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Michelle Obama Surprises People Recording Goodbye Messages to Her -
Published: 6 days ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 6 days ago

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We asked regular Americans to record a video message saying goodbye to First Lady Michelle Obama - what they didn't know was that FLOTUS was right behind the curtain, waiting to surprise them.
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Karen Zurita
'Karen Zurita' 1 minute ago
Please run for president 💕
M willi
'M willi' 3 minutes ago
cant wait, gtfo michelle
Merchant Ivory (filmstudent)
Awwwww crap, im not crying, its just a dam onion!
Mari Aguilar
'Mari Aguilar' 3 hours ago
'sephiroth' 3 hours ago
thanks jimmy fallon for giving them the opportunity to say goodbye to her and gave her a goodbye hug..ur the best fallon..
Itz Brianna Duh
'Itz Brianna Duh' 3 hours ago
At 2:22 Jimmy looks so lonely 😂
'sarahtherandom' 3 hours ago
I'm not crying, you're crying!
Yep, you're totally the one bawling, definitely not me...
Mike Hoang
'Mike Hoang' 4 hours ago
Creeper alert at 2:49!
Really Bro
'Really Bro' 4 hours ago
From a Harvard graduate to a former illegal stripper.
Really Bro
'Really Bro' 4 hours ago
Damn those onion cutting invisible ninjas.
John Smith
'John Smith' 4 hours ago
Man I started crying without even realizing it.
Chele Jesus Rapalo
'Chele Jesus Rapalo' 5 hours ago
'Motorcitymadman' 5 hours ago
Big Mike hiding the package with the dress. O is gonna get some hot dog tonight
Jazmin Ramirez
'Jazmin Ramirez' 5 hours ago
Xena of Amphipolis
'Xena of Amphipolis' 6 hours ago
Bye, Michael!
'LBosha08' 6 hours ago
Heartwarming to see actually, she's an inspiration and genuine person. Reading through the comments you'd reckon her supporters would at least give Melania a chance though, we don't know how smart she actually is and as for her English, it's technically not her primary language. I don't like trump, but I'm not going to base my opinions of his wife on my opinion of him.
FatKat On A Bike
'FatKat On A Bike' 6 hours ago
She only cares about the money. She will be doing this type of stuff for 4 years until she runs in next election. bah
'Edges' 8 hours ago
I don't think you can do this with Trump's wife or Hilary. lolol.
Umu Jalloh
'Umu Jalloh' 9 hours ago
Thank you Michelle
Najla Souza
'Najla Souza' 9 hours ago
Oh God, this is too emotional for me
'bargh70' 11 hours ago
wow the invited a white male to talk to Michelle Obama I AM SO TRIGGERED RIGHT NOW
Jordan De Pass
'Jordan De Pass' 11 hours ago
Damn I think I shed a tear at the end... Not gonna happen with Melania
'JoeVlogs' 11 hours ago
Jimmy's just there awkwardly.
Zahra Zee
'Zahra Zee' 13 hours ago
Beautiful, so beautiful....
'thebachu786' 13 hours ago
I think Trump will bring more jobs back to America. He already has and he's not even president. I got billz to pay!!
Gigiberta Flores
'Gigiberta Flores' 13 hours ago
And i cried ! more than what i should with this video <3
'MyFlightExperience' 14 hours ago
Americans, you guys had a wonderful First Lady for the past 8 years.. Good luck for the upcoming 4 years.
Zayn Malik
'Zayn Malik' 14 hours ago
I'm British and even I can see that Michelle has a kind soul.
Edvin WR
'Edvin WR' 14 hours ago
3:57 Why don't you take a seat right over there?
Edvin WR
'Edvin WR' 14 hours ago
3:57 Hey what's up guys, it's scarce here.
Jed Smith
'Jed Smith' 14 hours ago
Was anyone else dying laughing at the end when the woman screamed?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
я ты
'я ты' 15 hours ago
Love you Michelle. Ukraine
Choi Sebin
'Choi Sebin' 16 hours ago
i know ppl here talk about melania and make fun of her, but..... i just feel like its unfair for her as well, bc shes the one lives with trump.
'Mysh' 16 hours ago
im crying
RyKCan ?
'RyKCan ?' 16 hours ago
Oh my gosh. I genuinely cried throughout that whole thing. Michelle is such an inspiration
'kaydenpat' 16 hours ago
Best thing I've seen like forever!! Don't know how I work in D.C. but never met the Fabulous First Couple. Love them so much. They will be my FLOTUS and POTUS for the next few years since the one who was elected is NOT MY PRESIDENT and will never be.

Class, dignity, polish, swag. You and your Husband have made me proud! Looking forward to seeing you for many decades to come. Keep doing the "dougie".
Cosmas Kiio
'Cosmas Kiio' 16 hours ago
Michelle was the best
shruti singh
'shruti singh' 16 hours ago
Tommy G
'Tommy G' 17 hours ago
But did anyone else notice how shocked they all were when Michelle walked out even though one of the guys was waiting around the curtain peeking round? Like who was that guy? Did anyone else notice his hand around the curtain just before the dad walked out?
Amer Zidane
'Amer Zidane' 19 hours ago
you're going from THIS to Melania ! way to go America !
Rory Robinson
'Rory Robinson' 20 hours ago
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'BeAgoodNoOne' 21 hours ago
I really wish to live in a country where powerful people on top are a real example for the population.
I really with to live in a country where I can thank these people for what they are doing
Sasha Matsumoto
'Sasha Matsumoto' 22 hours ago
Cauzin Diem
'Cauzin Diem' 23 hours ago
If Trump starts deporting immigrants, hopefully his wife will also have a first class ticket back to Kazakhstan. Michelle was all about inclusion, love and growth.
James Brown
'James Brown' 23 hours ago
fuck I hate America. This shit is so clearly fake. Why can't we be real?
'ancientshrk' 1 day ago
The format of this is so bizarre...
jm Petersen
'jm Petersen' 1 day ago
Love Michelle Obama. And Jimmy, too.
'emercycrite' 1 day ago
Awww Henry has a moment at 02:06 - so cute!
Trace Smith (chimisock2754321)
How many minorities is there?
'romewho' 1 day ago
not a fan of barrack .... but michelle
Dounut Sauce
'Dounut Sauce' 1 day ago
This one made me smile
'Terraqus' 1 day ago
i love watching videos i find myself with tears after it without even noticing
Koen de Jong
'Koen de Jong' 1 day ago
Mate fee student awful tea true.
'101enri' 1 day ago
Michelle. You have no clue about the impact that over 8 years you have created  throughout us  real people in this country who believed in you and Mr Obama. Your inspiration , the laughs, 2 beautiful kids. YOU GUYS will be highly missed by this country.  and millions of people will miss you as well. Thanks again for your efforts to make this country, the best in the world. Much luck in your new endeavors
'Moorish' 1 day ago
I don't it will be any First Lady like Michelle, she wrote her own chapter in the American history, just by being Michelle
pancake panda
'pancake panda' 1 day ago
at 2:31 you can see security for michelle
tt ss
'tt ss' 1 day ago
God, those people talking to a picture !! Michelle thinks she is virgin Mary and people talk to her then she shows up like miracle ??!! who was behind this idea of this show ????
Jada Green
'Jada Green' 1 day ago
Thank you Michelle and Barack
Jeremy Martin
'Jeremy Martin' 1 day ago
That was cool!
'JunryMakeupBook' 1 day ago
Idk why but I cried so hard 😭
Former Gay
'Former Gay' 1 day ago
Thank You God for Trump! God loves us all! He healed me of homosexuality and did all the good to me. He will do even more for the US! Our prayers are answered!
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Althea Moses
'Althea Moses' 1 day ago
Thanks, First Lady Michelle Obama, for your kindness, being your authentic self, and your your initiatives that inspire people to live healthy-active lifestyles and get a college education. You'll surely be missed. God bless you and your family.
'TheTrippleTKA' 1 day ago
Man they kept their shits together. I'm losing my shit just by watching this and putting myself on the show
'TheTrippleTKA' 1 day ago
Of course Jimmy Fallon has to come out and ruin the moment! Not everything has to be about you, you little fucking prick!
Raewyn Lawrence
'Raewyn Lawrence' 1 day ago
What a great video. I believe Michelle Obama has been an inspiration for everyone even though I'm not american she is an incredible woman to be first lady. Sad to see the Obama's leave.
Anthony Torres
'Anthony Torres' 1 day ago
I bet she gives the best hugs!
Gonna miss you Misses O!
'Meister' 1 day ago
It's a shame how such a heart touching video is getting hated on by racists and Trump supporters (NOT ALL), this video has nothing to do with politics or Barack, yet these people always find a way to destroy something beautiful. This video was purely real people saying good bye to the former First Lady and getting the surprise of their life, and it just hurts me that people hate on Michelle for no reason.
ya girls
'ya girls' 1 day ago
this is so beautiful and her surprising them shows how organic and real these peoples emotions are
Lost Sandwich
'Lost Sandwich' 1 day ago
my face hurts from smiling, this is so bittersweet <3
'osmosisjane' 1 day ago
Michelle is America's mom🙌🙌😭😭😭😭😭😭
'da_hooliii' 1 day ago
Oh that's awesome.
Sarah McCreery
'Sarah McCreery' 1 day ago
Melania will NEVER
'Euronima' 1 day ago
Michelle is pretty Fine xD
tamar nahum
'tamar nahum' 2 days ago
This is incredible- Michelle has influenced so many people. The world is lucky to have her.
Sergeant Slothy
'Sergeant Slothy' 2 days ago
Who's cutting the onions??
super blue
'super blue' 2 days ago
is that jimmy Kimmel s maid?
Angelica Elias
'Angelica Elias' 2 days ago
I cried! she is an incredible lady, I would be truly stuck by her presence.
Helios Q
'Helios Q' 2 days ago
I love Michelle Obama. I think she was the best 1st Lady ever!.
Damilola A
'Damilola A' 2 days ago
Michael Donald
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Emmy Nova
'Emmy Nova' 2 days ago
I'm sobbing oh my god
'E C' 2 days ago
James Keaton
'James Keaton' 2 days ago
Michelle is a real queen!
'smoshwatcher100' 2 days ago
Blue Twilight
'Blue Twilight' 2 days ago
2020: Bernie Sanders President, Elizabeth Warren VP, Nancy Pelosi Secretary of State, Michelle Obama Senator for California. 2024: Elizabeth Warren president.
Blue Twilight
'Blue Twilight' 2 days ago
People said so many horrible things about her, but she never became bitter. She is kind and graceful.
Giuliana Miglioli
'Giuliana Miglioli' 2 days ago
I think Michelle represents a strong woman where we can all get inspire from. I am not from USA and I really admire her.
Jordyn Rain
'Jordyn Rain' 2 days ago
I'm crying this was just beautiful I'm gonna miss her
LaToya David
'LaToya David' 2 days ago
I was NOT expecting to cry for this. LoL! 💓
jama ahmed
'jama ahmed' 2 days ago
Marine Guerin
'Marine Guerin' 2 days ago
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'SSsAAa' 2 days ago
this is such a great video. probably jimmy's best skit. lovely person she is, great woman. P.S I'm not american
Chillouttunez X
'Chillouttunez X' 2 days ago
Like HOW do you match or surpass this as a FIRST LADY after this, HOW?!!!
Evon Williams
'Evon Williams' 2 days ago
Oh that's so sweet
'J C' 2 days ago
What a disaster it's been. We nearly lost the country. We. Nearly. Lost. Our. Country.
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