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Published: 3 weeks ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 3 weeks ago

74, 726 views

2, 171 Likes   28 Dislikes

Blind dating game show where you all your senses EXCEPT sight to find love! Lawrence has to use his sense of smell to pick his favorite lady and their perfume!

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Micaela Runciman
'Micaela Runciman' 1 day ago
Who Really
'Who Really' 2 days ago
Gabbie's hair is Galaxy now what's going on
Lily Vande
'Lily Vande' 7 days ago
Lol now gabbie has blue n purple hairb
Daniela Gutierrez Solorzano
this must be sooo old gabbie has purple hair now
'Craycray' 1 week ago
5:52 what is that line on gabbys eyebrow
'Lawstidentity' 2 weeks ago
They were surprisingly great couples
'HelenHeart' 2 weeks ago
Lydia Napier
'Lydia Napier' 2 weeks ago
I love this
Demi-leigh Whitewood
Gabbie is such a good host 😂
Gedi Gambrell
'Gedi Gambrell' 2 weeks ago
no black girls??
Being Silly With Liv
I thought the guy was Anwar
Zoe Reid
'Zoe Reid' 2 weeks ago
I am most like number 4
Khushi Desai
'Khushi Desai' 2 weeks ago
It's so cringe worthy when a contestant leaves and the guy just checks her out

I mean she was a stranger like two mins ago
Blurryface jauregui
'Blurryface jauregui' 2 weeks ago
Gabbie is a good host
Skylar Thomas
'Skylar Thomas' 2 weeks ago
Gabbie & South Africa tho
Zee Rey
'Zee Rey' 2 weeks ago
in the end i felt so bad for the girl coz the guy was dancing with gabbie instead of her lol
Zalfiefan1234 MSP
'Zalfiefan1234 MSP' 2 weeks ago
Heyyy , thats not nice he said sorry to 3 .4 contestant but didnt say sorry for number 2 i bet it was because of her weight that really mean
Kyle Koontz
'Kyle Koontz' 2 weeks ago
who else thinks gabbie should have her own talk show on tv
Demi hernandez
'Demi hernandez' 2 weeks ago
gabby lost weight
Valerie Luciow
'Valerie Luciow' 2 weeks ago
gabby is the only person that could make this show work
Unicorns Are As Real As You
This is probably old cus of gabbies hair
Eva A-K
'Eva A-K' 3 weeks ago
4 was way better!!!!
jacky ruiz
'jacky ruiz' 3 weeks ago
gabbie was so not funny, she was actually hella annoying
Fiona Irish Msp
'Fiona Irish Msp' 3 weeks ago
I thought the thumb nail was Anwar Jibawi
Emily McCleary
'Emily McCleary' 3 weeks ago
New episode of FOURSOME is on Jan 4! It's Jan 4 and you guys still haven't posted the video yet! When are you guys going to post the video?
Cody Walker
'Cody Walker' 3 weeks ago
Where's season 2 episode 6 of Foursome?! It's the 4th, and I've got an hour until I gotta be at work. Come on Awesomenesstv, don't let me down!!
Rebecca Jane
'Rebecca Jane' 3 weeks ago
And it was at 4:28 that he realised he fucked up.
Nandini Gupta
'Nandini Gupta' 3 weeks ago
that guy is lucky
I mean people r clapping cause he got his teeth brushed
Selina R.
'Selina R.' 3 weeks ago
Nooo! I loved contestant 3
Nasim Fall
'Nasim Fall' 3 weeks ago
Shouldn't have picked 4
Cesar Ramirez
'Cesar Ramirez' 3 weeks ago
I frecking love gabbie
amel rkb
'amel rkb' 3 weeks ago
i thought it was anwar in the clickbait lol
tavaria bozeman
'tavaria bozeman' 3 weeks ago
Not very diverse pick huh😩
'Faiza' 3 weeks ago
Plot twist he asks Gabbie out
ibiyemi desalu
'ibiyemi desalu' 3 weeks ago
I think content ant number four was is right match
Genavive Esparza
'Genavive Esparza' 3 weeks ago
did atv just wait like 4 months to just post this??
Tahlia Vazquez
'Tahlia Vazquez' 3 weeks ago
I love you gabbie
'TIMPTE LA' 3 weeks ago
I love gabbie but , she used the wrong eyebrow pencil man.🤷🏽‍♀️
isabela marie dela merced
this was shot maby a few months ago cuz of gabbies hair
Christina Petersen
'Christina Petersen' 3 weeks ago
Im waching this in 2017
Fatima akbar
'Fatima akbar' 3 weeks ago
I liked the south african one the best 👍
Shay Q
'Shay Q' 3 weeks ago
this was pre-recorded too
Vedha Kumar
'Vedha Kumar' 3 weeks ago
Is it just me or did Gabbie check out every girls ass as they left 😂😂😂😂
holo is life
'holo is life' 3 weeks ago
i love how gabbie is the hostest
ilikecake :3
'ilikecake :3' 3 weeks ago
I was really hoping Number 4 was going to be the match😩😂
RAH Vlogs
'RAH Vlogs' 3 weeks ago
I've always wanted to become a famous youtuber🤤 it's my dream please make it come true by subscribing 😚.
'Wolfish' 3 weeks ago
Dang, this is an old video cause Gabbie has long, brown hair instead of short, blue streaked hair.
all I am
'all I am' 3 weeks ago
how long ago was this recorded, gabby has LONG BROWN HAIR!
Antonio Jones
'Antonio Jones' 3 weeks ago
I liked the video
sahar ely
'sahar ely' 3 weeks ago
If I were him I would have chosen gabbie instead of any of the contestants
Bailey Pagliano
'Bailey Pagliano' 3 weeks ago
I was going for bayley the whole time because my name is Bailey but its spelled different
Olivia Magana
'Olivia Magana' 3 weeks ago
this was kind of racist
Norvice Mccuff
'Norvice Mccuff' 3 weeks ago
WOW they must film videos WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY before hand because Gabbie cut her hair in September
'beatsbyheart' 3 weeks ago
How long have you been stock piling this?
Nadia Jouaneh
'Nadia Jouaneh' 3 weeks ago
Why didn't you guys post this earlier?
Nadia Jouaneh
'Nadia Jouaneh' 3 weeks ago
I'm here for Gabbie
'Menzie_G' 3 weeks ago
thus must of been from a loooooong time ago
Christina Duong
'Christina Duong' 3 weeks ago
this was filmed a long time ago. now, gabbie has short hair
Jessica 101
'Jessica 101' 3 weeks ago
Ever since the beginning I knew who is going to win and who is going to get eliminated each round. I'm a psychic
Avalon Marie Cleo
'Avalon Marie Cleo' 3 weeks ago
This is hilarious!!! Gabby!😂
Naomi Eunice
'Naomi Eunice' 3 weeks ago
im loving this series!!! OMG and having gabbie as the host makes it even more enjoyable!!
'Pikachulover234' 3 weeks ago
hey I just came home from school
'Dreamcat' 3 weeks ago
Gabbie is soooo good at hosting wtf 😍 she can make the most awkward situations chill and funny
wrestling gamer
'wrestling gamer' 3 weeks ago
This is old because she don't have the short blue and purple hair. Love Gabbie so much
'sibheung' 3 weeks ago
Gabby has more chemistry with him than the other contestants lol
Ravens Huss
'Ravens Huss' 3 weeks ago
This is old and you can tell because she has cut her hair and died it. I kinda watch her videos lol😃.
Amenah abdelaal
'Amenah abdelaal' 3 weeks ago
Omg you I'm from South Africa
'Gymnasticanelo' 3 weeks ago
this is so old lol. she hasn't cut her hair and dyed it and she didn't even have a red streak.
Gabi Lomas
'Gabi Lomas' 3 weeks ago
This is old
Jaelynn Porter
'Jaelynn Porter' 3 weeks ago
Do another one...I love these
Liz Elias
'Liz Elias' 3 weeks ago
Amelia Johnson
'Amelia Johnson' 3 weeks ago
old bc she has short blue hair and before the red streak
Megan Furtado
'Megan Furtado' 3 weeks ago
i only clicked this for gabbie 😂💜
Amber Bogumil
'Amber Bogumil' 3 weeks ago
'LifeOfPau' 3 weeks ago
Probably only like one person will read this comment but if you're reading, I hope you have a great day and a great year (((:
uni axb
'uni axb' 3 weeks ago
this is so old
You and Me
'You and Me' 3 weeks ago
Is there another version with a girl deciding???
Emily Rader
'Emily Rader' 3 weeks ago
This is so old! Gabby's hair is long and there's no red streak...
♛BLAKE dark heart (AJLG)♛
Chanel number 4 is not dead 😱😱😱
Melee Sullz
'Melee Sullz' 3 weeks ago
375 like!!!😄😄😄😄😍😍😍😍🤑🤑🤑🤑
Bailey Crawford
'Bailey Crawford' 3 weeks ago
Contestant number 2 spray yo self" lol Gabbie has no sense of vocabulary lol
Alex Luna
'Alex Luna' 3 weeks ago
I would of gone with #4! she is gorgeous! ;3
'Windy' 3 weeks ago
'osmosisjane' 3 weeks ago
Morgan Mcdiarmid
'Morgan Mcdiarmid' 3 weeks ago
56 th not bad
Kuka Weber
'Kuka Weber' 3 weeks ago
Katie Stanford
'Katie Stanford' 3 weeks ago
number 1 needs some powder dayummmm she shiny
allanis paredes
'allanis paredes' 3 weeks ago
Why gaby is mean?
Parker and Braelyn
'Parker and Braelyn' 3 weeks ago
Kyana Roberts
'Kyana Roberts' 3 weeks ago
This is old as Gabbie hasn't cut her hair
'Shaggy' 3 weeks ago
Sub to me - ill sub back
allanis paredes
'allanis paredes' 3 weeks ago
"Look at that butt"
Apfel Cake
'Apfel Cake' 3 weeks ago
I like contestant 2 most ....she was really cute and sounded so nice and not like all of the other little bitches
Leilani O.
'Leilani O.' 3 weeks ago
I see Gabbie I click.
Nicole Tinoco
'Nicole Tinoco' 3 weeks ago
This is so ooooold
Sean C.
'Sean C.' 3 weeks ago
I didn't even recognize Gabbie 😱
Justina Doctor
'Justina Doctor' 3 weeks ago
This is OLD. She didn't have the read streak. And then now her hair is short and purple.
Annie Crosby
'Annie Crosby' 3 weeks ago
This was obviously filmed awhile ago, lol
Saeeda Khan
'Saeeda Khan' 3 weeks ago
I love gabbi
Iman .M.A
'Iman .M.A' 3 weeks ago
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