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Zakir Khan - Life Mein Chahiye Izzat! -
Published: 4 months ago By: Zakir Khan

By: Zakir KhanPublished: 4 months ago

5, 200, 786 views

76, 958 Likes   1, 269 Dislikes

Bhai kya hai na, life mein chahiye izzat!

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Decent Me
'Decent Me' 7 hours ago
1 number baawa ;)
Soham Pathak
'Soham Pathak' 12 hours ago
oppress wala line bohot sahi hain! haha
Sahil Basera
'Sahil Basera' 20 hours ago
if its a Zakir Khan video , i know that I can like the video before watching!
Lance Kinny
'Lance Kinny' 24 hours ago
Apple stores secret revealed😂😂
rohitraj Bagul
'rohitraj Bagul' 2 days ago
brother ur best
Nik Vidhate
'Nik Vidhate' 3 days ago
Zakir Unreleased Episode On MyChannel Checkout.
chandan singh
'chandan singh' 3 days ago
great artist you are zakir bhai salute to you
Abhishek Jain
'Abhishek Jain' 4 days ago
👌👌.. love u man...
Amogha Dalvi
'Amogha Dalvi' 4 days ago
kya kar rahe ho bhai - ohpress <3 faaaadu!
Bharat Rao
'Bharat Rao' 4 days ago
APAN... Awesome..
Soham Chaudhari
'Soham Chaudhari' 4 days ago
1K Levis workers
Rohit Singh
'Rohit Singh' 5 days ago
cult aise nh bante
sumaiya Patel
'sumaiya Patel' 5 days ago
hes so funny
Sohel Ravankole
'Sohel Ravankole' 5 days ago
awesome man... The last minute was really great.....
'wrooooom' 5 days ago
oh my god you are so funny fell in love
my fellow indorians are funny :)
M.M Shaikh
'M.M Shaikh' 6 days ago
samsung k phone sach me chutye hi hote 😝😝😝😝
sanjit barman
'sanjit barman' 6 days ago
mast he vaai😁👌
'shash30' 6 days ago
Saw you on, On Air
Bunty Anbasti
'Bunty Anbasti' 6 days ago
Awesomeness of reality :-D
sahil arora
'sahil arora' 6 days ago
Amazing bhai amazing
'abhishek7dbecks' 6 days ago
Bhot khushi hoti hai dekh ke, ki finally INDORI thilwayi ka andaaz poori country mein popular ho raha hai... Zakir bhai take a bow and some poha jalebi
Parshva Shah
'Parshva Shah' 1 week ago
dalla ka matlab
Saima Rizvi
'Saima Rizvi' 1 week ago
i like it....
Prashant Louvanshi
watch my video pob by rony
Himanshu G
'Himanshu G' 1 week ago
best of zakir khan.
Syed Zaheer
'Syed Zaheer' 2 weeks ago
Wel said zakir Bhai awesome U are the best stand up comedian.....Truly desi yaaar maza agaya
Aryan oberoy
'Aryan oberoy' 2 weeks ago
This man is 1000 times better than Kapil Sharma !!!
Naman Surana
'Naman Surana' 2 weeks ago
Who thinks he is better than Kapil Sharma
Rahul Nikhare
'Rahul Nikhare' 2 weeks ago
nice comedian but this are sutable for yungster
Yashodeep Mahapatra
'Yashodeep Mahapatra' 2 weeks ago
Congratulations on reaching 500k subscribers
Chinmay bapat
'Chinmay bapat' 2 weeks ago
the best stand up comedy i have seen in a long time.!! hats silly non veg jokes cribbing for laughter nor those dumb double meaning ones...pure and die hard comedy!! :D
harshita sharma
'harshita sharma' 2 weeks ago
Just love u Mr. Zakir Khan u just nailed it 😍😍
Universal Studios
'Universal Studios' 2 weeks ago
dikhta hi chutiya hai aur hai bhi...Kauwa sala kala kauwa
Universal Studios
'Universal Studios' 2 weeks ago
land bhenchod...abhishek upmanyu ka copy kar rha hai...
rosun raj
'rosun raj' 2 weeks ago
So random and funny AF.
Parth Chauhan
'Parth Chauhan' 2 weeks ago
Awesome Bro Awesome 😁😁😃👏👏👏
Arsh Goyal
'Arsh Goyal' 2 weeks ago
bakki ke din razma kha lenge😁
zee malik
'zee malik' 2 weeks ago
His comedy is deep only some will understand. He is incredible.
Narendra Lowanshi
'Narendra Lowanshi' 2 weeks ago
apanne 😊😊
No Copyrights Channel
is this all scripted or his humor is damn good...???
Navneet Mishra
'Navneet Mishra' 2 weeks ago
JaneAustin Zater
'JaneAustin Zater' 2 weeks ago
Nice dude your awesome
Huma khan
'Huma khan' 3 weeks ago
that standing ovation is rare......only few get that
Zakeer Nawaaz
'Zakeer Nawaaz' 3 weeks ago
Priyanshu Pratik
'Priyanshu Pratik' 3 weeks ago
awesome man awesome....😂😂
Viral StuffEd
'Viral StuffEd' 3 weeks ago
1k dislikes.... 1 kangdi ne dislike kra
Ishita Bh
'Ishita Bh' 3 weeks ago
waddup...kidney reference....😄😄😄😂
RAFTAAR !!!!!!!
'RAFTAAR !!!!!!!' 3 weeks ago
sound quality is not clear
Himanshu Chauhan
'Himanshu Chauhan' 3 weeks ago
I have seen this act multiple times and it refreshes the mood everytime.
yash puri
'yash puri' 3 weeks ago
Any indorie here
Anif Wali
'Anif Wali' 3 weeks ago
He's too good mashallah. keep it up 👍👍
Roshan Swain
'Roshan Swain' 3 weeks ago
Awesome yaar...!!!
'MAhESh INGALE' 3 weeks ago
Shobhit Gupta
'Shobhit Gupta' 3 weeks ago
if possible bro come to meerut....
The Poet Inside you
'The Poet Inside you' 3 weeks ago
Nice one zakir bhai...
unused brains
'unused brains' 3 weeks ago
bhai nxt kab
sandip Khemeshetty
'sandip Khemeshetty' 3 weeks ago
mind blowing bhai
B.S.L.T actor
'B.S.L.T actor' 3 weeks ago
Hello friends my name is bslt . Mera bhi youtube pr ek channel hai to aap mere fight video dekh skte ho iske liye aapko youtube pr search krna hai ''''' I AM BSLT
Mohd Ehtesham Khan
'Mohd Ehtesham Khan' 3 weeks ago
sahi h Bhai
just kartik
'just kartik' 3 weeks ago
apan ammer ho gye hai.. bikhari ke pair pe pair rakh diya 😂😂😂😂 #zakirism
Sidarath Mehra
'Sidarath Mehra' 3 weeks ago
bhai waiting for ur solo standup comedy since long.. 😣
Nagma Dhingra
'Nagma Dhingra' 3 weeks ago
I have never seen any ad on this channel. is he not earning anything from this?
Mon Raj
'Mon Raj' 3 weeks ago
main youtube mein har ghata* search karta hu ke Zakir Khan ka koi naya video aya ke nehi.. OO screen mein dikh jaye to main khush** ho jata hu.

**(Imy name is Monjur Raj and I am not a gay.)
*except sleeping hour.
black mamba
'black mamba' 3 weeks ago
dafuq audience were the best
'funttyuntty' 3 weeks ago
sahi bole bhai mere sath hamesa hota hai.
'BARKHA BAROLIA' 3 weeks ago
2nd april 2017 wali video upload karo koi
Maham Khan
'Maham Khan' 3 weeks ago
Love You ZAKIR from Pakistan!!!
Izhar Shaikh
'Izhar Shaikh' 3 weeks ago
bhai fully natural comedy...😄😄
mr syed
'mr syed' 3 weeks ago
Sameer Pawar
'Sameer Pawar' 3 weeks ago
biwi sex nahi deti mera bhai dalla hai😂😂😂😂
Vinod Bishnoi
'Vinod Bishnoi' 3 weeks ago
Nitin Khurana
'Nitin Khurana' 3 weeks ago
please make one video about the reality of life. what mean people do with good heart. what guys and girls with money do.. please make one video abt non existence of.humanity
Vinod Meena
'Vinod Meena' 3 weeks ago
Zakir's act is a unique blend of comedy & sarcasm. Nice one.
'CANVAS LAUGH CLUB' 4 weeks ago
hahahah awesome.
JAmes BoNd 007
'JAmes BoNd 007' 4 weeks ago
what's the meaning of the last joke. I didn't get it🤔
Sanket Sonawane
'Sanket Sonawane' 4 weeks ago
izzat nahi izzatein mil rhi hai 😂😂😂 epic!
Aniruddha Biswas
'Aniruddha Biswas' 4 weeks ago
best one.....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roli Mishra
'Roli Mishra' 4 weeks ago
abhishek upmanyu iz better then him
Roli Mishra
'Roli Mishra' 4 weeks ago
abhishek upmanyu iz better then him
Mubashshir Shaikh
'Mubashshir Shaikh' 4 weeks ago
how many times u will see . every time will laugh
Illuminati Rai
'Illuminati Rai' 4 weeks ago
This guy has got a class comedy! He is too funny and too intelligent aswell. Some of his sarcasms are deep. I love this guy. Wish you more success Bhai! Much love from Darjeeling!
Imran Khan
'Imran Khan' 4 weeks ago
ek no. dialogue
Samsung k saare phone hutiya hote hai.....
ohhh yahhhh
I like it..!!!!
sandeep roy
'sandeep roy' 4 weeks ago
I like the part..

Foreigner girl 👧: Hey do you have light?...

Apna bhai: Acha, iske pehle toh log apan se Biddi Mang rhe the!! 😁 😁
ashu choudhary
'ashu choudhary' 4 weeks ago
Very funny and meaning full , i really like jakir Khan, Bhai aap bhi koi Permanent Show start karo TV pe.
Rajat Vikram pradhan
ye akela banda shayad youtube pe jo saala videos ni bnata, no productions, not even props ya koi plot or character. Fuck all that not even hand gestures or foul language or weird faces or voices yet touches the depth of your heart while making you laugh till your rib tickles all the while
" just standing at a place and talking". what else do i have to say to praise him.
Arjit Dhuria
'Arjit Dhuria' 4 weeks ago
Dude You Are The Best ; )
ShaYan PaHat
'ShaYan PaHat' 4 weeks ago
sahil karmani
'sahil karmani' 4 weeks ago
yaar ye Zakir ke aage sachi me koi audience hai ya fir editing ki hai
sanchay jaiswal
'sanchay jaiswal' 4 weeks ago
Apan - sign of true Indori
FeelGood Within
'FeelGood Within' 4 weeks ago
mast video!!!
Faraz Khan
'Faraz Khan' 4 weeks ago
super awsome
Divyam Singh Chauhan
Its 3 am. My mom is sleeping in the next room and i am laughing so hard.. I literally stuffed my mouth with the blanket 😂. Nahi tho uth ke kutengi mujhe.
bhai wo samsung wala bhari tha👍👍👍
rajat saha
'rajat saha' 4 weeks ago
rahul soni
'rahul soni' 4 weeks ago
bhai koi video upload kardo bohot time ho gya
Viraj Gohil
'Viraj Gohil' 4 weeks ago
When we will see your performance in DAIICT ??
Mayank Khandelwal
'Mayank Khandelwal' 4 weeks ago
bhai ab to fanfest bhi ho gaya, naya video kab aa rhaa hai!!?
Rajat singh
'Rajat singh' 4 weeks ago
shahnawaz ahmad
'shahnawaz ahmad' 1 month ago
that's called stand-up audience that he got at the end. It's reward to get standing ovation for ne artist.
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