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Archery Kart Battle ft. Luke Bryan | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

15, 587, 077 views

162, 832 Likes   2, 073 Dislikes

I think we invented a new sport.
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Pizza boy 2008
'Pizza boy 2008' 4 hours ago
mohammad sirajuddin
'mohammad sirajuddin' 8 hours ago
tall men team
Bryan Nortin
'Bryan Nortin' 14 hours ago
Find the difference 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😁😄😄😄😄😄😄 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😁😄😄😄
ISAAC Kelchner
'ISAAC Kelchner' 15 hours ago
The Pug Gamer
'The Pug Gamer' 16 hours ago
Cody and Luke's team name should be Coke
Fikri Mouna
'Fikri Mouna' 20 hours ago
tan you.
Zara Ztdm
'Zara Ztdm' 22 hours ago
mario first round
Evan Casabella
'Evan Casabella' 22 hours ago
their team should be the red dominators.
Arhab Chowdhury
'Arhab Chowdhury' 23 hours ago
Cory is my favourite
Ian Braun
'Ian Braun' 1 day ago
Coby and Cory's first win
Soldier 76
'Soldier 76' 2 days ago
POUND IT!! noggin...
Jim Johnson
'Jim Johnson' 2 days ago
you are the best
Landon taylor
'Landon taylor' 2 days ago
The bulls
'FunclipMonkey' 2 days ago
technically that was cobys first win ;)
manpreet singh gill
Coke is the name of the team because Cody Luke Coke
Gaming,football Dalton
Do another archery kart battle
purple unicorn
'purple unicorn' 3 days ago
i love luke bryan
Jacob Ackerman
'Jacob Ackerman' 3 days ago
Cody and Luke should be red lightning.
yshakil08 Shakil
'yshakil08 Shakil' 3 days ago
go team orange
Tomtom BLB33
'Tomtom BLB33' 3 days ago
Is it concidered has the first ever thing that coby won?
Aidan Veldman
'Aidan Veldman' 3 days ago
Darrick cole
'Darrick cole' 4 days ago
Koda kumi
'Koda kumi' 4 days ago
It's okay if you win TY, it's a competition after all, but the way you nag abt the twins team is "unfair", that's so ....
Jonathan Smith
'Jonathan Smith' 4 days ago
YOUR name should be Cody Brian
'KazCake' 4 days ago
Cody and Luke's name of 2017, TEAM VALOR.
Shane Mara
'Shane Mara' 4 days ago
Red 2.0
Crystal Clements
'Crystal Clements' 4 days ago
😂Coby I'm so proud u won congrats
Crystal Clements
'Crystal Clements' 4 days ago
Coby won 😅
Crystal Clements
'Crystal Clements' 4 days ago
I want the orange team because orange is my second favorite color and my dad and moms
Rock man13
'Rock man13' 4 days ago
that looks like fun
Sassy Girl 7
'Sassy Girl 7' 4 days ago
i love you luke bryn
a guy
'a guy' 4 days ago
You smell like betty crocker right now 😂
Wasif1 Nadeem
'Wasif1 Nadeem' 4 days ago
very nice
Balint Bakos
'Balint Bakos' 4 days ago
where do you get those arrows from?
Melissa Verbeek
'Melissa Verbeek' 5 days ago
Red rash should be your name
'Rynnex' 5 days ago
lol there team name should be "Coke" cory + luke
jenny zheng
'jenny zheng' 5 days ago
I saw all your video and there are all awesome!!!!!!!
Yay! The guys won!
Daniel Powell
'Daniel Powell' 5 days ago
Do a train 🚂 battle
Conor McTiernan
'Conor McTiernan' 5 days ago
Team sky ,blood,councils or fire
Alexander Holmes
'Alexander Holmes' 5 days ago
I hate Cory and COBY in the battle
Alexander Holmes
'Alexander Holmes' 5 days ago
Hailee Berry
'Hailee Berry' 5 days ago
Luke Bryan's son is in my class in school
Duane Rogers
'Duane Rogers' 5 days ago
cody and luke are going to win... i think
Adriana Mendez
'Adriana Mendez' 5 days ago
Cody's and Luke's name should be named red rovers
Debby Mendez
'Debby Mendez' 5 days ago
What a cool channle👍👍👍
Carlos Hernandez
'Carlos Hernandez' 5 days ago
you gies are my favorite YouTube's
Nattie L.
'Nattie L.' 5 days ago
Team blue

'Angela' 5 days ago
YASSS THE TWINS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dikshan lama
'dikshan lama' 5 days ago
dude they're
awesome in evry things
Evan jonlich
'Evan jonlich' 6 days ago
THAT DOSN'T COUNT FOR A WIN I like Coby an Cory not ty sometimes
Zachary Elijah Wang Lik Wong
they are so going to win
Heather Franco
'Heather Franco' 6 days ago
red rockets
'AJ' 6 days ago
Christopher Melton
Koby gamer 12345678910
soffer ikey
'soffer ikey' 6 days ago
6:04 it says dude perfet show instead of dude perfect show
VoiD Panda
'VoiD Panda' 6 days ago
Perfet 😂
'Dragonfoxpaige' 6 days ago
awesome shot
Z Bodd
'Z Bodd' 6 days ago
Red Devils
NBA Star
'NBA Star' 7 days ago
Finally the twins won one!!!!!!!!
Mark Liu
'Mark Liu' 7 days ago
Team red should be burners
Nicholas Ruiz
'Nicholas Ruiz' 7 days ago
Come on team blue no oh will
Josh Creepa
'Josh Creepa' 7 days ago
Luke and Cody's team name should've been Team Coke. Co= Cody. Ke= Luke.
andrew delgado
'andrew delgado' 7 days ago
the blood team
Lars the Awesone Cyan
Red Poppers
Daniel M
'Daniel M' 7 days ago
I know what the red team should be called it should be called The Rogue
Joshua Ogunmefun
'Joshua Ogunmefun' 7 days ago
that guy with the beard always wins
'Elisnipes11' 7 days ago
Dp you are the best
'Elisnipes11' 7 days ago
Do your are the best you tuber
Hector Heredia
'Hector Heredia' 7 days ago
red dinamiters
'aamnnonn' 1 week ago
i love the twins i knew they will win!
The Monster
'The Monster' 1 week ago
17717777 subs xDD
SpEc Wolf
'SpEc Wolf' 1 week ago
They spelled perfect wrong 6:01
Geraldine Sarmiento
they got wrong 😆😆😆
Ozone 872
'Ozone 872' 1 week ago
Who is Luke Bryan
Im Defalt
'Im Defalt' 1 week ago
Do it with paintball guns!
Jayson Cortez
'Jayson Cortez' 1 week ago
: )
Jayson Cortez
'Jayson Cortez' 1 week ago
- -
Jamell Owdetallah
'Jamell Owdetallah' 1 week ago
Daniel Zavala
'Daniel Zavala' 1 week ago
kind of coby first battle
The space Baller
'The space Baller' 1 week ago
Red team should be named team red dragons
Anthony Mancino
'Anthony Mancino' 1 week ago
Sub to me
Garrett Monson
'Garrett Monson' 1 week ago
unfortunately for coby team battles don't count
Jibran Chowdhury
'Jibran Chowdhury' 1 week ago
Should have gotten Stephen Amell
Deep Patel
'Deep Patel' 1 week ago
Balloon smashers
Jake Oates
'Jake Oates' 1 week ago
I can never tell which of the twins is which like if you agree
Austin Raiche
'Austin Raiche' 1 week ago
Coby's first win not going solo
Nolan Tolosa
'Nolan Tolosa' 1 week ago
Cobys First Trophy 🏆
Adarsh Pai
'Adarsh Pai' 1 week ago
Waste of money
Christina Pennell
'Christina Pennell' 1 week ago
😃😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄😱😱😱😱🌠🌈⭐️☀️☀️⛅️⛅️⚡️☔️❄️⛄️⚡️⭐️💕 yay
Devon Strickland
'Devon Strickland' 1 week ago
That wood be fun
Mohammad Mrad
'Mohammad Mrad' 1 week ago
Ivane Marielle Calalo
he won a battle his 1st ever trophy its the giant sumo battle check it out and dont forget to leave a like and congrats coby
Roblilly Espitia
'Roblilly Espitia' 1 week ago
i love you Luke
Roblilly Espitia
'Roblilly Espitia' 1 week ago
Tevish Shefferd
'Tevish Shefferd' 1 week ago
Tell Luke I'm a big fan
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