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Justin Bieber's Exciting Announcement -
Published: 3 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 3 months ago

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During his 26th appearance on Ellen's show, Justin discussed life on tour, dating, and he shared a big announcement!

Watch his exclusive performance here:

Princess Courtney
'Princess Courtney' 2 days ago
I wish i could meet him
'뺢쀼' 2 days ago
he looks sooooo tired
Dóra Tóth
'Dóra Tóth' 2 days ago
anna karenina
'anna karenina' 2 days ago
He needs Jesus
Val Aguilera
'Val Aguilera' 3 days ago
I just want to say one thing.. Justin is such an amazing guy.. but he just looks really drained, I would say mentally, physically and spiritually drained, he has given so much energy that he doesn't even have, people expect so much from him, but he doesn't owe anything except time and rest for himself. He's obviously over this whole life style, all he ever wanted to do was make music and connect with his beliebers through the music, but he never imagined himself to be a huge icon in this world. I honestly feel so bad that this is his life, and just by looking at him, I feel like he is done with the fame life, that he would do anything in order to live a normal life. I don't think he wants to give this up, but I do think he thinks about it from time to time, you can see on his face that he is drained and tired with everything that he would give all of this up just to be normal again..But I do believe that if he wants to become a professional in another career, since he's planning on or is studying "Medicine'" he should go for it. But after touring this year he really needs a break and leave this world and reconnect with himself and stay in nature for a while for him to be happy again.. again not saying that he isn't happy, I just feel like when he's back home in LA, he is a totally different person, he puts on a character that the public eye expects him to be, but when he's in nature, he's himself.. I can be wrong about all of this, but as a spiritual person.. I can deff tell that Justin is done with the screaming, photos, and just the spotlight, i guarantee he thinks about how his life would have been if he wasn't this famous..Justin needs to connect with someone who came from the same life style as his before all of this happened, someone who isn't fame, but someone who can give him stability and help him feel groundedl.. again I can be totally wrong about this.
San Padre
'San Padre' 3 days ago
he's VERY HiGH or he's tired as hell.
Say Lia
'Say Lia' 3 days ago
He miss Selena lol
Jennifer Grace
'Jennifer Grace' 3 days ago
Omg he has changed so much
We like the old u Justin
The fun bieber
'Aryan' 3 days ago
And after the camera's stopped rolling
Ellen to the Audience : i never said you don't have to pay for it , you little bitches.
Judith Toner
'Judith Toner' 4 days ago
Everyone in the comments saying shit like "he seems unhappy, he needs sleep, he is in a bad mood, he is annoyed" HE IS NOT. HE IS BEING HIMSELF, which is calm, collected and COMPLETELY HAPPY. PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE IS LIKE. I HAVE BEEN A HUGE FAN OF JUSTIN FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS AND THIS IS THE REAL PERSON HE IS. He IS excited about the tour. He IS excited to be on Ellen. He is NOT unhappy. The way he is "acting" in this video is EXACTLY what he is like without all the cameras, which is a NICE PERSON. HE IS SO FUCKING NICE AND CARING. PEOPLE SAYING THAT HE NEEDS SLEEP AND A "BREAK" ARE FUCKING DUMB. He had a break for TWO FUCKING YEARS AND NOW HE IS BACK WITH THIS AMAZING ALBUM. HE WANTS TO CELEBRATE THIS BY TOURING AND TALKING ABOUT IT ON ELLEN. He owes his fans nothing but music and touring. THAT'S IT. These fake ass non-fans in the comments don't have a fucking clue who he is as a person and it fucking enrages me. He is happy in this video. You heard it from him when he says "I feel strong". He IS happy, he IS strong. The calm, quiet and shy person that he is in this video is what he is really like. Fuck ya'll for thinking different.
Maya Rudi
'Maya Rudi' 4 days ago
Im in love with justin beiber
Trololol Lolololol
Whys he so calm
Tamara Grabner
'Tamara Grabner' 4 days ago
Please pray for him!
tyler partin
'tyler partin' 4 days ago
what the fuck? Nigga i see people in the comments before i watched this say "He looks so sad!" "Omg he looks so depressed!" And im like "damn cant wait to see this* he looks fucking normal wtf? Is he suppose to jump around highfiving everyone laughing all retarded? Hes like 22? Hes grown up im 20 and i dont see anything wrong here hes smiling he isnt that depressed my goodness.
SoMuzicS LBP
'SoMuzicS LBP' 5 days ago
Meh.. you can tell he doesn't enjoy it anymore.. good for him, he's not dating XD he's waiting until God puts somebody he loves in his life, he's turning around. Gud job
scarlett segovia
'scarlett segovia' 5 days ago
Es Hermoso😍😢😍😢❤
Jenny Pena
'Jenny Pena' 5 days ago
I thought justin was single 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
'WolfieGolding' 5 days ago
Notice Justin's eyes at 2:59. He's on some sort of drug or depressant pill. No doubt
The Best
'The Best' 5 days ago
when Ellen was like who are u dating he was like nobody and im not looking either I was like "whyyyyyy"
'Moonroof' 5 days ago
he seems so mellowed out now!!
Judie Upstream
'Judie Upstream' 6 days ago
What is selena thinking, she need rehab again, dating The Weeknd, is crazy. He is a scumball He always looks like he needs a good bath. I sound like everybody on the street that sing
Maricela Perez
'Maricela Perez' 6 days ago
Dear,Ellen I was wondering if you could help me meet Justin it has been my dream to meet him I have liked home ever since I was 4 please help me Thank you your amazing
'ASAP$Cobra' 6 days ago
dude he aint looking strong at all he looks very very depressed
'ASAP$Cobra' 6 days ago
justin is relevant NOW so his managment and the big companies have to suck him out like a fucking lemon
'harrystyles205' 6 days ago
Ellen can I come on your show plz I am a huge Justin bieber fan
Kapws Me Lene
'Kapws Me Lene' 6 days ago
yeah like stop screaming
Abby Thompson
'Abby Thompson' 7 days ago
Abby Thompson
'Abby Thompson' 7 days ago
100 subscribe please
Zoya Fleming
'Zoya Fleming' 7 days ago
the way Justin said "Cause I'm always alone" made me teared up 😔
Finja Viki
'Finja Viki' 1 week ago
you're so cute together haha <3
kimberley kennedy
'kimberley kennedy' 1 week ago
I'm sophie hull
I am a massive fan of you ellen and Justin you cant forget him, anyway I'm sending this msg to you because every time I watch your videos I cry I think I'm never gonna be on this show I live in Essex in engalend and I cant afford to come over you might get these msgs a lot and I know u do but I want you to get this msg and I want my biggest dream to come true witch is to see you on the ellen show with jb I'm trying to write this as long asi can to prove that I'm a fan plz atlease reply because I want to to know I'm your biggest fan EVVVER!!!!! love sophie hull
Sandy Ice
'Sandy Ice' 1 week ago
How To Android
'How To Android' 1 week ago
hi justin
Miryam Turkistani
'Miryam Turkistani' 1 week ago
Justin has a little sister
Katelyn Tegetgoff
'Katelyn Tegetgoff' 1 week ago
They are lucky to go see Justin 😩
Katelyn Tegetgoff
'Katelyn Tegetgoff' 1 week ago
I will be he's future girlfriend. But now he has a girlfriend that's really pretty so I can't try to Stella him I love him so much 😍😘
Meriem Saadoun
'Meriem Saadoun' 1 week ago
Javier PerezCruz
'Javier PerezCruz' 1 week ago
Why is everyone over exaggerating??? They keep saying he looks sad or off!! Um no he doesn't. I can agree with tired I guess but people in the comment section don't understand the difference between tired and sad. He was still having fun here as you can tell when he showed his muscle and touched Ellen's lol
Grant Odle
'Grant Odle' 2 weeks ago
Justin looks and sounds high
joker87gd Lane
'joker87gd Lane' 2 weeks ago
Where are my Beliebers?
'BraungardtBaby' 2 weeks ago
Wait what is stadium tours?
Rahel Gebreigziabher
Justin needs a break!
Ca Ro
'Ca Ro' 2 weeks ago
I'm hella jealous of the whole audience getting tix for the rose bowl show 😭😱😍😍
'LOJAN QOEEN' 2 weeks ago
'LOJAN QOEEN' 2 weeks ago
Ahmad Malass
'Ahmad Malass' 2 weeks ago
Justin has came up from a baseball club before coming this show lol
Dóra Tóth
'Dóra Tóth' 2 weeks ago
Listen To - BTS - Blood,Sweat N Tears
ellen's said " goddd, 7 ",, and i
Shea Kayla
'Shea Kayla' 2 weeks ago
My baby.
America Chris
'America Chris' 2 weeks ago
Ancient Griffin bird Bengal liger
America Chris
'America Chris' 2 weeks ago
Awesomeness Lengendary
Battlestar b
'Battlestar b' 2 weeks ago
"not dating" means that he is sleeping with more girls now.
Potato !
'Potato !' 2 weeks ago
Bieber Fact-He only wear a pair of Calvin Klein boxers once then throws them out
Najeeb JB
'Najeeb JB' 2 weeks ago
I love you Justin
Taylor-Dayne Davis
'Taylor-Dayne Davis' 2 weeks ago
He seems detached
Natalie Hernandez
'Natalie Hernandez' 3 weeks ago
Dec 5 is my birthday
Annamaria Montasser
'Annamaria Montasser' 3 weeks ago
# I love Justin bieber
Mikhail Terranova
'Mikhail Terranova' 3 weeks ago
Justin so delicious haha!
Bugsy Films
'Bugsy Films' 3 weeks ago
Baby baby baby AHHHHH
lyanna. councell
'lyanna. councell' 3 weeks ago
I love you some much Justin :)!
lyanna. councell
'lyanna. councell' 3 weeks ago
I love you Justin in youre biggest fan I love you're songs so much and how you prank people I wish that I could see you someday and nice muscles:)
Clifton Butler
'Clifton Butler' 3 weeks ago
I can't listen to Ellen and not think about Dory😂🐟🐠🐡
Chaos Gaia
'Chaos Gaia' 3 weeks ago
I felt so bad for him...the nerves
AA 12398
'AA 12398' 3 weeks ago
Justin gonna come to Israel for a show and I'm going to this!!!!!
I can't believe that I'm going to see himmm!!❤❤❤
XDNeedsomemilk 778
'XDNeedsomemilk 778' 3 weeks ago
Houda HK
'Houda HK' 3 weeks ago
i posted a new video of jb if you want go and watch it woth subscrib for making the others tnks guys
Stormey Copeland
'Stormey Copeland' 3 weeks ago
I really want to meet Justin I've always dream of being on the Ellen show and meeting him
Jessi Hartmann
'Jessi Hartmann' 3 weeks ago
What did she say ?? He looks healthier ?? For me he looks the baddest in this video 😧 It's like his thoughts were everywhere else but not at the Ellen Show
Kelcian Dixon
'Kelcian Dixon' 3 weeks ago
he's dating me haha
'KittyCatSound' 3 weeks ago
he looks like he's feeling alone and he needs his family now more then ever..and not screaming fans.I don't think that this is what he wants. I bet that family has to be the most things in his calender then shows and business
'XX XX' 3 weeks ago
He luks so arrogant, full of attitude , not gonna work in future.
Valerie Williams
'Valerie Williams' 3 weeks ago
justin's face whrn everyone jumped up clappin had me dyin
Ana Fis
'Ana Fis' 3 weeks ago
prayed someday our great humble down to earth justin able to have true meaningful great relationship with his choice n she able to care n luv him sincerely not fr fame.. blessed you JB
'BetterThanEmril' 3 weeks ago
9,000 people obviously need get get over themselves
Steven Edwards
'Steven Edwards' 3 weeks ago
must be a tough life he has got having all those millions in his bank account
Elizabeth P.
'Elizabeth P.' 3 weeks ago
Justin is a Pisces, and they hate being in loud, noisy environments! They are easily overwhelmed. That's why he hates all the screaming... just sayin'
Kandis Cotton
'Kandis Cotton' 3 weeks ago
i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove justin bieber
'1994' 3 weeks ago
nobody ever talks about jazzy lmao
Jack Liu
'Jack Liu' 3 weeks ago
He looks much bigger now. Look at the chicks, their souls are missing something, Bieber can satisfy them.
Sakshi Sood
'Sakshi Sood' 4 weeks ago
Justin bieber you r looking dam..............cute 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
as Photography
'as Photography' 4 weeks ago
Wat happened to justin he look so nervous , uncomfortable & depressed , the audience looks so happy to see justin but justin is not
Joshua Martinez
'Joshua Martinez' 4 weeks ago
anas jbareen
'anas jbareen' 4 weeks ago
loved how justin wanted to be such a badass dude
Sakshi Sood
'Sakshi Sood' 4 weeks ago
Justin bieber looking so.................................cute , 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Aaliya Ali
'Aaliya Ali' 4 weeks ago
Looks much better with Selena
'I34anbulunRuhu' 4 weeks ago
He's so cold
mkay whatever
'mkay whatever' 4 weeks ago
I feel like he's sorta gone, ya know? I've been Belieber since I was in the 2nd grade (I'm in the 9th now.) But I've never met him. The one thing that truly breaks my heart is that I fell in love with how he was so open, caring, and just overall an amazing dude..but now he just doesn't seem like himself anymore. Don't get me wrong, people change as they get older but...its usually a GOOD change. I feel like if I ever do meet him one day , he won't even care. You can tell he doesn't even wanna be famous anymore which sucks for all the girls who have never gotten an opportunity to meet him. I still respect/love/admire Justin but this person right here isn't him.
Brandie Meadows
'Brandie Meadows' 4 weeks ago
id love too meet justin bierber
Gaming Savage XL
'Gaming Savage XL' 4 weeks ago
ahahahaha his tryinh grow his hair flip again from 2010
sofia almeida
'sofia almeida' 4 weeks ago
i love him, i love his songs
but he seems sooo tired and i think he should take a break
Sakshi Thakur
'Sakshi Thakur' 4 weeks ago
What a fitness keep it up frnd
Shamon Bryant
'Shamon Bryant' 4 weeks ago
just get with demi lovato already!..ill always ship you guys
Stephy Chan
'Stephy Chan' 4 weeks ago
He needs a break although i will miss him and it will be hard to see him go again
I will forever be a belieber no matter what
I love you Justin
Laquana Brown
'Laquana Brown' 4 weeks ago
you gone date me 😂😂
'RAP GAME ROVER' 4 weeks ago
theres something seriously off about him
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