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SUSHI CHALLENGE w/ the Rhodes Bros | COOK THAT -
Published: 4 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 4 months ago

330, 278 views

4, 875 Likes   149 Dislikes

Rhodes Bros, Austin and Aaron, go head to head in a DIY sushi competition - but there's a twist! Who can COOK THAT better?

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Mia Mochi
'Mia Mochi' 14 hours ago
But my uncle makes sushi
Vanessa Wen
'Vanessa Wen' 15 hours ago
Rosanna Pansino and Mo
Melissa Maqueira Barcelli
did Austin cook his crab?
Sousou Hames
'Sousou Hames' 4 days ago
They're hot
Bella Hsia
'Bella Hsia' 4 days ago
why are there so many cute people from ohio?? ohh yeah im from ohio too ;)
Hannah glaser
'Hannah glaser' 4 days ago
😧 one of them didn't cook the crab.....unless it's pre cooked
Lazae Jenkins
'Lazae Jenkins' 5 days ago
The way she just picked up the sushi roll had me dead😂😂😂😂
Aileen Garcia
'Aileen Garcia' 7 days ago
Colleen's sister?
NyNy boo
'NyNy boo' 1 week ago
Austin looks gay
Yiyi Yu
'Yiyi Yu' 1 week ago
sooooooooooooo good 😜
Julia Trieu
'Julia Trieu' 2 weeks ago
Merrell twins
Unicorn Spirts
'Unicorn Spirts' 2 weeks ago
Austin wins :p
Cindy Nguyen
'Cindy Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Pachilu 123
'Pachilu 123' 2 weeks ago
Catlover239 Benedict
The Dolan twins PLEASE
Just Cause
'Just Cause' 2 weeks ago
Yes! Do the merrell twins!
Patty S
'Patty S' 2 weeks ago
Are they gay
dearien hill
'dearien hill' 3 weeks ago
why did I not know about this sooner?!
Ella Xu
'Ella Xu' 3 weeks ago
I'm very young and I think I could make better sushi

So easy just seaweed, rice, fish and maybe avocado and maybe some mayo or something
Rose Yussman
'Rose Yussman' 3 weeks ago
LeilaStar103 :3
'LeilaStar103 :3' 3 weeks ago
When's the next epi I saw the mystery pasta and the grilled cheese ?!?!?!?!
Summer Wilkins
'Summer Wilkins' 3 weeks ago
Who thinks they should be apart of the "OHIOO" boys? lol.
beccaboo 05
'beccaboo 05' 3 weeks ago
Alondra Roblero
'Alondra Roblero' 3 weeks ago
how do u not know how to cook bacon & eggs 😭😂
Kennedy Lutz
'Kennedy Lutz' 3 weeks ago
Can you do this challenge with Nikki and Gabi
Raissa Sopoye
'Raissa Sopoye' 4 weeks ago
Pink Kitty LPS tv
'Pink Kitty LPS tv' 4 weeks ago
Wait wait wait...I thought it was 30 minutes!!
Rachel Whelan
'Rachel Whelan' 1 month ago
My name is rachel too
Christina Ve
'Christina Ve' 1 month ago
Kalleigh Norval
'Kalleigh Norval' 1 month ago
Please have Niki and Gabs on here...or Alisha and Niki!
'maqsuda2' 1 month ago
more videos and bring the Merrell twins to your kitchen🍪😎
sam gomez
'sam gomez' 1 month ago
Can you please post this again!!! I love it
sam gomez
'sam gomez' 1 month ago
Laur DIY and Alex wassabi!!
'Suzy' 2 months ago
Where in Ohio are the Rhodes Bros from??
andrea ginova
'andrea ginova' 2 months ago
please do this with the merrell twins
faian baig
'faian baig' 2 months ago
nikki and gabi would be great on this
Princess Posadas
'Princess Posadas' 2 months ago
am i the only one who knows how to make sushi in this video?
'WelcomeToTrash' 2 months ago
"back in Ohio" ....your kidding me right? GUYS THAT HOT LIVED IN MY HOMETOWN?!
Sophia Algarin
'Sophia Algarin' 2 months ago
Reynaldo Sandoval
'Reynaldo Sandoval' 2 months ago
of course these shows always choose the young, goodlook8ng guys. no older average guys like me!
Fluffy UniKitty
'Fluffy UniKitty' 2 months ago
Can u plzzzz get Niki and Gabi on Cook That! Like if u agree:)
Jackie Garcia
'Jackie Garcia' 2 months ago
the Dolan twins
Jerin Farazi
'Jerin Farazi' 2 months ago
"Austin SHUTUP " 😂😂😂 I was dying
'Danceforever1271' 2 months ago
Can you do this challenge with the dollan twins
Lyndon Llewellyn
'Lyndon Llewellyn' 2 months ago
get Ro and Mo to come on this show and ro would win because most of her videos are about cooking or she makes cakes ,cookies and different dishes
Lyndon Llewellyn
'Lyndon Llewellyn' 2 months ago
your making me hungry
Henry Jansky
'Henry Jansky' 2 months ago
Austin is just 💗
Kim Randt
'Kim Randt' 2 months ago
You should do this with
The merrell twin
Nina and Randa
Niki and Gabi
Collins key and Devan key
Jacy and Kacy
Sopheak bou
'Sopheak bou' 3 months ago
call the merrell twins to come plz plz plz plz
Alyssa Rach
'Alyssa Rach' 3 months ago
Joanna Jiang
'Joanna Jiang' 3 months ago
Sushi is toooo easy to make and I new how to make sushi when I was 7
Kyra Balgobin
'Kyra Balgobin' 3 months ago
Niki and. Gabi. Alisha and Mia
Alicia Martinez
'Alicia Martinez' 3 months ago
i love sushi 🍣
Fadingclouds AJ
'Fadingclouds AJ' 3 months ago
Get the Dolan Twins here!
DJ galaxy wonders
'DJ galaxy wonders' 3 months ago
DJ galaxy wonders
'DJ galaxy wonders' 3 months ago
stacie leena
'stacie leena' 3 months ago
I hate Austin
'Anneli_H' 3 months ago
I have made sushi before,
And i was only 6 year old
Alyssa Rach
'Alyssa Rach' 3 months ago
When is the next one of these coming it's been 2 weeks since the last time!!!!
Stephanie Nguyen
'Stephanie Nguyen' 3 months ago
Video life H I agree!
Kendall Glorioso
'Kendall Glorioso' 3 months ago
You guys should have Mel and Collins on here!! Like if u agree❤️
Sara Guzman
'Sara Guzman' 3 months ago
I think aron won
Loom Geek
'Loom Geek' 3 months ago
do it with niki and gaby or alex and lauren!!
اسلوب Osloop
'اسلوب Osloop' 3 months ago
Channel finest in the world in the channel and how much I wish I could reach five million subscribers in the channel name is Mario
Luna Rake
'Luna Rake' 3 months ago
Can there be a new host Rachel is so irritating
Fatma El-Housseini
'Fatma El-Housseini' 3 months ago
9:34 i'm too hungry i'm not going to ask
Harini Atheeswaran
'Harini Atheeswaran' 3 months ago
Liza koshy and IISuperwomanII
Deauntre Murphy
'Deauntre Murphy' 3 months ago
Who is the guy at 0:12
'MissAine' 3 months ago
They have a camera in the fridge
'MissAine' 3 months ago
They are so good lookin
Joannie Oliva
'Joannie Oliva' 3 months ago
dolan twins
Glo Hl
'Glo Hl' 3 months ago
I think they are gay
Malia Steiner
'Malia Steiner' 3 months ago
Can you do more food challenge
'TevAni1' 3 months ago
i didnt see the scores cuz of the links >_>
Melanie Moore
'Melanie Moore' 3 months ago
you go Austin!
'LfabalishoisCrabs' 3 months ago
My mom makes sushi
miss mustache
'miss mustache' 3 months ago
im 12 and can make sushi
Lillie Nguyen
'Lillie Nguyen' 3 months ago
When they showed the final score it was wrong. They put the score on the wrong dish. They put Austin's score on Aaron's dish. And they put Aaron's score on Austin's dish.
Taryn Nasvall
'Taryn Nasvall' 3 months ago
I haven't watched this yet and I'm kind of surprised that Rachel is in it
Hannah Kim
'Hannah Kim' 3 months ago
I would honestly go with Aaron's Sushi A.M
Ellis van der Borgh
'Ellis van der Borgh' 3 months ago
Please do Mel Joy!!!
'IVV' 3 months ago
AwesomenessTV is a group of people who never have writing experience. these people post horrible content everyday, no wonder why they got bought by a animation company. and the founder made three horrible Eddie Murphy movies. definitely is the one of worst channels on YouTube
Elaine Del Carmen  Pacheco De Los Ríos
Do one with Lizza and David! 😍💜
AshbashB Sisters
'AshbashB Sisters' 4 months ago
My gym teacher has only one hand but he is the best gym teacher.
Nada Abdelaal
'Nada Abdelaal' 4 months ago
Do this with Alex wassabi and laurdiy
Julia dubel
'Julia dubel' 4 months ago
Do this challenge with Coleen and Rebecca.
Like if u agree
Maria Cielo
'Maria Cielo' 4 months ago
Bobo Kiy
'Bobo Kiy' 4 months ago
one of them is cross eyed
Mountain Dew
'Mountain Dew' 4 months ago
100 % Not Chopped
Alicia De Melo
'Alicia De Melo' 4 months ago
Miranda sings should definitely be on this show😂
jesse eski
'jesse eski' 4 months ago
Aaron cooked!
Pnda uk Liam
'Pnda uk Liam' 4 months ago
Who is the legend 27??
Claire Vording
'Claire Vording' 4 months ago
Can you do it with the Merrill twins plzz 👭
Nora Schmitt
'Nora Schmitt' 4 months ago
You should get the Rybaka twins to come even though they live in Australia
Shawna vlogs
'Shawna vlogs' 4 months ago
Bring Vanessa and Veronica !!
Tiffany Zhang
'Tiffany Zhang' 4 months ago
Stelvio Gil
'Stelvio Gil' 4 months ago
'TotallyChloe' 4 months ago
Austin shut up😹
Palwinder Sandhu
'Palwinder Sandhu' 4 months ago
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