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Mac n Cheese Grilled Cheese?! Scraps to Scrumptious w/ HowToByJordan -
Published: 4 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 4 months ago

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Jordan Elle shows you how to put your leftover mac n cheese to good use and make amazing grilled cheese sandwiches!

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B & B Show
'B & B Show' 1 month ago
I made this today. It was awesome and delicious. I recommend it and she did not put the butter on the wrong way. 1/2 of butter is not that much. I really recommend this.👌🏽
I rarely dislike videos but this bitch just made her self look stupid
Juana Trujillo
'Juana Trujillo' 3 months ago
Make pancakes ❤️ shape
Beth Sotomayor
'Beth Sotomayor' 3 months ago
B week rest
keana darden
'keana darden' 3 months ago
Really put the butter on the inside omgg 😹
Cristal Becerra
'Cristal Becerra' 3 months ago
I would like to make this but I never have left over mac and chesse.
Sarah Bradford
'Sarah Bradford' 3 months ago
this is the 2 time I am watching this and I'm going to make it
Cassie Jean
'Cassie Jean' 3 months ago
Anyone else notice she didn't spread the butter ? 😭my OCD is low key killing me
Sarah Haque
'Sarah Haque' 3 months ago
Well....Someone likes butter

Samantha Jones
'Samantha Jones' 3 months ago
After watching this I made some it was soooooooo delicious
hummm 😍😍
Daniela Isabel
'Daniela Isabel' 3 months ago
In this types of videos they always give the smallest bites -__-
Bom Bom
'Bom Bom' 3 months ago
she took a tiny bite, scared of getting to the butter pool
'EMILY GONZALEZ' 3 months ago
did it and mmmmm so dilichus
Alaisha Tineo
'Alaisha Tineo' 4 months ago
The only problem from this diy is there probably won't be any leftover mac and cheese 🧀
Caitlyn Rorke
'Caitlyn Rorke' 4 months ago
1. Hunny 😶, You were suppose to put the butter on the outside of the bread
2.You were suppose to spread the damn butter on the bread
3. You used wayyy to much butter , like I gagged watching you put so much on
4. How coms her name is 'Jordan' here but on her main channel it says Maddie?!
Krasser- Alois : News Portal
Tolle Sache habe Hunger Schick Mir so ein Ding Grüsse Alois
Rameen Fatima
'Rameen Fatima' 4 months ago
I love Jordan so much
Dominant Rain
'Dominant Rain' 4 months ago
1:38 "I can't wait to see what it tasted like"... what?
Rachel Pacheco
'Rachel Pacheco' 4 months ago
I felt uncomfortable when she put the butter on the inside and didn't spread it on the bread. that's alot of butter too I don't use that much and I use butter on the pan too instead of the spray
Chloe Glover
'Chloe Glover' 4 months ago
I've never had mac & cheese
Talia Hass
'Talia Hass' 4 months ago
You're supposed to put butter on the outside. Smear it on the bread, not cut slices. I'v never actually known anyone who CANT make a simple grilled cheese! Lol
priya suthar
'priya suthar' 4 months ago
િપવા is my name
Toy Chica the Chicken
who else was like " I'm allergic to gluten!😭"
Andrea Cortes
'Andrea Cortes' 4 months ago
I dont like Mac & Cheese 😕
Fiona 0324
'Fiona 0324' 4 months ago
You should turn the heat on the pan lower so the cheese had time to melt b4 the bread burns. Otherwise the bread will burn so easily, and the cheese didnt even look melted.
Chloe Robonson
'Chloe Robonson' 4 months ago
1. To much butter
2. She didn't spread it like it said to
3. She put the butter on the inside where it's supposed to be on the outside so it doesn't stick to the pan
Has she ever made a grilled cheese, like 🤔😒🙄
And she burnt it but the idea was good I guess 😬
Hannah .
'Hannah .' 4 months ago
Ermm.... your supposed to but the butter on the outside like wtf
Jamileht Martinez
'Jamileht Martinez' 4 months ago
do you even have any idea how to cook
Lea M.
'Lea M.' 4 months ago
I laughed so much at the beginning 😂 she didn't spread the butter, used kinda to much and it's supposed to be on the outside 😂😂😂
Sanya Trehan
'Sanya Trehan' 4 months ago
Make hot chocolate out of leftover smores
Despicable Penguin
'Despicable Penguin' 4 months ago
Finally a recipe I can do
'Anon.pundit.nonA' 4 months ago
Sweetie... the butter goes on the outside 😭 and you burnt tf outta that bread I'm crying 😂😂😂
'Frankie00' 4 months ago
Pro Tip- if you burn your grilled cheese bread just take a sharp knife and rub it on the bread to get the burnt top layer off
Phili nora
'Phili nora' 4 months ago
Looks like a heart attack 😂😂😂 and isn't the butter supposed to go on the outsides? ;P
Juilianna Watanabe
'Juilianna Watanabe' 4 months ago
you put butter on the outside of grilled chesse and spread it around not on the inside as a chunk
Bradley Tucker
'Bradley Tucker' 4 months ago
this channel has great/easy/fun recipes 😎👍😀
Alexa McCowan
'Alexa McCowan' 4 months ago
Jefferson is this you?
Tiffany T.
'Tiffany T.' 4 months ago
this is from holiday cooking with Andrew...
Tay Hutch
'Tay Hutch' 4 months ago
It should be called 'mac n grilled cheese'
Terrie Lynn Johnson
'Terrie Lynn Johnson' 4 months ago
Oooh i might like this cause grilled cheese is my all time favorite food.
Samantha Sison
'Samantha Sison' 4 months ago
She is a literal joke.. Who puts a glob of butter on the inside without spreading it like have you never made a grilled cheese before Oml
Leilani O.
'Leilani O.' 4 months ago
I usually put the butter on the outside of the bread so it can be crispy and good!
'NCELL' 4 months ago
Sheryll Ochoa
'Sheryll Ochoa' 4 months ago
Alicia Oldfield
'Alicia Oldfield' 4 months ago
Andrew Lowe?????
'sprinkleofstyle' 4 months ago
If you're reading this, I hope you and your family have a brilliant start to 2017 😘
nameera #selenator
'nameera #selenator' 4 months ago
umm...except butter I have none of the ingredients at home that's not easy for me
Abigail Pomer
'Abigail Pomer' 4 months ago
I've made this before. You put the butter on the outsides not the inside, and I recommend warming up the mac n' cheese before putting it on the bread if you don't want cold spots :)
'Kinkorilla' 4 months ago
Wtf? People have leftover mac&cheese???
Leiloni Williams
'Leiloni Williams' 4 months ago
Where is the bacon?
Rachael Hogan
'Rachael Hogan' 4 months ago
Woah I'm early
'PurpleCandyPlays' 4 months ago
Watching this while eating mac'n'cheese.
Mock Tv
'Mock Tv' 4 months ago
Ana Marines
'Ana Marines' 4 months ago
holiday cooking with Andrew
cosas de martha
'cosas de martha' 4 months ago
hi,this looks so good
Riley Kuhn
'Riley Kuhn' 4 months ago
Looks amazing!! Your making me hungry!
Savageness TV
'Savageness TV' 4 months ago
Olivia Riley
'Olivia Riley' 4 months ago
I don't think she understood that you were supposed to spread the butter on the bread.
Reema Rawal
'Reema Rawal' 4 months ago
early squad
'5F4H' 4 months ago
I'm gonna do it now xD
'Panda48' 4 months ago
Any youtubers want to support each other
_1624_ Dancer_1624_
'_1624_ Dancer_1624_' 4 months ago
This looks good
Morgan Mcdiarmid
'Morgan Mcdiarmid' 4 months ago
12 th
'BrookieDIYs' 4 months ago
Early squad (tenth comment)
Tembs Gaskill
'Tembs Gaskill' 4 months ago
Lanhia Crosby
'Lanhia Crosby' 4 months ago
Siobhan Hanrahan
'Siobhan Hanrahan' 4 months ago
2 person to comment
MyLifeAs Alex
'MyLifeAs Alex' 4 months ago
Siobhan Hanrahan
'Siobhan Hanrahan' 4 months ago
It look good
'Oreo_Bubblez' 4 months ago
Who's early?!?!
Alana Craig
'Alana Craig' 4 months ago
subscribe to my channel
Alana Craig
'Alana Craig' 4 months ago
that looks good
Bella Phan
'Bella Phan' 4 months ago
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