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Justin Bieber's Exciting Announcement -
Published: 2 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 2 months ago

7, 293, 152 views

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During his 26th appearance on Ellen's show, Justin discussed life on tour, dating, and he shared a big announcement!

Watch his exclusive performance here:

NeeramBlackFifa 7
'NeeramBlackFifa 7' 2 hours ago
NeeramBlackFifa 7
'NeeramBlackFifa 7' 2 hours ago
'IIMoonFlashII' 4 hours ago
He looks and sounds exhausted and annoyed
Lisa Melzer
'Lisa Melzer' 4 hours ago
can't wait to see him😍😭
My iphone Is freezing
All questions Answered were like this
She : JB are you on Tinder
JB : As soon as I got fame
She have you ever date any one
JB Yes it's you and still counting the no.
JB I understand let's go !!!
Nnenna Onwukwe
'Nnenna Onwukwe' 7 hours ago
Mothers were probably screaming of excitement
Gaming Savage XL
'Gaming Savage XL' 13 hours ago
he is so mature now
Rebecca Whiteley
'Rebecca Whiteley' 15 hours ago
Please date me ❤️
random gamer pug
'random gamer pug' 15 hours ago
I hate him I no people r not gonna agree
Lalonie Jones
'Lalonie Jones' 16 hours ago
do you wanna go out with me justin i love you
Julie Rijnja
'Julie Rijnja' 19 hours ago
I hate him now after this video, why is he like that omg...?!
Goddess Williams
'Goddess Williams' 19 hours ago
Justin seems okay. Better than whatever mess he was a couple of years ago.
Monica Gadsden
'Monica Gadsden' 24 hours ago
Justin looks ignore at the end when the crowd starts cheering he should be used to that by now the attention he looks like a different person not the same Justin anymore
Nishat Nusrat
'Nishat Nusrat' 1 day ago
hi dear friends , it's my 12th birthday today . can I have 9 likes 👍please

( lf u subscribe me , then it will be a biggest gift ever from u )
him tog
'him tog' 1 day ago
justin b be ur self
'Natashaamtl' 1 day ago
he looks off..
Epicboss 5
'Epicboss 5' 2 days ago
Epicboss 5
'Epicboss 5' 2 days ago
Jen Minor
'Jen Minor' 2 days ago
Ellen- you need to bring The Ben Cote Band on your show. He is the same age as Justin but he can shred on guitar.
Liam B
'Liam B' 2 days ago
Damn he don't chat shit does he lol
Joshua Daniel
'Joshua Daniel' 2 days ago
he looks exhausted and Drained
Aleksandra Domin
'Aleksandra Domin' 2 days ago
i love this way he say "im not dating anybody" his face omg
Sona Cheema
'Sona Cheema' 2 days ago
Nice interview
Manya Barot
'Manya Barot' 2 days ago
Wtf is he wearing omg Ellen you can't just pick somebody while they're sleeping and bring them on your show
cliff goba
'cliff goba' 3 days ago
hate the hair!!!!!!
'Amy's Atmosphere' 3 days ago
Silver plattered narcissists do not need people or relationships. He's not tired people. He's turned into a punk.
Leighanna Candelaria
hahahahah thank u yep theis the haltey i ever seen u
Jahyra Williama
'Jahyra Williama' 4 days ago
hes ugly
sahin yaldiz
'sahin yaldiz' 4 days ago
Er sieht soo hübsch aus.
'cl207120' 4 days ago
Justin looks kind of defensive
Ali Imtiaz
'Ali Imtiaz' 4 days ago
Justin bieber super bowl?
'BunY_HRSy' 4 days ago
When The Girls Screaming His Face Was Like "Fuck My Life"
TheNevaehShow 2017
ellen will you whith all your hart please send me 5 🎫 to your show
Even though he has a beard now he doesn't look like Justin Bieber
TheNevaehShow 2017
omg iv loved him sinc I was 3 tell him I love him
OvO Mist
'OvO Mist' 4 days ago
he looks and acts like he is high
Hiram Bustamante
'Hiram Bustamante' 5 days ago
ellen please Help me go to one of his concerts 😭😭😭
rachid faiz
'rachid faiz' 5 days ago
because he is gay
Angel Gillespie
'Angel Gillespie' 5 days ago
Justin is gay and ugly
'phobus99' 5 days ago
I hope he gets a break soon, he looks/seems so tired. A well-deserved break is what's needed before he does this Australian tour/stadium tour OR at least in between the too, he'll overwork himself if he doesn't :/ ... Love the dedication to his music though; respect!
He looks so tired, poor Jay, he needs a break :(
Courtney Shields
'Courtney Shields' 6 days ago
I love justin so so much like words can't explain but he looks so tired and depressed he needs a break and have fun with his own life and spend time with his family, he doesn't look as happy and I want him to b happy! He's so amazing and everyone needs to treat him with more respect like he's been going through so much, u can tell how tired he is, he's only human! Love u justin xo
Kierra McDaniel
'Kierra McDaniel' 6 days ago
Hi Justin biber Love kierra date dog,😊😊😢😢💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Damian Suarez
'Damian Suarez' 6 days ago
I am 10 he is my bae I am going to his conster I am crying Ellen plz read😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😌😘😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😍😘😘😍😘😍😍😘😘😍😍🙃💦😘😍😇😘😍😇😘😍😙💪🏻💪🏻 can I you gf Justin 😘😇😘😍😄😊
'AMichiel' 6 days ago
he looks like he is gonna cry omg!
'AMichiel' 6 days ago
he is annoyed that ellen is asking him about his dating thingy. He is very fast to answer questions (lol)
Shaniya Alexander
'Shaniya Alexander' 6 days ago
damn justin even if u cut your hair your still hot😍
'Stenchghast' 6 days ago
'' I am not dating anybody....''
crowd starts screaming
''.......I am not looking either''

Purpose bitch
'Purpose bitch' 6 days ago
HERES THE REASON WHY JUSTIN IS DEPRESSED NOW! when i'm watching these old videos and the videos of now i can see he's not happy anymore. And thats all our fault. you know why? cuz we fucked him up. the old beliebers were real. They knew all lyrics, they wanted to talk too him and not just taking a selfie and use it for Attention. they made signs for him with things like 'i love you'. and now everything is diffrent. They just wanna got a damn selfie too put it on instagram and get likes. they dont care anymore how he is. they just see his look and not how his inner-him. they just know new songs like what do you mean. At his concerts they are just focus at theyre phone. When he tries too talk too them theyre screaming./ would you like too life like that?
Breanna Pilgrim
'Breanna Pilgrim' 6 days ago
I personally dont like him but it looks like he is about to legit start crying
Autumn Burke
'Autumn Burke' 6 days ago
can I date your brother
'kidrauhlxmel' 7 days ago
He is secretly dating with me...
'kidrauhlxmel' 7 days ago
He looks so good! Im dead.
Anna Albaran
'Anna Albaran' 1 week ago
I'm singe and I love him more than anybody
Brian Whitehead
'Brian Whitehead' 1 week ago
'benhurzz' 1 week ago
vivian morales
'vivian morales' 1 week ago
He looks depressed .... and like a jerk he didn't even smile wen the all those people stud up and screamed for the tickets.....😒
Dip n
'Dip n' Dop Doppio' 1 week ago
Mua: 3
'Mr.KoalaGamer' 1 week ago
3:17 i love that old womens reaction hahahaha
lulwa_ gaming
'lulwa_ gaming' 1 week ago
he looks sad and his voice is so low
amran. x
'amran. x' 1 week ago
tender? It ain't a chicken app
'Westking' 1 week ago
People will always talk! When he was all over the place y'all said he was Proud,arrogant,spoiled,ungrateful etc and now that he's mellow,chill and don't give a damn anymore y'all saying he looks depressed and needs a break ? He can never win Lmao
SlugsworthsTV 3
'SlugsworthsTV 3' 1 week ago
He is the most famous Youtube Music King of Pop Star and is amazing at his hard work. Bieber is a Talented Music Icon.🎵🎶🎶🎵🎵🎤🎤🎤🎤
SlugsworthsTV 3
'SlugsworthsTV 3' 1 week ago
The King of Pop 2017 Amazing Music Artist. Best Singer going now. Great talent Bieber has. Rock on 👍🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎤🎤🎤
rick the sizzler
'rick the sizzler' 1 week ago
everyone's saying he needs a break and he looks depressed or whatever, well he did just finish a nearly year long tour and isn't even fully finished yet. yea he's exhausted and yea he doesn't seem the happiest, but I have no exact point to this besides I sort of agree so SIGHH hope my baby gets healthier and stays as good as possible :(
Meagan Moura
'Meagan Moura' 1 week ago
He looks depressed...
Izzy King
'Izzy King' 1 week ago
he's become so modest
Cannon Games
'Cannon Games' 1 week ago
Finally justin came back to ellen show!!!
Bob Evan
'Bob Evan' 1 week ago
This guy needs a break:(
'ChocolateDevil81' 1 week ago
Ellen is trying to get him to actually talk and he's just being an asshole. What a douche like she's just trying to talk. If you're tired of being famous just go hide and quit being a dick! Little bitch.
Katie Johnstone
'Katie Johnstone' 2 weeks ago
Bless him , I feel so bad he looks exhausted 🤕💕
Gmt Success
'Gmt Success' 2 weeks ago
With the title of the video I came here expecting he was having a baby or something !
avatar lisa
'avatar lisa' 2 weeks ago
lies wikipedia said he dating sofia richie
terrifa taylor
'terrifa taylor' 2 weeks ago
something seems strange with him
Red Deviltillidie!!!
My announcement people.

My voice has broken and I've found this furry stuff down below! It's called pubes you waste of air!
I think I'm changing he ses!
Fuck me! people reply, you mean you are gna realise you are the biggest turd to ever come down the pipe and you should have been shot at birth so humans wouldn't have to suffer the attroicty you call music that you shit out on sadly regular basis!
Bieber you are nothing but a crotch stain!
Gisela Vilte
'Gisela Vilte' 2 weeks ago
Te amo justin 😢💖
'PwettieUnOrignal' 2 weeks ago
he seems so arrogant now. it's so sad. Maybe that's just the tough exterior to the true him... he's got to deal with A LOT and I mean A LOT of hate... and negativity. I just wish he were the more easy going humble Justin that would actually smile sincerely at the screaming fans and say "thank you!" It's like he's so used to it all that he just doesn't care or appreciate it anymore... maybe so... I wish he wouldn't let the fame get to him negatively... he's so blessed. I hope he knows that and is able to be a more positive person again.
Colton Dunkel
'Colton Dunkel' 2 weeks ago
screw bieber
Eleni Vr
'Eleni Vr' 2 weeks ago
well the way he announced it wasnt exciting at all. he seems so tired and sad. i kinda feel sorry for him. He has been working on his latest album for 3 years and he went through a weird phase. so since then he hasnt stopped a bit. he needs vacation ASAP! he says he doesnt need to date but i think he needs someone to really love him and appreciate him as a person because most girls he dated want him only for his lifestyle. And he is WAY MORE THAN THAT. I love him and I havent even met him❤
Ferdi Dema
'Ferdi Dema' 2 weeks ago
He looks like 2017 isn't going to be his year.
mariah molina
'mariah molina' 2 weeks ago
Justin looked irritated and not himself.
Giselle Vanegas
'Giselle Vanegas' 2 weeks ago
Ellen you should come visit me 😂😂
Marilia Gouveia
'Marilia Gouveia' 2 weeks ago
he seems so cold
'xoLYSSAxo' 2 weeks ago
Of course he looks tired guys, his plane landed in California at 3 A.M. and he had to be at The Ellen Show at 6:00 A.M....
Jean-Luc Decoster
'Jean-Luc Decoster' 2 weeks ago
he's tired man. Look at him, he just wants to get the interview over with and get out of the spotlight. Rest up man, you don't look to good right now
Jane :
'Jane :' 2 weeks ago
he looks like he doesn't wanna be there
Pa_sh Y_la
'Pa_sh Y_la' 2 weeks ago
Deena york
'Deena york' 2 weeks ago
their face
Седа Самира9996661
DIY with Raven blackbird
I'm so proud of him
Maria Pizano
'Maria Pizano' 2 weeks ago
roses are red violets are blue Justin's for me not for you if by chance you take my place I will take my fist and smash your face
'COOL PERSON' 2 weeks ago
justin beiber is way too ugly now lol
Jessica Herrera
'Jessica Herrera' 2 weeks ago
What is he on
Libertad Noce
'Libertad Noce' 2 weeks ago
ella estaba mas emocionada por los fans de justin que él. que triste
Ashley Reed
'Ashley Reed' 2 weeks ago
oh shit on my birthday lol
Akki Fox
'Akki Fox' 2 weeks ago
I like justin's song but, he sings satan song ... Search justin biber reverse songs
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