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What is Ghost Rider? - Marvel TL;DR -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

75, 846 views

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Today, Marvel tells the story of the Engines of Vengeance! This, friends, is a story of young man trying to do good for his brother. Follow Robbie Reyes as he finds himself now with the power of Ghost Rider, which he uses to help those in his neighborhood! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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“Marvel’s TL;DR” is for the Marvel fan who hasn’t gotten the chance to dive into some of Marvel’s most epic collections and thought they were too long and didn’t read, or as it’s more commonly expressed, TL;DR.

Originally conceptualized by former Marvel Intern, and current “Marvel’s TL;DR” Writer and Producer, Noah Sterling, each week Noah offers up an easily digestible summation of Marvel’s best tales!

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Mateo Gg
'Mateo Gg' 4 weeks ago
upper hands...Why.
Văn Hào
'Văn Hào' 2 months ago
More like Ghost Driver
Chia Yik Lin
'Chia Yik Lin' 2 months ago
The old ghost rider was better
Animals fighti ng Mobile
I like this version better that was the old one
sylvia t
'sylvia t' 2 months ago
tihs is good
Jason L
'Jason L' 2 months ago
is this the current Marvel Earth 616 Ghost Rider?
Noah D-C
'Noah D-C' 3 months ago
Now for the Clone Saga . . .
'DEER GOD' 3 months ago
Wait wait wait, hold on, that was a fairly big jump there. From street racing to getting shot by military? What's up with that?!
i dont like this new ghost rider
Ryan Hartley
'Ryan Hartley' 3 months ago
I really don't care for Robby Reyes, I grew up with Johnny Blaze and I'm wondering if he still exists in the ghost rider marvel universe or if they killed him off. It's just my personal preference that I like one better than the other.
mason the nitro rider Byers
Cool storie
Anthony Richardson
'Anthony Richardson' 3 months ago
I like this ghostrider.
Spiny Norman
'Spiny Norman' 3 months ago
Is that Robbies disabled brother at 2:40 all up and well? :D
Henry Gambles
'Henry Gambles' 3 months ago
I do like Robbie Reyes but I still think Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch are the best Ghost riders
'incognitoninja89' 3 months ago
don't get me wrong. i really like robbie but what are they going to do with johnny anymore? will he ever return or is reyes permanent? why not have them share a series where they take on supernatural threats or something? kind of like how the two hawkeyes shared a book.
Sir Draco
'Sir Draco' 3 months ago
I'm not a fan of Robbie in the comics but I really like how they handled him in Agents of SHIELD. He's not a Spirit of Vengeance in the comics and is therefore NOT a Ghost Rider, just a wannabe. I won't be surprised if that gets retconned at some point.
'sQbi' 3 months ago
A title should be "Who is Ghost Rider".
gesse luis
'gesse luis' 3 months ago
King Ivan
'King Ivan' 3 months ago
What?! This Ghost Rider sucks!!
Xi H
'Xi H' 3 months ago
tl;dr talks all about the new marvel, I still like some of the older versions
arda aytekin
'arda aytekin' 3 months ago
Maher Kabiri
'Maher Kabiri' 3 months ago
You guys should do a video about ghost riders powers
'STAR GAZERS' 3 months ago
Please DUDE DO SHADOW LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I BEG OF YOU
LightningZERO 88
'LightningZERO 88' 3 months ago
my life as a teenage ghost rider
Omega 3370
'Omega 3370' 3 months ago
This is a great summary of the comic
Ivo Teixeira
'Ivo Teixeira' 3 months ago
This story is actually better concept than many Marvel stories.
'Mrgokujr2012' 3 months ago
Part of me wishes that they kept part of Comic Robbie's backstory the same in the MCU. Mainly the part about Robbie not being a real Spirit of Vengeance.
Alvin Devincenti
'Alvin Devincenti' 3 months ago
Marvel Secret Invasion TL;DR
Andrew Burnes
'Andrew Burnes' 3 months ago
This bad story line I like Jonny Blaze better
'Nihilism110' 3 months ago
Johnny blaze
iron doom #
'iron doom #' 3 months ago
please do iron man extremis and secret wars from 2015
John Dem
'John Dem' 3 months ago
For the next Marvel TL;DR please do Fear Itslef
Benja Muñoz
'Benja Muñoz' 3 months ago
No DRUGS kids ;)
QouNik ToRsha
'QouNik ToRsha' 3 months ago
More More More
'Sethuna' 3 months ago
How did Ghost Rider get away with Marvel's urge of turning every super hero female?
jo broni
'jo broni' 3 months ago
YUK! We DID NOT need ANOTHER Ghost Rider! Especially one with Gangbanger related origins (not him, the foes). Pass!
King of Ebla
'King of Ebla' 3 months ago
Shiet Mr.Hyde is back.
Juan Pablo Leal Velasco
So, Marvel is just going to ignore Johnny Blaze ever existed? Don't get me wrong, I like Robbie, but whatever happaend to Johnny?
Ahmad Afif Isa
'Ahmad Afif Isa' 3 months ago
the Ghost Rider film is not based on this story?
'A* COMICS' 3 months ago
do venom
Kugend Boy
'Kugend Boy' 3 months ago
this is the best TL.DR video. love it! can't stop watching my favourite hero!
Nafi Maula
'Nafi Maula' 3 months ago
is this the new version of ghost riders?
ethan fernando
'ethan fernando' 3 months ago
house of m pls do it
A. Aljohani
'A. Aljohani' 3 months ago
Wait Daisy's dad is a drug scientist
عبدالرحمن البنا
please make X-MEN " god love , man kills " story 😇😇😇
'XxMadChiefxX' 3 months ago
yes its what I asked
Jose Rodriguez
'Jose Rodriguez' 3 months ago
Reyes rules! Thank you for a relatable Ghost Rider!
Mani Pippiri
'Mani Pippiri' 3 months ago
so what about the bike and movie?
Kaizer Tronus
'Kaizer Tronus' 3 months ago
He is NOT Ghost Rider
Amanda Pike
'Amanda Pike' 3 months ago
Your heading is VERY misleading. I expected the REAL Ghost Rider. You know... Johnny Blaze.
Tadiwa Zezere
'Tadiwa Zezere' 3 months ago
Gabe Reyes later became reaper and joined overwatch
Jeremy Jose
'Jeremy Jose' 3 months ago
RIP Johnny Blaze, you will be missed :'(
Timothy Chizmar
'Timothy Chizmar' 3 months ago
What does TL DR stand for???
Anthony N
'Anthony N' 3 months ago
Ghost Driver..
Sam McGuire
'Sam McGuire' 3 months ago
Ansaf Karikonari
'Ansaf Karikonari' 3 months ago
I prefer The MCU origin more than this
'AshuraH' 3 months ago
God, I love these. How about something Iron Man-ish next? Or X-Men?
Romeo Lacson
'Romeo Lacson' 3 months ago
pleas iron man
'serigalarebus' 3 months ago
do wiccan
Kuruk War
'Kuruk War' 3 months ago
Do Young Avengers!!
Josh Abraham
'Josh Abraham' 3 months ago
Philip Wilson
'Philip Wilson' 3 months ago
how do i find this on marvel unlimited
Batman v Superman
'Batman v Superman' 3 months ago
It's funny cause the tv version has the same characters but they have different roles
'Blazeplaysgames' 3 months ago
we need a movie of Johnny Blaze or Dan Ketch. not shitty ol' robbie
nik t
'nik t' 3 months ago
i like the old ghost rider more...
this one is a bit... cartoonish? idk
the head looks like it's made of foam or plastic or both.
the story also makes no sense.

at least the old Ghost Rider actually looked like a flaming skeleton and had a good origin story.
Nazar M
'Nazar M' 3 months ago
This series is amazing
The Creeper
'The Creeper' 3 months ago
The new Ghost Rider is just a sad middle aged man going through a midlife crisis. He deserves our pity.
'TheComicCrafter' 3 months ago
Come on, do Secret Invasion or Dark Reign or Siege! I wanna see Norman Osborn being his usual scheming self.
'Sjono' 3 months ago
Has Hulk ever met Mr. Hyde
Clever Username
'Clever Username' 3 months ago
What… what happened to his brother
'Shren' 3 months ago
What happened to his brother lol
Darth Rubik
'Darth Rubik' 3 months ago
I don't remember Nick Cage doing any of this stuff
Lui s
'Lui s' 3 months ago
I love these TL;DR videos :D
THey give good recommendations comic books.
'Katalabix' 3 months ago
MG16ncpGB grant
'MG16ncpGB grant' 3 months ago
'Neoxon' 3 months ago
I mean, Robbie's comic origin isn't bad, but I honestly prefer his MCU origin.
Δημήτρης Κόκκινος
I like Robbie Reyes
more than Johnny Blaze
Trish Armijo
'Trish Armijo' 3 months ago
hope to see Robbie Reyes in infinity war
Eden Ackerman
'Eden Ackerman' 3 months ago
robbie reyes in agents of shield was so good
'SEBASTIAN HELSING' 3 months ago
This should be an MCU film
Since the MCU owns Ghost Rider now.
M.A. Oyun Ustası
'M.A. Oyun Ustası' 3 months ago
Everardo Gutierrez
'Everardo Gutierrez' 3 months ago
i cant read the ghost rider because the spirit thats inside of robie is a devil worshiper
Timothy Earl Mapanao
'Timothy Earl Mapanao' 3 months ago
This is NOT the Ghost Rider I was expecting...DISAPPOINTMENT!
'Irish' 3 months ago
You guys should do one for Johnny Blaze, his story is far more interesting. I think so anyway, I can't really speak for others lol
Shotaro Ikaros
'Shotaro Ikaros' 3 months ago
I was here for Johnny Blaze. Thanks for the disappointment.
Razer Howl
'Razer Howl' 3 months ago
Watches AoS Where's ghost rider!?
'TheMightyJaffaCake' 3 months ago
tbh i prefer the old story, where his dad was gonna die so he made a deal with the devil
Thiagoak MLG
'Thiagoak MLG' 3 months ago
spanish cc?
Henrique Katekawa
'Henrique Katekawa' 3 months ago
Oh, it's Ghost Driver.
Hussein Mouazzen
'Hussein Mouazzen' 3 months ago
you should have made jonney blaze
Cookies The Destroyer
cheerful voice Robbie dies and bleeds on the streets
doughnut heart
'doughnut heart' 3 months ago
name of the little song bit at the end? anyone?
'TheGrimStride' 3 months ago
What does TL;DR mean?
'cafeterialoca' 3 months ago
See, this was much more coherent than the Kamala Khan one, and you actually mentioned Gabe, which was key. Though, You should have mentioned he moment Robbie saves Gabe though.
'Cannibal_King' 3 months ago
So Grumpy involved into Machamp?
Suspect Guide
'Suspect Guide' 3 months ago
'PokPoh TAYLAN' 3 months ago
İ love ghost rider and johnny blaze 😂😂😂
José Luis López Alvarado
robbie is my favorite character now
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 3 months ago
Please do a TL;DR of The Clone Saga of Spider-Man.
Jayden Varghese
'Jayden Varghese' 3 months ago
I thought the ghost rider made a deal with the devil or something
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