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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 4 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 4 months ago

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

Marcos Mckenna
'Marcos Mckenna' 10 minutes ago
the crab is so scary
Lily Luu
'Lily Luu' 11 minutes ago
This is my husband's theme song
'simbelina22' 11 minutes ago
I prefer the Jonathan Young cover
At that moment Maui knew he messed up
Amin Md. Ruhul
'Amin Md. Ruhul' 27 minutes ago
does the crab says nigga at 1:36
Docent Świrosaurus
'Docent Świrosaurus' 41 minutes ago
Crab - Marvel
Moana - Fox
Fish - Sony
Maui - Warner Bros
hook - Zack Snyder
Green Stone - Rated R
Debra Freeman
'Debra Freeman' 53 minutes ago
i adored the movie, cant wait to own it way to go Disney :)
'blitzbot' 1 hour ago
The Cookie Gamer
'The Cookie Gamer' 1 hour ago
Jemaine Clement is so hot
Bono Fritz
'Bono Fritz' 2 hours ago
CresentLord Simmer
'CresentLord Simmer' 2 hours ago
He`s gay!
tama toa
'tama toa' 2 hours ago
HEY HHEEEYYY DID you like the song :(
Sophie Rosey
'Sophie Rosey' 3 hours ago
Goodbye moonman
Rodrigo Jimenez
'Rodrigo Jimenez' 3 hours ago
khe :v
Ruben Patino
'Ruben Patino' 3 hours ago
Nigel is a bird
Ruben Patino
'Ruben Patino' 3 hours ago
he glows in the dark
Ruben Patino
'Ruben Patino' 3 hours ago
Tamatoa is a crab
Ruben Patino
'Ruben Patino' 3 hours ago
Tamatoa's voice is Nigel
'iiAmFrosty' 4 hours ago
Wedge Skyrocket
'Wedge Skyrocket' 4 hours ago
Watched this movie with my family, halfway through the song I finally figured out who was singing and yelled out, "It's Fart!"
Sam Mari
'Sam Mari' 4 hours ago
1:24 Sven?
'Rixor12' 4 hours ago
This guy should have been the main villian instead of Te Fiti.
ade eka perdana
'ade eka perdana' 5 hours ago
your welcome
Does Jumin Han is Gay?
I knew I heard his voice somewhere I remembered he was from Rick and Morty.
Kat Flanagan
'Kat Flanagan' 5 hours ago
When Maui turns into a half shark a bit later, his tattoo Maui also turns into a half shark! I love that attention to detail.
Turtle Nation Leader
that guy morphed into the i want to say deer type (Is 5:00 AM) from frozen at 1:24
'유희영' 5 hours ago
Mike Leslie
'Mike Leslie' 5 hours ago
Playing as Venice in Civ 5 be like
ᆞ ᆞ
'ᆞ ᆞ' 6 hours ago
'I'm Batman' 6 hours ago
I actually feared for Maowi's safety during this encounter.
Kent Estrada
'Kent Estrada' 7 hours ago
idol can you Mix the shiny ?
Juan not found
'Juan not found' 7 hours ago
Moana > all disney movies n.n
dr. quinnzel
'dr. quinnzel' 7 hours ago
is it wrong that this is my favorite
Ol Kat
'Ol Kat' 8 hours ago
Polish version is so much better than this OMG!!!!!
Dark Wolf
'Dark Wolf' 9 hours ago
And the parents looked at the cover of the DVD and thought "Looks cute..." DO PEOPLE REALIZE HOW UN PG THIS IS!?!?
'SolidStateH2O' 9 hours ago
Ok so at like 2:22 when the lights go out and the glow turns on... It brings back memories of an older disney or Pixar or something film... the kinda haunting glow in the dark melody. This ring a bell with anyone else? Haha this has been eating at me for awhile ;)

...Did you like my song?
Eefje&Eendje Msp
'Eefje&Eendje Msp' 10 hours ago
1:24 i contact know what his name is but its from the film Elsa
Lyndsey Star
'Lyndsey Star' 10 hours ago

I bet his breath smells terrible
Emmanuel Levain
'Emmanuel Levain' 10 hours ago
you grandi
Nazia Furniturewala
'Nazia Furniturewala' 11 hours ago
'samara611' 12 hours ago
Where do the gems on his teeth go when he's all bioluminescent?
Evovo Wajutome
'Evovo Wajutome' 12 hours ago
I love this scene and song Sooooooo MUCH!!
Sugar Quill 101
'Sugar Quill 101' 14 hours ago
3:10 Am I watching Attack on Titan or something????
'nyandragons' 14 hours ago
Remember, this giant crab is also the voice of Fart from Rick and Morty
sarqh alvarez
'sarqh alvarez' 14 hours ago
This is the scariest part of the whole film
Angie Angel
'Angie Angel' 15 hours ago
if you turn on subtitles it says hey clam cake but muie said crab cake
'TheIrishEnigma' 15 hours ago
So why is he still missing a leg if he lost it at least 1,000 years ago?
K i l l M e
'K i l l M e' 15 hours ago
Just imagine tomotoea is America and Japan and then moana is russia and Maui is North Korea and the hook is the bomb
Far Queue
'Far Queue' 16 hours ago
The crab in this film portrays a lot of people I know born under the sun sign Cancer
Gerardo Leon
'Gerardo Leon' 16 hours ago
Don't worry I will help you 🙂
Luther Lozandier
'Luther Lozandier' 16 hours ago
It's a great song though right
Malcolm White
'Malcolm White' 16 hours ago
'MagicNightmare' 16 hours ago
I came here expecting to despise this...

I was wrong....
Charisma Bros
'Charisma Bros' 16 hours ago
This mans career came back by voicing a White Cockatoo and a Giant Crab
'HeadlessTheHeadcrab' 16 hours ago
It's hard to think this crab has the same voice as a fart.
Jeopardy-alpha/fireblast500 Lightingboy500
This is only why I like Moana
Relative Infinity
'Relative Infinity' 17 hours ago
Me though.
Becca Kinney
'Becca Kinney' 17 hours ago
Awesome Video
Torin Brennan
'Torin Brennan' 17 hours ago
1:24 that Rudolph from frozen did anybody else notice
'rubendopeguy' 17 hours ago
wonder how he feels about moonmen
Lumber Gamer
'Lumber Gamer' 17 hours ago
that's why I'm so shiny!!!
'samtherat6' 17 hours ago
When you spend too much time in the Astral plane and envision yourself as a giant crab.
'TheManWhoSmilez' 17 hours ago
This song is it stuck in people's heads???
'ProLevelNerd' 18 hours ago
Did they mean to give the best villain song they ever made to a villain that's, not even the main villain?
Sinnamon Roll
'Sinnamon Roll' 18 hours ago
why does he sound gay

nothing wrong with being gay, im just asking XD
Isabelle Castillo
'Isabelle Castillo' 18 hours ago
i only like the song and the crabs voice ever since i watched moana this is like the only song in my head and how far i'll go.
VeryDogePrincess Gaming
Am I the only one scrolling through the comment section, looking for lyrics? Yea? Just me? Well then, I'm just gonna go. Bye.........
Ian Cassidy
'Ian Cassidy' 18 hours ago
His singing voice sound similar to Tim Curry.
Zane Laing
'Zane Laing' 18 hours ago
This is like my favorite Disney song
Parker Sykora
'Parker Sykora' 18 hours ago
It's so hard not to like him
'Doveshine' 18 hours ago
A wild Krabby appeared! shiny pokemon sparkle noise plays
'DiamondTheGuardian' 18 hours ago
2:50 did my Z-Ring just activate?
terry chalmers
'terry chalmers' 19 hours ago
i LOVE this song!!
Angie Angel
'Angie Angel' 19 hours ago
Kestrel raptorial
'Kestrel raptorial' 19 hours ago
This song was hilarious until it actually turned scary . . .
Eddie Torres
'Eddie Torres' 19 hours ago
is it healthy to watch this song 10 times a day
Eddie Torres
'Eddie Torres' 19 hours ago
just looked up "decapod"
Eddie Torres
'Eddie Torres' 19 hours ago
I think of him bieng friends with papyrus from undertale
'ToxicxDragon' 19 hours ago
Flight of the Concords :D
PlazmaKing _2242
'PlazmaKing _2242' 19 hours ago
'StraightEdgeRaptor' 19 hours ago
Looks like the decapoda gave a demi god the flight of the conchords
Nintelda -
'Nintelda -' 19 hours ago
I don't know, this song feels so out of place in the film and isn't very good. However, I must say, good way in presenting a bit of Maui's backstory. Had very good dramatic effect. Second part definitely a lot better than the first.
Kahleea Muhammad
'Kahleea Muhammad' 19 hours ago
guess what I am so shiny as hell bro
like what are you going to do about it
Julio Avael,IV
'Julio Avael,IV' 20 hours ago
YOUR GraNNy LIED!!!!!!!!!
Monica L
'Monica L' 20 hours ago
haha he shape shifted into that moose from frozen lol
Charlotte B
'Charlotte B' 20 hours ago
I love this song I'm addicted help
Ariana D
'Ariana D' 20 hours ago
😍 like if you agree that he is so beautiful 😍
Sammi- chan
'Sammi- chan' 21 hours ago
1:23 Frozen Easter egg
Donald Laing Jr
'Donald Laing Jr' 21 hours ago
my second fav line

but i have to get credit for my start
and your tatoos on the outside
but just you i make myself a work of art
ill never hide i cant im too shiny

My fav line:

IM SO SHINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenn Making Music
'Jenn Making Music' 22 hours ago
This is the guy that was Nigel in Rio! Wow.
'Wild' 22 hours ago
'Wild' 22 hours ago
1:24 he turns into sphen from feozen
Lord Boros
'Lord Boros' 23 hours ago
i just realized tomatoa is over 1000 years old
'ReddSonei' 23 hours ago
1:23 did Maui just turn into Sphen?
Verne Toshiharu
'Verne Toshiharu' 24 hours ago
I feel like the Polish version is a lot better... This sounds too flat to me but that's just my opinion
This reminds me of David Bowie
Jessica Shorter
'Jessica Shorter' 1 day ago
Creepy but catchy
Allen Bennett
'Allen Bennett' 1 day ago
why does Maui look really weird
fabio rocha
'fabio rocha' 1 day ago
is this music based on another one?? (i recognize the beat)
Benjamin Steward
'Benjamin Steward' 1 day ago
Anyone Notice How His Leg Was Fully Formed When Moana Was Trying To Avoid Their Legs Although The Leg Is Chopped Off After?
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