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Wolfdog howls in the house. -
Published: 2 years ago By: ScottsWolfHeart

By: ScottsWolfHeartPublished: 2 years ago

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I brought my Wolfdog Tundra into the house and the other two outside started howling so he joined in.

'tuntematonsotilas76' 3 weeks ago
Wow! Beautiful. High content wolfdog?
Rhema hill
'Rhema hill' 1 month ago
gorgeous but scary looking
saifys designer clowns
stunning 👌
Niki Adams
'Niki Adams' 2 months ago
I have two wolf dogs and one looks a lot like ur he my male
Garfian Gantara
'Garfian Gantara' 3 months ago
dont get bite or u'll turn into werewolf
Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 3 months ago
This is music to my ears!
Ling Ling
'Ling Ling' 4 months ago
Viper Commander
'Viper Commander' 4 months ago
gang gang! lol jon snows wolf!!!
bambi raptor
'bambi raptor' 4 months ago
He's so cute
furries are the best
'furries are the best' 4 months ago
My cat freaked out and my wolf dog howled also
'MST '-' MAN' 6 months ago
what is mixed breed
'MST '-' MAN' 6 months ago
what is breeding mix
Young at Heart
'Young at Heart' 6 months ago
Beware! Those wolf dogs get the urge to howl at the moon! LOL
Basically Majestyle
'Basically Majestyle' 8 months ago
What a beautiful wolfdog you have!
dancing bear
'dancing bear' 11 months ago
That's one majestic animal. Take good care of it.
Leila Witherspoon
'Leila Witherspoon' 11 months ago
where did you get him at ?
Qim Raj
'Qim Raj' 11 months ago
I got chills when the outside howl started, and then Tundra responded. Beautiful creature. Hope he is doing good!
Adela RiverSong Wolves
I have goosebumps, I love Tundras beautiful face...
Anita Grace
'Anita Grace' 2 years ago
He has a great voice, and is so gorgeous!!

How long can he stay in the house. Does he let you know he wants to go back out?
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