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Archery Kart Battle ft. Luke Bryan | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

13, 690, 166 views

150, 681 Likes   1, 804 Dislikes

I think we invented a new sport.
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Zachary Shayda
'Zachary Shayda' 2 hours ago
Team cuke
Агит Стручков
здесь есть русские
Ali Herring
'Ali Herring' 9 hours ago
The red's team's name should be LB Love
Cooper Emon (Hockey Duders)
Good video
Chris_hd_gaming and vlogs
I love all Luke Bryan's songs
Ryan Deasy
'Ryan Deasy' 15 hours ago
So coby won .5 battles!! :D
Mrr Chin0
'Mrr Chin0' 1 day ago
Eli Smith
'Eli Smith' 1 day ago
Ty may be pretty good at SINGKE battles, but he SUCKS when there's a teammate he has to work with. No team coordination, not taking blame, etc.
'MinePlex23' 1 day ago
oh cool, they got luke bryan to join
Garrick Harris
'Garrick Harris' 2 days ago
Donald trump sucks but dude perfect yeah
Elijah Harrell
'Elijah Harrell' 2 days ago
the red flame
Jaira Chin
'Jaira Chin' 2 days ago
Kaine Laffin
'Kaine Laffin' 2 days ago
Nexus The best
'Nexus The best' 2 days ago
Teem blood
Niklaus Delgado
'Niklaus Delgado' 2 days ago
I say the name should be coke like if u agrre
Rex The T Rex
'Rex The T Rex' 3 days ago
yes coby one for once #teamcoby
kozs 2000
'kozs 2000' 3 days ago
ahh!! prisoners
Gaby Lopez
'Gaby Lopez' 3 days ago
'Lukhaz' 3 days ago
song name? when video starts?😂😂😂
Mahir Ahmed
'Mahir Ahmed' 3 days ago
Team doom
GLG2 - Grant
'GLG2 - Grant' 3 days ago
it does cuz they both won
Chad Kristen
'Chad Kristen' 4 days ago
awsome cobasum
Chavous W
'Chavous W' 4 days ago
find the difference
Jonjacob314 Kiddos
actully luke is awesome so he should win
Snake Eyes
'Snake Eyes' 4 days ago
this reminds me of Balloon Battle in Mario Kart.
Dirtbagbrady 20
'Dirtbagbrady 20' 4 days ago
Cody and Luke's team should be cald the wierdos
Marcus Williams
'Marcus Williams' 4 days ago
The red team
Xavier Machado
'Xavier Machado' 5 days ago
the sharp shooters
Oliver Doningo
'Oliver Doningo' 5 days ago
" Luke is gonna be a camera guy for dude perfect!
Oliver Doningo
'Oliver Doningo' 5 days ago
" like is gonna be a camera guy for dude perfect!
Lord of the Gaurdians
Lord of the Gaurdians
'HAYAT ANSARI' 5 days ago
dead enders
Saeed Ahmed
'Saeed Ahmed' 5 days ago
the team name would be THE HUNTERS
Aaron Trudeau
'Aaron Trudeau' 5 days ago
you can't always win Tyler
zachary bennett
'zachary bennett' 5 days ago
Mystical Chicken
'Mystical Chicken' 5 days ago
Little did we know that the arena that they were battling in was their future office!
'MrMrtumatauenga' 5 days ago
Spot the difference 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼☹️🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼😅😅😉😉😉😅😅😅😅😅😉😉😅😅😅😅😅💩💩💩😅💩💩😅💩💩😉😉😉
Korny Games
'Korny Games' 5 days ago
Cory is savage # my fave
Lord Axirs
'Lord Axirs' 6 days ago
team name:Scamalanga
'emschrag' 6 days ago
your name should be team fire
'DarKSoulS' 6 days ago
Looks fun!!!😀😀😀😀
Cosmic Lego Original
The Blazers
Elijah Baranczyk
'Elijah Baranczyk' 7 days ago
Everett Fox
'Everett Fox' 7 days ago
Giancarlo GFG
'Giancarlo GFG' 7 days ago
Red rockers
job heg
'job heg' 7 days ago
it should be duke
Janene Haynes
'Janene Haynes' 7 days ago
SD Rose05
'SD Rose05' 1 week ago
Coby this half counts
Olivia Turner
'Olivia Turner' 1 week ago
Tell me why the arrow looks like there is a marshmallow at the end?!?!
Katy The Neko
'Katy The Neko' 1 week ago
Michael Shaw
'Michael Shaw' 1 week ago
It doesn't count
Josie Sanchez
'Josie Sanchez' 1 week ago
team red the cardnels
Radu Costin
'Radu Costin' 1 week ago
ar u kindin me
Vanerson Oliveira
'Vanerson Oliveira' 1 week ago
Vanerson Oliveira
'Vanerson Oliveira' 1 week ago
First win
Earl Edward
'Earl Edward' 1 week ago
Yeaaaaaaaaaa, the twins finally win a match, it was a good feeling watching ty lose.
Rebecca Black
'Rebecca Black' 1 week ago
orange team cheated they went fast
Awesome Boy
'Awesome Boy' 1 week ago
team red should be called the betty crokers😂
Marc R.
'Marc R.' 1 week ago
Yasuko Mizuno
'Yasuko Mizuno' 1 week ago
Good job Coby and Cory
Troy Moore
'Troy Moore' 1 week ago
cody braent
'Moddedbottle' 1 week ago
Noah Vlog
'Noah Vlog's' 1 week ago
hay noah
go friend
'go friend' 1 week ago
cody cory you are brothers?
'mgamesandvlogs164' 1 week ago
You smell like Betty Crocker
Charlie Dunn
'Charlie Dunn' 1 week ago
John Niel
'John Niel' 1 week ago
do you would you rather get 5 bucks or have your local WNBA team won a championship
Avau Uatisone
'Avau Uatisone' 2 weeks ago
I think Alabama red should be a good name
Lakia Lomax
'Lakia Lomax' 2 weeks ago
the orange team look alike 👥👥👥
Michael Maguire
'Michael Maguire' 2 weeks ago
Prisoners won!!!!🦁your names should be the lions instead of prisoners and after that you should go to the new Monmouth dinner
'Dagger5D' 2 weeks ago
its says Dude Perfet Show
Turner Davenport
'Turner Davenport' 2 weeks ago
Ludvig Aas
'Ludvig Aas' 2 weeks ago
Dancer pill we bkoaz tune Spanish fantasy.
Benjimam Conger
'Benjimam Conger' 2 weeks ago
you are the best can you make a video were you sky dive
have a great time
Benjimam Conger
'Benjimam Conger' 2 weeks ago
you are the best can you make a video were you sky dive
have a great time
Sterling Silver Knights Baseball
My mom loves Luke Bryan
disney girl2005
'disney girl2005' 2 weeks ago
Twin power 😄😆
Long live the pointless
Naaaaa but #TEAMCOBY
Mega Man
'Mega Man' 2 weeks ago
Liana Blefari
'Liana Blefari' 2 weeks ago
The Red Spiders for the red team // The Smurfs for the Blue team// the dangerous prisoners for orange/
Liana Blefari
'Liana Blefari' 2 weeks ago
Yay the twins one
'TooFlexGaming' 2 weeks ago
Cody and Luke Should be Tall 1 and Tall 2
Zachary Ammons
'Zachary Ammons' 2 weeks ago
co by good job
Zachary Ammons
'Zachary Ammons' 2 weeks ago
Cody this is a battle
Eyden Deibert (SpeedyFishy)
You were awesome at country 500 luke
Darkgaming 1227
'Darkgaming 1227' 2 weeks ago
Team lody
Рендли :j
'Рендли :j' 2 weeks ago
Orange Team, ez win :D
Jack HIll
'Jack HIll' 2 weeks ago
Coby won?
Jerry Leasure
'Jerry Leasure' 2 weeks ago
Jude is a great man and a
Ryan Schultz
'Ryan Schultz' 2 weeks ago
SIR Quacksalot
'SIR Quacksalot' 2 weeks ago
connor Appleford
'connor Appleford' 2 weeks ago
code luke
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