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Brother 2 Brother - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

1, 794, 784 views

12, 579 Likes   307 Dislikes

Matty (Chris Hemsworth) and Marky (Taran Killam) are twin brothers but they're far from identical.

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'ItsVinnieTV' 7 hours ago
Damn, they body shamed him to hell 😂😂
'iZeusGames' 5 days ago
This is me and my twins life.
Vianna Paranna
'Vianna Paranna' 1 week ago
Disney channel acting is so obvious and exaggerated it's not even funny lol they need to bring back the good shows
'Vegas8baller' 1 week ago
Only on Disney channel
Dj Valley
'Dj Valley' 2 weeks ago
Baby Vegeta
'Baby Vegeta' 2 weeks ago
They was roasting his whole life thats cold
Ian Grossman
'Ian Grossman' 2 weeks ago
It would have been funnier if they got Liam!
'rachelslfe00' 2 weeks ago
Zack and Cody?
Laura Kleckner
'Laura Kleckner' 3 weeks ago
omg my Math teacher is Mrs.Watkins lol
'GenieLogic' 3 weeks ago
This is literally Liv and Maddie but with guys and there's no Hollywood crap thrown in. (Like switching places. They literally call it a switch-a-rooney on the show because their last names are Rooney. cringe)
Henry Shi
'Henry Shi' 1 month ago
genius man TARAN!!!
Tashi Rami
'Tashi Rami' 1 month ago
It should be with Liam and Chris hemsworth
Jacob Curran
'Jacob Curran' 1 month ago
Anybody else recognize the theme to Greatest American Hero?
Qingqing Zhao
'Qingqing Zhao' 1 month ago
1:21 she said I hope you all studied but markie didn't hear it and came in and said he did...
Jenn Fernandez
'Jenn Fernandez' 2 months ago
isn't this the guy that died in the star killer base lmao with Kylo ren
The Boulder
'The Boulder' 2 months ago
Rest in pepperino Cody Pepperoni
music music
'music music' 2 months ago
prefer TARAN. he's just hot. my dream man.
Spencer White
'Spencer White' 2 months ago
How did Cody Pepperoni get a pizza business? Maybe he made a deal with someone, maybe the MOB!!
Alex Bokovikova
'Alex Bokovikova' 2 months ago
hey y'all so I'm directing this sketch at my school's snl and i need to make it pg... do any of you guys have an idea of how to replace the "my dick's bigger" line?
Gotta Have a Wawa
'Gotta Have a Wawa' 2 months ago
'Wetdookie' 2 months ago
My dick's bigger!
Ankle Bre8ker
'Ankle Bre8ker' 2 months ago
Bruh chris hens worth doesent sound like that?
Elsie Jay
'Elsie Jay' 2 months ago
Chris H. is my hero!
Elsie Jay
'Elsie Jay' 2 months ago
Chris H. is hot
Run To Stand Still
'Run To Stand Still' 2 months ago
I'm dead
'snatchadams69' 3 months ago
Mrs. Watkins definitely wants to slam Mattie..
Alaskan Cannon
'Alaskan Cannon' 3 months ago
SNL Is seriously stupid now days.
'theguymike' 3 months ago
Anyone else wanna watch Cody Peperoni?
John Gaylor
'John Gaylor' 3 months ago
Welp. That reaffirmed all of my insecurities.
Gabrielle Holt
'Gabrielle Holt' 3 months ago
Homeboy got DRAGGED
Ilan Brusso
'Ilan Brusso' 3 months ago
Honestly I'd watch it
Hugh Mongous
'Hugh Mongous' 3 months ago
I've never understood why people dress twins the same. We get it, they look alike.
Bryan Hartono
'Bryan Hartono' 3 months ago
Disney showterotypes
lion king
'lion king' 3 months ago
This is a real problem face by twins everyday. .
GreenShadow Plays Minecraft
I wanna watch Cody pepperoni
Lila Duke
'Lila Duke' 4 months ago
lmao this makes me feel bad that I have puffy cheeks
Cole Macgrath
'Cole Macgrath' 4 months ago
Still better than anything on the Disney channel
Claire Bonnette
'Claire Bonnette' 4 months ago
I wanna see Cody Pepperoni
scatt jax
'scatt jax' 4 months ago
Taran finally gave me a really good laugh after about 30 videos. Way to go man, I hope you can build on this! haha
'zoojyby93' 4 months ago
This is fairly accurate Disney, there's literally a new show about a kid owning her own hotel, like what Disney?
Low Budget Productions
I'm tryna watch Cody Pepperoni tho
'Taloni' 4 months ago
I have a chemistry teacher named Ms. Watkins
Eowyn Young
'Eowyn Young' 4 months ago
I'm pretty sure this was an episode of liv and maddie😂
Jen Sheppard
'Jen Sheppard' 4 months ago
Liv and Maddie!!!!
Mark Keith
'Mark Keith' 4 months ago
They should have had the other brother play in Blackhat.
Belanca Rosier
'Belanca Rosier' 4 months ago
Nice try but that's not Liv and Maddie lol. Maddie is into sports and Liv is a superstar. Maybe next time though
Kaitlynne Elizabeth
'Kaitlynne Elizabeth' 5 months ago
poor Taren... lol
hit the orphans
'hit the orphans' 5 months ago
tbh this is the first thing SNL's put out that made me laugh
'Zanian19' 5 months ago
I was actually expecting Matty to come and say everything went great on his end. xD
Stephen Dahlem
'Stephen Dahlem' 5 months ago
So the moral is : if you can add sixty plus sixty, you can do calculus!
jarius jackson
'jarius jackson' 5 months ago
Disney tried to make there own version of drake and josh
'twentyonepoots' 6 months ago
Chris is such a good sport!
'fangirly' 6 months ago
this does actually sound like a Disney channel tv show omf
kylee andrea
'kylee andrea' 7 months ago
0:26 UNI!
Samuel Jackson
'Samuel Jackson' 7 months ago
This would be the most lit Disney show lol
Cate Lindemann
'Cate Lindemann' 7 months ago
The origins of liv and Maddie
Dizzy Storms
'Dizzy Storms' 7 months ago
Sometimes its hard to tell which one is Taran  when he's doing a character. So I have to go by his voice so I came up with this method: Marky sounds like Nature Cat &  Taran voices him so when you think Marky think Nature Cat
'Clayborne' 8 months ago
I thought I was at the wrong video for a second.
'iliriacum666' 8 months ago
I was thinking when he said: "my dick is bigger" the professor would say "Ok you can take the test"!
Born With A Vengeance
Lol how is cody pepperoni so accurate it seems like that would actually be a show on disney channel
Master Pasta
'Master Pasta' 8 months ago
And live action shows are the reason Disney Channel is trying too hard right now
Sami S
'Sami S' 8 months ago
this must've really boosted tarens confidence
Matt desu
'Matt desu' 9 months ago
Taran Killam is so funny.
Marcos Rivera
'Marcos Rivera' 9 months ago
this looks legit
Nashla Rodriguez
'Nashla Rodriguez' 9 months ago
Me too
Federico Saldias
'Federico Saldias' 9 months ago
Taran slapping Chris at 1:10 is just great
'PrettysureItsInfectd' 9 months ago
Chris Hemsworth should play "The Greatest American Hero"
bottom text
'bottom text' 9 months ago
Liv and maddie, much?
Christian Cruz
'Christian Cruz' 9 months ago
I saw the bicep difference and immediately knew this wasn't going to end well.
Makayla cummings
'Makayla cummings' 9 months ago
is it weird i thought of liv and mady instead of zach and cody 😑😑😑
John Alekseev
'John Alekseev' 9 months ago
when your math teaches name is mrs watkins
Chris Hudgins
'Chris Hudgins' 9 months ago
Theme song to "The Greatest American Hero?"
Scott Smith
'Scott Smith' 9 months ago
Does anyone else want to watch Cody Pepperoni?
Phillip Guetterman
'Phillip Guetterman' 9 months ago
When Matty checked in he should've been making out with Stacy. Would've been hilary
'Cosmonauteable' 9 months ago
I'm just imagining the writers putting them side to side and start to describe one and another
'Dion' 9 months ago
That's the smallest chalk board for a math class.
'Zikomo7' 10 months ago
We just gone ignore that failure of a high five at 1:10?..
Sam Land
'Sam Land' 10 months ago
Teacher Trial sequel? Lol
Ryan Soloway
'Ryan Soloway' 10 months ago
lol so true disney actors always look way older and sometimes WAY older haha
Dheeraj Gudipati
'Dheeraj Gudipati' 10 months ago
This made me think again about my body.
Chris White
'Chris White' 10 months ago
This is so Disney
'RoboHobo' 10 months ago
they actually got this fake Disney show pretty spot on. It's just as stupid as them. the only thing is that this is funny
Joshua Pichardo
'Joshua Pichardo' 10 months ago
this is what Disney is reduced to
'SASJKL' 10 months ago
taran's facial expressions were gold.
'XAN19936' 11 months ago
Did he just hit Chris' face??? LOL
kayla moreno
'kayla moreno' 11 months ago
Channing Tatums butt is the best one in the world on men
smithy smith smith
'smithy smith smith' 11 months ago
is the fat girl the next replacement for Melissa McCartney? it seems to go in cycles movie wise. there can be only 1 fatty in Hollywood for woman. because as we know, everyone is thin.
'b24harman' 12 months ago
Finally a skit without that unfunny black dude.
percy lol
'percy lol' 12 months ago
I love how they are mocking Disney Channel and how cheezy the shows are these days
joybaby 1020
'joybaby 1020' 12 months ago
V Zeno
'V Zeno' 12 months ago
'serious22' 12 months ago
I want to do stuff to Chris Hemsworth.
Or rather, have him do stuff to me.
Anything would be fine...
lady McBrady
'lady McBrady' 12 months ago
Im a huge hetalia fan and this made me think of america and canada so bad.
Salman Shahabuddin
'Salman Shahabuddin' 12 months ago
maa nigga carramano
'ItsJaylin' 12 months ago
cody pepperoni tho
S E Bayless
'S E Bayless' 1 year ago
Being GAY?
Samuel Medina
'Samuel Medina' 1 year ago
Kay Francis
'Kay Francis' 1 year ago
"this is matty and marky and you're watching disney channel!!!" marky: "draws his dick in the air"
Alexis Joyner
'Alexis Joyner' 1 year ago
all of us are Mrs. Watkins
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