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This Adopted Puppy Turned Out to Be a Wolf Dog -
Published: 6 months ago By: App Lab

By: App LabPublished: 6 months ago

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This owner was in for a surprise when he realized his puppy is actually a wolf dog.

'JrangoZ' 16 hours ago
"Dog and Wolf smell like ?
'MimikyuGaming' 1 day ago
The Vid Titled Makes Sence
Katie Kay
'Katie Kay' 2 days ago
The owner was surprised when one day he finally opened his eyes and saw a wolf.
Michael Daury
'Michael Daury' 2 days ago
I know a girl that has 3 wolves in Baltimore MD.they just think they are big dogs.
'MrFredstt' 2 days ago
I wouldn't mind having a low content wolf-dog once I've had more experience handling & taking care of animals in general.
'Zunay' 3 days ago
Thats the USA no free friendly dogs but cops who can kill kids without getting in trouble then they say ,,we saw that the kid had an 9mm gun" -an 10y old thats the USA
'MayaWolvesWM' 3 days ago
But how can you not see it's a wolf cub? I mean... okay I searched for wolf cubs a milion times I should shut up I'm used to it
Animoo Lover377
'Animoo Lover377' 3 days ago
Poor dog. They took it away from its family. Imagine being ripped from your family and put in a unknown environment ;-;
Meliih X
'Meliih X' 3 days ago
so what did they pay for him... a wolf dog normally costs over 3.000 $ ? Furthermore you can see that he doesnt look like a normal did they not notice😕
Micheal Death Sight
Wolf + Dog = Dolf
chemmy c
'chemmy c' 3 days ago
And? It'd be interesting if it grew up into a whale or a potato, but a wolf dog??? Is it breaking news?
Mathew Maheo
'Mathew Maheo' 4 days ago
where was Jon snow???
Vince Hal
'Vince Hal' 4 days ago
is a wolf considered a big cat or dog family
cool 123
'cool 123' 4 days ago
he is super cute and looks very much like my German shepherd
Bruce Gelman
'Bruce Gelman' 4 days ago
Good job being conscious human beings who know what hybrids really need.
Numi Nex
'Numi Nex' 5 days ago
it's a husky
Charlie jo Dinara
'Charlie jo Dinara' 5 days ago
yeah i bought a cat once but it turned out to be a fish so i can relate
Maria Martinez
'Maria Martinez' 5 days ago
So cool I'm glad you own him
Alex Brooks
'Alex Brooks' 6 days ago
geez.. that was a tough one.. sorry owners:( I membah when I bought a chinchilla and it turned out to be an endangered mud-skipper:( boy my family was sure sad:( :(
Sibi Sibi
'Sibi Sibi' 6 days ago
Chaotic Underwears
Welp... Now We Know Why His Name is Neo From The MATRIX..
Tim Bucktooth
'Tim Bucktooth' 7 days ago
I wanna see a wolf bred with a wiener 🐕.
'thorpefamo4' 1 week ago
:( :(
Xpertgaming Girl
'Xpertgaming Girl' 1 week ago
I would have kept it a secret. They didn't say they had any problems, so they could have had a strong relationship. But they had to take him away 😔😒
Vlada - Cut
'Vlada - Cut' 1 week ago
What? Rockruff is evolving.
Congratulataions! Your Rockruff evolved into Lycanroc(Midday form)!
'indeed' 1 week ago
that's kind of fucked the wolf was probably like "why are the burger apes taking me away from mummy?"

i found a Husky here in Australia she was about 4-5 months old she was dirty and wouldn't let me near her but i kept pushing on

and i just saw this dog and thought "some one is freaking out over losing this dog" so i kept trying to get close and a few hours i grabbed her she mouthed at my arm but wouldn't bite some one saw me and offered to give me a spare collar and i had to keep her for 3 days until i could call the dogs home

she adjusted fast and i let her sleep with me because she would just cry if she didn't even see me

they came and picked her up and then later on said "this dog is really freaking out without you is it ok if we drop her by your house while we try to find the owners?"

to me she always looked odd she looked like a husky but a little slimmer and taller for her age

long story short she was a Wolf Husky mix and the dogs home said she's likely ran away from an underground black market exotic pet farm of some kind (they found the farm it was more than 300km away) they said she probably bonded with me so well because it was likely i was the only Human to ever show her kindness

i was worried that they wanted to put her down but they just said her temperament seems fine so it wouldn't really be an issue

i had her for 5 years until she tried to escape while i was at work (if i left she would want to find me) and she was hit by a car i loved her so much and hope to get another husky one day
'Entusiast' 1 week ago
We had a wolf dog since I was a baby. I grew up with him and we were best of friends. He protected me from other dogs a few times with no training. What an awesome dog he was :(
Yailen The Savage.
Jon Munoz
'Jon Munoz' 1 week ago
That reminds me of my dog. lol My mom picked up an abandoned puppy at a gas station and 3 years later it turned out to be a 120 pound German Shepard and i f'kn luv this dog. Best and SMARTEST dog ive ever had or seen. :)
'PlainsPup' 1 week ago
0:40 - Dogs are the domesticated subspecies of gray wolf (Canis lupus familiaris). That's why crosses between wild and domestic wolves are now more commonly called "wolfdogs" rather than "wolf x dog hybrids." Wolves and dogs are completely interfertile because they're members of the same species, not two different ones.
Deez Nutz
'Deez Nutz' 1 week ago
my girlfriend got pregnant but the babys not mine is another way of titling the vid :P
'THCobra' 1 week ago
Okay so, people have bred a WHOLE line of cats with shit like servals, to create a leopard like cat breed that isn't too wild.

But doing the same procedure with wolves & dogs is instantly stopped? I'm sure if enough time spent of breeding a dog like a German Shephard or a Husky with a wolf to the point where you had a more doggish animal it would be fine right?
Bee American
'Bee American' 1 week ago
I would not have gotten rid of him they make the best friends
dani jo
'dani jo' 1 week ago
i had a mix dog like half chow chow half i dont know she was brown she was cute but died she got to be old enough to see my son though : ) : (
'nick' 2 weeks ago
intermix of two species! bu bu but I thought dogs come from wolves. derrrrrr
Sydney Brede
'Sydney Brede' 2 weeks ago
I think I've been to the Sanctuary with my dad. It was really cool there.
Tamara Cornejo
'Tamara Cornejo' 2 weeks ago
I hate how Neo couldnt stay with his owner. I mean i know he's still happy but what about his owner
'BRÜNO BÜTCHER' 2 weeks ago
I see wolf. I instantly click the vid. I want a pet wolf!
'ffstew' 2 weeks ago
seemed like a good behaved dog with wolfy features but seems happy at the sanctuary.
ruth bagtong
'ruth bagtong' 2 weeks ago
He looks like a half german shepherd.
Natasepticplyer Of Roblox
I wish I had a wolf do u guys want one
Matt Alley
'Matt Alley' 2 weeks ago
Had a malamute mix that was 1/8th wolf. Great dog and looked entirely like a malamute, so we kept that little tidbit to ourselves. Not sure if we could have gotten away with it if he had any more wolf in him
'UzeHerName' 2 weeks ago
At what point did they not realize he was clearly a very high content wolf dog? They don't just suddenly sprout into a wolf. This would have been evident long before he was old or strong enough to dig or break out of the yard. Usually you can tell right away, even at several weeks old that they're wolf when they're high content like this one.
Dionna Gurule
'Dionna Gurule' 2 weeks ago
that is kind of sad that the dog had to go somewhere else :(
jake the kangal
'jake the kangal' 2 weeks ago
Czechoslovakian wolfdog.
Gummi Bear :3
'Gummi Bear :3' 2 weeks ago
A adopted a chihuahua

It turned out she was Satan.
'Shay' 2 weeks ago
How could they have not known that he was part wolf. Look at his eyes when he was a pup! LOL.
Ardent Fan
'Ardent Fan' 2 weeks ago
That very long snout shown @ 1:14 is a dead giveaway that he is indeed very much more of a wolf than a dog.
Ke Kaye
'Ke Kaye' 2 weeks ago
Thats awesome a pet wolf!!!!!!
Snow Kitty
'Snow Kitty' 2 weeks ago
I would love to have a wolf-dog! They're so cute!
kayla roeten
'kayla roeten' 2 weeks ago
I wanne accidentally adopt a wolf (dog)
naser77 Naser
'naser77 Naser' 2 weeks ago
thes dayes you can breed any thing like🐸+🐒=👽
We Sore
'We Sore' 2 weeks ago
His father must be a brave ass dog
David Garcia
'David Garcia' 2 weeks ago
she couldve kept that "wolf dog" if they lived in the ghetto .
Morgan Moravec
'Morgan Moravec' 2 weeks ago
Erick Erick705
'Erick Erick705' 2 weeks ago
He aint thriving if he is surrounded by fences. Fuck hunters and stupid ass people who think animals should be pets. Just fucking let them be. You have the rest, 99% of the planet ruled by a single self destructive specie. Humans are SHIT!!!!
Timan ._. andrea
'Timan ._. andrea' 2 weeks ago
where can I get one??
Blanky Frost
'Blanky Frost' 2 weeks ago
i adopted a mouse turns out it was a chihuahua
Keely Fillingame
'Keely Fillingame' 2 weeks ago
Aaaaww what a cuty
Corey Levine
'Corey Levine' 2 weeks ago
were he playing with a huskies
Jarno Huirne
'Jarno Huirne' 2 weeks ago
Thats callde a wolfhybrid if you dindt know that yet
'VeNuS2910' 2 weeks ago
looks more like a mix of wolf and fox. but it's beautiful.
Kamila Čepičková
'Kamila Čepičková' 2 weeks ago
miluju vlky
Nina Fox
'Nina Fox' 2 weeks ago
Neo is beautiful. I am so glad his owner did right by him. These are not animals that need people. I had a husky/malamute and he was hard flipping work. Seriously, think twice before you get any of these canines - they are seriously wild!
'Jasmine' 2 weeks ago
hi guys! Please help me out by downloading the app front and enter my code "jasmines" u earn an automatic 1000 points and redeem them for $$$
'BluesCreation09' 2 weeks ago
You can't tell the difference between a dog and wolf? It looks like wolf when he was a puppy.
Winter Soldier
'Winter Soldier' 2 weeks ago
No happy end
savannah cat
'savannah cat' 2 weeks ago
He actually looks low-mid. Not high. No reason for him to be in a scamsctuary. No different than a husky that gets out all the time. Beef up your fence. Problem solved. This is a domestic dog, not a wolf.
savannah cat
'savannah cat' 2 weeks ago
You are so full of shit. You bought this wolfdog and now and acting like you just accidentally adopted it. Go away with your lies. Not everyone is stupid.
Canadian kid
'Canadian kid' 2 weeks ago
I gess the DNA tests are more accreate now with dogs !
Lecús ShadowPaw
'Lecús ShadowPaw' 2 weeks ago
Okay I know it's not supposed to be a sad story but... You know his owner wept for weeks when she had to send him away
Jeremy Meneely
'Jeremy Meneely' 2 weeks ago
I feel bad for that dog, I've heard about how close they get to their owners, to separate them is a crime.
Tntgirl 941
'Tntgirl 941' 2 weeks ago
so bolto was adopted?
Judith Neeley
'Judith Neeley' 2 weeks ago
Check out Loki sole survivor on Facebook. He's a wolf dog rescued by Bonnie Dawson with the help of Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws. She, Loki and other family members live in Hay River, Northern Territory, Canada. It has been a very successful rescue/adaptation.
Σπύρος Σταθόπουλος
omg thats so fucking cute
Kat M
'Kat M' 2 weeks ago
My family inherited a pure Timber Wolf. She was abused and starved, so she needed to get healthy and socialized. I worked with her and she was amazing. She was gorgeous. I was able to build trust and bond with her.She took on our uniquely large dog and myself as her pack. People were shocked by her behavior towards me. But I studied animals and knew plenty medical and psychological importance's. I can gladly say she lived a long and happy life with us. Wolves can connect to people like a pack member. But people should not try to get one if you aren't able to do what needs to be done to care for them. #WildlifeConservationNow
'whisperingthylacine' 2 weeks ago
I miss my wolf mix...may she rest in peace.
Raiyana Alam
'Raiyana Alam' 2 weeks ago
A adopted a rock once........turned out to be a pebble
Khawar Paracha
'Khawar Paracha' 2 weeks ago
i owned an ass once it turned out to be some girls
JoeToep Kijker
'JoeToep Kijker' 2 weeks ago
I also have a wolf dog. It's actually an official race in the Netherlands called a 'saarloos wolfhond', but it can only be 30% wolf.
Rainbow Wolfyyy
'Rainbow Wolfyyy' 2 weeks ago
My dog is part wolf
NerdKiller Momkiller
After 17 years of raising my son, he turned out to be a girl.
G Toyadha Tagya B
'G Toyadha Tagya B' 3 weeks ago
It's disappointing that dog didn't turned out to be a duck, because dhuude, that would be hilarious, you think it was a dog until someday it lays eggs and say "O my God what am I witnessing!, I thought you're a dog this whole 5 year!"
Adarsh Raghavendra Prasad
my golden fish turned into a dinosaur
XxMCgamingxX Unknown
i bought a dog once, turned out it was an extremely large gecko, i should of saw it coming, that animal really knew how to hide when we played hide and seek :/
ruby santibanez
'ruby santibanez' 3 weeks ago
i have a pup sge is a pitbull mix with a goldenretrever
Firepopcorn 123
'Firepopcorn 123' 3 weeks ago
That's is horrible. Sending a dog away from its family just because it is part wolf?
Rodney Reid
'Rodney Reid' 3 weeks ago
I would LOVE to have a pet wolf bcbi just ADOR thrm I have a wolf Ipad cover a wolf bed spread and a wolf calendar and a few wolf pics and drawings
Owen Perez
'Owen Perez' 3 weeks ago
He clearly looks like a wolf
Jolteon27 Bart
'Jolteon27 Bart' 3 weeks ago
I bought a dog and later I figured out it was a bird!
'Imersiion' 3 weeks ago
Good job I don't live in U.S. I have two wolf dogs and a Tibetan mastiff and there are no rules on the dogs you can own apart from pitbull a which is the 1 thing that sucks about living in the UK for me
Kylie Koronka
'Kylie Koronka' 3 weeks ago
That's so cool, it's basically having a non aggressive wolf.
Jessy Garcia
'Jessy Garcia' 3 weeks ago
neo was sent to wolf connection, a wolf sanctuary in california, which he is going to be euthanized, as peta's request
charlie pants
'charlie pants' 3 weeks ago
or maybe charlie is a wolf

oh lord... he is really big for a puppy though
'nelly' 3 weeks ago
how could ya mistake looks like a feckin Wolf 😂😂😂
Rein D
'Rein D' 3 weeks ago
Balto is that you?
Rightful Ruler
'Rightful Ruler' 3 weeks ago
My dog is 1/2 wolf and 1/3 golden retriever
Jimpy Kippy
'Jimpy Kippy' 3 weeks ago
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