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Jamie Foxx and Ellen Ring in the New Year! -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 2 weeks ago

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The Oscar winner shared details from his New Year's Eve, and decided to do some extra celebrating with Ellen.

neeish sky
'neeish sky' 12 hours ago
from annie
Marina Selma
'Marina Selma' 2 days ago
my belly got wrong hahahahahaha so funny
Shanel Knight
'Shanel Knight' 4 days ago
Jamie Foxx is a damn fool 😂😂
'GG' 6 days ago
Jamie is actually the funniest in Hollywood!
Sharla Gardner
'Sharla Gardner' 1 week ago
"My belly got wrong." 😀😀😀
'qwerttzizzi' 1 week ago
So happy for the girl @ 0:50
luna jefffery
'luna jefffery' 1 week ago
jamie fox will always be SOOO FUNNY omg LOL
Axle Wavey
'Axle Wavey' 2 weeks ago
He seems so phoney.
Maurizio Lacerenza
'Maurizio Lacerenza' 2 weeks ago
What happens to the movie where he should have impersonate Mike Tyson???
Robert Wu
'Robert Wu' 2 weeks ago
Ray Senpai
'Ray Senpai' 2 weeks ago
jamie nearly killed ellen lol 5:03
Wealthy Kidd
'Wealthy Kidd' 2 weeks ago
Subscribe to my Youtube Page guys
Marybeth McLeod
'Marybeth McLeod' 2 weeks ago
Silly I love him
Hamza Faison
'Hamza Faison' 2 weeks ago
" Black entertainment television " 😂😂
Yoss Cr (Yosbe)
'Yoss Cr (Yosbe)' 2 weeks ago
I love how he always looks like he's high, but is jyst the way he is. He's his own drug.
Kanye West
'Kanye West' 2 weeks ago
She really lost it when he said "bet, black entertainment television "
'Helgali' 2 weeks ago
Great to hear a real crazy laugh from Ellen.
Axle Wavey
'Axle Wavey' 2 weeks ago
I feel so sorry for that lady in the wheelchair at 51 seconds.
'Møøkie' 2 weeks ago
best interview of 2017.
Messagefrom Montie
'Messagefrom Montie' 2 weeks ago
I love it when Ellen has a guest on her show who makes her genuinely laugh. Jamie Foxx's BET moment was like Wanda Sykes was on the show. Ellen was cracking up.
Brit Lee
'Brit Lee' 2 weeks ago
Black entertainment television 😭im watching bet 😂😂😂
Ren Bolln
'Ren Bolln' 2 weeks ago
he a real one
'sparklecakes18' 2 weeks ago
He is so fiiiiiiine like heyyyy
Kenneth Smotherman
'Kenneth Smotherman' 2 weeks ago
This man be having me rolling every time I see him on Ellen if it's not him it's Steve Harvey.
Alain Bruno
'Alain Bruno' 2 weeks ago
This guy has the best personality.
soap soap
'soap soap' 2 weeks ago
Luv him!!
Kev K
'Kev K' 2 weeks ago
boy took advantage to kiss ellen
Maria Nuam
'Maria Nuam' 2 weeks ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁i didn't have the best new year either
Ante Lukac
'Ante Lukac' 2 weeks ago
what's that jacket he's wearing called?
Michael Jenkins
'Michael Jenkins' 2 weeks ago
He is too hilarious!
Shaun Nodangala
'Shaun Nodangala' 2 weeks ago
Lol hahahaaaah Ellen's laugh though
Marouane Tadlaoui
'Marouane Tadlaoui' 2 weeks ago
That Denzel's impression was on point.
Helia XO
'Helia XO' 2 weeks ago
Jamie gives me life
Alison Francis
'Alison Francis' 2 weeks ago
He didnt have to feel so bad about it, up and coming artists need to take a little slack for making it.
'juiicyboo21' 2 weeks ago
"Uh Black Entertainment Television" LMAO
Tia Yang
'Tia Yang' 2 weeks ago
omg that girl was so happy he hugged her
Damso Amnesie
'Damso Amnesie' 2 weeks ago
That Denzel impression !!
Willy Izarry
'Willy Izarry' 2 weeks ago
He is so funny.. got me weak 😂
Shanoriya Robinson
'Shanoriya Robinson' 2 weeks ago
That's me EVERY YEAR😂😂😂 spent New Years with my uber driver
Cray May
'Cray May' 2 weeks ago
The B.E.T part killlled me!! I love jamiee.
'nev1984' 2 weeks ago
😂😂😂😂😂Great interview. Mr. Fox? You are very funny indeed. Had me Rollin for the whole video
Yolanda Tibblin Molina
Wow Ellen damn you got the laughing fit for sure 😅
Alex Jean-Baptiste
'Alex Jean-Baptiste' 2 weeks ago
What a warm soul.
abi garcia
'abi garcia' 2 weeks ago
Snoop heard it first check Jamie fox on ggn so funny!
mo am
'mo am' 2 weeks ago
Love his energy!
That's why he doesn't age 😊😊😊😊
'Virgo' 2 weeks ago
2 ugly mutherfukers...
'TheTrippleTKA' 2 weeks ago
0:53 this cuck pushing wife either into Fallon to get a hug or trying to push her wife away to get one himself.
'melody271' 2 weeks ago
Love me some Jamie Fox!
'Jeanette' 2 weeks ago
Ellen was so weak 😩😂
TheSuper1 O
'TheSuper1 O' 2 weeks ago
0:51 pauze there...thank me later
Artemiy Pavlov
'Artemiy Pavlov' 2 weeks ago
Jamie is one of the most incredible persons on the whole planet, period!
'Doub11etroub11e' 2 weeks ago
"BET" lol had to define it for the white audience 😭😭😭
Zen Sharifabadi
'Zen Sharifabadi' 2 weeks ago
Best Ellen show guest yet 😂😂 So funny and talented
Tashana Chanté
'Tashana Chanté' 2 weeks ago
Jamie fox is soo funny 😂😂
Ray Senpai
'Ray Senpai' 2 weeks ago
this guy is fucking hilarious 😂😂
'Sylvie6630' 2 weeks ago
I love him too much :)))
Band of Misfits
'Band of Misfits' 2 weeks ago
ellens laugh is like someone is slowly letting air out of a balloon
Renee Battle
'Renee Battle' 2 weeks ago
Renee Battle
'Renee Battle' 2 weeks ago
Thank You
Lola Lalo
'Lola Lalo' 2 weeks ago
5:00 - Hysterical!
'tokyorockstar' 2 weeks ago
he's hilarious!
mollyy tsanadis
'mollyy tsanadis' 2 weeks ago
This is so funny 😂😂😂😂❤️
'Skye' 2 weeks ago
this guy is so funny! u the man jamie!!! :-)
Phil N
'Phil N' 2 weeks ago
I love him. He's so funny! Love it when he's on.
Afaf Ahmad
'Afaf Ahmad' 2 weeks ago
I just love him 😍😂 his charisma and personality are just everything
Sasha 3A
'Sasha 3A' 2 weeks ago
he's hilarious god, he definitely should start his own comedy show.
Mar A
'Mar A' 2 weeks ago
1:19 the woman on the left is not impressed.
'because0011' 2 weeks ago
He's so funny
imax digital
'imax digital' 2 weeks ago
This is your conscious speaking...
Evan Griffith
'Evan Griffith' 2 weeks ago
Jamie Foxx is the only guy that can turn Ellen
Betzaida Ramirez
'Betzaida Ramirez' 2 weeks ago
'seal3081' 2 weeks ago
one of my all time fav guest on talk shows. Jaime was first a comedian. And comedians are some of the best guests you can get on talk shows. That's why letterman and other late night shows brought so many comedians as guests.
Mahad Yare
'Mahad Yare' 2 weeks ago
The take away from this: i worship famous people and disrespect others. Thanks Jamie great lesson.
John Skip
'John Skip' 2 weeks ago
Ain't nobody's gonna talk about that smack between Ellen and Jamie??
Gabby Banton
'Gabby Banton' 2 weeks ago
Why wold they kiss on the lips
Lol Lol
'Lol Lol' 2 weeks ago
Wait wait wait Jamie fox just kissed Ellen 😮😮😮😮😮😨😨😨😨😨😦😧😦😧
PziGotNoFilter P
'PziGotNoFilter P' 2 weeks ago
LOL that womans face at 1:20
Nicki McBreez
'Nicki McBreez' 2 weeks ago
the T.I story never gets old
Svend Bent
'Svend Bent' 2 weeks ago
So basically I was acting like a total douche to this guy AND THEN IT TURNS OUT THAT HE WAS SEMI FAMOUS!!!
OMG I felt so bad.....
We all know the rule. If they're civilian shit on em. If they're famous drop to your knees and go to work.
Liz Paz
'Liz Paz' 2 weeks ago
Omg! He is like Kevin Hart ... hilarious!!!
Mrs Huxley
'Mrs Huxley' 2 weeks ago
This is my baby! I miss him so much!
andres maltez
'andres maltez' 2 weeks ago
sagar baishya
'sagar baishya' 2 weeks ago
foxx is such an entertainer man love it
mixxed curves
'mixxed curves' 2 weeks ago
I love Jamie ❤️
Bill Song
'Bill Song' 2 weeks ago
Impersonating Denzel is amazingly vivid!!
Patrick Sommer
'Patrick Sommer' 2 weeks ago
Eddie Murphy is freakin great! :D
'ottomath' 2 weeks ago
now I ain't sayin' he's a gold digger, but!
'mz86ns' 2 weeks ago
this is his 'jumping on the couch' moment
Annisa ferguson
'Annisa ferguson' 2 weeks ago
Did they kiss on lips lol
Teresa Centeno
'Teresa Centeno' 2 weeks ago
This guy is amazing I love him!!!
Anna Celac
'Anna Celac' 2 weeks ago
this dude deserves much more views
ws279 xL7
'ws279 xL7' 2 weeks ago
Esther Fraser
'Esther Fraser' 2 weeks ago
Love Ellens laugh!!! hahaha
Nisha Ismail
'Nisha Ismail' 2 weeks ago
Jaime Foxx is da man! So funny! Talented! Great dude!
Theunknown Wizard
'Theunknown Wizard' 2 weeks ago
He only hugged black people in the crowd😭😂😂😂👌🏾
Anthony Stewart
'Anthony Stewart' 2 weeks ago
I can't possibly love this brotha more. :)
Tanner Holub
'Tanner Holub' 2 weeks ago
Comments are disabled on the blind brothers video .... but i think it is really cool because my mom has the same exact condition and i think what they are doing is amazing
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