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This Adopted Puppy Turned Out to Be a Wolf Dog -
Published: 3 months ago By: App Lab

By: App LabPublished: 3 months ago

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This owner was in for a surprise when he realized his puppy is actually a wolf dog.

karen quick
'karen quick' 5 days ago
We live in the country and got our little dog at an auction, and she turned out to be 1/2 German Shepherd and 1/2 Wolf. She was the best pet ever and lived to be 15 years old. She was so loyal and loving and would howl at the end of the driveway when my husband was going farther than the field. She was always right beside him when he would work the fields back and forth. We'll never forget her!!
'resourcedragon' 1 week ago
At least going by the phenotype, Neo is a very high content wolf-dog.
Elizabeth Czepiel
'Elizabeth Czepiel' 2 weeks ago
What a beautiful boy but he's better off with his own kind being very social beings!
'SamIAm' 2 weeks ago
some dumb owner to not notice!
'NordicNostalgia' 2 weeks ago
Two races, not species.
Sedeanimugamez- 単に奇妙な。
this needs more views
Clorox Bleach
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