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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 2 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

42, 282, 967 views

124, 815 Likes   10, 348 Dislikes

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

haylart gameplay
'haylart gameplay' 21 minutes ago
pq a transformaçao dele é o sven da frozen?
Amber Rose
'Amber Rose' 27 minutes ago
Love this!
Tiny Guy
'Tiny Guy' 1 hour ago
2:09 ohhhhhhhhh this hurts
Vilma Antanelyte
'Vilma Antanelyte' 2 hours ago
I saw sven from frozen!!!!!😱
Caleb Hartbrake
'Caleb Hartbrake' 2 hours ago
Why does this person who makes the vids not reply?!?!?!
Caleb Hartbrake
'Caleb Hartbrake' 2 hours ago
I'm gonna kick your hiney. Xd
Izzy Productions
'Izzy Productions' 2 hours ago
omg, 22,631 comments O,O,O,,O,,O,O,O,OO #You will die die die XDDD
Ashley Woodward
'Ashley Woodward' 2 hours ago
i love it its my favouite
Ashley Woodward
'Ashley Woodward' 2 hours ago
i loveeeeeeeeee it
'DrTheKay' 3 hours ago
Maui 'Man
Mishio Reyes
'Mishio Reyes' 3 hours ago
what accent is that
Hoozi Berry
'Hoozi Berry' 3 hours ago
How can a Demi God defeat a decapod search it up he just broke the fricking fourth wall
Naomi NekoBunny
'Naomi NekoBunny' 3 hours ago
When ur asked to go outside into the sun. 0:09
Or when ur asked to go to school. 0:09
'irrelephantitis' 4 hours ago
i lost my shit when i realized the giant murderous coconut crab was voiced by jermaine clement
Wombait AJ
'Wombait AJ' 4 hours ago
I feel like Tamatoa is gay.... He has this drag queen vibe going on.
Vinniedog53 Kear
'Vinniedog53 Kear' 4 hours ago
omg how do I like this song?
Erratic Clementine
'Erratic Clementine' 4 hours ago
Such Sass. I'm compelled.
Dione Terrantroy
'Dione Terrantroy' 4 hours ago
Did anyone els see Sven from frozen while Mawi was transforming?
'Rorocat' 4 hours ago
What can I say but you're welcome
'Geekymuffin4life' 4 hours ago
Tamatoa is my everything....
JMR Gaming
'JMR Gaming' 4 hours ago
Who watched this movie because the rock or Dwayne Johnson
Josiah Pascual
'Josiah Pascual' 5 hours ago
At first I thought this scene was dumb

But now it's one of my favorites 😂
'Goom_Drop' 5 hours ago
carbs are edible
glares at tamatoa
Utena Varle
'Utena Varle' 5 hours ago
lol Pl
Elliott Delvinacht
'Elliott Delvinacht' 6 hours ago
This >>>>>>>>let it go
aichka kalajari
'aichka kalajari' 6 hours ago
que voz tan sexy!!! <3 hot
Jerryn Newe
'Jerryn Newe' 6 hours ago
Look at you shiny guy! I'm only 8 and my name is Madison Kae Newell.
U.K. Bobby
'U.K. Bobby' 7 hours ago
It's strangely appealing to listen to. Sort of like a guilty pleasure.
Queen Elsa
'Queen Elsa' 7 hours ago
1:24 was that Sven?
Renzo Ramirez
'Renzo Ramirez' 7 hours ago
2:16 Tamatoa stop breaking the 4th wall, that's Pinkie Pie and Sans' job.
大餅 大餅
'大餅 大餅' 7 hours ago
Mega Crash The Hedgehog
this was good song but I didn't expect it. I mean we've had Disney villain songs before, but I didn't think we would get something like this.
Uriel Oviedo
'Uriel Oviedo' 8 hours ago
I"d rather be shiny
MadCatz 3D
'MadCatz 3D' 8 hours ago
>Play this at my funeral please
'Lexadoddle' 8 hours ago
I just watched this movie and it so SO GOOD!!!!
Thebeast5541 Lolz
'Thebeast5541 Lolz' 8 hours ago
I just saw an Easter egg the demigod turned into the deer from let it go
Alice C
'Alice C' 8 hours ago
1:24 It's Sven from Frozen!!!!
Rob MacGregor
'Rob MacGregor' 8 hours ago
This sounds like David Bowie to me
ButtonsBy Bella
'ButtonsBy Bella' 8 hours ago
this song makes me feel wrong....
'AlphaIkaros' 9 hours ago
Tamatoa is the best underwater evil boss... so shiny!
All about Stuff
'All about Stuff' 9 hours ago
C' est la vie mon ami means "That's life, my friend."
Daniel Law
'Daniel Law' 9 hours ago
This sounds really upbeat for a villain song
JakeFroom StateFarm
'JakeFroom StateFarm' 9 hours ago
Goodbye moonman
Абигейл Serrano
esta mejor en español
Madder Preyus
'Madder Preyus' 9 hours ago
The french version is sexy as fuck, this is the same french actor that do Archer that also do Toamatoa
Susan McAuley
'Susan McAuley' 10 hours ago
I'm so impressed by this character, only wish he got more screen time. Its been a while since we've gotten a really threatening villain, this crab is literally going to kill Maui, he even sings that he's going to 'die, die, die'. I think this shows how characters in children's movies don't have to be so padded to be enjoyable and appropriate. Not to mention, he has a great voice.
new XLR
'new XLR' 10 hours ago
Christina Campos
'Christina Campos' 10 hours ago
I like when he glows
Christina Campos
'Christina Campos' 10 hours ago
Christina Campos
'Christina Campos' 10 hours ago
Geuss the difference 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🐢
Selah Hamilton
'Selah Hamilton' 10 hours ago
Lol pause at 1:24 that's Sven from Frozen
MiniStar 99
'MiniStar 99' 10 hours ago
I got a moana add before this. How ironic
Bella Tobin
'Bella Tobin' 10 hours ago
This crab gives off a David Bowie vibe, and he's pretty gay too, think about it for a minute
Jonas Harun
'Jonas Harun' 10 hours ago
Easter Egg 1:24 Sven from frost
ikem edmond
'ikem edmond' 11 hours ago
who else saw him turn into the deer from frozen
EliteOne Gaming
'EliteOne Gaming' 11 hours ago
1:22 that's the deer from frozen right?
'KreativeINK' 11 hours ago
This has a Bowie feel about it.
Beaux Riley
'Beaux Riley' 11 hours ago
Over 10k people didn't like this song.
'Srathmere' 11 hours ago
I like how every part of this song can be a meme.
Tauzer Games
'Tauzer Games' 11 hours ago
nossa mano nao paro de escutar
Atari Jaguar CD
'Atari Jaguar CD' 11 hours ago
You try to be tough, but your armor's just not hard enough
'Jessisnotokay' 11 hours ago
When you find a shiny pokemon
Sheriff K
'Sheriff K' 11 hours ago
How does he know what her Granny said? Is it cuz he's a DemiGod or something?
Edmark Lanya
'Edmark Lanya' 11 hours ago
but its really nice song
Anthony Minyard
'Anthony Minyard' 12 hours ago
A wild crabrawler has appeared.
Harry Lawson
'Harry Lawson' 12 hours ago
I'm appalled that the guy who did the sick ass 'Moonmen' song went on to do this... what a waste.
'canineKING45' 12 hours ago
tamatoa vs rattlesnake jake (same size)
'Hibischemo' 12 hours ago
I showed this to my animation instructor and the first thing he says is "god, this looks so expensive."
Ashley Graham
'Ashley Graham' 12 hours ago
You really have to appreciate how they animate Tomatoa. His movements tell so much about him.
Callista Elica
'Callista Elica' 12 hours ago
I swear I heard "Dick" at 2:15
TrucksMayPerish WOT
'TrucksMayPerish WOT' 12 hours ago
1:24 so thats where the raindeer is from Frozen.
Now gotta look for snow man
Robert Treacy
'Robert Treacy' 12 hours ago
1:24 Maui turns into Sven from Frozen.
Alvan Beckett
'Alvan Beckett' 12 hours ago
poor muai
Elizabeth Phillips
'Elizabeth Phillips' 12 hours ago
When i first saw this, I swear the director and writers dropped acid for this scene
Aarryn Evans
'Aarryn Evans' 12 hours ago
When he changes into all of those colors and talked about Maui's past, Was trippy but best part.
Kevin Kosmo
'Kevin Kosmo' 12 hours ago
"Hey! Hey! Did you like the song?"
'Jazzyman' 13 hours ago
This could be a Meme
'Jazzyman' 13 hours ago
Love the Way he said " Don't cha know "
Girlie Gamer109
'Girlie Gamer109' 13 hours ago
I love it how moui sais HEY CRAB CACK!!
'Jazzyman' 13 hours ago
0:40 pause lol
'Jazzyman' 13 hours ago
Love his Voice and this Song
Vasilis K.
'Vasilis K.' 13 hours ago
Man it's so difficult for Americans to make a song without using the word baby just once
Nathan Staton
'Nathan Staton' 13 hours ago
1:29 Is were it starts to get real good
Julie Lewis
'Julie Lewis' 14 hours ago
anyone spot the frozen reference?
'ThisGuyGamesOK' 14 hours ago
Tamatoa isn't a decapod, count the legs! even if you add back the one maui tore off he is still short 2.
'CurveArtz' 14 hours ago
1:24 O hi frozen reference
Miller Riddell
'Miller Riddell' 14 hours ago
This guy is somehow related to Mr. Krabs and David Bowie (R.I.P)
honest person
'honest person' 14 hours ago
talks about being shiny then talks about food after that he starts talking about Maui more shiny then maui
'MrMarkus1921' 15 hours ago
Tamatoa and Sebastien need to get on a track together. that song would be insane !
Tiffany Rockler
'Tiffany Rockler' 15 hours ago
When he's Nigel: "Oh, I know I'm not a pretty bird."

When he's Tamatoa:
"I'm shiny, like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck!"

"Well which is it?"
Ayad Ahmad
'Ayad Ahmad' 15 hours ago
fish are dumb Thery Chase anything that glitter...Like all People who are Chase "Handsome" Mans and Girls and get hurt ~"Learn to Chase Good Moral..."
Чеширский Кот
russian version is beter, imho)
Caribou Luu
'Caribou Luu' 15 hours ago
Worst song in the movie
Florence Mowatt
'Florence Mowatt' 16 hours ago
I love how this all-powerful demigod has to tie his hair up to fight
Kirby Alp
'Kirby Alp' 16 hours ago
And the 2nd crab the diamond
Kirby Alp
'Kirby Alp' 16 hours ago
The crab has s my favourite one
Flutter Ayl
'Flutter Ayl' 16 hours ago
I love how the crab is so shiny like a treasure and it's sunck at the bottom of the sea😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Sidney Junior
'Sidney Junior' 16 hours ago
he reminds me of mettaton ex
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