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Wolfdog howls in the house. -
Published: 2 years ago By: ScottsWolfHeart

By: ScottsWolfHeartPublished: 2 years ago

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I brought my Wolfdog Tundra into the house and the other two outside started howling so he joined in.

Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 2 weeks ago
This is music to my ears!
Ling Ling
'Ling Ling' 1 month ago
Lord Commander
'Lord Commander' 1 month ago
gang gang! lol jon snows wolf!!!
The Social Raptor
'The Social Raptor' 1 month ago
He's so cute
furries are the best
My cat freaked out and my wolf dog howled also
'MST '-' MAN' 3 months ago
what is mixed breed
'MST '-' MAN' 3 months ago
what is breeding mix
Young at Heart
'Young at Heart' 3 months ago
Beware! Those wolf dogs get the urge to howl at the moon! LOL
Basically Majestyle
'Basically Majestyle' 5 months ago
What a beautiful wolfdog you have!
dancing bear
'dancing bear' 8 months ago
That's one majestic animal. Take good care of it.
Leila Witherspoon
'Leila Witherspoon' 8 months ago
where did you get him at ?
Qim Raj
'Qim Raj' 8 months ago
I got chills when the outside howl started, and then Tundra responded. Beautiful creature. Hope he is doing good!
Adela RiverSong Wolves
I have goosebumps, I love Tundras beautiful face...
Anita Grace
'Anita Grace' 2 years ago
He has a great voice, and is so gorgeous!!

How long can he stay in the house. Does he let you know he wants to go back out?
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