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Wolfdog Stuff -
Published: 4 months ago By: The Dro

By: The DroPublished: 4 months ago

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Enjoy our episode, mostly featuring yours truly with Melissa Marie and #LunaTheWolfdog! oh, and a quick Sarah Dope cameo! yay!

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Matt Hansley
'Matt Hansley' 1 week ago
I would be worried that a wolfdog would rip out my throat while I'm sleeping
'CholulaMaster92' 3 weeks ago
you are not worried Luna is going to eat the cat?
Black Jack
'Black Jack' 1 month ago
5:30 Music pleaseeeeeeeee <3 what name is it?
Edward Joung
'Edward Joung' 2 months ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAA Luna feel out through the doorway HAHAHAHAH that was comedy gold!!
'SqueezeMeLittle' 2 months ago
Do you ever get scared to think that luna might hurt scout or your other cats? Because even actual dogs and not wolf dogs will hurt cats when they play too much.
Ralphie Leonard
'Ralphie Leonard' 3 months ago
Your girl is cute bro, she looks like a stripper. Does she dance?
'AnnihilatorZ' 3 months ago
How did you guys get Luna?
'trippinhotcakes' 3 months ago
This might sound creepy but u and ur wife are an extremely attractive couple :) u have a wonderful family 
Aber nicht im ernst?
'Aber nicht im ernst?' 4 months ago
wich SmartWatch is this?
'Belle' 4 months ago
I like how you two take Luna out on hikes and don't just let her go out in the backyard and think that it's enough for her. I like seeing how you two interact with her as well and I just love seeing how well she responds to you too.
Ty Crabtree
'Ty Crabtree' 4 months ago
Love the dog and videos
MaidenShyWhiteWolf Chi
Jonathan Cagle
'Jonathan Cagle' 4 months ago
If you don't mind me asking what content is Luna? And are mid content wolf dogs manageable? And if not what is the right content for a beginner?
Zebra With One Chromosome
You and your girlfriend/wife are an adorable couple AND animal lovers. What awesome people you two must be (:
rae ann
'rae ann' 4 months ago
What state is this? It's gorgeous
'UnravelGhoul' 4 months ago
These are life goals
'Matrix8369' 4 months ago
Who else thinks Melissa reminds them of Amy Lee from Evanescence during the music video "Call Me When You're Sober". Melissa the Wolf Tamer :P
Jaqueline Azpilcueta
'Jaqueline Azpilcueta' 4 months ago
your girls are so beautiful! i love luna **-** it's so cute
1st508th Airborne
'1st508th Airborne' 4 months ago
Cute video. Luna looks good as always. So does Falcor. What was that 'grool' you were feeding here?
'Dragonfury' 4 months ago
I think the whiney noises she makes might be because the belly rubs are overstimulating/too rough.
Jamie Marsh
'Jamie Marsh' 4 months ago
Its criminal these high effort vids don't get more attention :(
Thanks for keeping them coming despite this.
stabulous Koda
'stabulous Koda' 4 months ago
dro why..that's not okay..I mean all the cute shit was great and then you just do that to can't just do that to me..
Colleion Johnson
'Colleion Johnson' 4 months ago
Luna looks cool
Amber Anderson
'Amber Anderson' 4 months ago
Mel is so sweet to luna
Hibiki Mills
'Hibiki Mills' 4 months ago
Luna's howls are beautiful
minedsuper set
'minedsuper set' 4 months ago
i want a wolfdog so bad😢😢😢
Grace FastHurricane
'Grace FastHurricane' 4 months ago
Where do yall live? It's gorgeous!
'_Husky' 4 months ago
I have the same treats for my cat. I don't know what they do but he's completely addicted.
Ashley Remines
'Ashley Remines' 4 months ago
#Luna the wolfdog
Mia Leonard
'Mia Leonard' 4 months ago
I think the car rides makes Luna sleepy 😃
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