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Dev Patel Is 2017's Sexiest Man Alive! -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 2 weeks ago

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The Golden Globe-nominated star of "Lion" told Ellen about his moving new film, and received a recommendation for his next role… Sexiest Man Alive!

mahetab khan
'mahetab khan' 21 hours ago
oscar for lion
J 23
'J 23' 1 day ago
Is he fron Skins? Omg
isleman tt
'isleman tt' 1 day ago
the los Angeles's poster behind is look Like from GTA 5
love 12
'love 12' 2 days ago
ammi is actually an urdu word. in hindi mother means "maa" or "mata" or "mata ji"
Fola K
'Fola K' 2 days ago
I find Dev Patel so attractive. More attractive than these white, overly muscly, perfect teeth, blonde hair blue eyed men that always get chosen (no shade intended)
Mr Duke Silver
'Mr Duke Silver' 3 days ago
Anwar the magnificent
'neverland' 3 days ago
omg he's on Ellen again! he really loves the word nourishing, haha, but it's me who feels so healed and nourished watching his interviews, bless him. and lmao at the subs being white as hell and saying 'indian' instead of Hindi lol
Dan Saa
'Dan Saa' 3 days ago
A lovely guy
Amazing Erin
'Amazing Erin' 3 days ago
He has such a friendly smile.
Liz Greenspan
'Liz Greenspan' 3 days ago
Just saw Kion tonight. Such a great movie
Kira Archambault
'Kira Archambault' 3 days ago
he reminds me of Josh Groban
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 4 days ago
I love him so much 😍❤
FaizyTUBE Khan
'FaizyTUBE Khan' 4 days ago
I this nigga is sexist man then I'm 6cist
Dicksmash McIroncock
Yo, person who wrote subtitles. Indian is not a language, Dev said Hindi at 1:25 which is one of many Indian languages. Aside from that thank you for taking the time to write them up.
Dallis Von
'Dallis Von' 4 days ago
Should've seem without facial hair on Skins😂 he matured so much since the Skins days
'lmooreh1' 4 days ago
He is so talented, a really lovely man❗️ All the best to him. Yep, he is sexy too❤️
Noura Bounouakasse
the movie' story is touching
Alia Haider
'Alia Haider' 5 days ago
OMG!!! I LOVE DEV PATEL!!!! he is my soulmate<3!!
'lovesangels1' 5 days ago
But the movie was soooo boring!
Moneb Gasim
'Moneb Gasim' 5 days ago
love you Ellen
world boss
'world boss' 6 days ago
Ellen is so overhyped
Tishara Rajagopal
'Tishara Rajagopal' 6 days ago
Boi you cool n all but 'Indian' isn't a language. :///
Zafa Cooper
'Zafa Cooper' 6 days ago
Anwar from skins!!
rodriguez krezja
'rodriguez krezja' 6 days ago
he has come a long way
Emy Valentine
'Emy Valentine' 6 days ago
Anwar had his glow up
Jerry Y
'Jerry Y' 6 days ago
Sexiest Man Alive? what is wrong with you, ellen
Shalpinder D
'Shalpinder D' 6 days ago
Subtitles say: "He used to call her Ammi, which means mum in Indian."
INDIAN?! Indian isn't a language! And he clearly said it means mum in Hindi.
Even if they mistakenly thought he said the word indian' because his accent merges the two words: 'hindi' & 'and', common sense would tell you indian isn't a language so that sentence wouldn't make sense.
Fun fact: India has 22 official languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu etc. :)
Jan Jacobsen
'Jan Jacobsen' 6 days ago
why? he looks awfull
Euge Brownstone
'Euge Brownstone' 7 days ago
He is the sexiest man alive to me!
atharva thodge
'atharva thodge' 7 days ago
I don't know why ...but I think ellen doesn't like indians or India
Angie Gonzalez
'Angie Gonzalez' 7 days ago
cristie SRK
'cristie SRK' 7 days ago
shah rukh khan is the sexiest man alive
'PietreADI' 7 days ago
All indians are rapists tho
Fawn Winter
'Fawn Winter' 7 days ago
Wait he's from London???? When slumdogs came out Hollywood was trying to say he grow up in the slums of India and that's where they found him. well that's Hollywood for u and he played along allllll these years. He's from freaking London.
Lio Saa
'Lio Saa' 7 days ago
lovely guy
Cristina Cabral
'Cristina Cabral' 7 days ago
He is sexy.., my kind of man
Pineapple Flamingo
Ellen is losing her touch. Zero banter. Trying way too hard.
نـد ى
'نـد ى' 7 days ago
I love this man and his movies!!
Cher GH
'Cher GH' 7 days ago
ابو حمدان وصل العالمية
ب_ب__ abdulaziz
'ب_ب__ abdulaziz' 1 week ago
ابو حمدان؟؟؟!!
'Andii' 1 week ago
Damn 💕
adam K
'adam K' 1 week ago
This is sexiest man alive?????? are you kidding me???
cz gem
'cz gem' 1 week ago
He's also Anwar of Skins! I've always remember the scene of his little flat butt, so cute and sexy!
'sfeinberg16' 1 week ago
Wish I could get paid to do awkward interviews on tv
fred salt
'fred salt' 1 week ago
Looks like that dude from lost a bit.
Poppy Baskin
'Poppy Baskin' 1 week ago
Damn Anwar would be stoked
Riley Guinan
'Riley Guinan' 1 week ago
is this a joke
'rocklesson86' 1 week ago
Ellen is right. He is sexy.
Shutup n00b
'Shutup n00b' 1 week ago
This guy put his shoe on the sofa what a guy
Emily da Silva
'Emily da Silva' 1 week ago
I can't get enough of Dev Patel❤️️
SNEA 1588
'SNEA 1588' 1 week ago
Hes not even cute OR good looking... sexy my ass
Heliohs Fontana
'Heliohs Fontana' 1 week ago
'Ajay101' 1 week ago
Can't help but to think Ellen is mocking and insulting Dev towards the end.
Chanel Medford
'Chanel Medford' 1 week ago
Never seen him in a movie or anything, but I like this guy and I will see his new movie, Lion.
Rhonda Nebiyou
'Rhonda Nebiyou' 1 week ago
i love him so much
Osama 11
'Osama 11' 1 week ago
حبيبي بو حمدان والله 😂😂💔 تغيرت علينا صار عندك عقل
zed XxX
'zed XxX' 1 week ago
his face looks like a lion
Aziz L
'Aziz L' 1 week ago
He's ugly as fuck
'HaSaN MiA' 1 week ago
Yeeahhhh Joke of 2017 so far. Sexiest man alive? 😂
leiekr gonzalez
'leiekr gonzalez' 1 week ago
this aint sexy lol
Essa Alzaabi
'Essa Alzaabi' 1 week ago
how is this the sexiest man alive?
Akul Sharma
'Akul Sharma' 1 week ago
Myn Gnax Enty
'Myn Gnax Enty' 1 week ago
wat happened to him? has he been smoking pot all day all night
Mshari Abdullah
'Mshari Abdullah' 1 week ago
يشبه ابو حمدان
Salsa Bwz
'Salsa Bwz' 1 week ago
He seems such a humble guy :)
premmy Kom
'premmy Kom' 1 week ago
u r awesome dev
'vineet85' 1 week ago
when did Ellen start doing comedy?
Nam Jae Yeon
'Nam Jae Yeon' 1 week ago
Monika Huxley
'Monika Huxley' 1 week ago
yeah.. as if i care what a lesbian says about men :D
Blond Addict
'Blond Addict' 1 week ago
Yuck! Sexiest what?
'ᅚ' 1 week ago
Butt hurt Pakistanis promoting Fawad Khan as the sexiest man alive in the comment section .. =)) Height of insecurity :')))
'AndyFreak123' 1 week ago
thank god he is indian by roots so he does not use toilet paper leading to dingleberries. atleast he uses water. americans use toilet paper so they all have dingleberries. so ugly
Ryan Turner
'Ryan Turner' 1 week ago
Wow!! Ellen looks good. At her first episode which i saw, i thought she is English.
Brent Holcomb
'Brent Holcomb' 1 week ago
Dev Patel is very attractive and intelligent. I think the title of this video and the stunt within it are pretty vile. I love Ellen but this came off as if you were saying, "I made you this Sexiest Man Alive" Cover because you would never possibly be awarded this in real life. What a stinging insult for such a beautiful man and person. It even manages to seem racist, although of course I know Ellen is not a racist person. Bad material for a lovely man with a great film.
Kendy Falo
'Kendy Falo' 1 week ago
Is Ellen making fun of him?
vishnu reddy
'vishnu reddy' 1 week ago
me indian guy from bay area
Luke Skywalker
'Luke Skywalker' 1 week ago
2017 just started and he isn't that attractive
Vivan Lal
'Vivan Lal' 1 week ago
Damn people are so fucking racist... these fucking belligerent people just talking about the beauty of a perspn and these assholes come in talking about other races and religion and culture... jus shut the fuck up if you ain't got nothing nice to say
'AminaZart' 1 week ago
ZUKOS IS BACK DAMN THESE MEMORYS 😍😍😭😭 Bring it back please
'BLOOD1MONEY' 1 week ago
We can't have a terrorist as the sexiest man alive
Linda Fukuyu
'Linda Fukuyu' 1 week ago
haha !!  Sexiest Man Alive ???  He looks like a beggar to me !! Really !!
Agyeiwaa Asante
'Agyeiwaa Asante' 1 week ago
"...Which means 'mum' in Indian." 😂😂😂
Milo O
'Milo O'Rourke' 1 week ago
Anwars doing well for himself
Marjory Pimentel
'Marjory Pimentel' 1 week ago
he looks like the "wrestler ted mosby" from himym
Lila H.
'Lila H.' 1 week ago
he's not !
Rajat Y
'Rajat Y' 1 week ago
I just hope he never lose that honesty and innocence after few years.
H Iearas
'H Iearas' 1 week ago
is he though?
farida k
'farida k' 1 week ago
he seems like such a genuine person... the way he speaks idk
'mnoor222' 1 week ago
ابو حمدان بلا استهبال
Pritam Parab
'Pritam Parab' 1 week ago
he looks like mike shinoda
Helly “BeautifulLady” Helly
What!!!!! Sexiest man alive ??? Are you serious!
'MultiChristyk' 1 week ago
This video is so much more than what the title makes it out to be smh
Prathamesh naik
'Prathamesh naik' 1 week ago
All through this interview I was thinking, if "Friends" is ever remade, he can totally be Ross.
anand singh
'anand singh' 1 week ago
Good job dev Patel .....Indian proud
Amit das
'Amit das' 1 week ago
बहोत बड़िया देव पटेल
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