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Giuliani Cold Open - Saturday Night Live -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

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Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (Taran Killam) reflects on how he ended up going from a potential presidential candidate to a guest on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson (Vanessa Bayer) with help from Birdman (Beck Bennett).

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Elaina M
'Elaina M' 2 months ago
Damn I miss Taran! He was one of my favorites! He never failed to make me laugh or entertain even if the sketch wasnt very strong. I love that guy. I was really surprised when I heard he was leaving, and even more so mid-season. Seems odd. Hopefully not due to any negative behind-the-scenes drama or anything.
Pang Amanda
'Pang Amanda' 5 months ago
He is so funny.
John Graves
'John Graves' 7 months ago
Terrible Guliani impression
Morgan Wells
'Morgan Wells' 8 months ago
every time this guy does any character, he sucks. he's the worst giuliani on earth
Tommy Cease
'Tommy Cease' 8 months ago
Julia is worthless brainless shill
Jordan W S
'Jordan W S' 1 year ago
Brilliant! People can say a lot of stuff about SNL but they've always had a knack for meshing politics w/ pop culture and I'm loving every second of it
Chuck U. Farley II
'Chuck U. Farley II' 2 years ago
SNL is in New York, but that is not an excuse for promoting a local hack, like he's some kind of national figure.  

Should all the damn shows in LA go on an on about some e-mayor.  I am tired of seeing this old bald asshole. 
Lauren Harris
'Lauren Harris' 2 years ago
This made me want to see Birdman.
rachel ruth
'rachel ruth' 2 years ago
if you haven't watched birdman you'll probably confused
Im Brad
'Im Brad' 2 years ago
Rudy Giuliani is the white Al Sharpton.
'samnyc2' 2 years ago
I love how those in the UK are complaining about being blocked when the US is blocked from BBC....
'samnyc2' 2 years ago
Is that the same Mayor that put the emergency response station in the World Trade Center???? Despite those warning not to after 1993?
Esmeralda Diaz
'Esmeralda Diaz' 2 years ago
molon labe
'molon labe' 2 years ago
Liberals absolutely refuse to admit that Obama is anything but perfect and infallible.   They are wrong.
RJ Ophe
'RJ Ophe' 2 years ago
Yuan Gao
'Yuan Gao' 2 years ago
Taran Killam is the jam
'CE' 2 years ago
Quite creative
'nancyro81' 2 years ago
Not being able to watch all your videos in the UK.  I can see this one but not others, what gives?
Danny Steeler
'Danny Steeler' 2 years ago
Good grief , that was nearly the worst cold opening I ve ever seen in SNL history  :|
Anne McGowan
'Anne McGowan' 2 years ago
Fucking stupid, lame ass shit.  Typical SNL.  Why I quit watching 20 years ago and haven't missed it.
Ahmed Al-Dosari
'Ahmed Al-Dosari' 2 years ago
brilliant sketch
Joe McDonald
'Joe McDonald' 2 years ago
Worst cold opening in decades. Not at all funny.
mike albert
'mike albert' 2 years ago
This was fucking retarded! SNL is the one trying to hang on to ratings and their old glory days. This fucked up show hasn't  been worth a shit since the 70's maybe into the 80's. FUCKING BOOOOORING!!!!!! 
Putins Cat
'Putins Cat' 2 years ago
Why cold?  I liked the reference to Birdman, and the way he looked more like Keaton than Giuliani..
Hector Devora
'Hector Devora' 2 years ago
I love this opening skit Taran really did a good job of mocking that clown Giuliani and his ridiculous comments, unfortunately I haven't seen Birdman
'pamusicman2' 2 years ago
wow, a scene that Vanessa Bayer doesn't SUCK in!
Harris Foster
'Harris Foster' 2 years ago
Awful imitation, where was the LISP?????????????
Lev Myskin
'Lev Myskin' 2 years ago
I'd personally like to thank SNL for blocking most of their content in the UK even though it's impossible to watch it any other way over here. Thanks guys. Go freedom.
Varun Singh
'Varun Singh' 2 years ago
Literally Lmao
Varun Singh
'Varun Singh' 2 years ago
Taran Killam you're a genius.....those Michael Keaton expressions were amazing
Lucia LaNave
'Lucia LaNave' 2 years ago
Hilarious and spot on. Taran absolutely nailed Keaton's facial expressions. I loved Birdman, and this was a perfect parody of it. Great job. :)
Binyamin Hirschey
'Binyamin Hirschey' 2 years ago
is this becks first live from ny
Adrian Jonas - The Truth Hurts
Oh, never mind(hahahahah)
Adrian Jonas - The Truth Hurts
That was more like a Michael Keaton impersonation?  
'4hotpink10' 2 years ago
his facial expression are so much like Michael Keaton's I love it
'4hotpink10' 2 years ago
Doppel adler
'Doppel adler' 2 years ago
"not available in my country" PLS FIX IT, THX
'FollowmeforPromote' 2 years ago
follow me for music:>><<--
Iona Batchelder
'Iona Batchelder' 2 years ago
one of the best cold opens I've ever seen. if you watched Birdman, this skit is amazing and hilarious. Even if you didn't watch it, some aspects of Birdman everyone heard about--the one take cinematography, for example. Also, they had to mock Giuliani somehow for those ridiculous comments. Also Taran does a spot on Giuliani/Michael Keaton's character (Riggan)
'9enius' 2 years ago
Blending 2 bowls of shit doesn't make you ice cream
GG Babe
'GG Babe' 2 years ago
Birdman rocks
Kalle Saarinen
'Kalle Saarinen' 2 years ago
this had a nice premise, sharper than usual
'abrums188' 2 years ago
I tried watching this episode of snl, and oh man it was bad. Cheesy lines and jokes. It was so bland, and strenuous to watch. I hope snl turns around and becomes funny again.
Roger B
'Roger B' 2 years ago
I really thought it's Will Arnett's voice-over.......Taran Killam was awesome yet again!!!!
Thundering Typhoons
'Thundering Typhoons' 2 years ago
Ha! Loved this! Taran is one of my favorite current casts.
Alexandra Kurchikova
wow, I'm not even sure if it is Taran or Michael Keaton
'JambonMaker' 2 years ago
Wow the audience doesn't get it.
Bálint Borka
'Bálint Borka' 2 years ago
Oh my god! I don't like this snl actor for some reason, but how he copied Keatons face expressions, is unbelievable. Amazing. 
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