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He wanted to howl but wouldn't give up his seat on my lap -
Published: 2 years ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 2 years ago

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I know, I know, I filmed this with my iPhone oriented the wrong way.

If you can deal with the blasphemy that is vertical iPhone videos, here's a pretty cool wolf howl point of view I got the other day.

Some more background:
Sazi is a high content wolfdog on our sanctuary who enjoys being pet, giving kisses, and long sits on my lap. He lives with his life partner, Cheyenne, in their enclosure at a sanctuary. They (and all their other pack mates) have been rescued from a variety of places, but all are all unable to survive in the wild or in domestic situations anymore. They spend their days playing, eating, and socializing, and will forever have a loving home with us. The wolves and wolfdogs also provide a therapeutic outlet for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They've saved our lives just as we've saved theirs :)

Gothic Boy
'Gothic Boy' 4 months ago
awww cute timbers
Jon Burton
'Jon Burton' 6 months ago
Really neat channel, you deserve lots of subs! Very unique what you do here. Super interesting.
Moreth The Rogue
'Moreth The Rogue' 7 months ago
No, I'm fine howling from a nice warm seat. Thank you now go away.
LHSBoy `
'LHSBoy `' 7 months ago
these are real wolfs ore are they Wolfdogs??
Steels Magnolia
'Steels Magnolia' 7 months ago
Ahh the howling ! Lol my husky does this.
Lime Skull
'Lime Skull' 8 months ago
How did you take this wolf
Sherlock Kitten
'Sherlock Kitten' 8 months ago
Where is your wolf place?
Josh Pike
'Josh Pike' 8 months ago
You have to have some balls to work with that many wolves.
'JennzNailWorld' 8 months ago
Awe omg this makes me so miss my KIMBER ,SHE PASSED AWAY IN APRIL 18TH WE still mourn her ,watching these videos brings a smile to me face and reminds me of her ..
Makazuki Tsuki
'Makazuki Tsuki' 8 months ago
How did you tame these cuties?!
Kyle Carson
'Kyle Carson' 8 months ago
Why do wolves howl? Does it mean something?
'megaleadjp' 8 months ago
The cat next door just s*** his pants.😨😨
Rick W
'Rick W' 8 months ago
Wow , 0 dislikes
'JoetrixTV' 8 months ago
the last guy is just like "bitch if you dont stop recording rn"
Squid Bloop :3
'Squid Bloop :3' 8 months ago
These wolves are beautiful!
Treble Clef Guy
'Treble Clef Guy' 8 months ago
Wait, y r they sad?
'Kougeru' 8 months ago
I love this sound
leah tea
'leah tea' 8 months ago
I have a question. what makes these wolves not being able to survive in the Wild anymore?
Christiaan Driscoll
'Christiaan Driscoll' 8 months ago
wait. this is in new england? i live in nh.
Fz06 Ridah ACC
'Fz06 Ridah ACC' 8 months ago
what do you do for living? This is beautiful.
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