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Dogs in booties -
Published: 5 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 5 months ago

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Diesel and Nym aren't built for the snow like the wolves are, so we had to put booties on them. They were extremely embarrassed & I doubt they will ever forgive us. Watch Max the wolfdog judge them starting at 18 seconds.

Roberto Jr. Gilnei
'Roberto Jr. Gilnei' 2 months ago
0:26 Damn!
Someone stole his bike.
'dutchdiamondback' 4 months ago
I can hear Max thinking: Oh dear, how sad - never mind!
jordan ryan
'jordan ryan' 4 months ago
Will Roberts
'Will Roberts' 4 months ago
Can I have wolf
'bubbles1148AJ' 4 months ago
Can I steal you're wolves please?! They're my second favourite animal!!!
Nunu Nuny
'Nunu Nuny' 4 months ago
Rayne Belladonna
'Rayne Belladonna' 5 months ago
That is really cute!
Evelyn C
'Evelyn C' 5 months ago
This is hilarious,,,
Nate Landherr
'Nate Landherr' 5 months ago
They look so ashamed
francheska quinonez
'francheska quinonez' 5 months ago
omg, their faces!😂😂
1st508th Airborne
'1st508th Airborne' 5 months ago
Lol... !!! The look the one with the hood gave you was hilarious.
'RoadRunner' 5 months ago
Max: "Hey Sarah how are youhuhuhu... pfhfhff What in the name of fenrir are you guys doing?"
Dogs: "She said we have to wear this... got a problem?"
Max: "Noo! No.. hihi! No! Nohohoo... PHEW! Sorry, I've just never seen two dogs...pfffffffHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
Dogs: " >:( "
Terry C. Snyder
'Terry C. Snyder' 5 months ago
I watched this 7 times , I had to stop my face hurts from smileing so much. its just too cute! ;)
Cody Jenkins
'Cody Jenkins' 5 months ago
Hollie Korreckt
'Hollie Korreckt' 5 months ago
Awww I feel so bad enjoying watching them struggle. It's just so cute!!😍😆
Joshua Howard
'Joshua Howard' 5 months ago
what a bunch of goofballs. great video
optic lightning # flash
make the videos I little longer or make vlogs.I love your videos there funny your doing good.
Jeffrey Lane
'Jeffrey Lane' 5 months ago
Max the wolfdog is so funny!
Alexander Wolff
'Alexander Wolff' 5 months ago
This channel gives me a reason to wake up in the morning.
'•ѕнιro•' 5 months ago
First ^^
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