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This Adopted Puppy Turned Out to Be a Wolf Dog -
Published: 4 months ago By: App Lab

By: App LabPublished: 4 months ago

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This owner was in for a surprise when he realized his puppy is actually a wolf dog.

Mike Scott
'Mike Scott' 2 hours ago
Nice looking fellow, he needs companionship and a lot of travel area. They can do things you would not believe possible. They have eyes that not only detect heat put when injured will fall deep in the socket within the skull for a couple of months and come back out when healed. I have also seen them reach areas almost 20 feet high. Like a dolphin in the water
'HenriquePlay' 2 days ago
Its the same species!
M Mom
'M Mom' 3 days ago
My brother, when living overseas, bought a hybrid Russian wolf/ dog. The " whites" of his eyes were red. He adored my brother and his wife and kids but bit anyone else. He HATED me. But he was gorgeous. When he came back stateside, he had to tell the people in the quarantine that he was a hybrid dog or they wouldn't let the " dog" into the States.
'KettouRyuujin' 5 days ago why did you take this video from Good Housekeeping?
Volga Wolfhounds
'Volga Wolfhounds' 7 days ago
Best pets I've ever owned. Click my channel and see a whole pack.
Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 1 week ago
I watched again and was very happy that Neo is enjoying life with his own kind!
Good for me I love dogs
if someone took the time to purposely breed a dog and a wolf I think that person should be banned from having any kind of animals ever and that person should be thrown in prison for confining a wild animal.
Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 1 week ago
Sorry the comment below was for; turmat01...
Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 1 week ago
Turmat101... I thought the woman in the video kept him. Where is Neo now? Is he at a place/sanctuary ?????
Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 2 weeks ago
Neo is gorgeous !!! You area lucky owner!
mohamed Khalifa
'mohamed Khalifa' 2 weeks ago
Lil redneck Brand
'Lil redneck Brand' 2 weeks ago
You can tell when he or she was a baby it had wolf
'lions14' 3 weeks ago
nice vid a had a wolf dog
karen quick
'karen quick' 1 month ago
We live in the country and got our little dog at an auction, and she turned out to be 1/2 German Shepherd and 1/2 Wolf. She was the best pet ever and lived to be 15 years old. She was so loyal and loving and would howl at the end of the driveway when my husband was going farther than the field. She was always right beside him when he would work the fields back and forth. We'll never forget her!!
'resourcedragon' 1 month ago
At least going by the phenotype, Neo is a very high content wolf-dog.
Elizabeth Czepiel
'Elizabeth Czepiel' 1 month ago
What a beautiful boy but he's better off with his own kind being very social beings!
'SamIAm' 1 month ago
some dumb owner to not notice!
'NordicNostalgia' 1 month ago
Two races, not species.
Sedeanimugamez- 単に奇妙な。
this needs more views
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach's Wife' 2 months ago
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