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Get ready for Marvel's Spider-Man on Disney XD! -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

57, 296 views

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'MrMetroid1998' 6 days ago
Promotional meteral has revealed that Venom is going to be in this show, sure hope it's Eddie Brock this time.
'Raidenslicer' 1 week ago
Make this good, please.
'WindOfSolitude' 2 months ago
Please don't suck.
Jaylyn Harper
'Jaylyn Harper' 2 months ago
BORING!!! I for one am so sick of the whole back to basic spider-man stories why can't Marvel and Disney XD do a spider-story about Mary Jane Watson becoming Scarlet Spider (Scarlet MJ), or Gwen Stacy being Spider-Woman (Spider-Gwen), or Miguel O' Hara as Spider-Man 2099, or Miles Morales being the New Spider-Man. No More Peter Parker Origin Stories I mean really haven't we seen this like a million times over already, like for real man!
'PhoenixNation' 2 months ago
You know one thing Ultimate Spider-Man lacked and Spectacular Spider-Man nailed? Peter Parker. We saw 95% spider-man in ultimate spider-man 5% peter. Spectacular Spider-man had a balance of it. I loved seeing peter parker at his school, home or just hanging out with schoolmates. It was awesommee. Please do that again, better yet just make a third season for Spectacular Spider-Man
Parth Patel
'Parth Patel' 2 months ago
I'm sad ultimate spiderman is going to end because i thought it was really cool but this new spiderman series looks good too
Nothing Much
'Nothing Much' 2 months ago
Venom is trying to ruin this show, and it's not Eddie Brock.
Alexander Gil-jacobo
'Alexander Gil-jacobo' 2 months ago
Spectacular spiderman?
DaviGamerXP YT
'DaviGamerXP YT' 2 months ago
1.That suit ruined the original one and it's horrible,it looks like Spider-man from house of M 2.I hope this is Spectacular Spider-man. 3.I also hope that this isnt like Ultimate Spider-man.
Gamer Asylum
'Gamer Asylum' 2 months ago
This show better be good....
Ryuu Saki
'Ryuu Saki' 2 months ago
i'm hyped just don't do team ups dont do that Deadpool breaking the 4th wall stuff like in Ultimate spiderman not dissing ultimate spiderman its actually okay series still spectactular and spidey 90's is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better and of course the Ultimate spiderman comics are better than the show but i hope this series is good
Apollo Justice
'Apollo Justice' 2 months ago
Calling it now. This series isn't gonna be very good. Especially since Marvel was quick to replace Ultimate Spiderman with a new series in the same year.
Anthony Victor Colsestri_A877
Now Avengers Assemble and Guardians of the Galaxy(cartoon) need to get cancelled
'Nitrometutorials' 2 months ago
Another Spider-Man show??
Mansa Smith
'Mansa Smith' 2 months ago
Don't like teasers that show absolutely nothing
AssassinJim AssassinJim
I think that's Sam Riegel
Xavier Productions
'Xavier Productions' 2 months ago
I feel so bad for the people that wrote this potentially amazing series off just becuase of some team up promio pictures!
Omar José
'Omar José' 2 months ago
i expectet it to be trustfull to the comics, just that, even with the origins, maybe will be better than spectacular if they just tell the history of the comics, so instead of read it we will gonna watch it in action, the reason why spectacular was so good
Ty Fire
'Ty Fire' 2 months ago
Can we just please get Spectacular Spider-man back
AssassinJim AssassinJim
When is the real trailer coming out?
'Yohomiej456' 3 months ago
Put the 🔥 if you think this is gonna be awesome
I'm hoping this is as good or even better then spectacular, because that was a good one, just don't rely on too much slapstick or haveing too much avengers, just make this a good story with a good lead background characters and etc.
'SpiderMan' 3 months ago
If I heard that correctly, that's wasn't Drake Bell voicing Spiderman, if anyone is going to voice me in a cartoon, it's going to be Drake Bell
Sanjay Raju
'Sanjay Raju' 3 months ago
Awww Yeah!!! 😎
mohammad firdaus
'mohammad firdaus' 3 months ago
can we have black cat in this series.? i know ultimate is for kids, but even mj was dismissed as his love interest, come on.
'justhammond3' 3 months ago
why not just make a show about the marvel universe? give some new characters a shot like devil dinosaur and moon girl, id love an anthology show
'Amin' 3 months ago
I pray that Miles and Spider-Gwen are NOT in this series.
Erez Is That Nerd
'Erez Is That Nerd' 3 months ago
Anas Haikal
'Anas Haikal' 3 months ago
who the new voice spiderman animated 2017 you guys ?
Asher Sanjan
'Asher Sanjan' 3 months ago
Initially if u notice radioactive c*m shots were fired
A Nerd
'A Nerd' 3 months ago
Man, I was really hoping for Josh Keaton... At least the voice isn't Drake Bell again.
'DrkSpphrGT' 3 months ago
Better be good!
'The JOE-KING' 3 months ago
Sorry to say, but i think Spider-man is now kinda Overrated (the Ultimate Spider-man show ruined him for me).
Why not give us a show like: Moon Knight, The Inhumans, The Runaways, Young Avengers, Ms Marvel or Hyperion.
'Gamer6,000' 3 months ago
spider man goes through many reboots
'MistPirate' 3 months ago
Another one?
K.V. Slider
'K.V. Slider' 3 months ago
Can you guys stick with one Spider-man cartoon?
Renaged Spider
'Renaged Spider' 3 months ago
Please be josh
'DSkehan2004' 3 months ago
I didn't like the comedy in ultimate spiderman. Spidey's humor was bad and lame. Even his friends, the avengers, and other superheroes didn't like it. Please like this new one be as funny and good as the rest of the spiderman shows.
Bodacious T
'Bodacious T' 3 months ago
New voice?
Christian Schoff
'Christian Schoff' 3 months ago
Noooooo! Ultimate is fine!
Alpha Boy
'Alpha Boy' 3 months ago
well... disney has to sell all the shitty merchandise so yeah... another white spidey series... god, it's been like that since the 1960's.... it's just boring now
The ultimate Awesome
'The ultimate Awesome' 3 months ago
That voice it sounds so familiar could it be
comicbookguy 2099
'comicbookguy 2099' 3 months ago
is that Josh Keaton?
'djhero0071' 3 months ago
(Crosses fingers its at the bare minimum very least half as good as spectacular)
'JJ'sGTLMS' 3 months ago
I liked ultimate Spider-Man.
'Icber' 3 months ago
its not yuri lowenthal its sounds nothing like him
Tony Guzman
'Tony Guzman' 3 months ago
I miss Ultimate Spider-Man.😢
Kene Ifezue
'Kene Ifezue' 3 months ago
Is that Yuri Lowenthal? Please let that be Yuri Lowenthal!
Kene Ifezue
'Kene Ifezue' 3 months ago
Is that Yuri Lowenthal? Please let that be Yuri Lowenthal!
Jordan Wheeler
'Jordan Wheeler' 3 months ago
I'm exited for this to be a great show I want to see how it place out.
Shon Allen
'Shon Allen' 3 months ago
Yup Already better then Drake Bell
The Great Spirit
'The Great Spirit' 3 months ago
Well, this looks good for just a 10 second teaser. But we shouldn't jump to conclusions, all we can do is hope that this will be good.
'D-Free' 3 months ago
They can at least show re runs of the 90's Animated series
The Vagabond
'The Vagabond' 3 months ago
Kids are going to be so confused about this and Ultimate Spider-Man
Captain kirk Captain Kirk
What to the other Spiderman show ?
'bbernales177' 3 months ago
'Crape' 3 months ago
Please let this be better than Ultimate. Let's have another Spectacular Spiderman tier show.
Julian Pagano
'Julian Pagano' 3 months ago
I watched Ultimate Spider Man since the beginning, like 2012, and honestly I didn't hate it, I actually really liked the first two seasons and found the third one good...but I started to lose interest when the fourth one was released, so I'm a little kinda sad that it's over, but I also think that it's time to move on and to enjoy this new show...Ultimate Spider Man I'll miss you, Marvel's Spider Man can't wait :)
ShadowGamer 1928
'ShadowGamer 1928' 3 months ago
Is this replacing ultimate Spider-Man like was season 4 episode 25 the last episode
Jamel Rogers
'Jamel Rogers' 3 months ago
They're gonna have to come hard with this show because whether you like DC or not, Young Justice is gonna show out.
adam bump
'adam bump' 3 months ago
good bye Ultimate Spiderman I'll never understand why people hated you maybe nostalgia from Spectacular Spiderman which was okay but not really that great
GemBros More
'GemBros More' 3 months ago
Hopefully this new series is a lot like what Spectacular was
'kaiju_kun64' 3 months ago
That Spidey design resembles Spectacular... and he sounds like the Spidey from Spectacular too... Disney please let this be a continuation of Spectacular.
RealHairy Clitorus
'RealHairy Clitorus' 3 months ago
This year is Spidey's year

We got homecoming,a PS4 game and a new show
Julian Fuentes
'Julian Fuentes' 3 months ago
Ultimate Spiderman went a little nuts with all the Spiderman from each universe like at end it was nothing but Spidermens in the whole rooster
The Creeper
'The Creeper' 3 months ago
Will it be better than Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Agents of SMASH?
Lindsay Reynolds
'Lindsay Reynolds' 3 months ago
If it's not canon, I'm not watching it cuz the only good Marvel show on Disney XD right now is Guardians, it's not something I watch on a daily basis, but when it's on and I'm bored it usually delivers :)
mon production
'mon production' 3 months ago
ultimate spider man is over Like 4 Days ago and now you just made a New one serial - this is brutal.
he was A shild derector, doc octopus is Good he save the Day

you made New one spider man I want the ultimate spider man
LF Drumming
'LF Drumming' 3 months ago
How about making new X-Men animated series if your willing to make Legion?
'THOMAS CARTER' 3 months ago
I hoping this series will be spectacular or should I say spidertacular
'BobombDom' 3 months ago
I can't wait. Hopefully there's more of a focus on character development and telling good stories rather than... Whatever led to Ultimate being so terrible. Bad writing and characterization? Yeah, that. Don't do that.

Side note, thank god they replaced Drake Bell. His voice sounded like knives being dragged across a chalkboard.
drake brandon
'drake brandon' 3 months ago
Or you could just finish ultimate Spider-Man because I'm sure they will get the same amount of views either way.
'batman13823' 3 months ago
Who's voicing this spider-man
'markdpane' 3 months ago
Guys, The Spectacular Spider-Man has not had any new episodes for eight years. They aren't making any more. Get over it!!
Raza Hyder
'Raza Hyder' 3 months ago
What's going to be the difference between this and Ultimate? Is that cancelled?
Edson Senho
'Edson Senho' 3 months ago
PLS OH GOD PLS BE GOOD.Also is that yuri lowethal doing the voice
'vladroxyoursox' 3 months ago
I think I've jacked it to Yuri lownethals voice enough to know when it's him...
and its him
Curly Head
'Curly Head' 3 months ago
pls be good like spectacular
'NicoMajor101' 3 months ago
That's it?
Spoon Dude
'Spoon Dude' 3 months ago
Oh thank goodness, the voice sounds.... fine. Not like Drake Bell's high pitched annoying voice
Even Timings
'Even Timings' 3 months ago
I give it 2 years.
'Benj' 3 months ago
I spent 2 mins rushing in my locker to get my earbuds when school ended, because I was excited about this teaser, WHICH TELLS NOTHING
Web-Slinger Productions
Wait if you look closely there are some differences in the boots and belt part of the costume.
'Blackwing2040' 3 months ago
I really can't tell whose voice that is
'BiG CAM' 3 months ago
Is Marvel gonna get it right like they did Spectacular Spiderman and Spiderman TAS (1994)
Dante Bravo Urzua
'Dante Bravo Urzua' 3 months ago
RIP The Spectacular Spiderman
Dan Keem
'Dan Keem' 3 months ago
No side characters like miles and spider Gwen. I just want solo development on peter
Michael White
'Michael White' 3 months ago
no why. you should have just continued amazing spider ma
'DrBadguyChannel' 3 months ago actually gonna have a theme song this time and not wuss out with 5 seconds of a jingle?
Nivram Azem
'Nivram Azem' 3 months ago
Just keep this a solely Spider-Man cartoon. No to very little mention of any Avenger, no Spider-Verse until the very last season, all Spider-Man villains and for the love of all that is spider bring back the King Pin!!!!

Oh and make sure Black Cat is in this too, maybe later on in the series but she is such an integral part of the Spider-Man universe. As well as Venom and Carnage... and basically every spider-man villain ever. Maybe introduce Madame Web later (as in 4 seasons in or something) like the Spider-Man 1994 series (my favorite series next to Spectacular).

Actually, if all this is too much, then just keep this on Peter and Spider-Man. Go back to the roots! Please just make a good Spider-Man show! That's all I am BEGGING OF YOU MARVEL/DISNEY XD!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY REAL SPIDEY!!!!!
The drama master 360
'The drama master 360' 3 months ago
'SnyFlemFilms' 3 months ago
you guys have to admit ultimate spider man did have some dark moments. and good story arcs.
Ronny Shama
'Ronny Shama' 3 months ago
the title of this video should have been what its like after you blow someone in a dark room
'Teuntjez' 3 months ago
okay but seriously who is voice acting this spidey?
'SnyFlemFilms' 3 months ago
I think its drake bell still doing the voice. he did do spider man for earth's mightiest heroes.
'✖ArcticKitty19✖' 3 months ago
Who is voicing him it sounds like the PS4 Spider-man
Billy Chambers
'Billy Chambers' 3 months ago
The one thing that needs to happen in animation is goodness. Ultimate Spider-Man is boring af.
'Campbell5ful' 3 months ago
Spidey Sounds like Prompto from Final Fantasy XV
'TheNat' 3 months ago
Ultimate Spiderman has perished. About time!!
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