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Beyoncé - Countdown -
Published: 5 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 5 years ago

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518, 706 Likes   24, 622 Dislikes

Beyoncé's official video for 'Countdown'. Click to listen to Beyoncé on Spotify:

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Oh, killing me softly and I'm still fallin'
Still the one I need, I will always be with you
Oh, you got me all gone, don't ever let me go
Say it real loud if you fly
If you leave me you're out of your mind
My baby is a 10
We dressing to the 9
He pick me up we 8
Make me feel so lucky 7
He kiss me in his 6
We be making love in 5
Still the one I do this 4
I'm trying to make a 3
From that 2
He still the 1

Jasmine Crawford
'Jasmine Crawford' 5 hours ago
This whole album is just so fun and upbeat and was so ahead of its time.
'Omg581' 5 hours ago
1:54 wheres the baby bump tho?? lmao when she turns, it isnt there.
Yasmine Taylor
'Yasmine Taylor' 7 hours ago
for some resion my teacher use this song as a timer
Diario da Giovanna
'Diario da Giovanna' 9 hours ago
essa musica e muito linda
Bobby shannan
'Bobby shannan' 16 hours ago
she's apart of a. gang
'ANDY GALEANO' 1 day ago
ella realmente es la reina QUEEN B
Jonathan Norwood
'Jonathan Norwood' 1 day ago
Why does she remind me of Tyra Banks in this vid??
Alaya Cantu
'Alaya Cantu' 1 day ago
Oran Mccolgan
'Oran Mccolgan' 2 days ago
Damn she was pregnant and still slayed my existence queen bey done it again <3
alice. qlf
'alice. qlf' 2 days ago
2:54 Pregnant ??
ILove Autumn
'ILove Autumn' 2 days ago
lmao the part @ 2:56 creeps me out
Zack WhoAmI
'Zack WhoAmI' 2 days ago
heard the riff at the beginning and I already died. holy shit Beyoncé kill it
Zabrionia Abraham
'Zabrionia Abraham' 2 days ago
'xDulcemelodia13' 2 days ago
This woman is totally amazing. Her songs, her dancing, everything, are perfect. She is a big inspiration, and a really talented person.
prin dnm
'prin dnm' 2 days ago
Samirah Obaudo
'Samirah Obaudo' 2 days ago
D S Johnson
'D S Johnson' 2 days ago
1:56 early version of dabbing. Queen Bey has given us everything!!!!
Goretty Martinez (Retty)
This is like badass Helpless from Hamilton except this love story has less drama
kamiya mcclary
'kamiya mcclary' 2 days ago
who still here in 2017
Royalty Redd
'Royalty Redd' 2 days ago
0:03 JAY VERSACE😍😂😂😂
Jaime Smith
'Jaime Smith' 3 days ago
Black haired Bey ❤
josemaria excriva
'josemaria excriva' 3 days ago
loved this sing. still do
Kass L
'Kass L' 3 days ago
Adhan Luciano
'Adhan Luciano' 3 days ago
queen 😚
Lucas Terassi
'Lucas Terassi' 3 days ago
He Editz
'He Editz' 3 days ago
blu's baby bump @ :35
Vera Dwyer
'Vera Dwyer' 3 days ago
Me and my sister Shikaeyla like to sing this song it reminds me of my dad
Zakiyah Swinney
'Zakiyah Swinney' 3 days ago
i love this song i song this hold song😄😄😃
Ariana Fox
'Ariana Fox' 3 days ago
lol im watching this in 2017
'kai_fries' 3 days ago
Beyoncé: ohhhh killing me softlyyyy
me: *flashbacks to killing stalking"
Rainbow Skits
'Rainbow Skits' 3 days ago
Nia Soux looks just like her!
Jezelle Nunez
'Jezelle Nunez' 4 days ago
Watching this in 2017 and singing my soul out to it while my family is looking at me all weird🤔😕😛🌺🔥👸🏽
kwz t
'kwz t' 4 days ago
Xl Tar
'Xl Tar' 4 days ago
'MaddisonRose' 4 days ago
When will the universe give me a guy to cherish? I wanna relate to Beyoncé 😞
Layla Cherise
'Layla Cherise' 4 days ago
2017 and still love this song 😍
Nikki Pytko
'Nikki Pytko' 4 days ago
Brittany Smith
'Brittany Smith' 5 days ago
I want to live with Beyonce place
kulkarni tejas
'kulkarni tejas' 5 days ago
Idk why I love this video so much 😂😂😂
Lydia Attema
'Lydia Attema' 5 days ago
3:23 that girl in the back, left, just realised she was in a videoclip of Beyoncé. It would be my reaction too
Sheila Hicks
'Sheila Hicks' 5 days ago
I like count down 🔔🎂🎁🎉🔫💰
london girdner
'london girdner' 5 days ago
I like you better save my favorite singer
london girdner
'london girdner' 5 days ago
you my favorite character singer
Destiny Galberth
'Destiny Galberth' 5 days ago
Nyiriak Ayiei
'Nyiriak Ayiei' 5 days ago
loved it🔥💯👑💖
Kennedy Dabney
'Kennedy Dabney' 5 days ago
Me and my boo
the diamond trix
'the diamond trix' 6 days ago
bey a l'ancienne on dirais minaj
Brenden & Kimora
'Brenden & Kimora' 6 days ago
Your buitfull
Who listening to this song in 2017
Queen Charisma
'Queen Charisma' 6 days ago
'jointhezen' 6 days ago
fucking love this song always makes me happy
tyrese patterson
'tyrese patterson' 6 days ago
and I am a girl I am tyre sister
tyrese patterson
'tyrese patterson' 6 days ago
oops and her name is Beyonce
tyrese patterson
'tyrese patterson' 6 days ago
this is my favorite song and she is my favorite singer and songwriter all my live I liked no buddy but her I don't care if she was with the worst of the worst I sill said she is my favorite singer and not jast that I can sing to
Portman_ Heedus2319
but I love this song
Portman_ Heedus2319
Audrey Hepburn's outfit only suits Audrey Hepburn tbh 0:19
Jace Cruz
'Jace Cruz' 6 days ago
damn she did boomerang and musically before they were even invented
Linda Perez
'Linda Perez' 6 days ago
Love this song
Chelsena Simmmonds
#fav Beyonce song ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Emma Nichols
'Emma Nichols' 6 days ago
I like how she is actually clothed
'marzyland' 6 days ago
This is my fav album by her..her new stuff just isn't for me
'JuneBaby' 6 days ago
OnThe WaitingList
'OnThe WaitingList' 7 days ago
Beyonce is my black role model
Imani Wilks
'Imani Wilks' 7 days ago
Beyoncé I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!💖
Jacqueline Uchiha
'Jacqueline Uchiha' 7 days ago
I love this song
Kelly Ribeiro
'Kelly Ribeiro' 7 days ago
Maravilho seu talendo é inesplicavel
Braelyn Catcheway
'Braelyn Catcheway' 1 week ago
Is anyone one else watching this in 2017? 😂
Chloe Madison
'Chloe Madison' 1 week ago
Dante Barger
'Dante Barger' 1 week ago
She keeps on looking different in her videos
Ariana Martinez
'Ariana Martinez' 1 week ago
me and my boo and my boo boo ridin all up in that black with his chick right beside him ladies if u love ur man show him your the fliest grind up on it girl show him how u ride it
Ariana Martinez
'Ariana Martinez' 1 week ago
that color change doe it's lit
Kent Miller
'Kent Miller' 1 week ago
Still my fave Beyoncé song!
Auane dos Santos
'Auane dos Santos' 1 week ago
2017??? kjfhdjsdk
emily noel
'emily noel' 1 week ago
beyonce is the main voice for women and African right she the queen #queenB
Shamierah Chase
'Shamierah Chase' 1 week ago
Shawn Davis
'Shawn Davis' 1 week ago
Countdown how very gorgeous Beyonce is she is forever a #10 plus most beautifully at how she is in the World....Team Queen Beyonce. ♡☆ FOREVER $$$$$$$♡☆
berry explosion
'berry explosion' 1 week ago
Beyoncé low key looks like Anika from empire here
Maimouna Rachels
'Maimouna Rachels' 1 week ago
Seems like everyone forgets that this video was just copied from Anne Teresa De Keersmaker..
Dawg Gawd
'Dawg Gawd' 1 week ago
I like the way her boobs jiggle
creep creep
'creep creep' 1 week ago
I like when Beyonce' makes fun videos it shows her cool side
Shattered Arrow
'Shattered Arrow' 1 week ago
I don't see how people think Helpless from Hamilton sounds like this
Blossoming Hair
'Blossoming Hair' 1 week ago
I only found this because of the boy who recreated it xD
Lakeisha Lake
'Lakeisha Lake' 1 week ago
cute video, reminds me of the 60's 😊
Geraldo Lopes
'Geraldo Lopes' 1 week ago
3:09 Beyoncé or Rihanna?
Jon Kletz
'Jon Kletz' 1 week ago
1:27 - 1:58 =Best part
'Doge' 1 week ago
0:00-3:33 is the best part
literally_ashketchup 666
This woman is extremely talented. Shes pregnant and still killing the game. no even comes close to queen B❤
Leen Hussein
'Leen Hussein' 1 week ago
When you discover special fx but srsly such an amazing song and music video
'SEEN BY SOL' 1 week ago
'analiaoftheworld' 1 week ago
Me and my BOO
HelloItsChloe X
'HelloItsChloe X' 1 week ago
Who else came the vine of that boy remaking this
Melony Costa
'Melony Costa' 1 week ago
she's so amazing omgggggggg
stefano miranda
'stefano miranda' 1 week ago
saudades dessa época quando música era diversão não competição
ali leslie
'ali leslie' 1 week ago
she looked so beautiful in this video. it's so underrated
Ederys Vasquez
'Ederys Vasquez' 1 week ago
2017 and 😍😍😍
Sidney Rawson
'Sidney Rawson' 1 week ago
She still looks great
Milton Sisgmond
'Milton Sisgmond' 1 week ago
Morgan Kelly- Tunstall
I'd literally do anything to see her live
Remii ._.
'Remii ._.' 1 week ago
What I If I tould u

That u read the first sentence wrong
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