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Big Sean - Moves -
Published: 4 months ago By: BigSeanVEVO

By: BigSeanVEVOPublished: 4 months ago

20, 781, 888 views

263, 799 Likes   12, 023 Dislikes

I DECIDED. Available Now

Director: Mike Carson
Video Producers: Austin Barbera & Taylor Vandegrift
DP: Frank Mobilio
Editor: JR Strickland
VFX: Skulley FX
Production Company: Cineaste Films

Song Produced by: Fuse of 808 Mafia

Music video by Big Sean performing Moves. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

'Marisa' 2 hours ago
it's a earthquake when u make the city move😂
Cunning Spirit
'Cunning Spirit' 2 hours ago
his swag though
'hello' 14 hours ago
this is a good song but lyrically no one tops Kendrick nope nope nope
Fear Llama
'Fear Llama' 16 hours ago
It's more fire 🔥 than the sun
'zVenTzZ' 17 hours ago
1:10 can did he just mention Logic? (Tarintino) not sure how to spell it
Ahmed Munye
'Ahmed Munye' 20 hours ago
1:15 Is The Lit Part..When The lights Turn Off..They ain't turnin back on
lil bomer butter123
'lil bomer butter123' 20 hours ago
trying to impress a girl be like....😎😝boyy
Nick Echaniz
'Nick Echaniz' 22 hours ago
Ro trappinoutbando
'Ro trappinoutbando' 22 hours ago
'YoungJR618' 24 hours ago
am I the only one who heard the ice cream truck music on this beat?lol
Hyun Cheoul Park
'Hyun Cheoul Park' 1 day ago
Sean you made it
Miruna Gavrilescu
1:28 fire moment
lil bomer butter123
meeting a girl be like....😝
Cascade Slimm
'Cascade Slimm' 1 day ago
this my shit in the club
Wilmer A
'Wilmer A' 2 days ago
dancing to tribal?
Chris Hughes
'Chris Hughes' 2 days ago
Was that lilyachty from peek a boo
Carly Phillips
'Carly Phillips' 2 days ago
Carly Phillips
'Carly Phillips' 2 days ago
Carly Phillips
'Carly Phillips' 2 days ago
I have the moves to
Carly Phillips
'Carly Phillips' 2 days ago
I have the moves to
Enojado Entediado
'Enojado Entediado' 2 days ago
shit list ...rap slow fuck !!!!
Ricardo Gutierrez
'Ricardo Gutierrez' 2 days ago
my nigga big sean on that sid (acid) I know... it was about time to expand that mind.
'DaReelP3' 2 days ago
Make move in his ass😭
FifthDrake 5
'FifthDrake 5' 2 days ago
Sounds like young sizzles winning 3
'mrocznyłowca333' 2 days ago
Estrella Hernandez
This is my fucking jam fuck yeah !❤👅💯😈😈
Raynard Moss
'Raynard Moss' 2 days ago
so big Sean didn't come on fuckin it up 😁💯🔥
Jerry Brewer
'Jerry Brewer' 2 days ago
0:38 some hillbilly gorilla lookin ass
lpawe Ya
'lpawe Ya' 2 days ago
Francisco Tarin
'Francisco Tarin' 2 days ago
Haha those pants look like they be shitting them self
Vassero Ghaniy
'Vassero Ghaniy' 2 days ago
this is my first time seeing african american cant dance
Ammar Zakaria
'Ammar Zakaria' 3 days ago
didn't anybody find his dancing funny?
'ilovepink86' 3 days ago
He started dancing like a Teletubby 16 seconds in.
tyler solomon
'tyler solomon' 3 days ago
This reminds me of ghost in the shell idk why lol
Stacy Long
'Stacy Long' 3 days ago
big sean got cool songs but weird videos
'DARRYL Barnes' 3 days ago
This my jam!
tahreem rehman
'tahreem rehman' 3 days ago
Linsleigh Spence
'Linsleigh Spence' 3 days ago
I love this song
'K GEE' 3 days ago
This is more lit then a forest fire!...more heat then the sun!
Palma _
'Palma _' 3 days ago
he shit his pants? 0:31
Thuggin McNuggets
'Thuggin McNuggets' 3 days ago
This is hands down the worst song since IDFWU. Big Sean has shit lyricism and poor delivery.
Mr Nobody
'Mr Nobody' 3 days ago
Sean definitely got the moves flowing.
Ines Fancy
'Ines Fancy' 3 days ago
big sean is underrated asf
Minmay Mcallister
'Minmay Mcallister' 3 days ago
Cool Dude77
'Cool Dude77' 3 days ago
i farted in the room
i made everyone ___ out the room.
Myles Reaves
'Myles Reaves' 3 days ago
that beat sounds lit
'ripmilla' 3 days ago
he saggin
teka sahlu
'teka sahlu' 3 days ago
'deshawnadanyale' 3 days ago
Optumis Prime
'Optumis Prime' 3 days ago
If you dislike this song your a fuckin idiot
Miklo Maez-Garcia
'Miklo Maez-Garcia' 3 days ago
Eric Hughes
'Eric Hughes' 3 days ago
this is actually pretty sick
'Centipedejam' 3 days ago
is this a real song? he looks fake af (drake 2.0)
dykai vermon
'dykai vermon' 4 days ago
Silly Silly thinking that the negativity you talking could ever fuck up the tranquiliy
Natasha Brevil
'Natasha Brevil' 4 days ago
yes i make that back move honey i like your veodios im a big fan of yours
Natasha Brevil
'Natasha Brevil' 4 days ago
yes i make that back move honey i like your veodios im a big fan of yours
SweetxSomethings MSP
" inerent " - Big Sean
Martin Lee
'Martin Lee' 4 days ago
hew need Bryan pumper doing his dance in the beginning
skylar pulliam
'skylar pulliam' 4 days ago
fast and furious 8 so cool
Carlos Nader
'Carlos Nader' 4 days ago
don't fuck like that lol.
Elisa F
'Elisa F' 4 days ago
Vine aquí por el vlog de Meloo
'Zoé' 4 days ago
fucking vibes
Cristian Chinchilla Moran
"Lil bitch be humble"
'Badboys385' 4 days ago
This isn't the fucking 90,s
Choko Mill
'Choko Mill' 4 days ago
0:41 whats up with that pose tho gaaaaaaay! .lol
as d
'as d' 4 days ago
존나 쫄깃하다
Irene González
'Irene González' 4 days ago
rocco cardinal
'rocco cardinal' 4 days ago
XD yinkes
Adrianna Jeffries
'Adrianna Jeffries' 4 days ago
Looks like he was trying to line dance drunk
'ParisianGamer' 4 days ago
Me after sex.
MonklonGaming Gamez
His voice is just 😍
Sky Barrera
'Sky Barrera' 5 days ago
Sid the kid moves bro
Chip Evans
'Chip Evans' 5 days ago
Bobby better watch still in from my daughter because I have done bad things Robert Gregg said for me to tell you that
Young Thug
'Young Thug' 5 days ago
I like this
Mesele Tesfay
'Mesele Tesfay' 5 days ago
this song is on fire
Maleck Pouen
'Maleck Pouen' 5 days ago
Ahh damn another drake.
I fucked your bitch
This video just makes the song 10x more fire.
Michael Herrera
'Michael Herrera' 5 days ago
really tho
Amanda Garey
'Amanda Garey' 6 days ago
At the beginning he looks a little drunk
GGamer 1413
'GGamer 1413' 6 days ago
0:51 when u have beer goggles on
Iris Mondragon
'Iris Mondragon' 6 days ago
I love this song shittttttttttt
Rochelle Ibarra
'Rochelle Ibarra' 6 days ago
why people be hatin on the vid this is so litt💦💦💦
loki and allyson
'loki and allyson' 6 days ago
he trynna b like drake with his weird ass moves
Sami M.
'Sami M.' 6 days ago
his hand gestures had me weak😂😂😂
Joseph bloody savage
big Sean should do the remix with lil Uzi and drake and Kodak
'BP GAMING' 6 days ago
am i the only one that wants that pink jacket
Chloe Thedancer
'Chloe Thedancer' 6 days ago
Sean is the type of nigga to be on yo teacher playlist
Claire Knight
'Claire Knight' 6 days ago
The girl that says "808 Mafia" at the beginning sounds like a 9-year old that's always eating hot cheetos and is sticky for some reason
Sekou Shariff
'Sekou Shariff' 6 days ago
808 mafia🔥🔥🔥
Red Buckz
'Red Buckz' 6 days ago
Jenny Dolce
'Jenny Dolce' 6 days ago
damn I've never liked this nigga but now i love him
'MPA2000' 6 days ago
I must not care about todays rappers or whatever they are now, because I never heard of this guy until the movie about Ice Cube wanting to fight another teacher after school.
Space God
'Space God' 6 days ago
1:29 best verse hes done shit had so much flo
'ADNAN' 6 days ago
Pete Wong
'Pete Wong' 6 days ago
Geht nicht mehr ! Geht nicht mehr ! Geht nicht mehr ! Geht nicht mehr ! Geht nicht mehr ! Geht nicht mehr ! HERE :
Jose Valdez
'Jose Valdez' 7 days ago
I got the moves as well
Julio Cabrera
'Julio Cabrera' 7 days ago
those moves
Derek Reynosa
'Derek Reynosa' 7 days ago
When u think this song is all bout' moves
Fenris Wolf
'Fenris Wolf' 7 days ago
I met Big Sean in manhattan, when he was signing his new shoe that came out. Awesome day.
jonjon jonjon
'jonjon jonjon' 7 days ago
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