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Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six Season 4 Ep. 25 – Clip 1 -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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The two-part finale arc “Graduation Day” will see Spider-Man stop Doctor Octopus and the Superior Sinister Six from destroying all of the heroes in New York City. Check out the epic “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6” two-part series finale this Saturday at 7:30 PM ET on Disney XD! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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EL Z . Tv
'EL Z . Tv' 2 weeks ago
i like this série it's not Perfect but it's not so bad
Cat plays
'Cat plays' 2 weeks ago
please make the 5th season 😭😭😭😭😭
'movienaut' 4 weeks ago
they are ending this show. One of the greatest moments of my Life. Now they are going to bring back Spectacular, right???
Sydney Rollins
'Sydney Rollins' 1 month ago
I hope they bring back Drake Bell he was the awesome missed ultimate Spiderman they couldn't have anyone better to place better man
James savage
'James savage' 2 months ago
will they make a season 5 for ultimate spiderman?
Ярик Афанасьев
пожалуйста умоляю вас сделайте 5 сезон
W.D Gaster
'W.D Gaster' 2 months ago
Drake bell and josh Keaton are the best spider-man actors I've seen in my life
You guys only think for yourselves ever think of others like the cast who worked hard on this show? No.
A simple answer:no.
You people only want good shows you don even encourage the cast to keep on going the hated ones like drake bell who voiced the Spider-Man in this show,the loved ones like tom holland,josh Keaton and Andrew Garfield.
I know you love the spatacular Spiderman was the best show You all watched then come this series
You guys blamed this show only because of not following the comic,not voiced by josh Keaton or whatever you guys loved who voiced Spider-Man.
Hmph tiny minor things you guys even blamed about
I've never wanted to say this but whoever hates this show or the casts ARE A HEARTLESS PIECE OF SHIT
'stainshield' 2 months ago
I am happy that Marvel has decided to pull the plug on this shit.
'Johny1220' 2 months ago
Yo I actually liked this Spider-Man show, just finished the last episode of the series and it was pretty good I hope for the new Spider-Man show they bring back the same voice actor of Spider-Man he was really great :D
The Amazing Earl Grey
i'm gonna miss this show um i think the new spiderman cartoon 2017 is going to be awesome
Gabriel Idusogie
'Gabriel Idusogie' 3 months ago
They chose now to give doc ock his classic look. right before the series ends......?
Artist of Procedure
'Artist of Procedure' 3 months ago
It's ending please bring back spectacular it's sad this piece of shit got four seasons while spectacular only got 2
Spoon Dude
'Spoon Dude' 3 months ago
This clip shows one of the biggest problems of this series. What could be an emotional and tense scene is suddenly just interrupted with Spidey breaking the fourth wall. And while this time it's not for a joke, its unnecessarily in your face and immediately removes the tension from the scene as everything around him is just.. paused.
reymart christian Cruz
Doc ock haplen to be the main villian in this show a lot,
Linh Dinh
'Linh Dinh' 3 months ago
Alittle part of me just died... great episodes showing what spider-man is all about, The great, insecure, genious that has a heart of gold, always believing in the best of everybody. Old webshooters were awesome, Peter showing how really intelligent he is was really cool and the admiration from the other heroes just shows why he is one of the greatest heros in Marvel.. In fiction
Alfonso J. Ramos
'Alfonso J. Ramos' 3 months ago
Hey DC is bringing Young Justice back, how about some good old Earth's Mightiest Heroes?
Anthony Victor Colsestri_A877
Why won't anyone answer my replies. I hate this show as much as anyone here in these comments and want to share my thoughts
aliali aliali
'aliali aliali' 3 months ago
am lac marvl
brian sanders
'brian sanders' 3 months ago
AUNT MAY!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!
Tatsuo Static
'Tatsuo Static' 3 months ago
Even though this show has some problems, I'm gonna miss the best moments and probably even Drake Bell voicing Peter Parker/Spiderman.
Shon Allen
'Shon Allen' 3 months ago
Why and how are 10 min episodes of justice league action better then these 20 min marvel shows? 😔
daniel white
'daniel white' 3 months ago
at least it ends
Farhan Mehmood
'Farhan Mehmood' 3 months ago
Finally! Its ended!
sammy remy
'sammy remy' 3 months ago
ughhh seriously abit off topic but ive been watchin that new justice league action cartoon that just came out an am soooo damn happy that shows actually decent.
aint no second coming of young justice or jlu but atleast its well written.

if the new spidey cartoon can be half as Surpringly decent as action.

i will be soooo damn happy.
we needa good marvel cartoon again :/
Anthony Victor Colsestri_A877
Why coun't Deadpool appear again in this show, just so i can see him kill this version of Spider-Man
Jeremy Nw
'Jeremy Nw' 3 months ago
'xLIMANATORX' 3 months ago
Whelp, time to trade one shitty Spider-Man show for another shitty Spider-Man show. Marvel really needs to get their shit together and figure out that the direction they're taking the character (in all the mediums) completely suck.
Chad Wynne
'Chad Wynne' 3 months ago
Come on Bell, can you at least give some sort of emotion and not read of the script? Love ya man but even though the show is being cancelled could you try?
'MrMetroid1998' 3 months ago
Dang Octavius is really crossing the moral event horizon in this show.
Mh_ Danuputra
'Mh_ Danuputra' 3 months ago
ivebeen waiting so long for this episode
Robert Smithson
'Robert Smithson' 3 months ago
Is it even possible to permanently take away Spidey's powers? I don't think so, because no matter what anyone injects, or infects him with... they always come back. ALWAYS.
Martin Ng
'Martin Ng' 3 months ago
Don't do it Spidey!
Luis Moreno
'Luis Moreno' 3 months ago
i wonder if he would die at the end
Blood Monkey
'Blood Monkey' 3 months ago
Wasp said it best in the Antman after credit scene.
Bennet Dudley
'Bennet Dudley' 3 months ago
I'll admit that this hasn't been the best Spider-Man series, but I still enjoyed it non the less. I also think that Drake Bell has the potential to be a good voice actor for Spider-Man. Much like how he was in Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
Ghost Spider
'Ghost Spider' 3 months ago
From the appearance of the new show, it looks more like a cross between the Spectacular and Ultimate shows in my opinion.
Ghost Spider
'Ghost Spider' 3 months ago
At the very least I want Peter and MJ to end up together and maybe a time skip showing them married and with kids.
'Raul' 3 months ago
can I watch these series anywhere else but not on XD...i can't find it in my country
'thenoeseah' 3 months ago
Hurry up and leeave!, lets hope the new series is a mix of Spectacular Spiderman and the comic version of Ultimate Spiderman put together, those are the best Spideys imo.
'xXshelldogXx' 3 months ago
As Emo Peter Parker from Sam Raimi's Spider-man 3 would say "GOOD RIDDANCE"
'UnknownOne' 3 months ago
The show's first two seasons were good, I'm not gonna deny that. But the past two haven't been so. They completely neglected Spidey's first team. And to be honest, White Tiger and Spider-Man had great potential to become romantically involved. Sadly, I don't see that happening.
'MrSafior' 3 months ago
0:38 Everyone who like good Spider-man cartoon.
KillerTacos - TheEvolutionryGamer
He's got super strength so can't he just use it to break free? Stuff like this makes no sense. And also, they already spoiled that he gets his powers back in a previous Ultimate Spider-Man video
Karl Michel
'Karl Michel' 3 months ago
only on this channel only.
Karl Michel
'Karl Michel' 3 months ago
also for harry/anti-venom to come back as white spider and help save the day.
Karl Michel
'Karl Michel' 3 months ago
please give 1000, 000,000,9879012k likes and agreeable votes.
Karl Michel
'Karl Michel' 3 months ago
all votes ends next week.
Karl Michel
'Karl Michel' 3 months ago
vote for oocter octopus to enhance him self with spider man's DNA .
'OJR' 3 months ago
During that fourth breaking he might have been able to escape
Razer Howl
'Razer Howl' 3 months ago
I really hope that the new Spiderman show is at least better than this
Lego Movie Dude
'Lego Movie Dude' 3 months ago
'WhiteRaven696' 3 months ago
I love this show, but the good thing about it ending is NO MORE OCTOPUS. Goddamn, they couldn't bring in a few more villains? He was the bad guy in every single episode this last season. Got on my damned nerves.
'MiguelGamerD66' 3 months ago
esta llegando a su final
Jorge Octavio Canulao Villaseca
The show would be better without these breaks of the 4th wall.
'Luminethereploid' 3 months ago
It ends as it began - with obstructive cutaway exposition. Piece of shit to the end.

Oh well. Rest in pieces, and may the new show sing thou to thy rest.
Ashley David
'Ashley David' 3 months ago
This is Not the end, Spider!!!. [Rhino from TASM 2 (2014)].
John Kirk
'John Kirk' 3 months ago
Let's hope the new series is better than this. Ultimate was cringey as hell
Melissa D
'Melissa D' 3 months ago
Bah. He didn't need to break the fourth wall. Flashing back to all of the times he put his friends and family in danger would've sufficed.
Also drake bell sucks at voice acting for serious scenes so there'd be an excuse for him not to act and just let the animation do the work.
nintendo plaza
'nintendo plaza' 3 months ago
That 4th wall act destroyed any tension the show was going for
RealHairy Clitorus
'RealHairy Clitorus' 3 months ago
Can someone explain how doc ock get skinny?
Like,the dude was fat in season one and two then went in a robot cocoon only to become fit after mini robots went on his body....
Like what the hazelnuts
Jerome Valaska
'Jerome Valaska' 3 months ago
Draco Uzumaki
'Draco Uzumaki' 3 months ago
Finally a new episode!
'Raiden' 3 months ago
Don't worry Peter Faker, no one's going to miss you when Dock Ock destroys you. We'll be too busy watching the new Spider-Man Animated series and playing Spider-ManPS4.
Asura Wilson
'Asura Wilson' 3 months ago
I'm going to personally miss this show. I don't care what people say it was a unique series and for all it's worth it payed homage to not only the Spider-Man mythos but other parts of the Marvel Universe. Hopefully the new series will be just as good as this one or even better.
r gs
'r gs' 3 months ago
Gonna miss this show I think it's been here since 2012 or 2013
Anthony Fanchin
'Anthony Fanchin' 3 months ago
Spider-Man, Deadpool is the only character who breaks the 4th wall.
'WalshStudios64' 3 months ago
Wtf happened to doc ock?! He used to a fat wrinkly man who needed a life support machine to keep himself alive
'vladroxyoursox' 3 months ago
Where are the avengers
canal 1
'canal 1' 3 months ago
'WeeklySinner' 3 months ago
Wait, so what happened to the other Doctor Octopus?
'marco39120' 3 months ago
I can't say I'll miss this show but I can say it was getting a little better before Sony/Disney decided to cut their loses.
Lemonade JR
'Lemonade JR' 3 months ago
I m kinda lost here. Can someone explain me how doc oc knows Peters identity.
Farhan Mehmood
'Farhan Mehmood' 3 months ago
finally this is ending
Edson Senho
'Edson Senho' 3 months ago
What happen to ock.He seems like is ultimate(comic book) version
sandhya pujapanda
'sandhya pujapanda' 3 months ago
gonna miss bucket head and spidy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Crybaby Jimins twenty one bellion phantastic jams
Yeah, um I don't really like this whole stop everything to think out loud in emperors new groove sure but in this, at a moment of suspense...
King of Ebla
'King of Ebla' 3 months ago
Na na na nahh, hey heeey, goodbye.
Rayan & Mom
'Rayan & Mom' 3 months ago
Wait my video is streaming but the comment section is saying that its gonna end did they mention that man scrolling throw the comment section? Because if my video says that no ending that means that isn't there a chance if season 5 comes?
'ErichGrooms1' 3 months ago
Move over Ultimate Spiderboy, cause there's a new Spiderman in town and that name is Tom Holland aka. MCU Spiderman!
destiny spider
'destiny spider' 3 months ago
The 4th wall breaking is also tension breaking. And Spidey's voice actor sucks.
Jq West
'Jq West' 3 months ago
нихуйя не понял
David Cuatepotzo
'David Cuatepotzo' 3 months ago
who good is "the thinning" that one youtube red movie ?
'EL MI CHINO' 3 months ago
the end of ultimate Spiderman
Avi P
'Avi P' 3 months ago
I really tried with this show. For two seasons ignoring the corny quips, fourth wall breaking, and ill timed comedy. I hope the new series also doesn't make even more villains/heroes teenagers and works closer to the original animated series and Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I hated the new Avengers Assembled too.
'Gotham's Finest' 3 months ago
Why so much hate for this show?? -_______-
'SpencerLee97' 3 months ago
I will miss this show. It was really unique and different, both good qualities for a show that has had like 7 different iterations in the past.
'DeltaPrime350' 3 months ago
When will Mary Jane betray peter because she is using carnage symbiote something that is built to kill destroy and causes nothing but pure carnage. They tried giving a explanation saying doctor Connors made so she was in control which I call bull, if he can't figure out a way to fully control the lizard there no way in hell he could find a way to control carnage and carnage is like the joker except he likes to kill people personally and quickly. If they don't have carnage backstab this season and series finale will not be a good ending to the show.
'Blackwing2040' 3 months ago
So this is suppose to be an emotional moment and then you have him break the 4th wall, that really ruined the moment. At least the show is ending
Lysergic Diethylamide
Dr. Octavius in Spider-Man 2 was the real deal
Henrique Katekawa
'Henrique Katekawa' 3 months ago
Everything wrong with this show in this clip.
You have a serious, kind of philosophical moment for Spider-Man. There's tension, people can die... And then he starts to bitch about his struggles and explain what's going on to...?? The audience? Himself? Why? This IS ADD.
Kieran Holmes
'Kieran Holmes' 3 months ago
Drake Bell can't do emotional scenes, if you had Josh Keaton voicing this moment it would've been sad and touching by the raw emotion in his voice.
'MarioBrosReborn' 3 months ago
Wait. When did Doc Ock get his original look know what, i don't care, i'm glad this shows finally gonna end soon. (sorry to those that liked it.)
'CNFunnyJon' 3 months ago
Joker DM
'Joker DM' 3 months ago
'RetroPokeFan' 3 months ago
Nearly over, thank god.
Big Body Banks
'Big Body Banks' 3 months ago
Is it just me or does Doc Ock sound a lot like Christoph Waltz ???
Rohan A-P
'Rohan A-P' 3 months ago
can't wait
Shock Vox
'Shock Vox' 3 months ago
My god, one of the biggest problems with this show is showcased here. Peter going into deep thought? Naaaaah, Let's have him break fourth wall and talk, actually TALK, to the viewers. No tension. My god, I won't miss this show.
Carl Grimes
'Carl Grimes' 3 months ago
Good riddance.
'thedredmanable' 3 months ago
Oh shit, it's finally over?
It's a Christmas miracle!
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