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Artists vs TMNT. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3 Finale. -
Published: 3 years ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 3 years ago

70, 712, 354 views

620, 162 Likes   13, 631 Dislikes

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▼ CAST ▼
Leonardo da Vinci: Link Neal

Donatello: Rhett McLaughlin

Michelangelo: Ian Hecox

Raphael: Anthony Padilla

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
Voiced by Nice Peter & EpicLLOYD [Performed by: EpicLLOYD]

Ninja Turtles Stunt Double: Xin Wuku

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

Created by:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Written by:
Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD & Zach Sherwin

Staff Writers:
Dante Cimadamore & Mike Betette

Beat Produced by:
Hollywood Legend Productions

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Song Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Edited by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Daniel Turcan, and Nice Peter

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Turtle Suit by:
Dragan Radic

Make Up and Hair:
Ashlyn Melancon

Assistant Make Up Artist:
Brittany White

Assistant Make Up Artist:
Hanny Tjan

Arthur Hong

Yev Belilovsky

Music Supervisor & Playback:
Dante Cimadamore

Production Coordinator:
Atul Singh

Assistant Editors:
Ryan Moulton & Marc Chester

Office PA:
Shaun Lewin

Produced by:
Michelle Maloney for Maker Studios


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Baby Gloria
'Baby Gloria' 3 hours ago
The both are winners
Sachh Moka
'Sachh Moka' 5 hours ago
rap battle with least amount of cussing
Face of Gaming
'Face of Gaming' 6 hours ago
Freddy FAZBEAR vs. Chuck E. Cheese!
Addison Russell
'Addison Russell' 10 hours ago
rhett and link vs smosh
'Wolfyb17' 12 hours ago
Renaissance guys were badass
Richard Serrano
'Richard Serrano' 15 hours ago
Ian and Anthony from smosh!
ThatBoi10 LIT
'ThatBoi10 LIT' 15 hours ago
The brothers from SMOSH WERE in this LOL
Renaud V
'Renaud V' 15 hours ago
JØNNY før20
'JØNNY før20' 18 hours ago
Yall know Mikey da Purp made the sick beat, #NerdleShellz
Terri Lamberton
'Terri Lamberton' 24 hours ago
smosh and gmm omg best rap ever
'IDK' 1 day ago
what if master splibter saw this don don doooonnn
'B34ST MONSTER' 2 days ago
Ayy good mythical morning is here after 3yrs I just noticed
Colby Scipio
'Colby Scipio' 2 days ago
tmnt when they said they draw more dicks​ lmao
'Caseyroseyx' 2 days ago
Rhett and link AND smosh are so good 😂🙋🏼
Kalais Reiri
'Kalais Reiri' 2 days ago
yay smosh is in the video
Nular Wolf
'Nular Wolf' 2 days ago
TMNT bruh
Moumen Hijazi
'Moumen Hijazi' 2 days ago
This is fire u don't know how many times I've replayed this
Joshua Hernandez
'Joshua Hernandez' 2 days ago
tmnt wins
'ByronGamingHQ' 2 days ago
artists: Good mythical morning and smosh
Ungakithi Makhubela
tmnt won
Josh Willis
'Josh Willis' 2 days ago
Artist one without a doubt
420 blaze That
'420 blaze That' 2 days ago
Rhett: "owhhhh" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jack McClain
'Jack McClain' 2 days ago
Did anyone notice that the artists were smosh and good mythical morning
'SHAWN BARTO' 2 days ago
Also I realized that the artist were good mythical morning and smosh
'IDK' 2 days ago
i think this is the best rap i ever heard
'Pokegirl226' 3 days ago
Good Mythical Morning?
Brady Buckley
'Brady Buckley' 3 days ago
Artists won
'Bill's Here' 3 days ago
Best Rap Battle Ever
'TurtleT1869' 3 days ago
tmnt won
'TurtleT1869' 3 days ago
Nima Babiker
'Nima Babiker' 3 days ago
I'm only here cause of rhett and link
Cassie Curry
'Cassie Curry' 3 days ago
Isn't Ian in a shoe magazine because the guy,s name on the magazine was Ian and he looked just like Ian
'IDK' 3 days ago
i knew it it was anthony and ian and rhett link
Luis Alejandro
'Luis Alejandro' 3 days ago
who's watching in 2017
Luis Alejandro
'Luis Alejandro' 3 days ago
who's watching in 2017
Albéric Lestienne
the artist won
Cédric de Vinck
'Cédric de Vinck' 3 days ago
Artist won
Marko Vidaković
'Marko Vidaković' 3 days ago
TMNT won this battle
Anyone else notice the Mario brothers vs Wright brothers on the arcade machine.
ChimChims Insfiration
'TheEvilTwin' 3 days ago
this one was probably the hardest for me to learn
sj 0128
'sj 0128' 4 days ago
Artists won clearly.
Tbone 2500
'Tbone 2500' 4 days ago
Artists win
Sam Hankey
'Sam Hankey' 4 days ago
GMM and smosh make a cameo
Grace Vanness
'Grace Vanness' 4 days ago
Donatello and leanardo are Rhett and Link from good mithicle morning
'13jamieson' 4 days ago
smosh and good mythical morning? really
I swear most the artists were gay😂
Sebastian Wood
'Sebastian Wood' 4 days ago
HAHHAHA look at Ian and Anthony
Snipertrickshot 47
Smosh is in here
Warzorg mcgee
'Warzorg mcgee' 4 days ago
Vaishnavi Zade
'Vaishnavi Zade' 4 days ago
TMNT won.
Marisol Lorenzo
'Marisol Lorenzo' 5 days ago
also rhet and link
Marisol Lorenzo
'Marisol Lorenzo' 5 days ago
i swear ian and the other one from smosh are ther
'Caseyroseyx' 5 days ago
Rhett and link are so good 😂🙋🏼
Ava Perry
'Ava Perry' 5 days ago
Sad to say but the painters won 😂🤷‍♀️
'B.B.J.B' 5 days ago
Smosh and Good mythical morning... Crike XD
Nick Downes
'Nick Downes' 5 days ago
yo smosh was in this
Hailee Cassell
'Hailee Cassell' 5 days ago
I can see Ian and Anthony from smosh. can you?
al djrjki al mxhs /
antonio tube
'antonio tube' 5 days ago
turtle win
paytharr529 HUR
'paytharr529 HUR' 5 days ago
Artists win.
Teodora Teodora
'Teodora Teodora' 5 days ago
the artstist win
Sans Rogers
'Sans Rogers' 5 days ago
smosh, rhet and link and Brad? THEY WON!
'Arxei' 5 days ago
i like how michealangelo says hes a giant but hes the shortest.
Chewbako Gese
'Chewbako Gese' 5 days ago
Tmnt won
Angel Botello
'Angel Botello' 5 days ago
we saw this at my school 😂
Logan collier
'Logan collier' 6 days ago
I like Ninja turtles but the Artist did better
Tymar Chavez
'Tymar Chavez' 6 days ago
TMNT wins!
LPS Regina
'LPS Regina' 6 days ago
you guys need some Harley Quinn
Sygurd Kravetz
'Sygurd Kravetz' 6 days ago
artists, no question. The artist were hard on the hits early, the turtles only had time to defend before more lines, they couldn't block the last few artist line though, turtles went down fast.
Nuclear Gigabyte
'Nuclear Gigabyte' 6 days ago
"You guys draw more dicks than New York pride."

TMNT Wins for that.
Mythical Knight
'Mythical Knight' 6 days ago
Rhett and Link are in this. I think that's them
Djsarah Johnson
'Djsarah Johnson' 6 days ago
The artists won no doubt about it
'GeekVids' 6 days ago
Smosh, Good Mythical Morning, and ERB all in one video!!!!

My dreams have come true!!!
The Proob Knoob
'The Proob Knoob' 6 days ago
TMNT 4 life
'info-ninja' 6 days ago
I screamed when 1:00 came up lol excuse me because I'm a huge TMNT fan
Adam H. Adventures
i love rbh
they are so GOOOOOODDD
Adam H. Adventures
tmnt fight with shredder 10/10 good

artist they just do an arts 9/10 good
Joshua_ Playzzz
'Joshua_ Playzzz' 6 days ago
also the last one as Ian from smosh!
Joshua_ Playzzz
'Joshua_ Playzzz' 6 days ago
Guys did see that the 3rd artist that rapped at the start was anothony from smosh! I
Phillip Percell
'Phillip Percell' 6 days ago
you guys draw more dicks then new york pride 😂
Tyson Takei-gendron
Leonardo: umm Ezio? this is my rap......


Leonardo: wtf????? Ezio?!!
Kayla James
'Kayla James' 7 days ago
Darkness Knight Hood
Max Gaming
'Max Gaming' 7 days ago
HAHA what is doing smosh there? xD
mishaali nadarajah
tmnt won
Xxtoxicwolfie Xx
'Xxtoxicwolfie Xx' 7 days ago
Ian without bread head is wierd
PyroFlame Gaming
'PyroFlame Gaming' 7 days ago
I never thought Rhett or Link would ever swear. I was wrong.
Xrian Janeth
'Xrian Janeth' 7 days ago
Artist win.
American Lowlife
'American Lowlife' 1 week ago
ERB said rap God first??
Jennae Whitted
'Jennae Whitted' 1 week ago
I love Anthony and Ian, but get back in your floppy helicopter, fly away made the turtles win this.
Dunk Darius
'Dunk Darius' 1 week ago
TMNT won
Vijay Muthra
'Vijay Muthra' 1 week ago
Charles Manson
'Charles Manson' 1 week ago
Sactown80Maniac RJM
Rafael archangel rjm reality as do artists win smoking some weed to that they remind me of my power of one in 20th anniversary but that happens ha
kawaii k.c
'kawaii k.c' 1 week ago
Carol Valdez
'Carol Valdez' 1 week ago
Rhet and link and Anthony and ian
Rey Marshall
'Rey Marshall' 1 week ago
Smosh + Rhett and link = hardcore win of ERB
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