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When You Can't Help Your Parents -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 months ago

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WARNING: This video contains sensitive material related to suicide and mental illness.

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Bogdan Shumenko
'Bogdan Shumenko' 3 weeks ago
These transitions remind me of this new movie Get Out
marco antonio maldonado
is the black guy a kinda distant cousin of kevin Hart ?
'Its.Jãz' 4 weeks ago
your dad gone catch these hands
ItzKrystal MSP
'ItzKrystal MSP' 4 weeks ago
can we have the cast. I wanna praise them.
Tyla Morgan
'Tyla Morgan' 4 weeks ago
what kind of disorder does michaels dad have??
'4islandbeauty' 4 weeks ago
Dad seems to be dealing with dementia
Sigrid Pedersen
'Sigrid Pedersen' 4 weeks ago
I love this series so much. One of the best things buzzfeed has ever done
laura lewis
'laura lewis' 1 month ago
"Female usefulness isn't centered around serving men anymore"
Thank you
Jessika Joenck
'Jessika Joenck' 1 month ago
His mother sounds very much like mine... And I got scared from how much I related to him, but just in the general sadness.. not suicidal or with ocd. ~that's was an offer from "comments that got too real"~
Fatima Bhatti
'Fatima Bhatti' 1 month ago
thought provoking
Angel Osuji
'Angel Osuji' 1 month ago
seeing Michael smile is my favourite thing
SNA Designs
'SNA Designs' 1 month ago
Why aren't these numbered in the description I'm out of order 😭
Rosa Gildea
'Rosa Gildea' 1 month ago
I love this series!!!
'Hamza' 1 month ago
What does the dad say at 4:06? Couldn't make it out.
'soccerchamp0511' 1 month ago
Wow, this episode really hit me hard. His interactions and relationship with his parents are exactly like mine with my parents, and I have struggled with depression too.
Wesley Carter
'Wesley Carter' 1 month ago
what does the man say at 4:06? i couldn't understand him
Alexandra Pieper
'Alexandra Pieper' 1 month ago
This series hits me deep
Elizabeth Mitsukuchi
"Where are the potatoes?" ME.
Ramon Gomez
'Ramon Gomez' 1 month ago
I've seen 2 buzzfeed mini-series where this guy's starts he's awesome anybody have so e info on him like other series or maybe he has a youtube channel or like his social media @'s
S. Williams
'S. Williams' 1 month ago
I love how they're talking about mana and MTG, and the Black Lotus Card which is v expensive
Victoria V
'Victoria V' 1 month ago
These iPhone 7 plus speakers are blowing my mind! Great series by the way! Very intriguing
'PhunkyPrincess' 1 month ago
I loooove this series! more pleeeeease
zach berry
'zach berry' 1 month ago
What kinda makes me mad is when the girl at the store told him he didn't want to understand the game but he asked her a question trying to understand it more
Lizzie Cook
'Lizzie Cook' 1 month ago
was he eating a plate of fruit?
'tyshawn102' 1 month ago
The sad part about this is this is real life
Amanda Duenskie
'Amanda Duenskie' 1 month ago
Favorite buzzfeed series
'MikoSacrifice' 1 month ago
is there a part 5?
'dlee' 1 month ago
Great series. Like the simplicity of the acting and complexity of the plot. But you guys need a way to mark this series in chronological order.
Cymba McReynolds
'Cymba McReynolds' 1 month ago
This is a great series. Keep it up :)
'Demeter's Daughter' 1 month ago
No. Just no. You can't just leave someone when times get hard. You can't just call it quits when things are uncomfortable. Just because divorce is what everyone else does doesn't mean it's something you should do.
Marilyn M
'Marilyn M' 1 month ago
I can relate to this my parents have fought and my dad was abusive they are still together but my mom said he has to change a bit or else she will leave they have threatened to get a divorce but at the same time they dont want to sometimes my mom would come home from work, clean and prepare dinner and my dad would just ignore her he would just wish he was alone and not married
'xSaiyanSx' 1 month ago
Wait so... is this the end of the series??
'X X' 1 month ago
When is the new one coming up can't wait
only here 4 videos
'only here 4 videos' 1 month ago
I need more
Joely Simmons
'Joely Simmons' 1 month ago
please make more of these, I'm addicted
Blake Mastretson
'Blake Mastretson' 1 month ago
"You would understand better if you had the chance of love someone honey" is momma throwing shade?
And can someone please tell me what the dad says after the son says ld love some of your potatoes? I've listened to it like 20 times and still can't understand what's he says.
Blue Diamond
'Blue Diamond' 1 month ago
what does this mean. have I seen something to far ahead???????
jana bunni
'jana bunni' 1 month ago
I'm so mad at the dad and mom, the dad for treating her like this and the mom for dealing with it she deserves so much better
Saar Lander
'Saar Lander' 1 month ago
404 Father Not Found
o. J
'o. J' 1 month ago
you know what's scary

going to bed with nothing but your thoughts......
Shanice Prejean
'Shanice Prejean' 1 month ago
Michael is so fine 😍
josh fairbanks
'josh fairbanks' 1 month ago
failed piece of garbage
Lauren Marvin
'Lauren Marvin' 1 month ago
This series hits damn close to home and is beautifully done
'Anonymous' 1 month ago
Don't stop making these
'kimchisux' 1 month ago
what does michael's dad say @4:06?
'Youbring' 1 month ago
how do i find these in order
'Bianca' 1 month ago
This is too good wtf
Goyly Dan
'Goyly Dan' 1 month ago
honyota cirolla
maggy Y
'maggy Y' 1 month ago
I don't get the dad thing, please explain. Why is he so salty? And there seems to be a family problem?? What's up with that?
'cinnamonvanilla24' 1 month ago
His father reminds me of my father and I hate this so much.
'K' 1 month ago
The dad made me so mad omg, wonderful acting!! I love this series, it's rlly good
Jennifer Mendoza
'Jennifer Mendoza' 1 month ago
Don't like this series. Really bad/ awkward acting.
Paul Adetunji
'Paul Adetunji' 1 month ago
Is it just me or does it seems like the father has some mental health issues as well? or is he just a rude F'er
Charles Owens
'Charles Owens' 1 month ago
this series is good enough for its own individual channel.
Pablo Menjivar
'Pablo Menjivar' 1 month ago
im waiting for the next episonde😐
'MADSTARxxDJKLUMZYB' 1 month ago
when is the next episode? story of my life...
King Sailboat
'King Sailboat' 1 month ago
This series hit a little too close to home..
Lucie Locket
'Lucie Locket' 1 month ago
This hit pretty deep and personal...
'Lydi@' 1 month ago
I love this series. It's so very real.
Rachel Rogers
'Rachel Rogers' 1 month ago
'vexo' 1 month ago
I love this series make more!!!
Mocha 123
'Mocha 123' 1 month ago
"Umm excuse me where are the potatoes" "I am not eating these. I hate your potatoes"
'TheAndrealee01' 1 month ago
And then you get completely off track.
luky 16
'luky 16' 1 month ago
Two words: Honyota Corolla
Nathan Conley
'Nathan Conley' 1 month ago
Is it weird I wanna see the ending but not want it to end at the same time?
Carson Tyler
'Carson Tyler' 1 month ago
Always ending at the good parts.
'Tame' 1 month ago
God dammit Buzzfeed. Just put the order of the videos in the title or put the links in the description at least. Are you new to YouTube or what?
Robin Looney
'Robin Looney' 1 month ago
I'm in love with this series, I anxiously wait for each new episode. However, I have a hard time finding them when they come out. I wish there was a way to notify viewers when an episode of a series comes out.
Suzanna Shafey
'Suzanna Shafey' 1 month ago
they need to make the episodes longer like 15-20 minutes
Micaela V
'Micaela V' 1 month ago
Wish these lasted longer.
Lisa Arielle
'Lisa Arielle' 1 month ago
I saw the noose and didn't understand it. From what I got, this man has Alzheimer's or dementia, and is beginning hoarding as well as being emotionally abusive. Can someone explain the material related to suicide and how it works in this sketch?
'Parttimewizard' 1 month ago
This one hit a bit too close to home.
Leanne M
'Leanne M' 1 month ago
"Usefulness isn't centered around serving men anymore."

I wish certain people in my life could see that. This video is way too relatable.
Kiya Nice
'Kiya Nice' 1 month ago
xxfsx. xcccvbbxxb runs☺😋😂😀😉😚😊😎😂🤓😇🤗🙂☺😚😙😉😊😋😎😍😘😗😆😄😅😅😃😂😁😀😚☺😉☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😋😋😋😋😋😋😉😉😉😉😉😙😙😊😊😋😋😂😂😀😀😉😉😍😎☺😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
Maia Adolphs
'Maia Adolphs' 1 month ago
snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap
snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap
Cassandra Medina
'Cassandra Medina' 1 month ago
never seen something so relatable
'_Alex_u_know_' 1 month ago
I Love this series!!!
Lou Palace
'Lou Palace' 1 month ago
"You'd understand better if you had the chance to love someone" :(
lauren mcarthur
'lauren mcarthur' 1 month ago
Jason Deutschbein
'Jason Deutschbein' 1 month ago
This.. was useful to me.
'JLifeAdvice' 1 month ago
CT Fletcher's Life Story
zaid alsamman
'zaid alsamman' 1 month ago
annoying cliffhangers
Lilr_ 14
'Lilr_ 14' 1 month ago
the title sound like an Instagram video
PJ Gaming
'PJ Gaming' 1 month ago
Lysteria oidar
'Lysteria oidar' 1 month ago
I loved it.
I just watched this in reverse because I didin't know it was a series... and even with it it was great.
Brittany Brown
'Brittany Brown' 1 month ago
i would love to see an episode about attict parents. i often feel alone, but i know i'm not the only one with a homeless attict parent.
Emily Barnett
'Emily Barnett' 1 month ago
Oh... tears
Ron Josh Ytem
'Ron Josh Ytem' 1 month ago
This is Buzzfeeds best series
BlueClaws AJ
'BlueClaws AJ' 1 month ago
Starving mice live a half time longer than their fatass friends oh my god I laughed at that
'SauceySyd' 1 month ago
When you can actually relate to this series
Lizzy Playz
'Lizzy Playz' 1 month ago
so deep
kraze karver101
'kraze karver101' 1 month ago
I feel bad for his mom and him
'Rhenioun' 1 month ago
I'm not trolling, I dont understand at all what the message of this was. I see the idea of suicide, but I think I missed where it applies with his family and his date. can someone help me out?
Lloyd Nix
'Lloyd Nix' 1 month ago
"Are you on your way out?"
Looks at noose
I think I might of died slightly laughing.
alyssa w
'alyssa w' 1 month ago
oh my god this hit home for me since this is the exact situation with me and my parents. i'm worried when i move out my mom will become extremely depressed with having to live with my dad, but she won't leave him. ugh
Emilee Pendarvis
'Emilee Pendarvis' 1 month ago
more more more
'NotedHawk' 1 month ago
Where are Parts 1-3?
Emily Luke
'Emily Luke' 1 month ago
I just wanted to say that I appreciate the disclaimers at the start of the videos and in the description. For years I never understood why those were necessary until now... I still haven't watched the video, but I'm glad it exists.
'Fleetato' 1 month ago
I hate the sound of utensils against plates.. kills me like nails on a chalk board
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