was huge as well!
Gerbils and cats
'Gerbils and cats' 3 weeks ago
That boy is so cute
Macy Closet
'Macy Closet' 3 weeks ago
Is she/her trans
Absol Pokemon
'Absol Pokemon' 3 weeks ago
'xxfangirlandproudxx' 3 weeks ago

Sorry I fangirled
'xxfangirlandproudxx' 3 weeks ago

Sorry I fangirled
Natalia Molina
'Natalia Molina' 3 weeks ago
Cynthia Vazquez
'Cynthia Vazquez' 3 weeks ago
My favorite was all of them !!!!!
sarah A
'sarah A' 3 weeks ago
is she a boy or a girl lol
Red Stef
'Red Stef' 3 weeks ago
I like this dude
'PmTi-' 3 weeks ago
Literally thought it was a girl before I seen dude face
'imcara1' 3 weeks ago
Harambe wasn't funny it was sad all these people saying RIP harambe it's just a joke to them sad people
Lynn Johns
'Lynn Johns' 3 weeks ago
Is that a boy or girl????
'maxxie789' 3 weeks ago
JazzyTheBawse3241 Wild
Ruba is she a.boy but I really don't care
HeyIts Cici
'HeyIts Cici' 3 weeks ago
Dresses like a man
Has a mustache
Comments- what's his gender?
Sun Shine
'Sun Shine' 3 weeks ago
what about damn Daniel
'Gt7217' 3 weeks ago
never seen a black transgender like this lol
'Skivat' 3 weeks ago
This was a really Good Video! i really like your content so far keep it up! It would mean alot to me if you could go onto my channel and give me some feedback on my latest videos and maybe subscribe if you enjoy my content? That would be amazing :) i also do a shoutout series which you should join to win 200+ subs
Janae Is a crybaby
'Janae Is a crybaby' 3 weeks ago
Is that boy or a girl there's a mustache in the mix but sounds like a girl
Umut Ilgeröz
'Umut Ilgeröz' 3 weeks ago
why does my phone go to siri @ 1.38
paige wilhelm
'paige wilhelm' 3 weeks ago
what happens to the other guy i like him more
Mathu Kunarajah
'Mathu Kunarajah' 3 weeks ago
My baby Logan!!!
Isabella Martins
'Isabella Martins' 3 weeks ago
Look guys it's understandable that many of you ask if that's a boy, girl, gay or transgender but that's not important! Cause everyone is same just because of their looks or sexuality it's not important!
'Itz_Zuzu' 3 weeks ago
R u a boy or a girl
eenhoorn yt
'eenhoorn yt' 3 weeks ago
woahh I read al the comments. where is my trophy :)
Hannah Ka
'Hannah Ka' 3 weeks ago
Can everybody please just stop asking if Ruba is a girl or a boy?! I think this is kinda rude and what matters is Ruba's personality 👌🏼😊
'fuzzydaisy' 3 weeks ago
I disagree a lot with this list.
♛BLAKE dark heart (AJLG)♛
Camilla Malik Dressed as a rabbit 😂😂
Pineapple Alobaidi
'Pineapple Alobaidi' 3 weeks ago
R u a girl or a boy?
Ur voice sounds like half girl half boy
Ur face looks like a boy
Ur hair looks like a girl's hair
And u have a mostache
I am confused
Gracie Tomisek
'Gracie Tomisek' 3 weeks ago
Billie Hewlett
'Billie Hewlett' 3 weeks ago
What do you mean he is mixed??
'LillyKayArt' 3 weeks ago
97% of the comments: Is it a boy or a girl?
2%: Hi
1%2016 was terrible/amazing
adis leon
'adis leon' 3 weeks ago
No offence but is he a boy or a girl I honestly don't know
Nasim Culbreth
'Nasim Culbreth' 3 weeks ago
are u a girl or guy ?
Matt kelly
'Matt kelly' 3 weeks ago
Is this a new gender ?
Ravneet Pandher
'Ravneet Pandher' 3 weeks ago
Is that a boy or girl?
shazy _yr
'shazy _yr' 3 weeks ago
hey can you share your hair secrets pleaseeee
Natalia Molina
'Natalia Molina' 3 weeks ago
does she have a mustache
Hey it
'Hey it's Grace' 3 weeks ago
Arely Flores
'Arely Flores' 3 weeks ago
is he/she a girl or boy
Linda De hoef
'Linda De hoef' 3 weeks ago
Ik ben Nederlands dis ik versta dit niet i from netherland
Jill Z
'Jill Z' 3 weeks ago
is that a girl or a boy
Theresa Black
'Theresa Black' 3 weeks ago
you guys should do a top 5 tallest Rollacoasters
Kathy Lovely
'Kathy Lovely' 3 weeks ago
what about the bottle flip challenge?
Norah Allawi
'Norah Allawi' 3 weeks ago
dude please get rid of him....
Theresa Black
'Theresa Black' 3 weeks ago
yeah 24th comment
Sarah Gaming
'Sarah Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Is he gay
Ana Sofía
'Ana Sofía' 3 weeks ago
15the comment!!!
Black Unicorn
'Black Unicorn' 3 weeks ago
Brooke Adams
'Brooke Adams' 3 weeks ago
loved 2016
Juliet Abbey
'Juliet Abbey' 3 weeks ago
brianna jaquez
'brianna jaquez' 3 weeks ago
Hey I was the 3rd like whoops
princess nylah
'princess nylah' 3 weeks ago
Emily T.v
'Emily T.v' 3 weeks ago
'RMSHOW' 3 weeks ago
7-4 am
'7-4 am' 3 weeks ago
Never ever speak to me about 2016 again
Stefanos Ezel
'Stefanos Ezel' 3 weeks ago
MessyE D
'MessyE D' 3 weeks ago
lisa forever101
'lisa forever101' 3 weeks ago
Evin Sertara
'Evin Sertara' 3 weeks ago
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