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Frontier | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Netflix US & Canada

By: Netflix US & CanadaPublished: 2 weeks ago

1, 571, 766 views

8, 086 Likes   660 Dislikes

Jason Momoa stars as Declan Harp, a part-Irish, part-native American outlaw campaigning to breach the fur trade. Frontier arrives on Netflix, January 20th.


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Frontier | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Primary Savage
'Primary Savage' 5 hours ago
just call it assassins creed
lil loaf
'lil loaf' 6 hours ago
shit look very fye, netflix been goin crazy lately with these originals theyve been wildly successful. whoevers behind the backing of these shows like the crew who recieves the pitches from all the directors comin in with their scripts and their ideas, that crews intuition and vision when it comes to picking which shows they wanna fund and back is incredible. they were like the only place that believed in stranger things last year and now this shit for this year? on fucking fire netflix, ya on fuckin fire
John Doe
'John Doe' 11 hours ago
This looks horrible
'woodwyrm' 21 hours ago
Does he want in on the fur trade or does he want to stop it?
'47ravenlord' 24 hours ago
This show sucks.Terrible acting, terrible writing....just bad all around.I think they blew 90% of the budget on Momoa and then tried to piece a show together with what was left, and it just didn't work.
Junior Kawai
'Junior Kawai' 1 day ago
Declan Harp (wielding a tomahawk), "Say hello to my little friend!"
Stookie Mcbastard
'Stookie Mcbastard' 2 days ago
" I will not have your body burned. I will not give you that honor. The beetles will feed on your eyes. The worms will crawl through your lungs. The rain will fall on your rotting skin until nothing is left of you but bones" K.Drogo
Raina Mane
'Raina Mane' 2 days ago
sorta had a Rambo feel to it lol 😃
'gnilttbs' 2 days ago
The characters seem not to be acquainted with the notion of talking. They either whisper or scream. Intriguing.
'roliminous' 2 days ago
Not available in Canada...
'Sashimi' 2 days ago
Do they use real furs for the costumes? I've been googling for like an hour and I can't find out anything about the costumes >.<
Tammie Donald
'Tammie Donald' 2 days ago
'RUdigitized' 3 days ago
I need you to find someone...
Josh R
'Josh R' 3 days ago
This looks sick! :)
'damarh' 4 days ago
i am getting a strong black sails on land vibe
anatolii lider
'anatolii lider' 4 days ago
Derp McDerpson
'Derp McDerpson' 4 days ago
They'll definitely make the redcoats evil.
D Minus
'D Minus' 5 days ago
Jason Momoa on Netflix...I'm in!
Night Raven
'Night Raven' 5 days ago
i will forever know him as ronan
<3 stargate atlantis
Un1versa1 Gaming
'Un1versa1 Gaming' 6 days ago
Ronon Dex SGA will always love you!
Derek Bryceson
'Derek Bryceson' 6 days ago
Jason's hair is my life fuel.
'DJsaxby16' 6 days ago
From what I've gathered, this show is 20% fur trade and 80% Jason Momoa killing people.
'unitor699' 7 days ago
assassins creed deja vu
Yemon Camp
'Yemon Camp' 7 days ago
I was supposed to kill this guy, but theres this one player that keeps kicking my ass
DarkDemon Entertainment
IM IN every ep of season 1
CanaBro !
'CanaBro !' 1 week ago
Is that Khal Drago?
Shadow Lord
'Shadow Lord' 1 week ago
Anybody who watched Stargate Atlantis will know why im excited about this.
'Kinos141' 1 week ago
I'm in.
Anything with that guy is going to hurt!!
'MajesticGamer' 1 week ago
Vandal Savage in the 1700s
kirito san
'kirito san' 1 week ago
Br karai
Ben Kenobi
'Ben Kenobi' 1 week ago
connor kenway is coming to Netflix. Fuck yeah!!!!
yohan hello kitty
'yohan hello kitty' 1 week ago
landon 😍
'dothedeed' 1 week ago
I'd Rather watch "Taboo" with Tom Hardy - feels like the same show
'LogicLevlsMusic' 1 week ago
This seems fucking nice!!! oh, wait...... i live in sweden and swedish netflix sucks fucking balls.........
Naruto Callum
'Naruto Callum' 1 week ago
Assassin's Creed 3 TV show?
'oOcitizenOo' 1 week ago
AquaFrontier would be the beter title.
'oOcitizenOo' 1 week ago
AquaFrontier would be the beter title.
Dun Tynne
'Dun Tynne' 1 week ago
I thought it was GoT, until I was smart enough to learn how to read.
Blimington Bear
'Blimington Bear' 1 week ago
This looks kickass.
'lilGerke' 1 week ago
A Aquaman story
'WITLESSMASS' 1 week ago
Some terrible acting in this. And it looks fake.
Prince Diego
'Prince Diego' 1 week ago
First, I thought it was Aquaman. Second, the main title effect is the same from TWD: The New Frontier.
Official Mel V. Dj Melcj
everyone's looking for Jason Momoa;
batman...dragon families in G.O.T.....and now these guys??
Aahil Alwani
'Aahil Alwani' 1 week ago
Hey look AQUAMAN is in this show!
'GeekAmmo' 1 week ago
"What if Khal Drogo was in Assassins Creed 3?"
Netflix: "Shut up and take our money! You're Hired!"
'Deace' 1 week ago
3 things:
1. This man is Ronon Dex for me! (I got his autograph from SGA on my wall!)
2. This looks like the better AC-Movie!
3. It looks really, really cool!
Hope this is kid friendly
Ricks Beard
'Ricks Beard' 1 week ago
Khal drogo!!!!!
Guilherme Gabriel
'Guilherme Gabriel' 2 weeks ago
Is a men of Game of trhones
'foxhound13' 2 weeks ago
the show i guess requires 10 mins in each episode of someone pushing someone against the wall.
Justin Guidroz
'Justin Guidroz' 2 weeks ago
Stop, my penis can only get so erect.
Videos Virales
'Videos Virales' 2 weeks ago
How to Make 5000 at day its woo!!!
'PastaJons' 2 weeks ago
'GradeZer0' 2 weeks ago
Basically Assassin's Creed III. Still pretty fucking awesome!
Midland Redux
'Midland Redux' 2 weeks ago
In all my travels in time and space, in no lifetime would I ever want to make an enemy of Jason Momoa.
Michael Stewart
'Michael Stewart' 2 weeks ago
Ronan you sonofabitch! I didn't know you in the Milky Way! Welcome! "Kill him.." Ha! The Wraith couldn't kill him, you have no chance.
Teun van Willenswaard
Declan Harp.... I hear you can talk to fish
'Mr STFU' 2 weeks ago
Thomas Lashley
'Thomas Lashley' 2 weeks ago
What is this show rated and for what purpose?
fernando ring
'fernando ring' 2 weeks ago
that's the guy from game if thrones
'soriukennn' 2 weeks ago
Myugh Cox
'Myugh Cox' 2 weeks ago
Both tom hardy and momoa got shows in 2017 👏🏾👏🏾
'snickerzon' 2 weeks ago
Joe Reardon
'Joe Reardon' 2 weeks ago
Jeremiah Johnson & Conan have a love-child (?)
Stephanie Morris
'Stephanie Morris' 2 weeks ago
Is this going to be on Netflix Canada? Cause I can't find it.
Tanya Tressler
'Tanya Tressler' 2 weeks ago
Ramsey Jordan
'Ramsey Jordan' 2 weeks ago
lots of banging things, stabbing and shouting......10/10 would watch
Dylan Van Puffelen
'Dylan Van Puffelen' 2 weeks ago
Declan harp vs thelegend27
'EVIL Co.' 2 weeks ago
Boring...Quit Distracting Us From #PIZZAGATE.
'miroozy' 2 weeks ago
Assassin's Creed : Aquaman EdItion
'Quicksilver' 2 weeks ago
Arthur, what you doing here? :v
Dart Vade
'Dart Vade' 2 weeks ago
Jason Momoa is such a terrible actor, with zero range....other actors deserve better than he gets
'liverunninG' 2 weeks ago
what is this asassins creed tv show?
dominion shadow
'dominion shadow' 2 weeks ago
finally some cuties to watch.
Claudio Araya Cascante
Serdar Demircioglu
'Serdar Demircioglu' 2 weeks ago
adam gibi adamdın ama dügün günü el kadar kalesiyi kayaların orda bagırttıgını unutmadık oç drogo
Patrick Ragland
'Patrick Ragland' 2 weeks ago
Like many before me, I tapped on this because I saw Aquaman.
Жанна Скорочкина
He is like Connor Kenway in AC 3.
Marco Landucci
'Marco Landucci' 2 weeks ago
It is me or Momoa always play the same khal drogo character when he have a chance?
Charlie Thompson
'Charlie Thompson' 2 weeks ago
Hey Netflix, did you forget that this is your first show shot in 4K? Make your trailer 4K!
Eduard G
'Eduard G' 2 weeks ago
The cinematography is very bland imo...
Marvin Brutus
'Marvin Brutus' 2 weeks ago
Cinder Mouse
'Cinder Mouse' 2 weeks ago
I'm only here for Landon lol 😂
Chris Paxton
'Chris Paxton' 2 weeks ago
Aquaman! Why!?!
Josiah McCoy
'Josiah McCoy' 2 weeks ago
'burnsloads' 2 weeks ago
Jason mimosa dothraki accent is waaaay better than his American.
Jeff the Marmo
'Jeff the Marmo' 2 weeks ago
So what happened to 'The Red Road'? Momoa was excellent in that! It lasted maybe 1 season. Why didn't it find it's audience? Theories?
'Martin' 2 weeks ago
Taboo > . But still might check out because I love this time period!
Cory Redding
'Cory Redding' 2 weeks ago
My guess... Aquaman dies in Justice league....
'AHellaHulabaloo' 2 weeks ago
Jason will forever be Ronon Dex to me, but I'm so happy his career is going so well. :)
Conan the Barbarian in the old west staring Conan the Barbarian-
'VioletIceFire' 2 weeks ago
'Portu' 2 weeks ago
they should have called this "Jason Mamoa stabs people in the woods"
Dylan James
'Dylan James' 2 weeks ago
Andddddd this is a poor man's revenantttt
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