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Fred Armisen Is a Doppelgänger of His Famous Japanese Grandfather -
Published: 2 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 months ago

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Fred Armisen discovered his Japanese grandfather was such a famous dancer that he has a museum exhibit in Tokyo and appeared on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

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Fred Armisen Is a Doppelgänger of His Famous Japanese Grandfather

fleur •
'fleur •' 1 week ago
"I'm very reserved when it comes to emotions", Literally. Me.
Lilac Bunny
'Lilac Bunny' 2 weeks ago
I seriously can never tell if he's serious or joking, but love Fred Armisen!
'grandedoses' 1 month ago
The audience gotta force laughter for everything?
Carmela Lorenz Mendoza
Not sure if it's real or it's a joke...
Macer Rad
'Macer Rad' 1 month ago
Can't stand jimmys fake laugh!
One Time Racas
'One Time Racas' 2 months ago
Haha he's the best. I know his secret to sounding the way he does. It's cause he got his gigs in Austin Texas xD
'minj.k' 2 months ago
Omg i always thought he looked kind of asian... mind blown
Fern Fernis Fernie
'Fern Fernis Fernie' 2 months ago
I feel sorta bad for him because people can't tell he's being serious about it especially when they showed the photos of his grandfather lol. They don't even look photoshopped. Very cool story though. And if anyone's wondering, the name was "Masami Kuni."
MamaMia Virgo
'MamaMia Virgo' 2 months ago
Yeah I can't tell if it's a joke or not. Wasn't funny, n I like him. It was interesting but not if it's fake... confusing, awkward. N he's usually funny!
'Anjelica' 2 months ago
I see the word doppelgänger and idk I think of dinglehopper from the little mermaid lol
'TheTRUTH' 2 months ago
Frikkin' Armisen, you never know if he's serious or pulling your leg...
Harshita chaudhary
'Harshita chaudhary' 2 months ago
Was that story for real?
'FlyingOverTr0ut' 2 months ago
Fred's glasses are the opposite of polarizers.
Tagonoura Bay
'Tagonoura Bay' 2 months ago
Jimmy Fallon, will you please be quiet and let your guests talk?
'gregkrazanski' 2 months ago
his comedic timing is fucking perfect
'Be1smaht' 2 months ago
he's hilarious
Kary J.
'Kary J.' 2 months ago
Is this a joke? Because I think it's a joke.
Jo Baker
'Jo Baker' 2 months ago
oh... he was joking
'aygo' 2 months ago
Whoever is in charge of their media posting, specifically YT, has no idea about picking titles for videos! Doppelgänger? The only truth about that title is that the words is spelled correctly! And the other one with Jimmy and Queen Latifah serenade... He had a boombox! Serenade? WTF!?
'NoCureForFools' 2 months ago
That's interesting, I thought Fred Armisen is crying all the time, like that's his thing. Some people going to the bar, some are playing football, and he's just crying.
'NYJanus' 2 months ago
I am so obsessed with Fred Armisen. Would be a dream to be friends with him.
'JuustLikeThat' 2 months ago
fred's only real doppelgänger is bianca del rio
'iWalker' 2 months ago
Anyone know the brand of glasses Fred is wearing?
'TheMilkyWayStudio' 2 months ago
Outro song anyone ?
David Hennebach
'David Hennebach' 2 months ago
I can't hear his voice without seeing his feminist bookstore character xD
'gerith' 2 months ago
Loving the glasses. Fred's got style.
Random Dude
'Random Dude' 2 months ago
Fred Armisen is an awesome dude.
Laser DuChamp
'Laser DuChamp' 2 months ago
Why were the Grandfather photos funny, they looked cool to me. Fred, Portlandia is the best. If interested in Japan watch Japanology show on youtube, it's very educational and interesting
Dante Sannelli
'Dante Sannelli' 2 months ago
I wanna be Fred Armisen when I grow up
'NinjaOnANinja' 2 months ago
So instead of crying emotionally, you cry verbally. You are still crying, buddy.
Maryam Ojani
'Maryam Ojani' 2 months ago
He's 50.
kevin stevensun
'kevin stevensun' 2 months ago
I can't tell the difference between him kidding and being serious
'NeviiX™' 2 months ago
Grüße aus Deutschland hahaha
Castellon Zamora
'Castellon Zamora' 2 months ago
that's insane I'm literally so amazed
madhuman basu
'madhuman basu' 2 months ago
Fred Armisen is one of those people I will lose a hand in poker to. you never know him doing a bit or being serious.
Especial 2X1
'Especial 2X1' 2 months ago
He is great, one of the best.
'Exayevie' 2 months ago
Fred: "Not a joke, this a real thing!"
Me: still not sure if real thing
nicely folded
'nicely folded' 2 months ago
Can't wait for the full interview! Fred is hillarious!!! It'll be airing tomorrow night at my country..yay!!
'Phantasma98' 2 months ago
I love you Fred! I miss you on snl!!!
'123Comrade' 2 months ago
'rajibdavid' 2 months ago
hahahaha he's amazing 😂😂
Friis Tappert
'Friis Tappert' 2 months ago
Should have taken his glasses off. Such a great story but a very weak bit unfortunately.
Floppy Bird
'Floppy Bird' 2 months ago
he looks like Tom Hanks son
pure life
'pure life' 2 months ago
'Caramel' 2 months ago
is a what !?
Samantha Bonds
'Samantha Bonds' 2 months ago
Fred's quite flamboyant. Didn't know that of him. Though I suspected he was. I want to hug him so tight.
'aaron0288' 2 months ago
"The clay is silent"...
'YouTubeFan' 2 months ago
You don't know the meaning of doppelganger.
Jessie Girls
'Jessie Girls' 2 months ago
my grandfather is Jimmy Fallon 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adrian Muller
'Adrian Muller' 2 months ago
Peeps, how That was fabulouw vidio paint !!
'Robin' 2 months ago
wtf was this a bit
Hajar Aedwan
'Hajar Aedwan' 2 months ago
lmao😂😂 how did not cry for that long....
markus h
'markus h' 2 months ago
The Japanese dont consider this guy Japanese.

Just saying.
gamingwith michael
'gamingwith michael' 2 months ago
9th comment :O
Hanna Walters
'Hanna Walters' 2 months ago
'R1' 2 months ago
Hanna Walters
'Hanna Walters' 2 months ago
Marcos Amparo
'Marcos Amparo' 2 months ago
He doesn't look like a squirrel he looks more of like a fish mix with a mice
mary wolodkin
'mary wolodkin' 2 months ago
Lmao he looks like a squirrel
Greg Green
'Greg Green' 2 months ago
he reminds me of a squirrel
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