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Cheerleaders Season 5 - Ep.21 - We Can't Get Hurt! -
Published: 4 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 4 months ago

430, 963 views

4, 507 Likes   178 Dislikes

Mattieu’s celebrates his 19th birthday with his cheer family since his real family is so far away. While Madi and Maia are overcoming their injuries it looks like another member might just be out for the count. With the bid competition coming up will SMOED ever have a complete team?

This series features the very best of the best cheerleading squads who compete in All Star Cheerleading. These teams are fighting to the finish to win titles such as, The Champions League, NCA and The World Championships. Who will reign supreme?

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Sofia Vlogs
'Sofia Vlogs' 1 week ago
Kassidy reminds me of Nicki from Nicki and Gabi but with blonde hair😂
Wolfie 10028
'Wolfie 10028' 2 weeks ago
Wolfie 10028
'Wolfie 10028' 2 weeks ago
At 5:33 did u here someone scream and did u see something like a shoe flying in the air like it was thrown
'xXSquishyPieXx' 1 month ago
I hate it when my coach has food or a drink during practice who agrees? xD
Lps World
'Lps World' 2 months ago
Anyone know the song is from dance moms
Isabella lay
'Isabella lay' 2 months ago
How many injures???? Daaaaammmmmn
Brittany Elilia
'Brittany Elilia' 3 months ago
Y'all made me think coach Eddie could actually sing . Wtf y'all 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cheernastics girl 244
I'm dead Eddie was singing his heart out
Alex Jr.
'Alex Jr.' 3 months ago
Kassidy you do not need to introduce yourself girl. If you don't know her you need to go start at the beginning
Ambon Golden
'Ambon Golden' 3 months ago
Divagymnast 204
'Divagymnast 204' 3 months ago
When I see them died i will died to
'Blamekpop101' 3 months ago
Whats the age range for smoed?
'amydiekatze' 3 months ago
I don't know why but I don't like Diego. He is annoying .
'Lil'Gamer' 3 months ago
'ItzRxchy' 3 months ago
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Allie Tennyson
'Allie Tennyson' 3 months ago
How come cami's opposite foot is injured...the video showed her left foot touching down and hitting thr ground yet her right one is the one that's injured....
'Tiara_H.' 3 months ago
kassi is blonde now? omfggggg
Maddie Rollins
'Maddie Rollins' 3 months ago
I laughed so hard when they were dabbing and shit to Eddie singing "itsy bitsy spider" 😩😩😩
cate esparza
'cate esparza' 3 months ago
5:24 did someone fart? lol
'akirej21' 3 months ago
yey more cassidy!
'DaijaCheers' 3 months ago
lovely singing Eddie 😂
Fia Herradura
'Fia Herradura' 3 months ago
wait, when specifically was his bday?
Jarist Santiago
'Jarist Santiago' 3 months ago
the guy on the first seconds haha
Chelsea T
'Chelsea T' 3 months ago
I am a level five cheerleader and cheer at Cali All-stars but not the Ventura California one.
Emma Williams
'Emma Williams' 3 months ago
I wonder why they never asked Lilly to fill in for Cami for the stunting. or even asked Payton to come fill in jist for stunts
Gabby S
'Gabby S' 3 months ago
Am I the only one who kinda wants to see Eddie & Orby try to do their own conditioning
Totally Awesome Random Fun Channel
Do a video on Smoed's conditioning routine please! like if you agree
'lai674' 4 months ago
why can't they bring up lily¿ she's more than capable or is she not on snipers anymore
Sophie Hole
'Sophie Hole' 4 months ago
I am a gymnast but I still like cheerleading
gabriel gomez
'gabriel gomez' 4 months ago
Chimmy is a beast!
Kristen Steuart
'Kristen Steuart' 4 months ago
How is kassidy 21 and went to the 2015 worlds with smoed?😅
Rachel Scuri
'Rachel Scuri' 4 months ago
Are they doing anything about all the injuries. Like so many people are getting hurt, maybe they are doing something wrong
Anlyn Poon
'Anlyn Poon' 4 months ago
awww i miss those red starbucks cups
Natalie Vecchio
'Natalie Vecchio' 4 months ago
That great white partner stunt they did at the start though
Lauren Hill
'Lauren Hill' 4 months ago
10/10 singing eddie
super girly facts
'super girly facts' 4 months ago
Hollie Clark
'Hollie Clark' 4 months ago
I love the positivity in this video, even though another girl is hurt. And Eddie singing the spider song...priceless!!!
Jaelyn Marie
'Jaelyn Marie' 4 months ago
Oml when eddie was singing😂😂😂
Alexa Salmen
'Alexa Salmen' 4 months ago
What. What did you guys place
hemaima Rikihana
'hemaima Rikihana' 4 months ago
kassidy and micheal eddie better get married
Guada Fleury
'Guada Fleury' 4 months ago
Jared (Maddie's boyfriend) is always there it's so nice!!❤️
JNeil Oseo
'JNeil Oseo' 4 months ago
They're doing the stunt sequence of Cheer Sport Great Whites xD
Jessa Pearyid
'Jessa Pearyid' 4 months ago
'798jasmine' 4 months ago
Does anyone know where the off the shoulder jumper Maddie was wearing at Mathieu's party is from??
'crissy' 4 months ago
I'm going to miss Mathieu when he's gone. He's my fav.
Kati Brennan
'Kati Brennan' 4 months ago
I know how it feels to not be able to compete. I broke my foot right before a competition and I was a flyer. It sucked but everything happens for a reason so...
Simply Keira
'Simply Keira' 4 months ago
I am early I have never been early
kristy michel
'kristy michel' 4 months ago
i wish i could cheer:((
Bubz Luvs
'Bubz Luvs' 4 months ago
Wow guys I'm watching the day it's posted
Dana C Burkey
'Dana C Burkey' 4 months ago
Can Eddie please sing me to sleep every night? That was majestic! Haha
Samantha M
'Samantha M' 4 months ago
8:26 orby looking at eddie was so cute
Sadies Ariel
'Sadies Ariel' 4 months ago
Kass <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 love that girl
Stasia Cedillo
'Stasia Cedillo' 4 months ago
"I see them dying and I wanna die with them" LMAO 😂😂😂
Emily and Stuff
'Emily and Stuff' 4 months ago
I'm early- ish
Nellie Bell
'Nellie Bell' 4 months ago
I have recently became obsessed with this program!!
Pikachu Legend ROBLOX and more!
when was this posted??
Jada Gail
'Jada Gail' 4 months ago
Smoed has a really good chance of winning worlds
Edgar Rodriguez
'Edgar Rodriguez' 4 months ago
I'm a Camila Wilson fan! Been here since day 1
Charlotte Phillips
'Charlotte Phillips' 4 months ago
Obsessed with this show lol😂❤😍
5sos trash
'5sos trash' 4 months ago
Mathieu is the cutest smo boy ever, I'm going to cry so hard when he's not on smoed ❤️😭
Lily Cupp
'Lily Cupp' 4 months ago
"I see them dying so I'm gonna die with them" yeeeees
Aaliyah Martinez
'Aaliyah Martinez' 4 months ago
I have never been this early omg I love you guys though ❤️
'Beauty.queenxox' 4 months ago
Camis crocs 😂
IRÈNE Michelle
'IRÈNE Michelle' 4 months ago
Happy birthday to you Mathieu 🎂🎁
JENE 101
'JENE 101' 4 months ago
I have never heard such an angelic voice
Piper Bilbrey
'Piper Bilbrey' 4 months ago
300th like
Amelie Charbonneau
'Amelie Charbonneau' 4 months ago
Does anyone know if they got a bid at the competition
divasundivided extra vlogs and more
you all slat gotta finis this thi
Kaitlin Clarke
'Kaitlin Clarke' 4 months ago
They were doing the great whites stunt at Mattieu's birthday party :)
Trinity Johnson
'Trinity Johnson' 4 months ago
love you guys
Tiegan Hodder
'Tiegan Hodder' 4 months ago
CaMi did compete with them x
Road To Pro Cheer
'Road To Pro Cheer' 4 months ago
Couldn't they pull someone from a senior 5 or 4.2 team?
Quinn Collins
'Quinn Collins' 4 months ago
Have a comp today and I swear every year during comp season at this time I get sick..fml
Katy Kellum
'Katy Kellum' 4 months ago
I love cheerleaders so much
Gints Bonka
'Gints Bonka' 4 months ago
Never been so early <3
Gints Bonka
'Gints Bonka' 4 months ago
Never been so early
Janelle Rivers
'Janelle Rivers' 4 months ago
Early gang
Janelle Rivers
'Janelle Rivers' 4 months ago
65 like
Princess. .Alyssa
'Princess. .Alyssa' 4 months ago
This is my fav show ilyssm
Rosl Rosl
'Rosl Rosl' 4 months ago
اووي حيلو فدوى🌸🌹🌸🌹🌸
Sarah Yumnu
'Sarah Yumnu' 4 months ago
Abby Corn
'Abby Corn' 4 months ago
I love cheerleaders yes I do I love cheerleaders how about you
Marianna T
'Marianna T' 4 months ago
Love this series
Keneddy Ziegler
'Keneddy Ziegler' 4 months ago
Dragon Slayer
'Dragon Slayer' 4 months ago
Emz .
'Emz .' 4 months ago
shit no way i wanna be a cheerlader
Riona O Toole
'Riona O Toole' 4 months ago
nrver clicked do faxt
Brooke Langsworthy
'Brooke Langsworthy' 4 months ago
Yay early
Obito _Uchiha
'Obito _Uchiha' 4 months ago
Marianna A
'Marianna A' 4 months ago
Johnny Schultz
'Johnny Schultz' 4 months ago
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