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Beyoncé - Flawless (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj -
Published: 2 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

43, 460, 937 views

320, 745 Likes   9, 394 Dislikes

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Music video by Beyoncé feat. Nicki Minaj performing Flawless Remix. (C) 2014 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

sia VEVO
'sia VEVO' 7 hours ago
Ramon Medeiros
'Ramon Medeiros' 9 hours ago
Ainda passa essa musica no TVZ.
Nicholas Revell
'Nicholas Revell' 1 day ago
Nicki is the shit. no one can compare to her
sinnara silva
'sinnara silva' 1 day ago
Milton Carthens
'Milton Carthens' 1 day ago
Nicki wearing that bodysuit...GOD DAMN GOD DAMN!!!
Adriana Plata Mendoza
January 2017 anyone?
Vitória Nunes
'Vitória Nunes' 2 days ago
cadê os BR
Isaiah Mmw
'Isaiah Mmw' 2 days ago
Listening to this a few time will have you feeling like THE baddest bitch istg
Isaiah Mmw
'Isaiah Mmw' 2 days ago
That face she made after that third goddamn😂
khailesh surya
'khailesh surya' 2 days ago
02:08 and 02:11 when Beyonce wants to be Mickey Mouse! 😂😂😂
Maya Sants
'Maya Sants' 2 days ago
Br's ?
eunice wayne
'eunice wayne' 3 days ago
still watching this in 2017......thy slay alright damn
flute player
'flute player' 3 days ago
Beyonce: Flawless
Jelly Bean
'Jelly Bean' 3 days ago
Tobiasz Salek
'Tobiasz Salek' 3 days ago
I love Nicki Face ! hahaha CookieFace :)
canal do Edu_Snts
'canal do Edu_Snts' 3 days ago
ho may god
Ruby Costta
'Ruby Costta' 3 days ago
listen in 2017 ?
Julia Momad
'Julia Momad' 4 days ago
Su nmin
'Su nmin' 4 days ago
Kadir Emre
'Kadir Emre' 4 days ago
Nicki's smile is beautiful
zian shundong
'zian shundong' 4 days ago
the Queen....
Mary Sarabia
'Mary Sarabia' 4 days ago
¡2017! 👑👑🎉
famouss. bambam
'famouss. bambam' 5 days ago
she just told use why her sis and jay z was fighting on the elevator "of course shit go down when theres a million dollors on an elevator
Teddy Griffin
'Teddy Griffin' 6 days ago
Beyoncé is hands down the best performer of this generation
Abraao rosario
'Abraao rosario' 6 days ago
psychotic ! Madness
really, they can say fuck but not pussy?
this is one of beyonce's best performances, how has this video not got more views?!
Yes hah
'Yes hah' 1 week ago
4:14 Nicki's smile omggg soooo cute
Souad Abdellahassen
The two Queens!!!🙏🏽👑👑
Jonelle Pemberton
'Jonelle Pemberton' 1 week ago
Everytime I watch this, I come to the realization that I just MUST go to a Beyonce concert before I die. I just sat here and watched this video 3 times in a row. There is no other female artist alive right now that can outperform her. And I'm not talking just vocals, cause I do believe there are artists who sing better than her. I'm talking about performances. Beyonce gives her all and keeps u glued to her. I watched this at work and it took everything for me to not close my office door and just start dancing on top of my desk lol. Her tickets are expensive but it's soooooooooooo worth the experience!
Srta. Cry Babie
'Srta. Cry Babie' 1 week ago
00:41 Beyoncé dá aquela sarrada de levis
AutisticWhale 2
'AutisticWhale 2' 1 week ago
2:12 the look around part always kills me😂😂😂
Lara Kovacic
'Lara Kovacic' 1 week ago
2017 but this is still lit!!!
Melanie Echev
'Melanie Echev' 1 week ago
baddie Boy
'baddie Boy' 1 week ago
Who else can hear beez in the trap by nicki minaj playing in the background?? 😂😂
Sincere Mimi
'Sincere Mimi' 1 week ago
Who's still watching this in January 2017?
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 1 week ago
What about my wife and I?
arthur almeida
'arthur almeida' 2 weeks ago
* the queen of pop, and queen of rap, this is truth.
Livia Bender
'Livia Bender' 2 weeks ago
Jazzy Jazz
'Jazzy Jazz' 2 weeks ago
What if what went down in the elevator was an act to promote that line . 😂
Lili H.
'Lili H.' 2 weeks ago
I Love You Beyoncé😍❤
Karen Fernandes
'Karen Fernandes' 2 weeks ago
Katniss S. Styles
'Katniss S. Styles' 2 weeks ago
When 2 queens meet.
Gi_Lynn Clark
'Gi_Lynn Clark' 2 weeks ago
Quinki Quentin
'Quinki Quentin' 2 weeks ago
January 2017 anyone?
blurryfacesz a
'blurryfacesz a' 2 weeks ago
se essa live não é a definição de poder, eu não sei o que é
Road To California
'Road To California' 2 weeks ago
She's A Demon , So Not Definitely An Angel
Robert B
'Robert B' 2 weeks ago
Who's watching in 2017!! CANT WAIT FOR A NEW YEAR OF BEYONCÈ!
Emilia Frank
'Emilia Frank' 2 weeks ago
2017 anyone??🎀
I know this is stupid
Manuel LC-Shut the hell up
mah bottan tl
'mah bottan tl' 2 weeks ago
celeste flores
'celeste flores' 2 weeks ago
Mt fuck in queen
'Hello' 2 weeks ago
I woke up like this is so catchy you never forget it.
ves sel
'ves sel' 2 weeks ago
January 5 2017 anyone?
flabio Martinez
'flabio Martinez' 2 weeks ago
The Queen of rap, slaying the Queen B!
Kukuwaka aa
'Kukuwaka aa' 2 weeks ago
Aaaaaaa woooook up laaaaaak thiiiiiiis
STiTCH Robel
'STiTCH Robel' 2 weeks ago
She scratching her pussy in 2:13
alexis hawkhand
'alexis hawkhand' 3 weeks ago
feminist: a batshit crazy cunt who wants complete dominance over mankind and is very unrational.
hanubi hates you
'hanubi hates you' 3 weeks ago
Nickis smile is so pretty
Beyza Dogan
'Beyza Dogan' 3 weeks ago
Raja Arief Danial
'Raja Arief Danial' 3 weeks ago
you wake up F L O U R L E S S post up F L O U R L E S S ridin around in it F L O U R L E S S
Frank Gomez
'Frank Gomez' 3 weeks ago
January 2017 anyone?
Jady Baby Vlogs
'Jady Baby Vlogs' 3 weeks ago
Who's watching in 2017
Jabella Williams
'Jabella Williams' 3 weeks ago
If this get 35 like I will tell my crush I like him
Buboquisha Drea
'Buboquisha Drea' 3 weeks ago
Did anyone notice Beyonce looked turned on when Nicki grinded on her ? No just me? Ok
Proje X
'Proje X' 3 weeks ago
can't stop watching this im magnificent
Samara Leite
'Samara Leite' 3 weeks ago
curvas brasileiras...
'Mega_me' 3 weeks ago
I love you and Nicki Minaj
Basara Milgrau
'Basara Milgrau' 3 weeks ago
Seee yuo good
I_Slay_Ty Gemini
'I_Slay_Ty Gemini' 3 weeks ago
Who is here in 2017 if so your flawless
Robert Law
'Robert Law' 3 weeks ago
les twins though...came outta nowhere
Danny White
'Danny White' 3 weeks ago
I didn't know Beyoncé could rap, she can really do it all, Nicki was great too, I think I like the original better than I like the remix but this was still awesome.
Eloise Groves
'Eloise Groves' 3 weeks ago
Anybody else notice the crowd booing Nicki. Like wtf!!!
Abdullah Ali
'Abdullah Ali' 3 weeks ago
2017 any one ??
Fried Chicken MSP
'Fried Chicken MSP' 3 weeks ago
Her rap is so good!
Fatom Love
'Fatom Love' 3 weeks ago
I keep watching this on repeat 😍😍
BLenda Letícia
'BLenda Letícia' 3 weeks ago
Ótimo, a batida da músicaarrasou
Benny Knox
'Benny Knox' 3 weeks ago
hey Beyonce and Nicki
Nicki's smile is so beautiful
'GaF Z' 3 weeks ago
i cried after watching this video maybe because they are flawless <3
Pragya Ghimiray
'Pragya Ghimiray' 3 weeks ago
She kills it everytime she performs . A perfectionist!
Ike Monametsi
'Ike Monametsi' 3 weeks ago
great performance..
mussa shiraaz
'mussa shiraaz' 3 weeks ago
u girls all ways sexy
'BelleFille94' 3 weeks ago
10,000 of those views are probs from me though
Yuri Silva
'Yuri Silva' 3 weeks ago
Bey eu te amoo 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Fyfy Kira
'Fyfy Kira' 3 weeks ago
4:11 nicki was like .. you better say my name bitch " haha lol
Thalia Fundcheller
'Thalia Fundcheller' 3 weeks ago
Katrin Ferreira
'Katrin Ferreira' 3 weeks ago
Que hinão da porra
Casper Jones
'Casper Jones' 4 weeks ago
Are those the les twins?
ms finesse
'ms finesse' 4 weeks ago
Nirvan Schwenn
'Nirvan Schwenn' 4 weeks ago
puttana sexy😏😂😂
Nirvan Schwenn
'Nirvan Schwenn' 4 weeks ago
Carol Gomes
'Carol Gomes' 4 weeks ago
NaeNae T.V
'NaeNae T.V' 4 weeks ago
y'all should be bffs y'all look like u should be doe
Samara Vlogs
'Samara Vlogs' 4 weeks ago
god damm
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