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Big Sean - Moves -
Published: 2 months ago By: BigSeanVEVO

By: BigSeanVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

13, 519, 716 views

201, 319 Likes   8, 972 Dislikes

I DECIDED. Available Now

Director: Mike Carson
Video Producers: Austin Barbera & Taylor Vandegrift
DP: Frank Mobilio
Editor: JR Strickland
VFX: Skulley FX
Production Company: Cineaste Films

Song Produced by: Fuse of 808 Mafia

Music video by Big Sean performing Moves. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Bray Zap
'Bray Zap' 4 hours ago
Sean is fuckin insane yo
Robert Kennedy
'Robert Kennedy' 4 hours ago
Reminds me of G Eazy a bit
Nessie Xoxo
'Nessie Xoxo' 4 hours ago
'Mrwedominecraft' 6 hours ago
shout out to my boy SCOOP208
Gabriel Swainson
'Gabriel Swainson' 8 hours ago
I'm only here to watch the part where you say "make them titties move" then lean back and play with ur fake titties lmao
jeffrey sean
'jeffrey sean' 8 hours ago
This shit good guys
Clutch handla
'Clutch handla' 10 hours ago
i got the moves this is real groovy mang aye check out my music and spread vibes ~ clutch handla
Evan Miles
'Evan Miles' 10 hours ago
Damnnnn, big sean hittin it again!
Been trying to work on music myself.
I'm a newer producer, been doing this for about a year and I just turned 19 years old. I feel like I have the potential to do something in this scene within the year and do something impactful here and so any chance given would be awesome.

Download + Stream link

Would appreciate ANY FORM of feedback too. Everything helps me.

Thank you :)
'YeyeDoIt' 10 hours ago
I really don't know why i post this but if anyone of you want Instagram followers i found one legit service just google for "follwrs247" and you will get it.. the only one that actually worked for me, btw sorry for this random shit.
Russell Pitts
'Russell Pitts' 11 hours ago
You got to learn the dance at for 0:13 for the track
Brina Wilson
'Brina Wilson' 11 hours ago
Uber Pancakes
'Uber Pancakes' 12 hours ago
So what song from darke are they comparing to this one? I don't listen to rap much anymore so not sure which one they referring to if someone could clear that up with me 😅😅
Diego Vasquez
'Diego Vasquez' 13 hours ago
Yo this lit
Andrew Locken
'Andrew Locken' 14 hours ago
Big Sean Moves
'Big Sean Moves' 14 hours ago
Best song then Migos bad and boujee.
Big Sean Moves
'Big Sean Moves' 14 hours ago
Best song every in my life! she made that back move
Bound Along
'Bound Along' 14 hours ago
Her: "Can you dance?"
Micah Yang
'Micah Yang' 15 hours ago
Great song but when he dances to 'she makes the titties move' I seriously lmao'd
'YoungodVEVO' 16 hours ago
young sizzle - winning 3
Isaiah Castro
'Isaiah Castro' 19 hours ago
look up on ic412419 cash
Marvin Korir
'Marvin Korir' 19 hours ago
Dope stuff but it was too short
Joey Wessely
'Joey Wessely' 20 hours ago
Big Sean is so fucking underrated but thank god he bounced back
fares belaoura
'fares belaoura' 21 hours ago
1:15 animals
'That_latin_nigga' 1 day ago
Niggas is really sleep on Big Sean
sourPAtCH AquA
'sourPAtCH AquA' 1 day ago
Soo no one else thinks big sean rehearsed those moves at the beginning of the video
Demi Bell
'Demi Bell' 1 day ago
I'm gonna be like him
'Syntax' 1 day ago
he's coming with straight fire, gunning for top 5 current
'R3D' 1 day ago
I love this man
Lesep Stallworth
'Lesep Stallworth' 1 day ago
y half the girls cant make they tidies move
Carl Abel
'Carl Abel' 1 day ago
Okay, okay, okay, I'm on Rodeo for the day
If you owe me then you better pay your layaway, away
Stay away, or your ass might get K.O., kay today
Man, that "pew! pew!" hit your ass from like way, oh, ways, away -Big Sean spit straight fire🔥
'reece123reece123' 1 day ago
I got the moves
Jay Thompson
'Jay Thompson' 1 day ago
what kind of hoodie?
'SanDelly' 1 day ago
sex game
'Thehighlander57' 1 day ago
this songs good but the editing is kind of shit. (Im a dickhead btw)
'YoungA170' 1 day ago
Im a rapper trying to get recognition, can you guys give my music a listen
Yamile Zuniga
'Yamile Zuniga' 2 days ago
he so sexc
She did Nerve
'She did Nerve' 2 days ago
8k people don't got the moves
Elijah Alvarez-Jones
when big sean dances it reminds me of Hotline Bling.
Casey Southard
'Casey Southard' 2 days ago
big sean most underrated mainstream rapper popping should be a lot bigger like 20 to 40 mill every vid
Emigrant _
'Emigrant _' 2 days ago
No favors music vid? anyone?
Shrek Scoper
'Shrek Scoper' 2 days ago
his diaper full
'SqueezyTheRuler' 2 days ago
That dance was lit
Joyfrey Ochieng
'Joyfrey Ochieng' 2 days ago
I like the moves
Blitzdragon 13
'Blitzdragon 13' 2 days ago
1:17 fnaf
'viperx28x' 2 days ago
the only thing I don't like about this song is its so short xD
KenaSunshine J.
'KenaSunshine J.' 2 days ago
Dab Bih
'Dab Bih' 2 days ago
This song is a good start of 2017
Alex Alvarado M
'Alex Alvarado M' 2 days ago
thats like for music Bl
Jay Slays
'Jay Slays' 2 days ago
Seems like drake a lil 🤔
Jay TM
'Jay TM' 2 days ago
he on fire this year
fusion z lighting
'fusion z lighting' 2 days ago
good morning everyone in the world
Richard Gachie
'Richard Gachie' 2 days ago
This is the most fire track I've ever heard!
Joon Bug
'Joon Bug' 2 days ago
All these damn thigh gaps.
eminems wife
'eminems wife' 2 days ago
I got the moves....
'Ricardo.' 2 days ago
Big Sean the type of guy to come out the shower with a towel on his head
Kalvin Brown
'Kalvin Brown' 2 days ago
big sean is trash! end of story💀
'FiftyTwoThirty' 2 days ago
The first 37 seconds of this video appear very........uhhhmm...... Hotline Bling-esque.
Lifeon Enceladus
'Lifeon Enceladus' 2 days ago
This song fucking rocks.
'AshEatsBullets' 2 days ago
¿Extended version?
Saad Ali
'Saad Ali' 2 days ago
commercial but he can flow...such an underrated mc
Areeb Awad
'Areeb Awad' 2 days ago
he look like kodak at 1:20
Benjamin Kerby
'Benjamin Kerby' 2 days ago
I want that dragon jacket
Pau godsol
'Pau godsol' 2 days ago
This nigga really does have the moves
Keiya Roby
'Keiya Roby' 2 days ago
Cool Dude
'Cool Dude' 2 days ago
They played this on my bus now I found it😀
'AjaxMac' 2 days ago
this beat is so old
'KEIRA N' 2 days ago
Unicorn Squad
'Unicorn Squad' 2 days ago
Phaltiel Whitlock
'Phaltiel Whitlock' 3 days ago
good sound Big Sean we need to be all making moves man love this song keep doing what you doing man im getting ready to change this world.Go Det.!!!!
Lucifer Morningstar
Good song, but the music video is retarded.
'JustMe' 3 days ago
I love songs like this. Nice beat and flow with good lyrics.
Jose Morales
'Jose Morales' 3 days ago
Why are people so confused about him being good? Big Sean been hard af 💯
Psyhh Beats
'Psyhh Beats' 3 days ago
I Was Here
monica2003 SAVAGE
'monica2003 SAVAGE' 3 days ago
he looks like Drake in this video
Joe Bardwell
'Joe Bardwell' 3 days ago
my boy hates black women. He got flow tho
Jeezy Choos
'Jeezy Choos' 3 days ago
2nd version of Hotline Bling Don?
Andrew T
'Andrew T' 3 days ago
Someone wanna explain to me why the hypest songs are always the ones that are only 2 mins long
Aaron Luiz
'Aaron Luiz' 3 days ago
tell me tht he was full laughing while shooting it !!!
Shania Morgan
'Shania Morgan' 3 days ago
what ariana grande missing out on
'NEFTALI MEDINA' 3 days ago
move those tits
Shania Morgan
'Shania Morgan' 3 days ago
Bob Richie
'Bob Richie' 3 days ago
back flow
Justin Garcia
'Justin Garcia' 3 days ago
Anyone else think of Crash Team Racing at the beginning of the video? 0:12
Selam Chapuy
'Selam Chapuy' 3 days ago
une frappe cette musique
Jafari Borneo
'Jafari Borneo' 3 days ago
Jafari Borneo
'Jafari Borneo' 3 days ago
dange he sounds like drake in a way
'amazeing11' 3 days ago
you got the moves and its gonna be the next hotline bling
'Alyxia' 3 days ago
Mike Carson needs to make a different career choice.
'AshEatsBullets' 3 days ago
Christian Canales
'Christian Canales' 3 days ago
Stephen Johnson
'Stephen Johnson' 3 days ago
"I got this bitch going off more than breaking and entering." Damn..
Daniel Figueroa
'Daniel Figueroa' 3 days ago
his lyrics are fukin godly
Josh Sarwono
'Josh Sarwono' 3 days ago
Shoulda used thicker bitches
'anonymous' 3 days ago
that chorus gets me
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