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Justin Bieber's Exciting Announcement -
Published: 5 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 5 months ago

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During his 26th appearance on Ellen's show, Justin discussed life on tour, dating, and he shared a big announcement!

Watch his exclusive performance here:

Gail Sutton
'Gail Sutton' 22 hours ago
why don't you invite Craig out of his group home to your show to get exposure to release him into the arms of his lover forever Verna see Killing Craig, book on group home oppression and injustice in the social work system, while I remain anonymous , to protect the innocent, a rat on illegal chemical weapons building in the us trying too destroy the world of God's creation, the environment, and the people who live on this Earth and not from some crazy space station of aliens.
Gail Sutton
'Gail Sutton' 23 hours ago
could me and Verna and Helen and a few other people who really do the job get free tickets to the US bank stadium in Minneapolis Apple?
zuhaib ghouri
'zuhaib ghouri' 2 days ago
please justin bieber come in pakistan
'Kostubh23' 2 days ago
Justins reaction when ellen said goos for you 😂😂 1:30
Justin BieberVEVO
'Justin BieberVEVO' 3 days ago
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Daniel HuHu
'Daniel HuHu' 4 days ago
3:12 that moment when you have to poop but she keep suckin
Daniel HuHu
'Daniel HuHu' 4 days ago
I can clearly tell that he is VERY excited.
'E M' 5 days ago
you got him a car for his 18th birthday? For my 18th birthday I got a melted popsicle which was expired.
Sarah Tandy
'Sarah Tandy' 7 days ago
Ellen plzzzzz can I meet Justin beiber I love u plzz 😊😊😊😊😆😆😆😄😄😄😃😃
Lianna tammy Maglasang
he sounds like he need to stop dating because he's probably doing it again and again and ended up broke
'TheDIYqueen' 1 week ago
Hi Justin i lové you ive been a belieber since i was 4 and now Im 11 but i cant buy tickets for your concerts i hope one day i get to go or meet you i lové you!!!!!!
Cj Nguyen
'Cj Nguyen' 1 week ago
I went to the Aus tour I was like "I love you Justin when I see Justin's in a box I was like 0.0 how is he in a Box and for me it was a school might
Buniaaa ¿
'Buniaaa ¿' 1 week ago
aaaaa loveeee u Justin 💖💖
Sonia Pilla
'Sonia Pilla' 1 week ago
Every time I see this interview I can't help lol... Poor Justin not enough sleep?
LPS passionTV
'LPS passionTV' 1 week ago
Omg i want to See Justin Bieber he is so nice i love him so much all my friends say he is not real it is just an fucking Popstar with no Talent but his music is so magical i really want to See him but i live in Germany and its not going to be that i See him but im trying to do my best!
Rose Lockwood
'Rose Lockwood' 1 week ago
Justin do you still sing I love you
bucky snell
'bucky snell' 2 weeks ago
bucky snell
'bucky snell' 2 weeks ago
Can you stop being in jail
Gabo Fuentes
'Gabo Fuentes' 2 weeks ago
He Looks Annoyed With All The Screaming😒😒😞
It's So Sad Looking At Him Like This, I Just Wish People Would Give Him Some Space
Amis Bahati
'Amis Bahati' 2 weeks ago
Deppression all over his face
Hazel Higginson
'Hazel Higginson' 2 weeks ago
justin bieber has really canged
Angel Sanchez
'Angel Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
He got mad when she said "So you're welcome" for his success on his album 😂😂😂
xx X
'xx X' 2 weeks ago
Celebs always seem so much sadder and depressed whilst they're on tour..
Ben Ricketts
'Ben Ricketts' 2 weeks ago
The thing about JB is that he always looks different every time he comes on the show??

(like and reply with the right answer if you  know why)
'MARIA MARES' 2 weeks ago
do a draw my life challenge!!!!!
'SERENA WHITBY' 2 weeks ago
i luv justin bieber!! 💘💘💘💘❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
Shawn Flanagan
'Shawn Flanagan' 2 weeks ago
Stop saying he looks tired or nervous wtf he's just not trynna let everything get too him and he also is healthy when you become healthy everything changes your more mellow and relaxed
Angelina Jones
'Angelina Jones' 2 weeks ago
Justin looks so diffrent
Jaidaah McQueen
'Jaidaah McQueen' 2 weeks ago
He had no reaction when they all got tickets like Come on Justin be happy for once
Belieber Girl
'Belieber Girl' 2 weeks ago
you are amazing justin ur the cutest 😍😍😍
Swagy Bieber
'Swagy Bieber' 2 weeks ago
I love you justin I really love you wish I can meet you justin.......
louise chamberlain
'louise chamberlain' 2 weeks ago
selena gomes
vatti shalmini
'vatti shalmini' 2 weeks ago
please reply 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😢 I..............?
vatti shalmini
'vatti shalmini' 2 weeks ago
I am shalmini and I have a super great wish to meet Justin
glife 54
'glife 54' 2 weeks ago
he hates these sounds... like me..
glife 54
'glife 54' 2 weeks ago
daddy to baby to daddy💯💔😊😊love him
Gyanu Dev
'Gyanu Dev' 2 weeks ago
why would u give a car to this talentless asshole retard
Stepheno pp Renn
'Stepheno pp Renn' 2 weeks ago
It is obvious he has a lot of anxiety.... I understand due to him mostly expressing his whole life on stage mostly. He needs a break from music or it will only get worst... I feel bad for him to be honest..... hope he can figure it out
Naia Linares
'Naia Linares' 3 weeks ago
You are so cute look even if some people don't like you I will be there for you😙😙
Sumpi Pattinson
'Sumpi Pattinson' 3 weeks ago
he looks soooooooo lifelesssssss cummmmmmoonnn people cheer him up
Andrea Cook
'Andrea Cook' 3 weeks ago
I want my dream come true but it 's not😭
alina i
'alina i' 3 weeks ago
so cute
zoya faraz
'zoya faraz' 3 weeks ago
he was so cute and now he is so hot..
This is My Name
'This is My Name' 3 weeks ago
ohhh He is straightforward !!
Pastel Dount
'Pastel Dount' 3 weeks ago
I wish he stayed the same age when he made the song "Baby"
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 3 weeks ago
hes a transexual
Rawan El-Diasty
'Rawan El-Diasty' 3 weeks ago
I hate Justin Bieber
Jerrica Campbell
'Jerrica Campbell' 3 weeks ago
he look like a wannabe ed Sheeran with that hair😂
'Mj' 3 weeks ago
he looks very sexy!
aina khan
'aina khan' 3 weeks ago
he's wana talk softly
Justin bieber Vevo
'Justin bieber Vevo' 3 weeks ago
Ajay Ullengala
'Ajay Ullengala' 3 weeks ago
Rag Ninja _Aaron Drift
He looks more depressed than me. And this how I am normally.
basira Mohibzada
'basira Mohibzada' 4 weeks ago
my wish is to see ellen and i love you ellen soooooooooooo much💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Big D
'Big D' 4 weeks ago
I feel so bad for him
VeNm Kills
'VeNm Kills' 4 weeks ago
I will be his girlfriend even know I am nine years old I want to go to his concert but my mom doesn't have enough money to buy them please give me a sign if you will help me😃😃😃
Jason Israel Matias
'Jason Israel Matias' 4 weeks ago
looks like he's gonna have a breakdown.
Cordelia Brown
'Cordelia Brown' 4 weeks ago
What's wrong with him? It's like he lost his soul. He looks empty.
Ghillie The Goat [BadDev]
Excellent vidd, dropped a like and a sub :)
Ivanna Battig
'Ivanna Battig' 1 month ago
i love justin bieber he is my idol ne day i wish to meet him
Neha sharma
'Neha sharma' 1 month ago
bhag laude chodi ke
truth cupcake
'truth cupcake' 1 month ago
The way Ellen says tinder tho........
Yay yay yay doughnuts
I love how Ellen says "Tender" instead of "Tinder"😂😂😂
Silu Hamal
'Silu Hamal' 1 month ago
So cute JB
'TheLegend27' 1 month ago
to all the fans saying "why he looks sad?" well of course he is you know why? its because you guys won't let him live like a normal person. you guys are always chasing him screaming at him to the point where he can't even enjoy a meal in privacy heck he can't EVEN WALK FOR GODS SAKE CAUSE OF YOU GUYS! i would not be surprised if he committed suicide at this point. so if you are a true fan then you should treat him with respect not chasing him like a mindless fool he is a human like us not an animal.
Glue Queen
'Glue Queen' 1 month ago
Wtf do u people call it exciting . LMFAO
half n half TV
'half n half TV' 1 month ago
WOW. he looks like he has been doing a lot of cocaine
Преслава Ганова
Love you Justiiin 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Arianna Gonzales
'Arianna Gonzales' 1 month ago
he will be mine
Rachel Clarke
'Rachel Clarke' 1 month ago
I'm like really surprised he still has fans
Manal Albarjes
'Manal Albarjes' 1 month ago
How old is he now?
michal lev
'michal lev' 1 month ago
WOW JB isnt a talker
Kaya 2000
'Kaya 2000' 1 month ago
I want tickets not fair lol
'安斎みどり' 1 month ago
where is there?
this shit is bananasss
i cant believe people are that dumb justin doesnt act hapy and suck cause he doesnt rlly give a shit anymore. he probably very tired
'Aya's Life' 1 month ago
But not Australia because I am in Australia
'Aya's Life' 1 month ago
Justin Bieber is going somewhere the day before my birthday
Gabby Gilmore
'Gabby Gilmore' 1 month ago
Hey Ellen I love justin. he in spyers me so mach . he necks me think that I can do enething
Taylor Gourd
'Taylor Gourd' 1 month ago
I Looooove Jb
'NOEL BLASH' 1 month ago
He's sick of all the fame and attention. I remember a few years ago he was like the most famous person in the world. His privacy is completely robbed tbh. Seems like he has grown up and wants to be normal just like a regular person. you can tell not only from the tiredness In his expressions but the way he dressed too. I remember he used to wear tight jeans, fancy jewellery and bomber jackets... On this episode he was wearing extra extra ordinary clothing. the man is just tired being the most trending thing in the world . He's not on drugs or some kinda mental sickness. He wants to walk down LA enjoying the nice weather without the paparazzi and fans shoving cameras at his face.
kayden couch
'kayden couch' 1 month ago
I love Justin beiber so so so so much he is so sexy
Bryanna Basilio
'Bryanna Basilio' 1 month ago
26th appearance???? Wtf
'Kailarina' 1 month ago
Justin is great y'all need to stop hating he is a human being just like all of us.
A girl That lives her life
Lmfao this punk is the worst type of celebrity to support. Luckily he's becoming more and more irrelevant. His obnoxious fans r just as bad as he is
Tawnya Kelly
'Tawnya Kelly' 1 month ago
he's hot he's cute in pretty awesome when I watch his videos I cry so much I can't stop crying
'IIM KII' 1 month ago
when the audience screamed Justin was like: what have I done
Sam Bed
'Sam Bed' 1 month ago
he kind of seems unhappy
Louise Crouch
'Louise Crouch' 1 month ago
a hard working young guy, all the best Justin.
Fay Mackenzie
'Fay Mackenzie' 1 month ago
He gives me purpose
Mack Daddy
'Mack Daddy' 1 month ago
I love you justin I have a blanket of your face and your name
Kaelyn Chalk
'Kaelyn Chalk' 1 month ago
Justin Bieber can I visit you sometime please
Logan Marsh
'Logan Marsh' 1 month ago
His hair looks like he slowly going back to his bowl hair cut
Sam Berry
'Sam Berry' 1 month ago
Justin Bieber is so hot can we date
Sam Berry
'Sam Berry' 1 month ago
Justin Bieber you. are so hot😍😘😘😘😘
Ciaran Ryan
'Ciaran Ryan' 1 month ago
apparently his Melbourne Australia show sucked because he seemed bored and tired for all of it...and someone said, 'Just like he was on Ellen', which brought me here. And yes, he seems clinically depressed. Like zero reaction to the audience screaming to go to his show. A normal person would smile and look at them. He ignored them completely. Is he OK?
Priyanshi parmar
'Priyanshi parmar' 1 month ago
Yea we all know he lives in the back stage he pops up out of no where
jihane bech
'jihane bech' 1 month ago
My love ❤️
Tiffany Ramirez
'Tiffany Ramirez' 1 month ago
He doesn't even like his job anymore
'Kaine' 1 month ago
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