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Big Sean - Moves -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BigSeanVEVO

By: BigSeanVEVOPublished: 3 weeks ago

6, 472, 304 views

133, 002 Likes   6, 455 Dislikes

The 4th Album From Big Sean I DECIDED. - Available February 3rd
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Director: Mike Carson
Video Producers: Austin Barbera & Taylor Vandegrift
DP: Frank Mobilio
Editor: JR Strickland
VFX: Skulley FX
Production Company: Cineaste Films

Song Produced by: Fuse of 808 Mafia

Music video by Big Sean performing Moves. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

'canibizle777' 9 minutes ago
This shit right here... The truth.
Jonn M.P
'Jonn M.P' 27 minutes ago
So proud of my nigga Sean 🙏🔥
unafanatica mas :v
'unafanatica mas :v' 34 minutes ago
un negro drogado xD ??? no me gusto nada pero el canta bien
'Flexicutor' 39 minutes ago
A big ass W for Sean
M.R. Shahill
'M.R. Shahill' 40 minutes ago
Drake inspired Big Sean for the dance MOVES 😂😂😂
Vague Studios
'Vague Studios' 45 minutes ago
hard af
kenwyn gatewood
'kenwyn gatewood' 50 minutes ago
why it sound like he in a laundromat in the beginning?
'IamWing08' 1 hour ago
I swear to God he deserves way more.
Bujar Lekaj
'Bujar Lekaj' 2 hours ago
he got the moves
'Mo' 2 hours ago
Hotline bling big sean version
João Pedro
'João Pedro' 2 hours ago
2017 is the year of Asap Rocky and Big Sean
CNN news channelx
'CNN news channelx' 3 hours ago
'killacuz3' 3 hours ago
big sean look like the Ethiopian version of brian pumper
Abdullah zeb
'Abdullah zeb' 3 hours ago
Big Sean: I got the moves!
Drake: I got the moves!
Big Sean: Nahhhh Nigga😅
Nofil Rajput
'Nofil Rajput' 4 hours ago
he's underrated af
Life Of Daren
'Life Of Daren' 4 hours ago
why douse he look like black fouseytube?
Robert Johnstone
'Robert Johnstone' 5 hours ago
Fire. That is all
k tab
'k tab' 5 hours ago
I can't decide if this song makes me want to run a marathon or slap some stripper titties. Both
'M // POWER' 6 hours ago
Fuck this 🖕🏾 big Sean is Gay
Nathan Torres
'Nathan Torres' 6 hours ago
This nigga merged trap music and actual dope ass bars...
Bryan tho
'Bryan tho' 7 hours ago
Good song for sex
Mike Klement
'Mike Klement' 9 hours ago
How is this garbage considered music???
Jevah ϟ
'Jevah ϟ' 9 hours ago
faze temperr killin it
Deveon Mcmahon
'Deveon Mcmahon' 9 hours ago
DSP was good but I decided gonna be great (maybe) hopefully it is people sleeping on big Sean
'LA FLAME' 10 hours ago
This video is simple but weird as hell
Kevin cortez
'Kevin cortez' 10 hours ago
Reminds me of hotline bling lol
angela walker
'angela walker' 10 hours ago
I luvs him....MI stand-up!
sad templar
'sad templar' 10 hours ago
Enmanuel Fernandez
'Enmanuel Fernandez' 11 hours ago
B I G S E A N ! ! ! 💪👽
'deathgravez' 11 hours ago
that jacket is fire tho
AJ_Da boss 1223
'AJ_Da boss 1223' 11 hours ago
imagine if logic had a verse in this song
Marlene Umana
'Marlene Umana' 11 hours ago
Why does this remind me of hotline bling for some reason??
ultra xo
'ultra xo' 11 hours ago
Drake stole Big Sean sound!
ultra xo
'ultra xo' 11 hours ago
Tyga has to be on the remix!
Chris O
'Chris O' 12 hours ago
Honestly before this album I never listened to any of his older shit....this lit tho
'LA FLAME' 12 hours ago
Big Sean about to drop another classic
Solrac Dan
'Solrac Dan' 12 hours ago
i liked watching him dance he look like he having fun but the people in the back clowing and getting him hype and he like fk you guys 😂
Sunshine McCloud
'Sunshine McCloud' 12 hours ago
i got this bitch going off more than breaking and entering👏👏👏
Nerd Girl
'Nerd Girl' 12 hours ago
half of those views are from me
P.C.G MoneyMusic
'P.C.G MoneyMusic' 13 hours ago
Guys like Big Sean always inspired me as a artists💯🙏🏽 #LyricalTalent
F_Yeezus !
'F_Yeezus !' 13 hours ago
This song is hella lit i have been playing it a million times
King Pokemon the III From the 21st Century
damn he needs to be relevant to the hip hop/rap community these days. he's so underrated. I swear to god he's a lyrical genius
J Winsor
'J Winsor' 13 hours ago
lana koenig
'lana koenig' 13 hours ago
fuck big sean he aint no real nigga
rayray tut11
'rayray tut11' 13 hours ago
I make the city move (earth quake)
Camron Stillgess
'Camron Stillgess' 14 hours ago
please help me get my shit heard yall, im trynna get this rap shit started
Hunter B
'Hunter B' 14 hours ago
Sean is murdering eveything he on 🔥🔥 underrated af
Gustavo Magallon
'Gustavo Magallon' 15 hours ago
Gustavo Magallon
'Gustavo Magallon' 15 hours ago
Tammi S
'Tammi S' 15 hours ago
hell yeah
Qadir Oulare
'Qadir Oulare' 16 hours ago
SNL anyone?
chauncey tovan
'chauncey tovan' 16 hours ago
Big Sean leave adidas for puma just like a pro or am skateboarders leave their company
Yasmin dlna
'Yasmin dlna' 18 hours ago
He looks so short lmao lil nigga talking big
Jacob Denise
'Jacob Denise' 18 hours ago
Okay, dis trash.
Camilla Rose
'Camilla Rose' 18 hours ago
Jaraud Morris
'Jaraud Morris' 19 hours ago
once you learn big seans verses 100% you'll have the best time of your life singing along lol
dayronn tucker
'dayronn tucker' 20 hours ago
who's the girl dancing toward the end?
'Bambie' 20 hours ago
Fucking played this shit over a hundred times by now
'KashMoneyKhan07' 20 hours ago
Big Sean's dance moves remind me of something out of the backyardigans haha
Tiffany Rose
'Tiffany Rose' 20 hours ago
big sean is a trendsetter I don't care Big Sean buy youtube views from AUTHENTIC HITS dot com
Abdullah zeb
'Abdullah zeb' 21 hours ago
Drake, Don`t have the MOVES!
Sacada Zero
'Sacada Zero' 21 hours ago
Bro this video and song lit as fuck.
D. Curtis
'D. Curtis' 21 hours ago
if u don't like this song you're a true life hater
Google User
'Google User' 21 hours ago
He looks like he is channeling his inner Drake from the HotLine bling video 😂😂😂😂Damn he is under rated AF
Text Missing
'Text Missing' 22 hours ago
this the "baby got back" video of 2017
'LILREZY01' 22 hours ago
Moves > Bounce Back
divyajyoti mandal
'divyajyoti mandal' 23 hours ago
bhai kuch bhi matlab kuch bhi
Michael Mannucci
'Michael Mannucci' 23 hours ago
He sounds like Slim Jesus
Ia Choi
'Ia Choi' 23 hours ago
What a bangerrrr 🔥
Tyre Bolton
'Tyre Bolton' 23 hours ago
He doing the drake
'foks' 23 hours ago
Does someone know how to make the yellow ghost effect ? It's important.
'D-RandomTopics' 23 hours ago
shout out to big Sean The Grey Detroit
the_kid _RICO
'the_kid _RICO' 24 hours ago
Yo u can't lie he look different in 2017
Peachyy _
'Peachyy _' 1 day ago
Favorite rapper of all time 👅✌🍃
Nelson Ayavire
'Nelson Ayavire' 1 day ago
is like young sizzle - Winning 3
john smith
'john smith' 1 day ago
drakes hotline bling dance at the start lmao..... but dope song for real
Crecent Rudella
'Crecent Rudella' 1 day ago
This vid makes me think that im high on drugs -_-
'teddybear' 1 day ago
Fuck I wish this was longer 🔥😍
Nick Sasma
'Nick Sasma' 1 day ago
big sean is illuminati af
Angel Cakes
'Angel Cakes' 1 day ago
He is definitely top five
Bonne Ondayeyi
'Bonne Ondayeyi' 1 day ago
What a song you are the best frapper bro fuck the haters
David Rivero
'David Rivero' 1 day ago
drake ??are you there?
'BrandNew182' 1 day ago
erick jordan
'erick jordan' 1 day ago
the lil dance in the begining is stinkin
'Djilali' 1 day ago
'rapDAEMON' 1 day ago
I'll never forget going to university in the detroit area when Mercy dropped. Good to see this dude still doin it - Detroit love the guy.
Centavia Robinson
the culture moving
F_Yeezus !
'F_Yeezus !' 1 day ago
This song is lit 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
'officialghetty' 1 day ago
That boy went crazy ✅🔥
Lmao funny
'Lmao funny' 1 day ago
real song - against the world, young sizzle
Julio Lockhart
'Julio Lockhart' 1 day ago
Am I the only who still bumps the Detroit mixtape??? That shit was fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thomas Mersino
'Thomas Mersino' 1 day ago
Shout out to those Michigan chains he's wearing
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