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Beyoncé - Naughty Girl -
Published: 2 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

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Beyonce performs 'Naughty Girl' live on CD:UK.

blehb blehb
'blehb blehb' 2 weeks ago
Early 2000's vibe. Fuckin' love it.
Puhtrish Idgaf
'Puhtrish Idgaf' 1 month ago
Aaliyah the queen 👑👑 Beyonce the princess
alessandra de paula da silva
ai love!!!
keiti ferreira
'keiti ferreira' 2 months ago
Ángel Knowles
'Ángel Knowles' 2 months ago
Rederf Bug
'Rederf Bug' 2 months ago
Biki Bonolo
'Biki Bonolo' 2 months ago
hope u ar hvng a great day bchs
Fernando Neves de Almeida Neves
Encanto e magia, extraordinário!
Timothy Tallahassee
'Timothy Tallahassee' 2 months ago
This is from Mean Girls
Edmar Manuel
'Edmar Manuel' 2 months ago
her dance moves were so basic i love it !!!!!!!!!!
it's not like i can do better HAHAHHA
'asseater007' 3 months ago
Her legs.....oh my god... SLAY QUEEN
Ángel Knowles
'Ángel Knowles' 3 months ago
kurt cocaine
'kurt cocaine' 3 months ago
her body ❤❤❤❤❤
'biancabelli10' 3 months ago
LEIA SOZINHO porque no passado eu também não acreditava que ia dar certo, mas… funciona mesmo!!! Entrei neste site e fiz esta prece. Fiz para ver se ia dar certo e deu, assim que acabei meu amor ligou. A pessoa que eu copiei também não acreditava mas para ela também funcionou! AGORA VEREMOS…

Diga para você mesmo o nome do único rapaz ou moça com quem você gostaria de estar (três vezes)…

Pense em algo que queira realizar na próxima semana e repita para você mesmo (seis vezes).

Se você tem um desejo, repita-o para você mesmo (Venha cá ANJO DE LUZ eu te INVOCO para que Desenterre C. R. A. de onde estiver ou com quem estiver e faça ela ME telefonar ainda hoje, Apaixonada e Arrependida, desenterre tudo que esta impedindo que C. R. A. venha para MIM, afaste-a, de todas aquelas pessoas, que tem contribuído para o nosso afastamento e que ela, C. R. A. não pense mais nos outros… mas somente em MIM, J. R. T. F. Que ela ME telefone e ME AME. Agradeço por este seu misterioso poder que sempre dá certo. Amém…).

Publique esta simpatia por três vezes , basta copiar e colar por três vezes em um forum diferente esta simpatia abaixo e logo em 48hs você terá uma linda surpresa, beijos Ainda esta noite de madrugada o TEU amor dará conta de que TE ama, algo assim acontecerá entre 1 e 4 horas da manhã esteja preparado (a) para o maior choque de sua vida.
'etudnat' 4 months ago
she was always so slim, you can see how slim and tall she is here but she still has great curves. such a beauty!
'MrStepanych' 4 months ago
what is show name?want full video of this performance.
24 양띠
'24 양띠' 4 months ago
Actually I had just want to be just like her
Dawg Gawd
'Dawg Gawd' 4 months ago
she was so hot
Priscila Machado
'Priscila Machado' 4 months ago
I love you bey
E Snyder
'E Snyder' 4 months ago
Lednilson Santos
'Lednilson Santos' 4 months ago
i love you Beyoncé, i loved your clip :)
faiza malik
'faiza malik' 4 months ago
idk but it sounds like indian movie song
paula souza
'paula souza' 5 months ago
Yasssssssssssss Queen <3 Beyhive go check my Instagram @beyoncecartervault
Zeus Dog
'Zeus Dog' 5 months ago
beyonce I love you.....................................................SDD
Harmony Stone
'Harmony Stone' 5 months ago
I just realized how fucking gay I really am.
'ItsQuayB' 5 months ago
whoever is reading this hope your having a great day!!
Jonas Steenberg
'Jonas Steenberg' 5 months ago
Is beyonce not one of the girls from Destiny??
Amelie Azemia
'Amelie Azemia' 5 months ago
beyonce has evolved...she's a better dancer now..better entertainer her always
Ma Lu
'Ma Lu' 5 months ago
formation isnt listed on beyoncevevo
Margarita Valenzuela
'Margarita Valenzuela' 5 months ago
why is she so perfect?!😍
Sihle Nsele
'Sihle Nsele' 5 months ago
I like music very much,thank you YouTube for such nice music and videos
Emo Pride Queen MSP
'Emo Pride Queen MSP' 5 months ago
You ain't so good better than all singer tbh
cybermila 321
'cybermila 321' 6 months ago
Aurora Aprea
'Aurora Aprea' 6 months ago
i watch this every day... ICONIC BEY
Kara Camille Delonas
'Kara Camille Delonas' 6 months ago
watching it in October 2016
'cas' 6 months ago
Princess Farah Hanafi
Holy Shit Im So Gay....
Jadson Albuquerque
'Jadson Albuquerque' 6 months ago
Latifa selmani
'Latifa selmani' 6 months ago
who doesn't love her she's just wow,
écnoyeB Selwonk
'écnoyeB Selwonk' 6 months ago
Late happy birthday greetings Beyoncé!🎉Beyoncé,I'm such a big fan of you,I'm so impressed by what you have everything done in your young breathtaking life,which is probably no other has managed at your age!A big compliment!It started with Girl's Tyme to Destiny's Child the best girl group in the world to now,35-year exceptional singer,a great actress,a gifted songwriter,a entertainer through and through,a perfectionist who always wants to do everything right,a very beautiful woman.You are offer the best singer that this earth have!You are talented in so many areas,where many artists can to copy so that are much older than you!I love you just for everything& for your warm golden character that so many Artists who lifted act did not,but you're different,you're the one and only Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter!❤You're the best Queen👑Bey😍!Your biggest fan.✨
Henrique Ferreira de Freitas
world_evelina girls
'world_evelina girls' 6 months ago
ignacia love une malienne
Beatriz Silva
'Beatriz Silva' 6 months ago
Free Cable Guy
'Free Cable Guy' 6 months ago
"BOW DOWN Bitches?"
Bow down to WHAT exactly???

An uneducated, 5th grade drop out, PHOTOSHOP addicted, National anthem lip syncing, full of herself, "please photoshop my "thigh gap" cause im just too lazy to work out", HIGHLY OVERRATED, Joe Camel marrying, so called DIVA, overglorified would be STRIPPER, who would be giving lap dances in the VIP room of a "Gentlemans Club" if she didnt get LUCKY..Yes I said LUCKY..You couldnt even get past your FIRST STAR SEARCH competitor back in the day!...If you were on IDOL, you would NEVER get a ticket to Hollywood ..or a chair turn on The VOICE!...HYPOCRITE:  Calling out "Becky with the GOOD HAIR" acting like you YOURSELF dont spend a FORTUNE every year for YOUR "GOOD (fake) HAIR"

And could NEVER, EVER hold a candle to Aretha, Tina, Whitney, Diana, Christina, Celine or Barbara in the VOICE department (maybe in the stripping and grinding dept.) on your BEST and their WORST day!...."Bow Down" to THAT???


You are the "Black" version of Britney Spears/ Madonna!
and do some MORE photoshop skin bleaching/whitening...your ALMOST as white and pale as Taylor Swift or "Casper the Friendly Ghost" by now!

and while your at it..GO BACK TO SCHOOL and do something about that pathetic 5th grade education!!!
If its 3 of you its Destinys ChildREN not "Child"...
If your silly ass wouldve completed grade school you wouldve KNOWN that!
Ayesha Awad
'Ayesha Awad' 7 months ago
make ur videos available every where plz .... 🙂
Mohammad Shalata
'Mohammad Shalata' 7 months ago
more like an arabic song 🤔
Cavid Qasanov
'Cavid Qasanov' 7 months ago
zeinab bazzi
'zeinab bazzi' 7 months ago
Bryan Potter
'Bryan Potter' 7 months ago
i love beyonce shes sexy i like her superbowl show she got a sexy booty and breasts and she got a sexy voice
gerson armando cartagena ramos
Wonder woman and dance too
'SELENA GOMEZ .' 7 months ago
Fuck U bitch
Gf Fc
'Gf Fc' 7 months ago
كس اختك
'lizneychannel' 7 months ago
The crowd was too quiet lol I would've lost my voice
Brandy Bell
'Brandy Bell' 7 months ago
I love u girl
Baby Natalie
'Baby Natalie' 7 months ago
Happy Birthday
Lincoln Tavares
'Lincoln Tavares' 7 months ago
'Elizabeth' 7 months ago
she was so skinny back then,maybe I'm just used to the curvy bey of now but I prefer her how she is now
it just doesn't seem right a skinny beyonce lol
Skip channel
'Skip channel' 7 months ago
Да, фигурка и голос у нее... Все на высшем уровне!
Aurora Aprea
'Aurora Aprea' 7 months ago
I love this video 😍
'Ihateregistrations1' 7 months ago
fuck this demonic bitch
Ben Paul
'Ben Paul' 7 months ago
caroLyn CaroLyn
'caroLyn CaroLyn' 7 months ago
excelente videooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Jenna Ketchell
'Jenna Ketchell' 7 months ago
'Julien ARMOUET' 7 months ago
When she used to sing like a 12 YO girl LOL, still slayin' my Queen :p
Marta Winnik
'Marta Winnik' 8 months ago
How is her every move so sexy? I just feel like a bunch of potato :v
authanh tung
'authanh tung' 8 months ago
Givanildo Santos
'Givanildo Santos' 8 months ago
Linda maravilhosa
Water is the New Gold
She's a slut.
Miriam Samara
'Miriam Samara' 8 months ago
on my channel watch REAL AUDIO lyrics of beyonce "dont hurt yourself" from the lemonade album REAL AUDIO
Shemeki Bradford
'Shemeki Bradford' 8 months ago
I'm such a fan of you call message me to 3189412 90138942
Dr YouTube Tucker
'Dr YouTube Tucker' 8 months ago
what a sick women. one who smiles while she Jill's you.
Gfhh hdj
'Gfhh hdj' 8 months ago
петь больше не о чем?
'Gabriel' 8 months ago
Please Donate to my Gofundme I want to see Beyoncé Live.
نسرين محمودي
مبدعه كاعادة
marcel maas
'marcel maas' 8 months ago
Can anyone explain what makes Beyonce so special? I think she's just another one of the many plastic girls.
'davis769' 8 months ago
Oh this is just Hot! I'm not feeling a lot of her new stuff tho.
Leo Alves
'Leo Alves' 8 months ago
Bourbia Nasro
'Bourbia Nasro' 8 months ago
heer ass looks flat
opeyemi anyang
'opeyemi anyang' 8 months ago
ya need a modeling job both female or male job send details to
[email protected],com and call +2347036857819.send text alone,or
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RichA Rich
'RichA Rich' 8 months ago
Is this a recently shot video?
BIackbear Trash
'BIackbear Trash' 8 months ago
enlouquecendo !!!
'enlouquecendo !!!' 9 months ago
a mulher jamais igualada
enlouquecendo !!!
'enlouquecendo !!!' 9 months ago
a mulher jamais igualada ❤❤❤
enlouquecendo !!!
'enlouquecendo !!!' 9 months ago
a mulher jamais igualada ❤❤❤
enlouquecendo !!!
'enlouquecendo !!!' 9 months ago
a mulher jamais igualada ❤❤❤
Ny Jeep Adventurer
'Ny Jeep Adventurer' 9 months ago
Her comments after the Dallas police officers were shot were 100% inappropriate and wrong
'MAYA' 9 months ago
her voice here is amazing O_O
'2VegasBabyy' 9 months ago
that breakdown at the end tho...
Ana Victoria
'Ana Victoria' 9 months ago
Luana Almeida Oliveira
toda barbiezinha ❤ meu amor 😍🇧🇷
Leigh Glass
'Leigh Glass' 9 months ago
I miss this bey 😢
viviana Breezy
'viviana Breezy' 9 months ago
Questa è la Beyoncé che voglio
Rozz Ellington
'Rozz Ellington' 9 months ago
I Love You Beyonce God bless
maryam rafat
'maryam rafat' 9 months ago
جنج خريه💩💩💩
Aluiso Santos
'Aluiso Santos' 9 months ago
chicos y chicas siguime en instagram @oaluisiosantos
'TheCherryBombs321' 9 months ago
Is it just me or her ass is much smaller in this video than it is now in 2016?
Treyton Foutch
'Treyton Foutch' 9 months ago
Tell me who taught you to lip sinc
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