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He wanted to howl but wouldn't give up his seat on my lap -
Published: 2 years ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 2 years ago

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I know, I know, I filmed this with my iPhone oriented the wrong way.

If you can deal with the blasphemy that is vertical iPhone videos, here's a pretty cool wolf howl point of view I got the other day.

Some more background:
Sazi is a high content wolfdog on our sanctuary who enjoys being pet, giving kisses, and long sits on my lap. He lives with his life partner, Cheyenne, in their enclosure at a sanctuary. They (and all their other pack mates) have been rescued from a variety of places, but all are all unable to survive in the wild or in domestic situations anymore. They spend their days playing, eating, and socializing, and will forever have a loving home with us. The wolves and wolfdogs also provide a therapeutic outlet for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They've saved our lives just as we've saved theirs :)

Gothic Boy
'Gothic Boy' 7 months ago
awww cute timbers
Jon Burton
'Jon Burton' 9 months ago
Really neat channel, you deserve lots of subs! Very unique what you do here. Super interesting.
Moreth The Rogue
'Moreth The Rogue' 10 months ago
No, I'm fine howling from a nice warm seat. Thank you now go away.
LHSBoy `
'LHSBoy `' 10 months ago
these are real wolfs ore are they Wolfdogs??
Lime Skull
'Lime Skull' 11 months ago
How did you take this wolf
Sherlock Kitten
'Sherlock Kitten' 11 months ago
Where is your wolf place?
Josh Pike
'Josh Pike' 11 months ago
You have to have some balls to work with that many wolves.
'JennzNailWorld' 11 months ago
Awe omg this makes me so miss my KIMBER ,SHE PASSED AWAY IN APRIL 18TH WE still mourn her ,watching these videos brings a smile to me face and reminds me of her ..
Makazuki Tsuki
'Makazuki Tsuki' 11 months ago
How did you tame these cuties?!
Kyle Carson
'Kyle Carson' 11 months ago
Why do wolves howl? Does it mean something?
'megaleadjp' 11 months ago
The cat next door just s*** his pants.😨😨
Rick W
'Rick W' 11 months ago
Wow , 0 dislikes
'JoetrixTV' 11 months ago
the last guy is just like "bitch if you dont stop recording rn"
Squid Bloop :3
'Squid Bloop :3' 11 months ago
These wolves are beautiful!
Treble Clef Guy
'Treble Clef Guy' 11 months ago
Wait, y r they sad?
leah tea
'leah tea' 11 months ago
I have a question. what makes these wolves not being able to survive in the Wild anymore?
Christiaan Driscoll
'Christiaan Driscoll' 11 months ago
wait. this is in new england? i live in nh.
Fz06 Ridah ACC
'Fz06 Ridah ACC' 11 months ago
what do you do for living? This is beautiful.
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