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KRISTEN HANCHER - Get to Know Me -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 3 weeks ago

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Okay they are #RelationshipGoals!
Kristen Hancher stopped by AwesomenessTV to tell us all about herself! Check out her links below, and tell us something nobody knows about you in the comments!
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Kristen Hancher

Produced by Maggie Knox
Shot by Sierra Middlebrooks
PA: Arianna Jonae & Ellie Romano
Edited by Earl Wells




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Music provided by Extreme Music.

Izreal Bagood
'Izreal Bagood' 52 minutes ago
Izreal Bagood
'Izreal Bagood' 53 minutes ago
I love vanilla beans too
asma Jawad
'asma Jawad' 21 hours ago
I love Kristen
Polly cole
'Polly cole' 24 hours ago
She is my favourite muser
Sheyanne Marie
'Sheyanne Marie' 24 hours ago
Sheyanne Marie
'Sheyanne Marie' 1 day ago
at 55s to 1min it is so funny i think its the best part
Miracle Louis
'Miracle Louis' 1 day ago
Isabella Sousa
'Isabella Sousa' 1 day ago
Same I hate it when people crake there knuckles
Jammy 1132
'Jammy 1132' 1 day ago
My birthday is May 17th too
Aruzhan Khassen
'Aruzhan Khassen' 1 day ago
She is so sweet😻😻😻😻
Nini Casaouia
'Nini Casaouia' 1 day ago
I love her 😍 she's so natural ❤👍
Emma Petrovska
'Emma Petrovska' 1 day ago
I live you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i love you i love you i love you <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Elisabeth Tammsaar
Audrey karume
'Audrey karume' 2 days ago
Let's play a game! Every odd number dies :) Good luck! ;)
'Asucena' 2 days ago
I love youuuuu
tiffany phuen
'tiffany phuen' 2 days ago
I do that to when I am nervous 😩
Gayu Patel
'Gayu Patel' 2 days ago
Omg I have the same Starbucks go to food and drink
Brisa Marie
'Brisa Marie' 2 days ago
when she said "i hate when people crack their any body part, who else cracked their fingers,back, and neck ? 😂😂
Ella Hall
'Ella Hall' 2 days ago
Im born may 17th as well! 2003 though
Brigette_ Rosario
'Brigette_ Rosario' 2 days ago
I WAS BORN MAY 16!!!!!
Alessia Sartorius
'Alessia Sartorius' 2 days ago
I love her😂😂❤️❤️😍😍
Alessia Sartorius
'Alessia Sartorius' 2 days ago
They are couple goals😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
The Legit Player
'The Legit Player' 2 days ago
Is this my Kristen Hancher?OH YESSS😍
Sedra Shehadeh
'Sedra Shehadeh' 2 days ago
Love u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Michelle is4life
'Michelle is4life' 3 days ago
Winny Zen
'Winny Zen' 4 days ago
You're a funny person 😄
'shannon' 4 days ago
She's the cutest awh
Geeky pineapple
'Geeky pineapple' 4 days ago
Your boyfriend is so tall😂
Itz Gamensto
'Itz Gamensto' 4 days ago
Oml I have the same Starbucks order as Kristen
Jam Jam
'Jam Jam' 4 days ago
Kristen Hancher would highkey look like Kendall Jenner if she had brown hair❤❤
CookieDj 2007
'CookieDj 2007' 4 days ago
"Hate when ppl crack there fingers" CRACKS FINGERS
Itz_Giliane xx
'Itz_Giliane xx' 4 days ago
I just dreamed about meeting Kristen somewhere in Toronto & I was, "OMG PICTURE PLZ KRISTEN" & then I woke up like oh 😂😒😢
Nagham Reacts
'Nagham Reacts' 5 days ago
Are you Christian ???
Adele Dat
It's not that u don't have a butt it's just normal the people who say that probably expect a Kim kardashian or nicki minaj butt
Little panda flipz
Omg I've been waiting for this vid 4 three months
JP Rheinfrank
'JP Rheinfrank' 5 days ago
Your birthday is my half birthday!
Melissa Macias
'Melissa Macias' 5 days ago
name melimar12
Melissa Macias
'Melissa Macias' 5 days ago
can you BFF me on
Angela .M. Smith
'Angela .M. Smith' 5 days ago
Taurus's were y'all at
Carolina Vvvv
'Carolina Vvvv' 5 days ago
My birthday is may 17
Kesling Chavez
'Kesling Chavez' 5 days ago
Can you do Zach Reed Clayton aka Bruhitszach??😊
Buck Settles
'Buck Settles' 5 days ago
Kristen,I'm Sydney and I am the same way about cracking knuckles
hakets 1
'hakets 1' 5 days ago
the best video-interview I have ever seen💓💓💓
Tania Kalombo
'Tania Kalombo' 5 days ago
Found it yasss
Yafavv Nation
'Yafavv Nation' 6 days ago
I love that your passant and your an amazing role model
Karolina Horvathova
my life is musically to end Im 13 jers old
Chandler Victorino
we have the same birthday
Tami Mclennon
'Tami Mclennon' 6 days ago
I hate when ppl crack anything lmao
Ra Nine
'Ra Nine' 6 days ago
I really want to see you 😍💕 even if for just once 💗😘 Ur my lovely queen 👑💞💞💞 Love you so muuuch 💟💟💟💟💟 i'm your fun number 1 ..😘😍💗❤💙💋💚💛💜💓💕💖💝💞💗💘
Bobbyg Fitzpatrock
Sweet your birthday is the same as mine may 17th.
Sierra Lewis
'Sierra Lewis' 7 days ago
Oh yay my birthday is in may too
Jesenia Sasso
'Jesenia Sasso' 7 days ago
I put my phone on airplane mode

Threw it out the window

It didn't fly

yancy santos
'yancy santos' 1 week ago
so Kristens zodiac sign is a Taurus like me
Carmen Manzini
'Carmen Manzini' 1 week ago
I have the same birthday as her
Ricky Mccoy
'Ricky Mccoy' 1 week ago
I love your musical.lys
MC Films!
'MC Films!' 1 week ago
Kylie Hara
'Kylie Hara' 1 week ago
daughter of selena and kendall damn
'Wolfshreeks' 1 week ago
When she said dont crack your fingers i cracked mine who else did that hahahahhaha
EmoLoveCandy Gaming
omg her birthday is may 17 and my birthday is may 17 too!❤
Arana Riley
'Arana Riley' 1 week ago
I was waiting for this one
Norah Saliba
'Norah Saliba' 1 week ago
omg me too I hate when people crack their fingers it is SO DISGUSTING!!!
Zorkóczy Zita
'Zorkóczy Zita' 1 week ago
kristen is so cuteee😱😍😍😍😍❤
Stella Is not lit
'Stella Is not lit' 1 week ago
Is Kristen Canadian?
Master_ Arsh
'Master_ Arsh' 1 week ago
Who is looking at the comments while watching the video😂😂
now im mad
'now im mad' 1 week ago
"omg i'm gonna wear this outfit"
hahaha uniform life :')
habiba ashraf
'habiba ashraf' 1 week ago
I love Kristen hancher ❤😍
llaaxxaa aannggeelleeaa bbrreeaannaa
THIS IS SO CUTE ❤❤❤❤❤💯💯💯💯💯💯
Vu Vo
'Vu Vo' 1 week ago
Kristen hancher has the same birthday as me may 17
Hannah Nugent
'Hannah Nugent' 1 week ago
Your so beautiful! Omg! And your so funny.
Little Novas show
'Little Novas show' 1 week ago
Trying to roast myself : I am a geek .......and awesome
Little Novas show
'Little Novas show' 1 week ago
Kristen your bday is may 17 and mine is may 18
Ted EY
'Ted EY' 1 week ago
I thought shes snob or something but i guess i was wrong because now i actually can see this side of her when shes literally talking😅
Eisweine Zamora
'Eisweine Zamora' 1 week ago
I thought you are 21 years old😂
mes kam
'mes kam' 1 week ago
at 0:57 😂😂
Leia Valderama
'Leia Valderama' 2 weeks ago
My bday is May 14,2005!
Hailey Fergo
'Hailey Fergo' 2 weeks ago
My birthday is also 17 May❤️❤️
Sal Sanchez
'Sal Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
Can u plz do Tyler brown Get know me
rihab harakat
'rihab harakat' 2 weeks ago
Omg i'm on may 17 😍
Abdulaziz Khalid
'Abdulaziz Khalid' 2 weeks ago
she looks like Selena gomez
Abdul “s” miah
'Abdul “s” miah' 2 weeks ago
Go react and follow my musically: @Sam_rari_phantom
Sarah Hassan
'Sarah Hassan' 2 weeks ago
She kinda looks like Chloe grace moretz idk
Rahaf Amoudi
'Rahaf Amoudi' 2 weeks ago
omg I'm may 19 soo close😍😍😍
arafa Benchikh
'arafa Benchikh' 2 weeks ago
she is so sweet 😍😍😍
'haley' 2 weeks ago
Oh look! She's actually wearing a shirt and not a bra for once, that's a first 👏🏻
Hira Colakoglu
'Hira Colakoglu' 2 weeks ago
Kristen has a great personality 💓
Salwa Id
'Salwa Id' 2 weeks ago
cringe when she kissed her boyfriend
Anna Alatalo
'Anna Alatalo' 2 weeks ago
This made me love her
heyyy its mee
'heyyy its mee' 2 weeks ago
Omgggg my birthday is may 15th!!
Eva Spiriadou
'Eva Spiriadou' 2 weeks ago
3:45 bahaha best part😂💞
Isabella Royalty
'Isabella Royalty' 2 weeks ago
17!! Wow!! I thought she was 25
Imogen Divine
'Imogen Divine' 2 weeks ago
OMG I'm dead !!
kimleang chan
'kimleang chan' 2 weeks ago
She's so nice ! c:
Potato Anna
'Potato Anna' 2 weeks ago
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