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Can You Make Any Food Dessert? -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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"I'm just hoping it's not insects."

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'kalloused' 5 days ago
Cheerios actually sold their own brand of marshmallow treat back in the 90's using Honey Nut Cheerios. They were really good.
'luna' 1 week ago
I thought the woman in the thumbnail had flour all over her.
Barbara Danley
'Barbara Danley' 2 weeks ago
Cheese has been paired with sweet things for centuries.
'UnknownFanGirl' 4 weeks ago
"Were you high when you made this?"
"When I thought of it." OMG I DIED
RandomPerson BrowsingYoutube
Mustard! Mustard! There's Mustard in that!

Lmao, Garrett
'yngshwty' 1 month ago
I expected these all to be good.. I might be weird for that
Emo Pickle
'Emo Pickle' 1 month ago
Just give these things to the people on chopped during the desert round
kitty mom
'kitty mom' 1 month ago
no you're wrong in a plain rice krispie treat you also need to add some vanilla extract otherwise they are not as good.
sid crowley
'sid crowley' 2 months ago
Copying Good Mythical Morning. "Will it Krispie Treat?"
Kuba Kurowski
'Kuba Kurowski' 2 months ago
Tor d
'Tor d' 2 months ago
What i learned today is that
the title has nothing to do with the video
Jazmyne Rammirez
'Jazmyne Rammirez' 2 months ago
2:47 "It taste ok" then he shoves the whole thing in his mouth......
5secondsof Phan
'5secondsof Phan' 2 months ago
does that one guy look like pete wentz with curly hair or am i insane?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?
Clara Sablak
'Clara Sablak' 2 months ago
Wow. What was that woman's thought process? Sesame seeds = Chinese? Does she realize that a lot of other cuisenes have sesame seeds? Hmm. Kinda funny.
Lola Paulmier
'Lola Paulmier' 2 months ago
this video was so cuuute
'MRS MCGARY' 2 months ago
Are rice Krispy treats even dessert
Diana Marin
'Diana Marin' 2 months ago
"But who knows it's Buzzfeed" yeah that's what we all think
Maya Kamoun
'Maya Kamoun' 2 months ago
Pleaaaaaaaase do americans try Tunisian food !
Polar Panda
'Polar Panda' 2 months ago
that girls accent is so cute
Derp UmWell
'Derp UmWell' 2 months ago
I actually want to try the cheese-it one
Stephanie Nicholson
'Stephanie Nicholson' 2 months ago
So they just added marshmallows and butter to it..... fail on buzzfeeds side.
'TheCableBug' 2 months ago
I like the passive aggressive curly haired dude, he was adorably sarcastic. Who is he? We need more of him.
'grungyunicorn_' 2 months ago
does anyone her name at 0:15?
Michael Mai
'Michael Mai' 2 months ago
Kane has bad grammer
Zherisse Figueira
'Zherisse Figueira' 2 months ago
'J_luvsmuziq' 2 months ago
I used to make Sweet Potatoe and marshmallow casorol..? in the oven... but it was SO GOOD
Jess Dunn UnOfficialWhiteBitch
1:07 pete wentz look-a-like
Andrew Farris
'Andrew Farris' 2 months ago
What kind of sick bastard makes dessert out of pumpkin spice?
'Freddy__Fast' 2 months ago
Can you make any black person racist? In Buzzfeed's logic, NO.
Jennifer Stavinoha
'Jennifer Stavinoha' 3 months ago
it's not can you. it's should you
jessica barber
'jessica barber' 3 months ago
mustard there's mustard in there haha
'H.' 3 months ago
Recipes pls.
Alex Hurd
'Alex Hurd' 3 months ago everyone go support MIND charity run in Brighton, even if you can't donate. Don't forget to share the link!!
'longlivethebook' 3 months ago
Bea Hope
'Bea Hope' 3 months ago
This is something Rhett and Link would make! "Will it Rice Krispie?"
Yasmine Al-Adgham
'Yasmine Al-Adgham' 3 months ago
the mustard part though
thewalking dead addict
who is the guy in the black shirt
eve halili
'eve halili' 3 months ago
eat cheezits and fruit rollops together and they are bomb
'LEAN GAMING' 3 months ago
see i am expecting good content but who knows its buzzfeed
Grace Getz
'Grace Getz' 3 months ago
Video: So, what have we learned
Me: That buzzzfeed has run out of ideas
'belovedtwilight41' 3 months ago
That was nasty. ..
Grace Brent
'Grace Brent' 3 months ago
how can you make cheezy treats without peanut butter?
'LOLFlyingPotatoes' 3 months ago
Is "rice krispy treat" an actual thing people eat? That sounds beyond mank.
Zoe Thomas
'Zoe Thomas' 3 months ago
but these arent foods theyre already deserts
Felecia Understeen
'Felecia Understeen' 3 months ago
How to make any food dessert: eat it after dinner
Seems Legit
'Seems Legit' 3 months ago
Never made them, don't like them.
Batavian Republic
'Batavian Republic' 3 months ago
Why would you eat macaroni with cheese? Is it something American? Here in the Netherlands we eat macaroni with vegetables and tomato sauce
alyssa mustache sensei
Pause it at 1:46 his face is so funny
Aaron Mccooeye
'Aaron Mccooeye' 3 months ago
they r called rice crispy squares in Canada
'Jedi' 3 months ago
im eat8ng cheerios right now
'Jedi' 3 months ago
i love krispy treats
'Champette' 3 months ago
There's mushtard! There's mushtard in there!
Lew Kylin
'Lew Kylin' 3 months ago
this is so gmm tbh
'EowynOakheart13' 3 months ago
Omg, the Cheez-It ones would be SO GOOD!
Grace Kenyon
'Grace Kenyon' 3 months ago
I'm confused... haven't they just literally given them snack foods? What does dessert have to do with this?
'Miss.Molly' 3 months ago
Lol at the beginning the man said he can't have Crispy treat without Rice then after the lady said about Crispy treat without rice in it 😂
Sabrina Graff
'Sabrina Graff' 3 months ago
My grandma makes krispy treats with chocolate and cornflakes too :D
Sabrina Graff
'Sabrina Graff' 3 months ago
My grandma makes krispy treats with chocolate and cornflakes too :D
'ShadowHunter' 3 months ago
I like "krispy treating" all types of cereals, especially when you mix 2 cereals together!
My favorite cereal krispy treat would have to be Honey Nut Cheerios and Chocolate Cheerios.
Giovi Londos
'Giovi Londos' 3 months ago
i love buzzed but this is lame
Giovi Londos
'Giovi Londos' 3 months ago
your running out of ideas
Weeze Man
'Weeze Man' 3 months ago
Love the man in the yellow ❤️
Sophie Frayne
'Sophie Frayne' 3 months ago
'I hope it's not insects' Buzzfeed you've traumatised the poor guy!!
'Awesome' 3 months ago
When he picked it up it just stuck on to the plate! Ewwww!
Aamir Arfeen
'Aamir Arfeen' 3 months ago
YOU MONSTERS Ripping off Rhett and Link's Will it 😡😡😡😡
Gabby Gill
'Gabby Gill' 3 months ago
My mom crushes oreos and puts them in Rice Krispie treats. Students at my school pay to have them
Nelly Jimenez
'Nelly Jimenez' 3 months ago
"that's mustard! there's mustard in that!" hahahah
Julianne Richtone
'Julianne Richtone' 3 months ago
Ok but how do cherrios look like sriracha or and insect?
Laila Farah
'Laila Farah' 3 months ago
Could you guys please subscribe to my channel and help me reach 100!!!!!
'Miral' 3 months ago
GMM should sue them
Ender Nintendo™
'Ender Nintendo™' 3 months ago
"there is some seaseme seeds in here... it is making me think of Chinese takeout"

10/10 IGN Best Quote Ever
Yup all Chinese takeout has seaseme seeds yup correct. (sarcasm)
Tracy Hirsch
'Tracy Hirsch' 3 months ago
My favorite BuzzFeed people are Saf and Freddie from Ladylike. They are friendship goals!
'heytheressydney' 3 months ago
That one guy looks like Pete Wentz!
Chi Blix
'Chi Blix' 3 months ago
mac & cheese but instead of cheese it's icing and cinnamon
'Vosfur' 3 months ago
they all knew what to expect from buzzfeed
Truce J
'Truce J' 3 months ago
Who is the Scottish woman?
karen colin
'karen colin' 3 months ago
"So, what have we learned?"

That BuzzFeed isn't just running out of ideas, but already lost them all 🙃
Cloudy Eyes
'Cloudy Eyes' 3 months ago
Now is that girl scottish? or american?
Dani Bentley
'Dani Bentley' 3 months ago
"I'm just hoping it's not insects".
I mean... look at it and you'll see it isn't insects. 🙄
Chloe Shaw-Aufgang
'Chloe Shaw-Aufgang' 3 months ago
back with the tasting videos!! i love this side of buzzfeed
Carrie Tafoya
'Carrie Tafoya' 3 months ago
too gross, couldn't finish is.
'lolipopscandy62' 3 months ago
When Good Mythical Morning possesses Buzzfeed...
Edmond Liew
'Edmond Liew' 3 months ago
"It's so sticky yet so worth it"
'Claudia' 3 months ago
LOL the guy who didn't even have to take a bite before he said "these are cheeseitz" with a straight face😂
K Fallon
'K Fallon' 3 months ago
want your world rocked? add peanut butter to your rice krispy treats!
Sana Shakir
'Sana Shakir' 3 months ago
You know this is ripped off from GMM especially because the foods get grosser as the tasting goes on
Raymond Nutela
'Raymond Nutela' 3 months ago
3:23- "you start adding more stuff, your gonna get burned" me: what if it was Nutella?
The Library Dragon
'The Library Dragon' 3 months ago
That Pete Wentz looking guy got everything right. How?
Georgina H
'Georgina H' 3 months ago
buzzfeed givin their employees trust issues
Riannah Hammond
'Riannah Hammond' 3 months ago
At the beginning I was like " oh shoot, my left earbud is not working!"
CrazyMathChicken Yeahhs
Juice of dry meat? I thought dried meat was well I don't know DRY
c a t i e
'c a t i e' 3 months ago
Isabella Sparkles
'Isabella Sparkles' 3 months ago
"it tastes ok though" shoves it in mouth 😂
'SHLINKY' 3 months ago
Lol I think 0:20 looks like Scarlett witch
1st harmony
'1st harmony' 3 months ago
i thought the title says"can you make any foot designs"
Onion Cutting Ninjas
'Onion Cutting Ninjas' 3 months ago
Wow nice rip off of GMM. This is when you KNOW buzzfeed is out of ideas, when they steal ideas. Honestly, this was done so badly, half of these were guessed before they even took a bite out of it. At least put some blindfolds on.
Noot Noot
'Noot Noot' 3 months ago
I'm deadass about to make some cheez it krispie treats oml that sounds so good
Aimee Elliott
'Aimee Elliott' 3 months ago
Rice Krispie treats are supposed to be a dessert?
Jeff Randy
'Jeff Randy' 3 months ago
who hurt you kane
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