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Rob Stone Talks Making "Chill Bill" After Being Handcuffed & Let Go for Robbery -
Published: 4 months ago By: djvlad

By: djvladPublished: 4 months ago

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Rob Stone Talks Making "Chill Bill" After Being Handcuffed & Let Go for Robbery

Darryl Small
'Darryl Small' 2 weeks ago
Gotta be bool huh??? LOL
Austin Muller
'Austin Muller' 2 weeks ago
lemon grove ain't hard 😂😂 there is lots of drugs tho
HeartOfTheLionOfJudah Black&Aware
shoutout to my city southeast san diego
Robert Carrillo
'Robert Carrillo' 1 month ago
boi is tryin to hard to be about that life
Ethan Angels
'Ethan Angels' 1 month ago
San Diego niggas is soft tho. they ain't on shit.
almunum m
'almunum m' 2 months ago
who even is this high ass nigga
Savage. .TeenBoi
'Savage. .TeenBoi' 2 months ago
bro my moms boyfriend knows rob stone because i used to live in lemon grove
Joel Breh
'Joel Breh' 2 months ago
the song is all beat lol
Joel Breh
'Joel Breh' 2 months ago
y'all gotta make some better songs. or else chill bill is gonna be that one annoying song
Hurricane Kaine
'Hurricane Kaine' 2 months ago
I don't like him
'FeineProduction' 2 months ago
theres no way this dude was gang banging, maybe people around him but this dude aint bout shit
'Chru' 2 months ago
What shirt is he wearing? The one under the jeans jacket
Holla if ya hear me
'Holla if ya hear me' 2 months ago
I heard San Diego the most beautiful part of Cali I been to San Fran that like my second home. Of Coure heard LA but it's too sprawled out like a damn sky rim map
Adrian Jimenez
'Adrian Jimenez' 2 months ago
San Diego 👌
Silas Anglin
'Silas Anglin' 3 months ago
Ayee lemon grove let's go
victor manuel
'victor manuel' 3 months ago
ilove San Diego! shouts to 1207 fuck a opp!
'jbellz83' 3 months ago
The beat is the only thing good
demon ox
'demon ox' 3 months ago
ayyyy westside
Danny Boy
'Danny Boy' 3 months ago
This nigga reminds me of Tory lanez
'MrDevilownsmysoul' 3 months ago
self snitching ass nigga
Big Turbo 91
i heard about him and his song by watch Faze Rug and his brother Brawadis, this was before the fame, like 3 months before. When I first went to the Chill Bill song on Youtube it had about 7M views now almost 60M and radio play everywhere.
Tommy Le
'Tommy Le' 3 months ago
Didn't he blow up from that video of them dudes lighting the basketball on fire
Frank Camacho
'Frank Camacho' 3 months ago
big sean headass
'ninesix' 3 months ago
San Diego has little to no bad areas. I don't know what he's talking about. Pretentious ass mindsets from rappers these days.
Juaquin Gutierrez
'Juaquin Gutierrez' 3 months ago
one hit wonder
'thoyo' 3 months ago
s/o to that Quailman hat
clorox Bleach
'clorox Bleach' 3 months ago
these niggas sounds like my dentist lmao
Dave Montes
'Dave Montes' 3 months ago
Crazy how chill bill dropped almost 3 years ago but just started popping a couple months ago
'IMNOTtheetiger' 3 months ago
idk if its just me, but how come pretty much EVERY RAPPER got like super clear skin and all that ish like tf.
mfgoat714 h
'mfgoat714 h' 3 months ago
im late as fuck. i just heard chill bill on the radio and tripped out. he still bring bunped in la
Johan Diaz
'Johan Diaz' 3 months ago
So glad i dont have to listen to Vlad 😂😂
Natalie Askins
'Natalie Askins' 3 months ago
nice rob ston
'Kampsy' 3 months ago
Babylon can't crack the code
'NaiveRabbits' 3 months ago
Rob stone wack af
Dre Chillin
'Dre Chillin' 3 months ago
That jacket fresh
Cindy Echavarria
'Cindy Echavarria' 3 months ago
Aye!! Best city 🌃 San Diego, Califcknfornia baby 😎😎 #stayclassySD
Franklin QueefGod The Third
Aint this the guy who got into a fight with that Mexican? 😂😂😂 Bruhh that video is fucking GOLD. 💯💯
Johnny Escobar
'Johnny Escobar' 3 months ago
shout out rob n spooks nikka was hannin out thavalley 91977
Johnny Escobar
'Johnny Escobar' 3 months ago
shout out rob n spooks nigga was hannin out thavalley 91977
2Chili d
'2Chili d' 3 months ago
Why is it pumpin now it came out in like 2014
'OG SINISTER' 3 months ago
1 hit wonder I'm calling it
Lil Pretzel
'Lil Pretzel' 3 months ago
If you havent listened to Rob Stones latest project, go do that now. All of his shit is ill.
'VIN CENT' 3 months ago
This man fine
Noah Anderson
'Noah Anderson' 3 months ago
It must b hard being high at an interview
Marcelis Stephens
'Marcelis Stephens' 3 months ago
One hit wonder ..
Jordan Vaught
'Jordan Vaught' 3 months ago
when she said "that beat was so hard" cringe
Brennan Lynch
'Brennan Lynch' 3 months ago
619 likes nice keep reppin daygo rob mad tweakers lol
D Mattic
'D Mattic' 3 months ago
"I said baybee just buy dutches cause you can't smoke for free"
NBA Mari
'NBA Mari' 3 months ago
he looks like and remind me of tory lanez
'Burrdmizzle' 3 months ago
I hope he comes with another chill bill is my shit!
Khadim Mbacke
'Khadim Mbacke' 4 months ago
He look like my 2k character
Dracula Wannaboogiedown
Lol sounds like a bit of the Hispanic accent rubbed off on him
Quiet Eyes Records
'Quiet Eyes Records' 4 months ago
vlad.... wheres dex?!!!
'Bubby' 4 months ago
I'm from San Diego and he tryna be humble but Lemon Grove aint a joke that place is the most dangerous place in southern california besides south central LA
Antoine Semaj
'Antoine Semaj' 4 months ago
man i did that beat way before this nigga
Playboy Zai
'Playboy Zai' 4 months ago
this nigga look like tory lanez and bryson tiller did a fusion
King Slat
'King Slat' 4 months ago
This nigga smile to much. You ain't did no dirt.
Chauncy Ross
'Chauncy Ross' 4 months ago
dats buddy that was on wshh with the white boy that got knocked out
'Xevics' 4 months ago
His next slapper gon be Rolling stone- Rob Stone 🔥
Luke From Countdown
'Luke From Countdown' 4 months ago
i wonder how much them teeth cost him lol
'4' 4 months ago
they don't just handcuff you den let you go for robbery either this nigga lying or he snitching
mikhela tuesday
'mikhela tuesday' 4 months ago
he's still so fine to me I bet he doesn't remember me tho Lol 😂😂
'AuToMaTiiCx1904' 4 months ago
Ayyyyy SE San Diego on the map!!!!
Parris Terrill
'Parris Terrill' 4 months ago
stone cheezen like a MF i aint mad get cha shine and ya Bread home boy
Hometown Hero
'Hometown Hero' 4 months ago
Tory Lanes Lil Brother
spencer green
'spencer green' 4 months ago
Gucci mane son looking ass boi
Samantha Aset
'Samantha Aset' 4 months ago
He's so cute
lazohn coleman
'lazohn coleman' 4 months ago
myyy nigga made it daaaaaaaygo man keep grindin bro #1207tothetop
Pierced From Within
'Pierced From Within' 4 months ago
sounds like a little kid getting to talk to some fine ass model
'Jaye_Smoove' 4 months ago
Its funny cause 80% of you have no idea where the sample is from
'Jnel28' 4 months ago
Gucci's son
Tree Houz
'Tree Houz' 4 months ago
chill bill is a banger
'JReece3000' 4 months ago
I hope they ask em about that hatin' ass Mexican dude his crew knocked out lol I didn't even know who this nigga was til I saw that vid on WSHH
'pullupseattle' 4 months ago
if you hit my liquor store its 50¢ for single ports
- thChrch
'- thChrch' 4 months ago
thChrch fuck with 1207...
'3m' 4 months ago
Thought he had a bottom grill on it's just braces
'sdot422' 4 months ago
This interview will last longer than his career
Still Will
'Still Will' 4 months ago
That whistle was in movies before Kill Bill. Google it
Shmeat Warrior
'Shmeat Warrior' 4 months ago
Aye shout out to Lemon Grove
Guamanian Bris619
'Guamanian Bris619' 4 months ago
Why no body talking about the other 2 dudes on the song..
Apollo Donny
'Apollo Donny' 4 months ago
chill bill dropped 2 years ago n he recently came up off that shit , how the hell was that fast
Javier Scheuermann
'Javier Scheuermann' 4 months ago
in the beginning of the video he sound like would be wild boring at a job interview
Ali Hussein
'Ali Hussein' 4 months ago
Cold$ota is best rapper in san diego right now.......SoundCloud my nigga, Only nigga in san diego on Kendrick level.
Ali Hussein
'Ali Hussein' 4 months ago
Cold$ota is best rapper in san diego right now.......SoundCloud my nigga, Only nigga in san diego on Kendrick level.
Marquis Blue
'Marquis Blue' 4 months ago
Marquis Blue
'Marquis Blue' 4 months ago
yesss. putting San diego on the radar! might see some more artist come out of here now
'TheLifeOf' 4 months ago
Rob stone too damn stoned
'dreylinrashadvlogs' 4 months ago
doug funny hat
'zMadaraUchiha' 4 months ago
Vlad imma give you a L for spelling his name right in the thumbnail but not in the title of the vid. Jk 😂😂
Mal_escobar600 - Twitter esce23 - Instagram
😡 I hate when vlad doesn't do the interviewing!! Other then that if I ain't mistaken he recently preformed at S.O.B's out here in New York?!
Jay R Deaux
'Jay R Deaux' 4 months ago
lil scrappy lite
Jasmon Jackson
'Jasmon Jackson' 4 months ago
He smiling to much but love his song
Erick Velazquez
'Erick Velazquez' 4 months ago
san diego niggas are weird
Erick Velazquez
'Erick Velazquez' 4 months ago
one hit wonder,
Rich Shadow
'Rich Shadow' 4 months ago
Check my account for beats
Readmore Books
'Readmore Books' 4 months ago
My G, you got a lot of teeth. I counted at least 60...
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