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Make It Marvel: Baby Groot -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

70, 693 views

2, 188 Likes   30 Dislikes

Watch as Baby Groot comes to life for the Marvel Fireside Heroes Video on a special edition of Make It Marvel, brought to you by Coca-Cola! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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'jason4275' 4 weeks ago
That's what they were suppose to sell us, not that garbage they have at tors R us, they should of let japan design the engineering instead of china.
Baran Korkmaz
'Baran Korkmaz' 3 months ago
Am I the only one who scared and felt creep with that music (And f.ckn creepy eyes)
Jhoni Marroquin
'Jhoni Marroquin' 3 months ago
I am groooooooooooooot
'J.A.M.' 3 months ago
Wow and i thought it was a green screen. Great work 👍to those people who had to do that. That is what i call work.
Nikisha Ranjan
'Nikisha Ranjan' 3 months ago
That's so cute :D
Nice creativity though!
Will Mac
'Will Mac' 3 months ago
Too bad the aholes at Marvel Comics and Marvel TV have nothing to do with the movie, lol.
lili S
'lili S' 3 months ago
I will appreciate that scene a whole lot more now!
Chock Shurley
'Chock Shurley' 3 months ago
in 2017 there will be Thor The Ragnarok and after 2018 they will be Avenger Infinity war and black panthern
Sirius Gaming
'Sirius Gaming' 3 months ago
This is the worst groot i have ever seen, its so ugly. stop it. just stop.
'LeopardKing10' 3 months ago
'LeopardKing10' 3 months ago
'Critic4ACritic' 3 months ago
Donald Cum
'Donald Cum' 3 months ago
In guardians 2 they should make groot a rastafarian
Tripa Coffeenator
'Tripa Coffeenator' 3 months ago
I am groot.
smoker hell boy
'smoker hell boy' 3 months ago
happy new Year
Daniel Sisman
'Daniel Sisman' 3 months ago
what will happen if you do a sinister six film ( in my own words and saying)
'IZwicky18' 3 months ago
Baaaaaabbbyyyyyy Grrrrrrrrooooooooooooottttt!
Enrique Flores Bendezú
'이성현' 3 months ago
lt's so cute!
Emir Adenaury
'Emir Adenaury' 3 months ago
Jenglot dengan nuansa kehutanan.
'Katalabix' 3 months ago
Happy new year Marvel from a Guardians of the Galaxy fan here! Baby Groot is adorable. I AM GROOT!!!
'상어' 3 months ago
It's so cute!!!
Tim Dev
'Tim Dev' 3 months ago
haaaaa because "groot" means big in dutch but hes small. haaaaaaaaaa...... sigh.
Jennifer Franco
'Jennifer Franco' 3 months ago
I dig it!
Rio Deal
'Rio Deal' 3 months ago
KillerTacos - TheEvolutionryGamer
His heads so wide, it scares me. But that's all good
Emilio Rojas
'Emilio Rojas' 3 months ago
This is quite scary for baby groot
Awesome Person
'Awesome Person' 3 months ago
I am Groot. See you in may Groot.
Wolflet 1
'Wolflet 1' 3 months ago
Uncanny Valley!!!! Too human for me, sorry Groot is creepy (but also kind of cute, there is no way to make Groot not, but still creepy)
Razer Howl
'Razer Howl' 3 months ago
Can't wait for GoTG 2
Web-Slinger Productions
This song makes the video kinda creepy and makes baby groot look scary...
Alex Rodriguez
'Alex Rodriguez' 3 months ago
Apparently baby Groot died for our sins.
Tsi Tsu
'Tsi Tsu' 3 months ago
What was this blue stuff for?
Viriya mt
'Viriya mt' 3 months ago
happy new year
John Vlogs
'John Vlogs' 3 months ago
foda mano
'dhaivat' 3 months ago
this music at the end reminds me of that song "killer cat" by Expatriate from that very old cricket game... by the way happpy newww yearrr india... next year i'm gonna be kissing the most beautiful girl in the world rather than posting comments on youtube during new year celebrations...
'FrenchToastMan585' 3 months ago
Tyrone Magnus would love this.
Shishai Bell
'Shishai Bell' 3 months ago
Lindsay Reynolds
'Lindsay Reynolds' 3 months ago
WOW This is AMAZING!!! Nice job guys :)
Rafael Lopez
'Rafael Lopez' 3 months ago
Marvel Spiderman in the Avengers Infinitud War pls
bunga azkiya
'bunga azkiya' 3 months ago
Nazar Mayorov
'Nazar Mayorov' 3 months ago
это выглядит страшно
Chris Aguilar
'Chris Aguilar' 3 months ago
Jesus Groot
Winter X
'Winter X' 3 months ago
awesome. so excited for the movie.
FLINT Gaming
'FLINT Gaming' 3 months ago
Wolf Marvel
'Wolf Marvel' 3 months ago
'aj_is_a_fish' 3 months ago
Have a good day people that find me in the sea of
'HaloHaube' 3 months ago
Kinda looks satanic at the beggining
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 3 months ago
I pretty much thought this was all animation. But making it for real makes it even better and creative.
Noah Paillon
'Noah Paillon' 3 months ago
He look like a Tim Burton character👌
'lionhart2728' 3 months ago
man baby Groot going sell like crazy
'LAZARUS THUNDER' 3 months ago
Kinda creepy
Unsubscribing repetitive channels Very soon
very creative but scary. no thank you.
Luscas Pereira
'Luscas Pereira' 3 months ago
so cute
Kenneth Swindell
'Kenneth Swindell' 3 months ago
early bird
Adam akbar ali
'Adam akbar ali' 3 months ago
Wat the shit
ultimate lollo
'ultimate lollo' 3 months ago
Mama Rug
'Mama Rug' 3 months ago
Hey random person scrolling through the comments!
I hope you have a great holiday!🙂
From a smaller YouTuber who's dream is to hit 12k subs🙏🏻
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