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Dev Patel Is 2017's Sexiest Man Alive! -
Published: 3 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 3 months ago

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The Golden Globe-nominated star of "Lion" told Ellen about his moving new film, and received a recommendation for his next role… Sexiest Man Alive!

Alana Garcia
'Alana Garcia' 11 hours ago
Jānis Daukša
'Jānis Daukša' 14 hours ago
He is sexy :)
Debangsu Sarkar
'Debangsu Sarkar' 15 hours ago
He's so jolly! Seriously in love with his attitude and character!
July Julzz
'July Julzz' 21 hours ago
Beard can change sexiness level of a guy.
Mangal Singh
'Mangal Singh' 2 days ago
you are genuine actor
khan khan
'khan khan' 2 days ago
what the hell guys I am in dream or what. he is nice guy but not handsome. those who calling him sexiest doesn't belong to this planet any more
Junaid Marwan
'Junaid Marwan' 2 days ago
Mr. President Is 2017's Sexiest man alive!!!!! More realistic
Lyndsay Morton
'Lyndsay Morton' 2 days ago
Anwar 😭😭😭
Nicholas Kevin
'Nicholas Kevin' 3 days ago
He literally deserves the title right now.
Kayel Eva
'Kayel Eva' 3 days ago
when they say women are blind .
Emily Ann Shaheen
'Emily Ann Shaheen' 3 days ago
in love with him
little miss sunshine
good looking nice guy!
Moon Struck
'Moon Struck' 4 days ago
i find him SO sexxxy
Samantha Cooper
'Samantha Cooper' 4 days ago
He's so attractive 😍
Joker Yonko
'Joker Yonko' 4 days ago
Title is disturbing
'Desiree' 5 days ago
He's Aladdin.
Humayd Haider
'Humayd Haider' 5 days ago
If he was a normal human girls would spit on him. $$
piya shah
'piya shah' 5 days ago
is he even an indian??
'lekristajojo' 5 days ago
dead crowd....
Rathaa A
'Rathaa A' 5 days ago
I'm in love with him
'2Bdiscovered' 5 days ago
Kanishk Dilta
'Kanishk Dilta' 6 days ago
His full name is Developer Patel.
Pearl Styled
'Pearl Styled' 1 week ago
he has played with british, america, indian and australian accents. great millenial actor.
Peatiie De Rubio
'Peatiie De Rubio' 1 week ago
God I love that movie!
'Messofanego' 1 week ago
From Skins to here, proud of a fellow desi.
Lavender Devil
'Lavender Devil' 1 week ago
Aiman Siddiq
'Aiman Siddiq' 1 week ago
Aiman Siddiq
'Aiman Siddiq' 1 week ago
mies x
'mies x' 1 week ago
he seems like the guy that is your best friend at first but then you realize he's really attractive and then you fall in love
Abdullah Kamran
'Abdullah Kamran' 1 week ago
he looks like my janitor
Web Explorer
'Web Explorer' 1 week ago
Far away from "Sexiest Man Alive", like way far...He looks ordinary and not even cute. It's nice that he ain't got any surgeries like Priyanka Chopra did to make it big in hollywood.
sandhya v
'sandhya v' 1 week ago
he is my crush since life of pi😍😍😍😍😍
Hardiv Patel
'Hardiv Patel' 1 week ago
my dad's name is Rev and his last name is Patel as well omg
'RitooRitu' 1 week ago
My brother looks like him too...anyways, the little kid carries half the film on his tiny shoulders and he does a much better job than DEv. Because first half is where the movie builds up for the second half which is a completely different but mostly normal world.
Mya Rose
'Mya Rose' 1 week ago
ok lets be honest who actually finds him attractive........
Qniba Khan
'Qniba Khan' 1 week ago
Dev Patel for Dr Who.
'gothatway09' 1 week ago
He still looks kinda goofy looking, just with a beard and long hair.  But he's fit and tall.  He's a nice looking dude, but sexy seems to be really exaggerating.  Honestly he still has that comic book store owner vibe to him, but I think it works for him.  There are Indian Bollywood guys that are way better looking then Dev.
meetali kapse
'meetali kapse' 1 week ago
yay! indian😍
yogita nagpal
'yogita nagpal' 1 week ago
love you dev
All An-droid
'All An-droid' 1 week ago
ammi is in urdu I think
L Hollenbeck
'L Hollenbeck' 1 week ago
I wanna thank GOD for creating this beautiful man.
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 week ago
when i saw him on the oscars i thought.."Dayum, thats him, he shall never change his new look, it looks really good on him." he's that guy that u find attractive but dont wanna admit cuz everyones gonna talk smack 😂 glad im not the only one dat found him attractive.
Aiser Aali
'Aiser Aali' 1 week ago
Lion is an amazing movie
Homayoun Falahati
'Homayoun Falahati' 2 weeks ago
Wtf . He's ugly 😐
Gay Bottom Pride
'Gay Bottom Pride' 2 weeks ago
Sorry are we suppose to pretend now that Dev Patel is good looking because the media says so? Is he know going to be the next Jennifer Anniston?
tina more
'tina more' 2 weeks ago
i love ellen so much omg
Vikrant Subakade
'Vikrant Subakade' 2 weeks ago
since dev patel is the sexiest man alive, im gonna go ahead and assume that brad pitt, george clooney, matt damon, leo dicaprio etc are all dead.
Rupam Jha
'Rupam Jha' 2 weeks ago
omg ....he looks like my future husband ! xD
Rupam Jha
'Rupam Jha' 2 weeks ago
omg ....he looks like my future husband ! xD
Jess Seinfeld
'Jess Seinfeld' 2 weeks ago
It's funny cause I watched Slumdog Millionaire and Skins and I found him anything but attractive, but then, he grows facial hair, works out, etc...(grows up) and this man becomes serious business. HE'S SO FREAKING HOT OMG
Amnah Alnami
'Amnah Alnami' 2 weeks ago
What was the movie he was talking about called
Adeline Pannadhika
'Adeline Pannadhika' 2 weeks ago
i can listen him all day. his voice is so humble, what a goodlooking dude
'heyterry' 2 weeks ago
Rou Healy
'Rou Healy' 2 weeks ago
maddy a
'maddy a' 2 weeks ago
keeny wheat
'keeny wheat' 2 weeks ago
idc about his race I honestly don't think he's that attractive I think it's his hair tho tbh
Sofi Gallegos
'Sofi Gallegos' 2 weeks ago
Here since Dev was Anwar❤️
'AnaLoti' 2 weeks ago
I'd marry him right now
'xXPondeReplayXx' 2 weeks ago
How I wish there would be a live movie of Aladdin. Dev as Aladdin & Priyanka Chopra as Jasmine.
Jordana Alcoforado
'Jordana Alcoforado' 2 weeks ago
He's really grow up and he's charming.
siva Kumar
'siva Kumar' 2 weeks ago
Ellen plzz bring abhish Mathew from India.He is super talented stand up comedian
Alejandra Zavalla
'Alejandra Zavalla' 2 weeks ago
He is HOT!!! ' cause he is natural !!! his voice ; the way he look at...
Thinksmart Hamesha
'Thinksmart Hamesha' 2 weeks ago
Ellen please call kapil Sharma on your show..he is a great stand up comedian in India but now world famous
Sweny Roy
'Sweny Roy' 2 weeks ago
she could have been nicer.. about sunny.... this just feeled so rushed... DEV is incredible
Mustapha Smoothz
'Mustapha Smoothz' 2 weeks ago
he looks like my economy teacher
'xMysticMalia' 2 weeks ago
he is incredibly sexy wow
'jasminesyears' 2 weeks ago
hell yes dev patel! I remember watching him on skins as Anwar. he has come a log way
'Sal' 2 weeks ago
If Disney decided to make a non animated film of Aladdin like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella Dev would be perfect for the role!
Coco Nut
'Coco Nut' 2 weeks ago
he's frikn hot
Sylvia Lankai
'Sylvia Lankai' 2 weeks ago
why is no one giving GOOGLE EARTH credit
Anjali Luthra
'Anjali Luthra' 2 weeks ago
1:24 its not 'INDIAN' its Hindi. He said hindi too
'R.L RZ' 2 weeks ago
he's so attractive
'MusicloverX88' 2 weeks ago
puberty worked out for him.
Riya Savla
'Riya Savla' 3 weeks ago
The subtitles substitute "Hindi" for "Indian" at @1:24. I don't know if that was a conscious decision to make it easier for people to understand, but it's ridiculous. There is NO language called "Indian". India doesn't HAVE a single language that everybody speaks. Please don't insult us by calling Hindi "Indian".
Chrystal Duarte
'Chrystal Duarte' 3 weeks ago
Madeleine Scrimgeour
lol why do people think he's not attractive he's so fricking beauuuut and a really good actor😍
Moonlight Bae
'Moonlight Bae' 3 weeks ago
This Movie was really Sad...
Eva Lynn
'Eva Lynn' 3 weeks ago
I would definitely vote for him for sexiest man alive. He is soo attractive!!!
Jay Milner
'Jay Milner' 3 weeks ago
That is what needs to happen cause it's no lie.
Anand Nimborkar
'Anand Nimborkar' 3 weeks ago
jai ho
natalia khan
'natalia khan' 3 weeks ago
Is he the guy from Slumdog Millionaire?
Erika Bertuldo
'Erika Bertuldo' 3 weeks ago
'Mkts' 3 weeks ago
If this guy was not a successful actor, no one would find him hot at all.
'SA' 3 weeks ago
My man
Kayla Shelley
'Kayla Shelley' 3 weeks ago
Can we please start a petition to make Dev 2017's sexiest man alive!?! What an absolutely gorgeous man he is ommmggg
'Marina' 3 weeks ago
Dev Patel is truly amazing.
Xama Patel
'Xama Patel' 3 weeks ago
Hes not hot, but many indians think so cause bollywood standards=Aamir Khan=5'4 51 yrs
Amelia Jones
'Amelia Jones' 3 weeks ago
u dont understand hollywood😂😂
Leonardo DiCaprio
'Leonardo DiCaprio' 3 weeks ago
Leonardo DiCaprio
'Leonardo DiCaprio' 3 weeks ago
Leonardo DiCaprio
'Leonardo DiCaprio' 3 weeks ago
He is so sexy!!! :) <3

Leonardo DiCaprio
'Leonardo DiCaprio' 3 weeks ago
"Lion" is the best movie ever made!!! :) <3
10/10!!! :) <3

Leonardo DiCaprio
'Leonardo DiCaprio' 3 weeks ago
puneet sharma
'puneet sharma' 3 weeks ago
is he sexiest man?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Avi k
'Avi k' 3 weeks ago
+Alfredo Durán "poor of you" Wow so morally upright suddenly, now that you are at the receiving end. You don't like being called ugly but you love calling others by the label 'ugly', right? I mean you judge others by contemporary western standards of aesthetics but somehow feel that you are special and the rules don't apply to you.
If everyone in the world is unique, why judge him with whatever standard of beauty you believe in and label him 'ugly' ? If you didn't compare him with any standard of beauty, how did you conclude he's ugly? You certainly did adhere to something to infer that. How do you know it's dark if you never saw light?
Christoffer Boman
'Christoffer Boman' 3 weeks ago
Why did he and Freida Pinto split? That would make the hottest couple.
Naveed Arif
'Naveed Arif' 3 weeks ago
His accent
Alisha khadka
'Alisha khadka' 3 weeks ago
he is definately sexy
Arya Akash
'Arya Akash' 3 weeks ago
Very emotional movie!
Teddy DarkParadise
'Teddy DarkParadise' 3 weeks ago
I find him attractive but not that hot 🤔
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