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Big Sean - Moves -
Published: 3 months ago By: BigSeanVEVO

By: BigSeanVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

18, 054, 062 views

238, 145 Likes   10, 906 Dislikes

I DECIDED. Available Now

Director: Mike Carson
Video Producers: Austin Barbera & Taylor Vandegrift
DP: Frank Mobilio
Editor: JR Strickland
VFX: Skulley FX
Production Company: Cineaste Films

Song Produced by: Fuse of 808 Mafia

Music video by Big Sean performing Moves. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

'ThePowder360' 44 minutes ago
BALLIN LIKA FOOL I JUSS HIT DA 'WINNIN 3' ! Sizzle still killed it
Ninoshka Reyes
'Ninoshka Reyes' 52 minutes ago
This shit is lit, vibes
'ajajaaukka' 2 hours ago
0:23 does this remind anyone of good ol' Crash Team Racing?
That Cool Kid
'That Cool Kid' 3 hours ago
Oh shit....dinner's ready.
William Herrod
'William Herrod' 5 hours ago
Big Sean is such an over-underrated rapper..... 18M views when Hotline Bling gets over 1B.... really?
This song goes in way harder. He may not release songs all the time but when he comes back to the mic he spits bars for days.
Beast Laser
'Beast Laser' 6 hours ago
WorldMusic Danil
'WorldMusic Danil' 7 hours ago
Pls speed 1.25 XXDDDDD
A.J. Gilles
'A.J. Gilles' 8 hours ago
I came here for 1:15
Adrian Soto
'Adrian Soto' 11 hours ago
thishit from the future
Rama Raj
'Rama Raj' 14 hours ago
Girl's from law school in this bitch
Yeah, they Paralegals, barely 21
That's very legal, but they doing shit that's probably barely legal.
Eric Nottoli
'Eric Nottoli' 17 hours ago
After I saw 1:16, i decided to never turn my lights off again.
Mercedeys Culligan
'Mercedeys Culligan' 17 hours ago
these people don't know how to dance
'C.G.L. WLD' 17 hours ago
10k haters huh IMPALE THEM ALL
'RoKing22' 20 hours ago
I literally listen to the 20 times everyday last 3 days
Myjumper_ Onfleek0
'Myjumper_ Onfleek0' 21 hours ago
Dopeeeeeee 🔥🔥🤘🏽
'OnePieceOfToast' 21 hours ago
'YoBoiiwill' 23 hours ago
Cp3 looking ass
She make the back move, she make the titties move
Itz Lionn
'Itz Lionn' 1 day ago
bruh this is trippy asf
'7xhunterx' 1 day ago
Yo. April 7th. Get your shit together. IV
'11:11' 1 day ago
'김대곤' 1 day ago
don't do that please because I'm your fan
'김대곤' 1 day ago
하기싫음 하지마라 그냥
Jacob Cave
'Jacob Cave' 1 day ago
Actually trash music
Clorax Bleach
'Clorax Bleach' 1 day ago
if you disliked you're a no life
Altair Ibn La-Ahad
Outro catchy af
Jeremy Andrews
'Jeremy Andrews' 2 days ago
1:28 - 1:40 is my fav part 🔥🔥🔥
Eybi Dedios
'Eybi Dedios' 2 days ago
lets go back to 2014 are u a OG fan what song was popular
risk owns
'risk owns' 2 days ago
drake 2.0
'kostas301' 2 days ago
i would eat big sean's ass

his ass look juicy
'kostas301' 2 days ago
i eat ass
Kamryn Bainter
'Kamryn Bainter' 2 days ago
I hate this
Alfredo Melgoza
'Alfredo Melgoza' 2 days ago
hey guys are you doing a nether video
Kattie Romero
'Kattie Romero' 2 days ago
lmao who else twerks to this?💀
Jermane Johnson
'Jermane Johnson' 2 days ago
his dance though dead😁😁
splasher 30
'splasher 30' 2 days ago
he spits straight 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
william allison
'william allison' 2 days ago
infa red
'infa red' 2 days ago
Yo Boy23
'Yo Boy23' 2 days ago
u can make a remix
Salvador Vlogs
'Salvador Vlogs' 2 days ago
sean sounds like drake have anyone else noticed that
LT Production
'LT Production' 2 days ago
This is a remix Of Young Sizzle - Winning 3
Kay Mcwilliams
'Kay Mcwilliams' 2 days ago
His moves 👀
kiki bonitha
'kiki bonitha' 2 days ago
am i the onlyy one that noticed the "Cash me outside how bout da" girl... yelling the intro"808 mafia!!!"????
diamond serough
'diamond serough' 2 days ago
Take this L Kendrick
Biz Benoit
'Biz Benoit' 2 days ago
this album is spicy
Stephan Shearin
'Stephan Shearin' 2 days ago
big sean killed it with his dancing :) thumbs up if u think this comment was right
Gaming Master23
'Gaming Master23' 2 days ago
'BaseBallHead' 2 days ago
Kinda looks like Fousey
fuck fousey by the way
Blake Williams
'Blake Williams' 2 days ago
What effect is at the start?
Sisi Dimova
'Sisi Dimova' 2 days ago
i love you i wona suk mayusi and to fuk mi in the ashol
Christian Kongats
'Christian Kongats' 2 days ago
this song is actually pretty good, like if you agree
Zeyd Kidwai
'Zeyd Kidwai' 2 days ago
Damn man sean be on some next level beezwaxdabz
Zackary Harris
'Zackary Harris' 2 days ago
^%$&%%*&&&&&^&%&*    THAT SOME FIRE
'BV' 2 days ago
Justin Lacek
'Justin Lacek' 2 days ago
I guess these niggas gotta put women in their videos so that people will actually watch them. Imagine this whack ass video without the half-naked women in it.
Kosmin RapTuga
'Kosmin RapTuga' 3 days ago
daaaammn .....
Corey Dennis
'Corey Dennis' 3 days ago
I think K.O.K means Knocked out knigga
'B BC' 3 days ago
did this dude really subtly want to to start a "move" viral trend? hmm just look at the begining
matt karl
'matt karl' 3 days ago
check out those owls.
they do know something about power.
Tanija dillard
'Tanija dillard' 3 days ago
I got the moves😜😥
Emma Hopkins
'Emma Hopkins' 3 days ago
Not a big fan of the music video but love the song omfg
Said Aktaş
'Said Aktaş' 3 days ago
it is a rap ?? no it is not rap man sorry... ahahaha little gangstas hee ??
Clayton Hurd
'Clayton Hurd' 3 days ago
Mike Powell
'Mike Powell' 3 days ago
🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥
🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥
Diamond Parker
'Diamond Parker' 3 days ago
big Sean lyrically is the best #Detroitbred
Simmiedes HD
'Simmiedes HD' 3 days ago
where is this jacket from?
Watson Is Smarter
'Watson Is Smarter' 3 days ago
first week this came out not much views, now, still not enough
Ariel Konan
'Ariel Konan' 3 days ago
please identified me in your clip after
Ariel Konan
'Ariel Konan' 3 days ago
yeah cool.<3
'Ella2163' 3 days ago
I've got the moves
'Bert' 3 days ago
Looking lit like a 90s music video 🔥🔥
Random Songs From Vinyl
every time he says 'I got the moves' I picture Lil Uzi Vert doing that thing he does with his shoulders
Random Songs From Vinyl
this song keeps catching me off guard with how hard it is
'BadassEFdriver' 4 days ago
This shit is lit af
'YsoUGLY' 4 days ago
drake smashed off big seans flow hard af
'MrBrosifXD' 4 days ago
I'm gay
aboogie number1fan
bruh this bitch dancin on 1:40
Mony Mora
'Mony Mora' 4 days ago
This song makes me happy 😌
Mony Mora
'Mony Mora' 4 days ago
This song makes me happy 😌
AgentFun Production
This is the best song for kids
Dome Sync
'Dome Sync' 4 days ago
Seen the competition..Hmm. Not a challenge!!! Confidence is Key!!!
'SonOfEdge' 4 days ago
What's the name of that snare he's using?
ZiasGP gaming
'ZiasGP gaming' 4 days ago
where do you buy the pink chinese jacket
Connor Bollich
'Connor Bollich' 4 days ago
u guys listen to some shit music 👍👍
'힘찬편' 4 days ago
short and tight
Dennis King
'Dennis King' 4 days ago
Big Sean 🔥 🔥 🔥
Brick River
'Brick River' 4 days ago
do a little talk and a lot of action.... Just clicked like
Noah Sims
'Noah Sims' 5 days ago
aight let's be honest, everyone says Sean deserves more credit but he's really not good honestly, his bars out of this works corny and he continues to lean on that weak ass flow, he doesn't deserve to be with cats like Cole or Kendrick, he's definitely not on their conscious level or lyrical level, he's not top 10 tbh
Melonie Brown
'Melonie Brown' 5 days ago
this dude freestyle is insane! am in love with big sean so much talent!
latrice lamar
'latrice lamar' 5 days ago
This mf here!!!! Been in my top 5!! & this video 🔥 hell the whole album 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Richard Rocha
'Richard Rocha' 5 days ago
you got better big sean😀👍
'freshmikeyy' 5 days ago
This kinda looks like a school project not gonna lie.
GTA Xbox 360
'GTA Xbox 360' 5 days ago
Why does this song have to be so short? I wish it could be a minute longer.
Magaly Corona
'Magaly Corona' 5 days ago
what type of dance is sean doing👀
the fly guys
'the fly guys' 5 days ago
I know right
'Leevi21' 5 days ago
when you take dance lessons from drake
Matthew Chapa
'Matthew Chapa' 5 days ago
girls from law school in this bitch, ye they paralegals, barely 21 thats very legal, but they doin shit thats prolly barely legal! AWW MAN!!
Leonel Monterrosa
'Leonel Monterrosa' 5 days ago
Drake's hotline bling parody
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