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This Adopted Puppy Turned Out to Be a Wolf Dog -
Published: 5 months ago By: App Lab

By: App LabPublished: 5 months ago

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This owner was in for a surprise when he realized his puppy is actually a wolf dog.

John Noble
'John Noble' 4 minutes ago
Yeah, looks more wolf than dog. It's a good thing he was relinquish to a sanctuary.

I guess in their state it's still considered a wild animal, and to keep it would have meant jail time.
Worthless Trash
'Worthless Trash' 44 minutes ago
That's so cute <3 My husky's name is Neo
R603 Burakkusuta
'R603 Burakkusuta' 1 hour ago
My grandparent's dog was a fantastic 2/3 wolf mix that was a well tempered and docile family dog that even liked our cats, while also being the most ferocious guard dog ever.
Jessica Eakin
'Jessica Eakin' 2 hours ago
'PLATOON72' 2 hours ago
Abandoning owners = dislike. 👎
'PLATOON72' 3 hours ago
Wolf dog?? It actually looks a wolf to me!
'drinkallthesunshine' 5 hours ago
Can't wait til I can have my own wolf dog ❤
Mittens The Chrismas Kitty
I have German Shepherd and it kinda looks the same but different colors idk if ma dog
is a wolf or half wolf
Amy Ly
'Amy Ly' 7 hours ago
I just found out that I live only an hour away from him...
Ditzy Rose
'Ditzy Rose' 7 hours ago
I have some serious respect for the owner who decided to let the dog live a happier life than what they could provide.
Chris Leung
'Chris Leung' 8 hours ago
I purchased a puppy and it turned into a hippo.
Clone Trooper
'Clone Trooper' 16 hours ago
that's how dogs were "made", right? our ancestors adopted wolves? idk, can someone explain if i'm correct.
ahmad mushaffa
'ahmad mushaffa' 18 hours ago
whats the diffrent with the husky???
Wolf Of the Mist
'Wolf Of the Mist' 19 hours ago
We also had a wolf dog we thought we bought a husky but it grew bigger and bigger till we found out he was wolf. And we ask a little bit of wolf and she said a lot more wolf then husky..
Heaven Porterfield
'Heaven Porterfield' 22 hours ago
i had a dog who was half wolf half german sheperd and we named him smokey
'Lorelei' 1 day ago
Actually, wolves and dogs are genetically the same, not separate species. Hence why wolf dogs are typically still fertile.
Shiro Miruzawa
'Shiro Miruzawa' 1 day ago
that was sad
Ethan Little
'Ethan Little' 1 day ago
I started out by searching up how to graft a bonsai tree and ten minutes later.......I'm here
Micha Cross
'Micha Cross' 1 day ago
My High Content loved to be around me, would sleep in the same bed as me and always loved a nice cuddle. I grew up with him and miss him dearly
L W.
'L W.' 1 day ago
Why is coffee brown?
Sekai on
'Sekai on' 1 day ago
Its a wolf..
'LPSThundra' 1 day ago
I feel bad for them, though..
they had to give up their dog to a sanctuary.
I know they'll have a "better" life, but I still think it's kinda sad.
awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf
Ugh its kinda sad people automatically assume wolf dogs would rather be in the wild , that move was cool in this case but :;( they're dogs too
Tianaz Bryant
'Tianaz Bryant' 1 day ago
you can tell by the ears. also ihate wolf dogs
jack 9200
'jack 9200' 1 day ago
snuck a dog home once, turned out hes the only son ill ever want :' )
'ClassicCutie' 1 day ago
I adopted a chiwawha

but it was actually a ant
'elysium76' 1 day ago
Wolf and dog are the same species
Niki Lea
'Niki Lea' 2 days ago
i bought a tall dog today. It turned out to be a giraffe ...
Kate Cunningham
'Kate Cunningham' 2 days ago
I was going to thumbs down this until I saw that they sent the wolf dog to a sanctuary. I'm glad they made the right decision. Wolf dogs are not pets and should not be glorified as such.
'CuteNumberFive' 2 days ago
or it could be a Czechoslovakian Dog
Ariella Szczupakiewicz
My friend owns a dog that's 1/4 wolf, He is actually the sweetest pup ever and extremely gentle. Once one of her rabbits escaped and the dog chased it but licked it, rather than biting it. The rabbit had a heart attack though and I think cat/dog saliva is toxic to rodents.
Zoey S.
'Zoey S.' 2 days ago
winter is coming ~
0riginal _Panda_Child
Really? You just figured it out. It's not like it looks like a wolf
Samara Weaving
'Samara Weaving' 2 days ago
I would be sat to lose my "pet" but if this guy is thriving and it's the best thing for his wellbeing ...

Can't argue with that.
'Ol' Backwood' 2 days ago
God I love canines. Such a loyal species.
Matthew W
'Matthew W' 2 days ago
These should not be allowed to exist they are a danger to people. They will kill people without a second thought. It's ware the term warewolf comes from. They are vicious and like to kill and eat people.
funtime husky
'funtime husky' 3 days ago
funtime husky
'funtime husky' 3 days ago
omg it's so cute though
'DontBlameTheDog' 3 days ago
oh those eyes! I miss my big guy...lost him last year to kidney failure.
'Xxxsorrow' 3 days ago
Aw, the owner must've been sad they had to let their pet go. But I'm glad he is now in a place more suitable for him.
max lu
'max lu' 3 days ago
Aradia Richard
'Aradia Richard' 3 days ago
That's the name of my snake......
Betty Guest
'Betty Guest' 3 days ago
He is Beautiful! So glad to
know he is Loved!
'CarlaDaFox' 3 days ago
i bought a kitten once but it turned out to be mount Fuji :/
'BaileysBeads' 3 days ago
His mother must've been a bitch.
Caine DeZilwa
'Caine DeZilwa' 3 days ago
Years ago I lived next door to a woman who had a massive Wolf Dog. It was up to my hips in height (I am 6'1"), It used to intemidate me when I was young but it was so nice and always wanted to play, he was pretty much a puppy from the day he was born till the day he died.
Firstasfasfa Lastasfasfas
Same music, human remains of owner spread all over the place.
Strawberry Milkshake
He's beautiful
'goalie2998' 4 days ago
The owners did not realize until he huffed, and puffed, and blew their house down....
That was the final straw...
Elizabeth Jasmine Nino
I want a wolf dog 😢
Anieda Pen
'Anieda Pen' 4 days ago
Wolf Lover
'Wolf Lover' 5 days ago
jeremy hershey
'jeremy hershey' 5 days ago
Theyd have to suuuuckk my dick long and hard to take my away if i had one...
pit man
'pit man' 5 days ago
you can tell a mile away its got wolf in him from pup,i think you knew what you were getting
Balsac Teabaghar
'Balsac Teabaghar' 5 days ago
wolf dog's are dangerous and should never be kept as pets
V. Michalopoulos
'V. Michalopoulos' 5 days ago
Dogs and wolves are of the same species though
Denise Higson
'Denise Higson' 6 days ago
he's so beautiful and I'm so happy he is content with the pack that's where he belongs
Wolf lover Art
'Wolf lover Art' 6 days ago
Lucky :(
servant of god
'servant of god' 1 week ago
he's so stunning love him
'FranklinaFlick' 1 week ago
How wonderful that he's in a sanctuary now!!!! What a happy ending!!!!
'sam8404' 1 week ago
Dormamu, I've come to bargain
Ellie Fleming
'Ellie Fleming' 1 week ago
I would go and take him back not leave without him
Anneka Svenska
'Anneka Svenska' 1 week ago
he's beautiful x
Romantic Outlaw
'Romantic Outlaw' 1 week ago
how did you ever think that puppy was 100% dog???
'stereomike111' 2 weeks ago
what is up with the horrible blur box surrounding the video. so distracting. tragic.
'ZombieCrazyLegs' 2 weeks ago
That sucks, they had to give up their dog because the person they adopted him from neglected to inform them of its parentage.
'PTCX' 2 weeks ago
My Blue Healer cross Bull Terrier always - needed constant companionship - rutinely escaped - would dig under bite through or jump over all sorts of fences - so does this mean he was a wolf?
'brn2wld' 2 weeks ago
yeah, they are some miserable animals. Wanting company but shunning humans. I'm glad he went to a safe place.
Alex the wolf
'Alex the wolf' 2 weeks ago
thats so touching
'pangajackterhor' 2 weeks ago
he should have mated first before leaving with the husky or a malamute!!!!!!! ;)
Patti Wise-Youngren
'Patti Wise-Youngren' 2 weeks ago
The same thing happened to us. I saw an ad for free puppies, said to be Shitzu and Spitz mix. We had recently decided to get a family dog and had a 2 year old son. My husband went to see the puppies at a residence in a town about 30 minutes from our house. The litter of puppies were all black except for one that was cream and light brown. That one seemed more timid than the others. My husband selected that one and brought home this adorable ball of fluff. Then he started to grow, and grow. His eyes turned a yellowish brown, his snout enlongated and his teeth were long with promenent canines. Our vet examined him and took a blood sample and told us he was a medium-high wolfdog, likely an Australian Shepard and wolf mix. We were floored. We could not understand why the people would not tell my husband the puppy was a wolfdog, especially since they are prized in our state and expensive to buy. Later on, my husband could not remember where lived. We live in a state that does allow wolfdog ownership, but requires certain criteria to be met regarding fencing and registration of those over 75% wolf. He was not that high, but I was concerned about this animal around our young son. Coincidentally, we had named him Wolfie! He was one of the best dogs I ever had. He was very intelligent, very protective of the family and especially our son. My husband worked with him and trained him. He could be a handful, especially when he became an adolescent. He was inordinately strong and came when he got ready to, but he never hurt anyone, although he would bark and snarl like he was going to. He lived to be 20 years old. The day we had to put him down was a terrible day for us all and he will be forever missed.
Lawrence Lepes
'Lawrence Lepes' 2 weeks ago
Beautiful dog! If you ever own a Wolf mix, just classify it as mix of whatever it is mixed with. Just play stupid.
Sonia Hema
'Sonia Hema' 2 weeks ago
I bought a dog once turned out it was an elephant. ..
'SAMMIsLIFE' 3 weeks ago
Smh, glad she went to a sanctuary where she could thrive. Wolfs and dogs shouldnt be bred,it seems like a good idea, but the offspring turns out to be more wild and its cruel to keep them locked up in a yard or house, and theyre constantly fighting 2 different instincts.
'babalooey100' 3 weeks ago
This is sick. If it wasn't for all the shithead social engineers, wolf dogs and even wolves would be legal in all 50 states.
'blaze5053' 3 weeks ago
Sad u can't keep ur damn dog
'Bi' 3 weeks ago
That's a good mommy! I'm always looking for great soundtracks, what soundtrack did you use in this video?
Man Thug:LifE
'Man Thug:LifE' 3 weeks ago
If I found that wolf dog I would say that it is 100% wolf, just look at it, looks exactly like one.
The Wisdom of the Guardian Wolf
. Having a companion is the best thing in life, well that's how i see it anyway, because you have someone to hang around with and have a positive time with.
'NorthBoundWolf' 4 weeks ago
In Indiana, you don't need a permit to won a wolfdog that is less than 75% wolf.
Linda Casey
'Linda Casey' 4 weeks ago
I'm glad there was a happy ending ....
UrZ Fight4URight
'UrZ Fight4URight' 4 weeks ago
This Animal is not a Hybrid! This is a 100% Wolf.
Wolfdogs banned in the European Union 🇪🇺
To much risk
Mike Scott
'Mike Scott' 4 weeks ago
Nice looking fellow, he needs companionship and a lot of travel area. They can do things you would not believe possible. They have eyes that not only detect heat put when injured will fall deep in the socket within the skull for a couple of months and come back out when healed. I have also seen them reach areas almost 20 feet high. Like a dolphin in the water
'HenriquePlay' 1 month ago
Its the same species!
M Mom
'M Mom' 1 month ago
My brother, when living overseas, bought a hybrid Russian wolf/ dog. The " whites" of his eyes were red. He adored my brother and his wife and kids but bit anyone else. He HATED me. But he was gorgeous. When he came back stateside, he had to tell the people in the quarantine that he was a hybrid dog or they wouldn't let the " dog" into the States.
'KettouRyuujin' 1 month ago why did you take this video from Good Housekeeping?
Volga Wolfhounds
'Volga Wolfhounds' 1 month ago
Best pets I've ever owned. Click my channel and see a whole pack.
Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 1 month ago
I watched again and was very happy that Neo is enjoying life with his own kind!
Good for me I love dogs
if someone took the time to purposely breed a dog and a wolf I think that person should be banned from having any kind of animals ever and that person should be thrown in prison for confining a wild animal.
Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 1 month ago
Sorry the comment below was for; turmat01...
Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 1 month ago
Turmat101... I thought the woman in the video kept him. Where is Neo now? Is he at a place/sanctuary ?????
Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 1 month ago
Neo is gorgeous !!! You area lucky owner!
mohamed Khalifa
'mohamed Khalifa' 1 month ago
Lil redneck Brand
'Lil redneck Brand' 1 month ago
You can tell when he or she was a baby it had wolf
'lions14' 2 months ago
nice vid a had a wolf dog
karen quick
'karen quick' 2 months ago
We live in the country and got our little dog at an auction, and she turned out to be 1/2 German Shepherd and 1/2 Wolf. She was the best pet ever and lived to be 15 years old. She was so loyal and loving and would howl at the end of the driveway when my husband was going farther than the field. She was always right beside him when he would work the fields back and forth. We'll never forget her!!
'resourcedragon' 2 months ago
At least going by the phenotype, Neo is a very high content wolf-dog.
Elizabeth Czepiel
'Elizabeth Czepiel' 2 months ago
What a beautiful boy but he's better off with his own kind being very social beings!
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