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Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #10 -
Published: 4 months ago By: ExplosmEntertainment

By: ExplosmEntertainmentPublished: 4 months ago

2, 635, 360 views

41, 444 Likes   844 Dislikes

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Can you believe what we put in THIS compilation?!?!

No Brainer
Whaddaya Say
Goin Down
The Oven
Donovan Duck
A Nice Day

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Oswald Dew YT
'Oswald Dew YT' 22 hours ago
5:42 Minecraft :v
CoolkidxD XD
'CoolkidxD XD' 23 hours ago
Where going on a trip watch me naenae watch me whip
X3nO_VeNoMx_ CTM
'X3nO_VeNoMx_ CTM' 2 days ago
5:43 sounds like a person stepping on grass in minecraft
Red Eyed Freak
'Red Eyed Freak' 2 days ago
1 like = have a great future
2 like = become a famous youtuber
10likes = make ur dreams come true
1 sub= become a millionaire
'FreezingBreeze33' 5 days ago
Copyright! At 5:41 DID ANYBODY NOTICE THOSE ARE MINECRAFT SOUNDS?! (When he's walking on the grass)
Ashley Young
'Ashley Young' 6 days ago
did anyone notice the sign changed at no brainer and on clowntivew it said cotten candy
Meme Doggo
'Meme Doggo' 6 days ago
they literally used the minecraft grass sound for the let down your hair one
'gogomen101' 1 week ago
2:35 :)
Mati Boi
'Mati Boi' 1 week ago
Has anyone noticed at 5:40 there are Minecraft grass sound effects as the guy walks back to his horse?
Josh Tyler
'Josh Tyler' 1 week ago
That poor clown.
Well, nice title
idk Productions
'idk Productions' 2 weeks ago
Wait was that the minecraft grass sound effect?
Aeso The Ampharos
'Aeso The Ampharos' 2 weeks ago
5:40 ish but is the prince dude using themincraft grass sound effect
sanaayah velasquez
'sanaayah velasquez' 2 weeks ago
rapulsel had me DYYIINNNNGGGG
Rainbow Wolf
'Rainbow Wolf' 2 weeks ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hate u
so I kill u too. XD.
Good no?
'Maxwell'sWorld TV' 2 weeks ago
The bathroom one actually scared me
SuperHyper Doughnut Guy
does anybody know a youtube channel named doodledate and if so please let your friends know about them
Frixki Z
'Frixki Z' 3 weeks ago
bruh the pussy hair part💀💀💀💀😂😂😂
'GAMINGwithSENZ' 3 weeks ago
8:15 What the...How can the time be 475?
Vinz De Castro
'Vinz De Castro' 3 weeks ago
5:43 the footstep sounds were from Minecraft HAHAHAHAHA

I have no life :(
Mckenna Reed
'Mckenna Reed' 3 weeks ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Some poems ryme
Some don't
Kathleen Hop
'Kathleen Hop' 3 weeks ago
Jean-Luc Gaming
'Jean-Luc Gaming' 3 weeks ago
5:42 minecraft walk sound
Divine Potato
'Divine Potato' 3 weeks ago
Insert clever but stupid meme comment here for likes
Jumbo Minnie Productions
The grass sounds are fringe Minecraft! Lol!
Ben Gastty
'Ben Gastty' 4 weeks ago
I thought it said re pose sul
5ix guy
'5ix guy' 4 weeks ago
eggs WTF
'Friendshipismagic' 4 weeks ago
4:43 Minecraft sound effect
ephraim hamma
'ephraim hamma' 4 weeks ago
george george donald trump is building a wall
Ahh i will get my ladder
UltimateN 555
'UltimateN 555' 4 weeks ago
Roses are red
violets aren't blue
they are just violet
so fuck all of you
MicahDatBoi King of Weirdness
I deel bad for the clown. seems like a good person
Izzy The Chiweenie
'Izzy The Chiweenie' 1 month ago
Nee Nee
'Nee Nee' 1 month ago
5:40 minecraft footsteps
FishIn TheFace
'FishIn TheFace' 1 month ago
Did anyone realize in Repulsel, that when he walks on the ground. They used the same sound files from Minecraft when you walk on dirt? I don't play the game, but I've been around my cousin enough to hear it.
'Azjii' 1 month ago
roses are red
violet are blue
I don't know why
there's a fucking oil platform in the middle of a fucking lake wtf animator?
Timothy D.
'Timothy D.' 1 month ago
Arijit Mukherjee
'Arijit Mukherjee' 1 month ago
Who did the music?
Funtime freddy gaming
i just knew he climbed vagina hair
'Quick' 1 month ago
The guy's name is donavan and someone told him to duck
'TheGiantNoodle' 1 month ago
ASIANS like this
Massimo Mirigello
'Massimo Mirigello' 1 month ago
0:25 haha that poster
'Strikedown121' 1 month ago
Omg it was 7:53 in real life for me
'Mr.KillzAlot187' 1 month ago
5:09 lol the Minecraft walking sound effects doe
Ace2332 RA
'Ace2332 RA' 1 month ago
5:43 lol its using mine craft sounds
Jim Mcmorgan
'Jim Mcmorgan' 1 month ago
Love kite smack!!
'struttin' mushroom' 1 month ago
What the fresh hell was that egg one
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 month ago
and the hair in her privet spot
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 month ago
i had no idea what happen to rapenzel
Barninka axb
'Barninka axb' 1 month ago

For you guys down there
Loucas Marco
'Loucas Marco' 1 month ago
these are pretty funny
Oisin Emerald
'Oisin Emerald' 1 month ago
10:36 u dat read wrong
'Rovix' 1 month ago
Why is the father with the moustache always a repub... a dickhead?
star love
'star love' 1 month ago
um y does repulsel have Minecraft sound affects
'Duck' 2 months ago
Donavon duck
Giovana Sandoval
'Giovana Sandoval' 2 months ago
13:23 made me laugh😂
Clebson junio
'Clebson junio' 2 months ago
tem 7 legendas e nenhuma é português
'Dhoulmegus' 2 months ago
5:43 Minecraft
Sean Dougherty
'Sean Dougherty' 2 months ago
Roses are red
Violets are red
Everything is red
Gijs Clarijs
'Gijs Clarijs' 2 months ago
The repulsel part had the minecraft grass sound in it lol
Jake Cuervo
'Jake Cuervo' 2 months ago
smoke weed erryday
'FifaPlayer' 2 months ago
5:44 mmm minecraft sounds
Dark_wolfie 123456789
9:11 Look behind the toddler ,IT'S A MINNIE YANDERE!!!
'HardPointGamers' 2 months ago
5:42 minecraft grass sounds
Alissa violet is queen. Twd lover
Ring a ding bros😂😂😂lol I recently went to there show last week
The unwanted Person
'The unwanted Person' 2 months ago
5:43 you hear minecraft steping
cherelove Jumao-as
'cherelove Jumao-as' 2 months ago
I heard some Minecraft sound effects
'WonkaMan' 2 months ago
12:01 he was dancing on the wiener
Ethan Anderson
'Ethan Anderson' 2 months ago
5:43 steps sound like Minecraft steps as if he was walking on Grass in Minecraft
Abrhat Azine
'Abrhat Azine' 2 months ago
'Ábel POWA' 2 months ago
5:43 minecraft sound effect
'WOLFGANGMATRIX D' 2 months ago
8:37 dogs always there to cheer you up
Shock StormX35
'Shock StormX35' 2 months ago
2:43 minecraft footsteps? (i barley play.)
Razvan Tudor Grigore
'Razvan Tudor Grigore' 2 months ago
Nice to see these old ones, where the jokes were good and the end credits were not longer than the cartoon itself. Oh, wait...
Jannis mit den komischen ohren
whatdayasay if we meet respusel
'qEagleStrikerp' 2 months ago
Took me a while to realize it is "Donovan, duck!" xD
TottallyNotAUnusedName 123
That last part was glorious
Oyun Bitmez
'Oyun Bitmez' 2 months ago
5:42 minecraft move sound :D
EjercitoCactus WTF
'EjercitoCactus WTF' 2 months ago
5:42 minecraft dirt sound :v
'Zandgall' 2 months ago
Magma Poodle
'Magma Poodle' 2 months ago
Repulsel had Minecraft sound effects walking on dirt
plaidgrub 758435
'plaidgrub 758435' 2 months ago
minecraft foot step sound in repulsel
'Jorizku' 2 months ago
I think that I just saw... Everything. 😒🔫
Antonia Toledo
'Antonia Toledo' 2 months ago
Five minute mark I guessed it about the Rapunzel's hair is her
Rohit Tihor
'Rohit Tihor' 2 months ago
WHAT THE DUCK... is wrong with me for watching this. This is what would happen in Hannibal Lectors Mind if he was a retarded Schizophrenic on Ecstasy in a grave yard in the middle of Michael Jacksons Thriller music video.
'WWEFan' 2 months ago
why did the dog make me die of laughter? especially at 8:24 the dogs facial expression. 😂😂
Dina Samara
'Dina Samara' 2 months ago
The second part of Donavan duck is some final destination ish
StrangeOlBrooke 0x0
'StrangeOlBrooke 0x0' 2 months ago
12:40 - 12:53 hmm, the sequel to ninja pigeon looks pretty good
TheallaroundMC NINJA
'TheallaroundMC NINJA' 2 months ago
'Skullhawk13' 2 months ago
I notice nobody who wants to die can ever succeed at suicide in the C&H universe
'OneHeartWarrior' 2 months ago
Minecraft sound affects at 5:44
UG/ UnderWaterGaming
'UG/ UnderWaterGaming' 2 months ago
5:40 Doesn't him walking on the grass sound A LOT like the minecraft walking sound?
Darienne Hammond
'Darienne Hammond' 2 months ago
where did the hair from 5:30 come from?

was it a beard
Rainbow_wolf_433 _822
That dog across the street is a great dog the best probably
Rainbow_wolf_433 _822
Gonna get laid dupe da due gonna get laid deep de dee
potato version of lilymaymac
Marius Cialka
'Marius Cialka' 2 months ago
pine - i - cone
'pine - i - cone' 2 months ago
is it just me or does the guy at 12:58 look like 2008 Pete wentz
The Tanker Boss
'The Tanker Boss' 2 months ago
At 5:40 he used the Minecraft grass walking sound
Carl Dodge
'Carl Dodge' 2 months ago
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