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Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3. -
Published: 3 years ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 3 years ago

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"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants"

▼ CAST ▼
Isaac Newton: Weird Al Yankovic

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Chali 2na

Bill Nye: Nice Peter

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

Created by:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Written by:
Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD & Zach Sherwin

Staff Writers:
Dante Cimadamore & Mike Betette

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Song Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Beat Produced by:
Hollywood Legend

Edited by:
Andrew Sherman, Daniel Turcan, Ryan Moulton, and Nice Peter

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton

Newton's Orbital Cannon by:
Nice Peter and Ryan Moulton

Director of Photography:
Jon Na and Layne Pavoggi

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Hair and Make Up:
Tara Lang

Assistant Make Up:
Brittany White

Arthur Hong

Yev Belilovsky

Music Supervisor & Playback:
Dante Cimadamore

Production Coordinator:
Atul Singh

Assistant Editors:
Ryan Moulton & Marc Chester

Office PA:
Shaun Lewin

Produced by:
Michelle Maloney for Maker Studios


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Brayton Rogers
'Brayton Rogers' 53 minutes ago
Weird Al... I mean... Newton def won, no contest.
'TheGreatPiggyGamer' 57 minutes ago
Bill bye didn't even look like the real bill nye
'DrippinginSarcasm' 13 hours ago
Shoutout to 2017 where Bill Nye wants to jail people like the catholic church.
Miyu Sawai
'Miyu Sawai' 13 hours ago
Suggestion: Samantha Stevens vs Jeannie Nelson, The Charmed Ones vs The Winchester Brothers, The Partridge Family vs The Brady Bunch, Beakman vs Bill Nye, The Jetsons vs The Flintstones, R.L. Stine vs Stephan King, R.L. Stine vs Edgar Allan Poe, Dr. Seuss vs Shel Silverstein, Marvel Comics vs DC Comics, Heathcliff vs Garfield
Ya boi Kyle
'Ya boi Kyle' 15 hours ago
Plus 1,000 points for Neil degrasse Tyson for the we got a baddass over here meme
Alena Chesser
'Alena Chesser' 15 hours ago
Neil won all the way. OMG I just about died when he popped in. <3
Aftershock Entertainment
"Plus I got your back Nye. Astrophysics black guy"😂😂😂
Toastmaster Crafter
'Toastmaster Crafter' 17 hours ago
I need a tie like that. Where did you buy it?
Michele Mazzini
'Michele Mazzini' 20 hours ago
Why does the astrophysics black guy say "while Isaac N was lying and sticking daggers in Leibniz" somebody explain me please
'Paulocane' 20 hours ago
Oh "I" know who won, Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Bill did you really need help?
janez dominik
'janez dominik' 23 hours ago
Mercury is not red you dumbass (no h8 m8)
A _Okay
'A _Okay' 1 day ago
I think Isaac Newton was acted by Weird Al
Isaac Bentley
'Isaac Bentley' 1 day ago
They spelled Isaac wrong towards the end.
'AIKO AOKI' 1 day ago
May summers
'May summers' 1 day ago
J.K Rowling vs Stephanie Meyer.
Reagan D
'Reagan D' 1 day ago
Isaac Newton won
'MrFungus420' 1 day ago
I would love to see Tyson's reaction to this.
Aiden Ocelot
'Aiden Ocelot' 2 days ago
Ken Ham VS Bill Nye. Is that already done? Please send the link then :D
'D1V15OR' 2 days ago
this would have been 10x more epic if they actually got Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Fun with ocean
'Fun with ocean' 2 days ago
Woah Weird Al Yankovic!!
'Jdogg7565' 2 days ago
Newton won! Besides, I love Weird Al
Clay Miller
'Clay Miller' 2 days ago
This is the hypest ERB of all time
Cayden Hofman
'Cayden Hofman' 2 days ago
Definitely this goes to Newtons
Green slime Builds
Best erb
Red stone vlogs
'Red stone vlogs' 2 days ago
Bill bill
'Vintageverseau' 2 days ago
Erb do Sir isaac newton vs bill nye part 2
'NeonHelixLeague' 2 days ago
Isaac newton won because bill Nye was so bad that he needed backup
Scourge 05
'Scourge 05' 2 days ago
I never really liked Bill Nye I'm the first place, but now that they made Weird Al Sir Isaac Newton...
Sly Cooper
'Sly Cooper' 2 days ago
newton won
Ray Dms
'Ray Dms' 2 days ago
Bill nye
'Gbpink' 2 days ago
Neil degrass tyson definitely won
The Zack Experience
"Astro Physics Black Guy" the greastest quite ever
Luke Hedlund
'Luke Hedlund' 2 days ago
Newton won
Zack Cab
'Zack Cab' 2 days ago
neil dagrasse tyson wins
Overlord Galvatron
0:53 That dont mean ring it means sumthing dirty. Starts with a v
Khalil Walton
'Khalil Walton' 3 days ago
the black guy. i thinck that was teadibg rainbow
Panda Void321
'Panda Void321' 3 days ago
Weird al issac
'ScoutTrooper164' 3 days ago
Tyson would've won...If he didn't help Nye.
Jesus Rojas
'Jesus Rojas' 3 days ago
go billlllllllll
Po op
'Po op' 3 days ago
Bill nye is an actor he knows nothing about science !!!!! Lol
clo Bleach
'clo Bleach' 3 days ago
why was Newton's hands red as hell?
'Kungfupeo' 3 days ago
​Things I hate 1. People that cant speel. 3.People that cant count. 18:People that ask for likes like if you agree.
Hannah Taylor
'Hannah Taylor' 3 days ago
Harry paotter lived in a cupboard under the stairs not in an attic!
Mark Playz
'Mark Playz' 3 days ago
sir isaac won end of discussion
Death Fox
'Death Fox' 3 days ago
dogs vs cats
The Ad Archive
'The Ad Archive' 3 days ago
Neil deGrasse Tyson fucking slayed this.
AnOriginal Name
'AnOriginal Name' 3 days ago
1:20 Shadows have no mass lol
elemental oreo4
'elemental oreo4' 4 days ago
is this the actual bill Nye or u guys can do an epic bill Nye impression
Michael Wilhelm
'Michael Wilhelm' 4 days ago
bill cause newton is an idiot
Megan Evans
'Megan Evans' 4 days ago
issac newton because he didn't need help from neil degrasse tyson
Joshua Butler
'Joshua Butler' 4 days ago
bill Nye isn't even a scientist. a mechanical engineer
Aleksandar Aca vasiljevic
look at Nye in the background at 1:53
RPGBarBarian F
'RPGBarBarian F' 4 days ago
astrophysics black guy
Summer Stevens
'Summer Stevens' 5 days ago
This one was awesome! Weird Al plus surprise 3P astrophysics guy 👍
'vant49771' 5 days ago
Bill Nye
'LG-J MASTER' 5 days ago
you would not even pass one of my classes
juan cansino
'juan cansino' 5 days ago
Bill nye won
Tanaka on youtube
'Tanaka on youtube' 5 days ago
bill nye science guy won that one
Liz S. D.
'Liz S. D.' 5 days ago
I love Tyson & Nye, and I know we're "supposed" to think that the intervenor always wins, but I have to say.....
Isaac Newton killed it.
Asad Bol
'Asad Bol' 5 days ago
last word neil my man
'nardmaster' 5 days ago
Good rap battle, Weird al and 2na fuck yeah!
'elnubnub' 5 days ago
Universe is not infinite..., it's expanding, listen to Neil a little more
Fire_ Archer
'Fire_ Archer' 5 days ago
The Comment boss
'The Comment boss' 5 days ago
The best part in my opinion is when bill bye goes crazy when Neil DeGrass-Tyson dots the i and solves newtons "unsolvable" equation. Newton clearly won, but I still like bill nye, mainly because the portrayal was done well and I can understand his verses, unlike newton with his science mumbo jumbo
'Copycatrelic3' 5 days ago
I think Neil deGrasse Tyson killed it XD
Mhanif4a Yabni
'Mhanif4a Yabni' 5 days ago
is that weird al
'gregoryvn3' 5 days ago
Best. Battle. Ever.
TheHammerTime 31
'TheHammerTime 31' 5 days ago
A s t r o p h y s i c s B l a c k G u y
Little Huggy
'Little Huggy' 5 days ago
hey, werid al. just got back from his consert
WIlliam Brooks
'WIlliam Brooks' 6 days ago
bill nye totally won
'ChrisCa1601' 6 days ago
Who else is here because of Medium Rarities?
Jeffy Jeffy
'Jeffy Jeffy' 6 days ago
Do dr Seuss vs roald Dahl
'L33T BOSSMAN' 6 days ago
Ian Kenney
'Ian Kenney' 6 days ago
Laila Sloper
'Laila Sloper' 6 days ago
Im dead i cant even lmaooo
Noire. Lace;
'Noire. Lace;' 6 days ago
Kind of disappointed that there was no "BILL BILL BILL" chanting in the bg.
'AshKetchum442' 6 days ago
is Newton's outfit the same as Voltaire's??
Laura Hutchison
'Laura Hutchison' 6 days ago
bill Nye won
'egaiemix' 6 days ago
Love to see Neil deGrasse Tyson vs Carl Sagan...
Mr Mister
'Mr Mister' 6 days ago
I just realized that was weird al

he looks a lot shorter?!?!
Mary Hill
'Mary Hill' 6 days ago
But I'm pretty sure Bill was on Disney not PBS
Bill and Neil deGrasse Tyson win
Stacy Wu
'Stacy Wu' 6 days ago
who is the black guy
Official Brandon Collins
Who came here to watch this because they just realized that Weird Al was in this HAHA
'LordAaronus' 6 days ago
tfw ERB and MLP will be on the same album
Bailee Roach
'Bailee Roach' 6 days ago
Bill Bill Bill Bill Bye the science guy.
The Primal Earth
'The Primal Earth' 7 days ago
may i say, those are some huge ass apples in the background
Kool-Wade Man
'Kool-Wade Man' 7 days ago
Newton looks alot like Weird AL
James Smith
'James Smith' 7 days ago
Who came here because of Medium Rarities?
Jordan Schultz
'Jordan Schultz' 7 days ago
Bill Nye
Mr HarrisonTodman
'Mr HarrisonTodman' 7 days ago
the bill nye did not remind of bill nye at all lol maybe more like william shatner on crack
Wolfgang Burtner
'Wolfgang Burtner' 7 days ago
Also damn straight Tyson put the swag back in science
Aslem Jenor
'Aslem Jenor' 7 days ago
Isaac Newton won hands down😅
Ricardo Goncalves
'Ricardo Goncalves' 7 days ago
Justin Casar
'Justin Casar' 7 days ago
Is it racist for me to say that the black guy has a voice of an actual rapper.
Boba Fett 55
'Boba Fett 55' 7 days ago
Neil deGrasse Tyson won
'supersendojarren' 7 days ago
didn't know weird al was here
Cthulu Muramasa
'Cthulu Muramasa' 7 days ago
Who came here for weird al
Rakib Ahmed
'Rakib Ahmed' 7 days ago
Deadpool vs Jason X
Veronica Chine
'Veronica Chine' 7 days ago
I listen to this in loop. Newton is so good, if it wasn't for DeGrasse Tyson, he would've won.
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