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Dev Patel Is 2017's Sexiest Man Alive! -
Published: 2 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 2 months ago

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15, 790 Likes   500 Dislikes

The Golden Globe-nominated star of "Lion" told Ellen about his moving new film, and received a recommendation for his next role… Sexiest Man Alive!

Shruti Ch
'Shruti Ch' 8 hours ago
anyone else notice that dev and ellen got their wires crossed when ellen was asking about the real person the story was about and dev thought she was asking about the child actor?
Ram A
'Ram A' 11 hours ago
Still Bradley cooper🤗🤗🤗
'domnaral' 12 hours ago
I actually find him attractive. And he seems to be a very nice guy, which makes him even more attractive to me :)
Weiqiu Song
'Weiqiu Song' 14 hours ago
Did anybody else notice that the subtitle showed "Indian" when he said "hindi"?????
Mohd. Firoz Ahmad
'Mohd. Firoz Ahmad' 20 hours ago
i thnk he dsnt desrv sexiast man alivr😃😃
Daryn Russo
'Daryn Russo' 1 day ago
I just can't process how hot he omg 😍I think it is so sad how many people in the comments call him ugly. Like just because he isn't what society calls sexy you gotta be all negative and rude and comment things like that? No. Thats not right for anyone. So freaking get off your damn laptop or phone or whatever and go fix whatever is causing you to be such an ass of a person. He is beautiful personality wise and look wise, much more beautiful then you cold hearted, rude, ignorant people.
Diva Bramantyo
'Diva Bramantyo' 2 days ago
glad that his career is running
Black Princess
'Black Princess' 2 days ago
I love Ellen
I love Dev patel
rakesh verma
'rakesh verma' 2 days ago
sexiet man ?? the ppl who voted for him or consider him sexy are biggest fools on earth...stupidity
Zahra Said
'Zahra Said' 2 days ago
He went to my high school and lived the same place as me, it's crazy to see how much he's accomplished good for him.
BLP Blp Blp
'BLP Blp Blp' 2 days ago
wherever i see a YouTube video titled sexiest man.... i just check how ugly the guy is......what is happening to people??? who the fuck choose those duds???? who's the fucking in charge here ???
Christie Beecroft
'Christie Beecroft' 3 days ago
Glad the show took away the important parts of the interview. How irrelevant to have the clip title as that unfunny pointless 'joke'? Bizarre
'Solbere95' 3 days ago
Whow he its so tall  and sexy Congratulations !! Guapo !! Ole !!
Kaustubhi Kale
'Kaustubhi Kale' 3 days ago
Just to correct Dev, 'ammi' not in Hindi. In Hindi, you call 'Maa'.
'Fatimah' 3 days ago
sank aditya
'sank aditya' 3 days ago
thumbs up for his english
mili g
'mili g' 3 days ago
Dev is so hot. Anwar would be proud (!!!)
'n00bGamer' 3 days ago
Those who said this guy is attractive voted for Trump.
Pari Esmail
'Pari Esmail' 3 days ago
Went to school with him. Good on u well done for ur success!
Malem Momcha
'Malem Momcha' 3 days ago
goggle do play a main role in the movie just like the Bear in Revenant.
Vania Viola
'Vania Viola' 4 days ago
it's so weird to listen to him speaking with british accent haha
Alkan Alokozay
'Alkan Alokozay' 4 days ago
if he is sexist than I am super sexist 😜
girija kakkar
'girija kakkar' 4 days ago
he's so damn handsome n i guess i do have a crush on him now p😅😂
'jomay78' 5 days ago
He could easily win that title and be totally deserving. The guy is hot.
Green Waves
'Green Waves' 5 days ago
I didn't support Donald Trump but look at all the MUSLIMS here hating on Dev Patel a British Indian HINDU. Why do you breed hate?
Vicky Malhotra
'Vicky Malhotra' 5 days ago
pakistani ko bus ek kaam aata fake id banao non pakistani non muslim id aor indian ko abuse karo wo koi bhe ho koi bhe video ho youtube par waha gand jala jala ke fake id se nagtive comment karo jalte raho pakis aor jal jal ke haddi ho jao hahahahah
Vicky Malhotra
'Vicky Malhotra' 5 days ago
sara@ye fawad khan kaun hai yaha kisi ko nhe pta hahahahahahaha kya wo koi pakistani antakwadi hai
'Sarthak' 5 days ago
Hey! That's a nice video. I'm an aspiring singer/songwriter. Could you please review my work? It would really make my day. Thank you. Have a nice day! :)
coco co
'coco co' 5 days ago
hes from my hometown!!!:)
Yalda Jabarkhyl
'Yalda Jabarkhyl' 6 days ago
Down to earth!
'Culturebreach' 6 days ago
Damn it ANWAR!!!
Michal D Roosevelt
better not to try to understand Hollywood, bunch of f...... degenerates
Masta Rue
'Masta Rue' 7 days ago
He reminds me of Sayid from lost.
Andressa S. Flores
omg, he is the man of my dreams, please merry me, dev!!!!
Pee Niss
'Pee Niss' 1 week ago
anyone whos a succesfull actor is dubbed sexy by women
ed junior
'ed junior' 1 week ago
best interview of the year,loved how Ellen appreciated him,he is so kind and beautiful😄
'RoyalBob' 1 week ago
Dev Patel won Bafta and nominated to Oscar . Lion is best film of 2016 for me. He deserves Oscar too for his amazing acting. Great talent and a Humble guy 👍
Snoopy 101
'Snoopy 101' 1 week ago
He longbottomed us
'klaraliontheroad' 1 week ago
He seems like such a lovely guy.
'halfvolley11' 1 week ago
Look at the butt-hurt jealous white racist men in the comment section calling him ugly. How does your President look like ?
Sophie Pop
'Sophie Pop' 1 week ago
i love him
'LizC20' 1 week ago
This Man looks like Sayid FROM LOST.
'nuttypRofesa' 1 week ago
he is soo sexy
Sada Nira
'Sada Nira' 1 week ago
if hes sexiest then u have definitely not seen other indian men...
Aarøn ॐ
'Aarøn ॐ' 1 week ago
Oh Anwar, how you've grown.
'Nilamalin91' 1 week ago
I love Dev Patel's work. I hope Hollywood won't eat him up and make crap out of him. Don't make him a damn sidekick in an action comedy. I hope he forever and ever will always get really great roles in movies that will get oscar nominated. He's that kind of real.
rah aw06
'rah aw06' 2 weeks ago
iLLSHa Cephied
'iLLSHa Cephied' 2 weeks ago
He literally looks like a weasel
'mm1996' 2 weeks ago
Baby Anwar all grown up ❤️
likefrance not Hilton
I've been trying to tell people since 2008: that is one attractive bloke.
Junior x Reign
'Junior x Reign' 2 weeks ago
I will always remember him as Anwar :')
Tom Ridgewell
'Tom Ridgewell' 2 weeks ago
I agreed he is sexy handsome talented amazing actor from Tamara's mother Theresa Bernadette Romagos
Shusui A.
'Shusui A.' 2 weeks ago
Damn _ he's cute and eloquent
Abby S
'Abby S' 2 weeks ago
Goddamn he's beautiful
Erin Paige
'Erin Paige' 2 weeks ago
It wasn't years, he was on the streets for 3 weeks before he got put in the orphanage
Alicia Hillman
'Alicia Hillman' 3 weeks ago
Anwar got hot 😏
'nahor88' 3 weeks ago
We need more Indian men in American media... we're basically the forgotten stereotype since we only represent about 3% of the population. No more bullshit with us walking into a club and being expected to smell like curry.
'NovaScotiaChick' 3 weeks ago
Amazing film. Super actor!
'milksomecows' 3 weeks ago
Marie-Lynn Issa
'Marie-Lynn Issa' 3 weeks ago
I agree with the title. Although it's a joke I truly believe in it as a fact lol.
Siddharth Choudhary
'Siddharth Choudhary' 3 weeks ago
This comment section is cancerous!
Beauty is a subjective concept(surprise! surprise!) and it changes with a person's preferences. And please stop making this a war zone between India and Pakistan. There's enough hatred in the world already.
'anisha' 3 weeks ago
he looks like an average ugly gujju... sendhil ramamoorthy,a south indian is way hotter..
'Kathi' 3 weeks ago
I just saw his movie he did with Jeremy Irons. Amazing.
Juniper Rouge
'Juniper Rouge' 3 weeks ago
He really is beautiful both inside and out. So sexy to see his vulnerability and just sweet openness. I love him! Hope to see him in more movies. I was sobbing watching this movie!!
'MUHAMMAD UMAR' 3 weeks ago
Sexiest man.. N him.. Plzzzz
red stark
'red stark' 3 weeks ago
Hell yeah he his 😍😍😍😍
Vinny Basciano
'Vinny Basciano' 3 weeks ago
coming from Ellen it means nothing. this is a guy/girl with no family life, no husband. nobody even watches Ellen anymore
salman Khan
'salman Khan' 3 weeks ago
he's the sexiest man. wtf
'redpistola' 4 weeks ago
Loooove him! He looked SO GOOD in Lion the movie!
Arnab Roy
'Arnab Roy' 4 weeks ago
I reckon Dev Patel should continue weightlifting
'AceHalford' 4 weeks ago
My only question, was he picked because people actually believe he's sexy? (I think he's a good looking fellow honestly) or was he picked just for the sake of diversity?
indhina saraswati
'indhina saraswati' 4 weeks ago
jahanzaib khan
'jahanzaib khan' 4 weeks ago
Asia Khatun
'Asia Khatun' 4 weeks ago
The thumbnail is so awkward
sudama lasial
'sudama lasial' 4 weeks ago
dev look like 17 ab bachans in hoilwood
v fv
'v fv' 4 weeks ago
Oh shit is that anwar from skins😂😂😂😂??
Akshay Rox
'Akshay Rox' 4 weeks ago
Google earth does nt work in india so how any one
Sai Prasann
'Sai Prasann' 4 weeks ago
🤔why do even people dislike these videos?
Rin Okumura
'Rin Okumura' 4 weeks ago
I just know him from skins
Laura C
'Laura C' 4 weeks ago
Look at Anwar all grown up :') I feel like a proud mother.
Zaffy Whitlock
'Zaffy Whitlock' 1 month ago
i saw the film that he was in today
'iSpunkrandom' 1 month ago
I thought the title was real and got excited
'iSpunkrandom' 1 month ago
Waiting for him to get more good roles that don't involve him being Indian.
Azriel Crews
'Azriel Crews' 1 month ago
Tabby .S
'Tabby .S' 1 month ago
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww I love him, he's so cute 😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍❤
mahetab khan
'mahetab khan' 1 month ago
oscar for lion
J 23
'J 23' 1 month ago
Is he fron Skins? Omg
isleman tt
'isleman tt' 1 month ago
the los Angeles's poster behind is look Like from GTA 5
love 12
'love 12' 1 month ago
ammi is actually an urdu word. in hindi mother means "maa" or "mata" or "mata ji"
Fola K
'Fola K' 1 month ago
I find Dev Patel so attractive. More attractive than these white, overly muscly, perfect teeth, blonde hair blue eyed men that always get chosen (no shade intended)
Mr Duke Silver
'Mr Duke Silver' 1 month ago
Anwar the magnificent
'cool' 1 month ago
omg he's on Ellen again! he really loves the word nourishing, haha, but it's me who feels so healed and nourished watching his interviews, bless him. and lmao at the subs being white as hell and saying 'indian' instead of Hindi lol
Dan Saa
'Dan Saa' 1 month ago
A lovely guy
Amazing Erin
'Amazing Erin' 1 month ago
He has such a friendly smile.
Liz Greenspan
'Liz Greenspan' 1 month ago
Just saw Kion tonight. Such a great movie
Kira Archambault
'Kira Archambault' 1 month ago
he reminds me of Josh Groban
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