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#1 Alabama vs. #2 Clemson Highlights | 2016-17 National Championship Highlights | "The Rematch" -
Published: 2 months ago By: Sam Echols

By: Sam EcholsPublished: 2 months ago

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National championship highlights, enjoy.

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(All rights go to Disney Enterprises Inc., the NCAA, & its broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. I do not gain any profit from my videos. For entertainment purposes only)

Chan Kamcellor
'Chan Kamcellor' 1 month ago
Alabama fans are viciously fucking their cousins right now
Adam Crook
'Adam Crook' 1 month ago
Whatever Alabama. At least I don't have to listen your name for several more months. So damn annoying.
Great Value Bleach
'Great Value Bleach' 1 month ago
I'm just trying to figure out where these Clemson fans were before the championship game. I'm neutral though because I'm an Ohio State fan for life, we will be back next year
Rafael Hasbun
'Rafael Hasbun' 1 month ago
this sport is so stupid I dont even want to see this on my feed
Rafael Hasbun
'Rafael Hasbun' 1 month ago
wtf is this doing on my feed??????
molly clock
'molly clock' 1 month ago
where are the pre-game videos of drunken chicks claiming that their team is the greatest thing ever invented,

and then the after video,

where the mascara is streaming down their faces ,

as reality sets,

Trieu Truong
'Trieu Truong' 1 month ago
I regret not watching that game live
'RD S' 1 month ago
2 TD's on 2 illegal PICK plays. As illegal as it gets.
Barbara Landtroop
'Barbara Landtroop' 1 month ago
will this game be aired again for those thar missed it?
Overlord Gaming
'Overlord Gaming' 1 month ago
5:20 man that near-720 watson did had me weak last night😂
Tait Moore
'Tait Moore' 1 month ago
I'm a Auburn fan so I'm glad Alabama lost
'Haffmox' 1 month ago
Did you include the refs. They were the stars. Allowing Clemson to push off on comeback routes. Allowing the WR to knock down two defenders on the first touchdown. Having an incidental tripping become pass interference which won Clemson the game. If Scarborough didn't break his leg, Clemson would have had no chance. The ACC isn't even close to the best conference.
'brettfavreify' 1 month ago
My favorite team is whoever is playing against Alabama.
Crushing loss.
'MuhfugginMike' 1 month ago
Mike Williams and Reuben Foster are grown ass men
'T L' 1 month ago
I wish Fla recruits would stop falling for the Gators bullshit and just Tribe it up and get this money together @FSU don't be foolish. BAMA LSU UGA A&M then UF. and in that order. Saban runs the SEC. Ride with Jimbo do like other states flood in to one school and get money together. Miami hadn't won a bowl game in TeN yrs.
j b12
'j b12' 1 month ago
I'm so glad Alabama lost I hate them lol Hook em
Chano Acosta
'Chano Acosta' 1 month ago
now thats football there
'drwinstonOboogi' 1 month ago
The SEC can kiss my ACC!
Denevious Bivines
'Denevious Bivines' 1 month ago
If only Alabama had Kyle Korver in the 4th Quarter!
tyrantdawn V
'tyrantdawn V' 1 month ago
So Alabama is the New England Patriots of College football, right?
'WarriorsShotz' 1 month ago
We lost because the refs missed a couple of calls against Clemson.
Infinite Inferno
'Infinite Inferno' 1 month ago
Im pissed that they didn't just end the game with the TD at the end. It was one second, might as well let it run off.
'letspk' 1 month ago
'chevymon1' 1 month ago
Sweet revenge.
John Lodl
'John Lodl' 1 month ago
'pacus123' 1 month ago
Amazing game. Just the type of final you want.
Luke Edl
'Luke Edl' 1 month ago
I've always wondered how much money Alabama pays their players
OriginalTV /OV
'OriginalTV /OV' 1 month ago
i freakin knew it i voted for clemsons
Steven Garrison
'Steven Garrison' 1 month ago
thank you Clemson for beating Alabama
Matthew Sanchez
'Matthew Sanchez' 1 month ago
can we have one fucking year where Alabama, Clemson, or Ohio State isn't in the championship like holy shit it's been a while.
'#patriotsnation' 1 month ago
Great game. Vid was way to long!
Cecil Hammerton
'Cecil Hammerton' 1 month ago
The final play was definitely offensive pass interference but...if you put yourself in a position to lose, you might just lose.
'IVORY123100' 1 month ago
I live 8 miles from Clemson .. Everything here is Tigers and Paws .. I went to bed at Halftime .. Gave up ..  Woke up this morning and watched the local News ... " Ain't no fuckin' way "
Gustavo Arias
'Gustavo Arias' 1 month ago
fuck you Clemson
'iLL MiX' 1 month ago
i'm not surprised after they beat the dog shit outta Ohio state like that.
'TheAmazingBro' 1 month ago
Yessssssss lets go Clemson
'reppost' 1 month ago
That was what a championship game should look like. As a lifelong Bama fan, I'd obviously have preferred a different outcome but as a football fan, I couldn't have asked for much more. Congrats to Clemson, well fought. And congrats to Bama on a great season, already looking forward to next season.
XxSavagexX J
'XxSavagexX J' 1 month ago
Why y'all mad cuz Clemson KILLED YALL#ALL IN #Clemson Nation
Ramah Barker
'Ramah Barker' 1 month ago
Let's go orange
'YADEZ' 1 month ago
Great video thanks for sharing :)
Looking For A New Boat? -.
'branch122' 1 month ago
Terrible ending, but I gotta give props to Clemson. If we had played better, we would have won again
'wackedout13' 1 month ago
Alabama defense played SOFT!
Jalen Lutsy
'Jalen Lutsy' 1 month ago
Clemson beating Bama is just a shocker
The 9th Gamer
'The 9th Gamer' 1 month ago
I hate both teams but I like to root for the under dogs
'CRCuber' 1 month ago
Pitt still beat Clemson... jk congrats to Clemson
Evil Curry
'Evil Curry' 1 month ago
all I took from this game is #7 is a fucking beast 💪
'Crashbfan65' 1 month ago
Storm Warning
'Storm Warning' 1 month ago
Saban is not God. Alabama does not own football. Tide fans brought to their knees and not supported by most SEC fans. Lol! The best defense in football gave up over 500 yards. There are better defenses in the land. Michigan. LSU. Florida. Among others.
Josh Rayborn
'Josh Rayborn' 1 month ago
That should have been an offensive pass interference. A complete illegal pick play.
Macks Devaney
'Macks Devaney' 1 month ago
i'm so sad i wanted Alabama to win so badly
Panda Genration
'Panda Genration' 1 month ago
wow Clemson won well now there the underdog
Tagg Hudson
'Tagg Hudson' 1 month ago
I love your vids please go to tagg Hudson and sub I subscribed
'Yaahboi52' 1 month ago
Tua Tagovailoa🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bill Patterson
'Bill Patterson' 1 month ago
Offensive Pass Interference on Clemson for the final play !
'Shenna' 1 month ago
Joe Pellegrini
'Joe Pellegrini' 1 month ago
Wow... 10:00 wonder why?
'Trent0123210' 1 month ago
You mean #1 Clemson vs. #2 Alabama Highlights
Hayden Serge
'Hayden Serge' 1 month ago
This really was a great game to watch
'CompleteStudioes' 1 month ago
Lol still think bama can beat Cleveland
Davis Melton
'Davis Melton' 1 month ago
Illegal pick play
Darion Dudley
'Darion Dudley' 1 month ago
I knew clemson was gonna win ☺
Adam Akan2K
'Adam Akan2K' 1 month ago
I knew it. Alabama wasn't all that, they were in super weak conference, and were way overrated. They would crash and burn if they played another very elite team. #NoMoreBama
Dylan Durham
'Dylan Durham' 1 month ago
Go tigers!
Diamond Peeps
'Diamond Peeps' 1 month ago
ACC Is now the best conference in the NCAA
SKOL Vikings
'SKOL Vikings' 1 month ago
Tide rolled right into that L
Justin Dobbs
'Justin Dobbs' 1 month ago
I love how kids are saying "HOLD THIS L" and "Stop crying Bama, we beat you fair and square." I mean, Alabama went to the Championship undefeated with a freshman QB and no featured RB. They also lost Eddie Jackson who would've completely shut down Mike Williams. Alabama is also the team that beat Clemson last year, but by a larger margin of 45-33. (The actual score was 45-40, but Alabama had already won.)
Mike N
'Mike N' 1 month ago
I'm a Texas fan and still have to say this is likely the best college championship game ever played.
BigBoii_Chaz 2k17
'BigBoii_Chaz 2k17' 1 month ago
lol clemson got so lucky.And i hate when the cheat us it gets me so pissed off ,but it was a pretty good game.clemson still should've lost.but i guess will beat them next year if they
dont lose to a sucky team again 😄😄😄
'TB GAMING' 1 month ago
Rob Hicks
'Rob Hicks' 1 month ago
I'm a bama fan we battled until the end. Legendary effort In my opinion. Yes it hurts, but there is always next Year!
Gregory Baroni
'Gregory Baroni' 1 month ago
Gotta love Boulware taking Harris to Suplex City 7:34 😂😂
'ibzz107' 1 month ago
When Clemson wins, everyone says they love Clemson and have been with them since the beginning.

If Alabama won, everyone would say that they love Alabama and have been with them since the beginning.

Everyone in the comment section (besides some) is just a bandwagon.
Donithan Anderson
'Donithan Anderson' 1 month ago
Their new name is Aabama because they took the L
'MrGumbwit' 1 month ago
7:36 he just suplexed him
'KingAlphaHawk' 1 month ago
Clemson cheaters nobody touch the ball when they recovered the onside kick
D Kat
'D Kat' 1 month ago
The ESPN theme song was "eerie" when watching with the chorus girls for the stones in the background oooooohooooooo
Then "ITS JUST A SHOT AWAY" How fitting of an ending for Clemson = "Give Me Shelter" Alabama "fade away" "Mad bull lost its way".....The lyrics are awesome! Game even better.....
Darius Rogers
'Darius Rogers' 1 month ago
Clemson SUCHS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂NO JOKE
Milo The Dangerous
'Milo The Dangerous' 1 month ago
it takes a little something special to have a run like Alabama has, and that is something that nobody can take away or deny.
welcome to the CFP NC club, Clemson.
sit down... have a cigar..
Jakiyah Mckinley
'Jakiyah Mckinley' 1 month ago
It's alright we'll be back next year I respect Clemson
YEET Flaxxen
'YEET Flaxxen' 1 month ago
Clemson was #3
Mason Rogers
'Mason Rogers' 1 month ago
I love how everyone says u are a bandwagon if u like Alabama that's not true if u grow up liking them and the only way u are a bandwagon is if u like just because they win a lot
Gimme Yo Ring
'Gimme Yo Ring' 1 month ago
u can put from shotgun ?
Ahr Soldier
'Ahr Soldier' 1 month ago
Both these teams are equally good, but Clemson did take the W. What an end to one of the best games in College Football this season!
Eita M
'Eita M' 1 month ago
Rolllllllllllll tide these Clemson nutz
Phillip Meyers
'Phillip Meyers' 1 month ago
Clorox Beach
'Clorox Beach' 1 month ago
My tide couldn't pull through😥 good game to Clemson tho
Andrew Werner
'Andrew Werner' 1 month ago
so Disney flags a video with 500 views, but not one with 700k.. fools
Vincent Denley
'Vincent Denley' 1 month ago
the trending vid has 300k views and this has almost 800k, yep that makes sense
'69QuIzAcK69' 1 month ago
Wow! Great game! I missed it, but I feel like I watched it here! Thanks for putting all the effort into this, it was very well done!
Ej Beast
'Ej Beast' 1 month ago
What a game.
Carson Reidy
'Carson Reidy' 1 month ago
I predicted Cemson was gonna win 34 - 31 (no joke I got a screenshot for proof), I was gonna say Clemson but Alabama took the L
Carson Reidy
'Carson Reidy' 1 month ago
Ya know why they say "Bama" all the time as opposed to "Alabama"? Cause they're too embarrassed to say the L
lord D
'lord D' 1 month ago
Damn, Alabama defense was ass that day
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