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Chino Hills WILD OUT in First Home Game w/ JesserTheLazer & Kris London Watching!! FULL Highlights! -
Published: 1 month ago By: Ballislife

By: BallislifePublished: 1 month ago

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Chino Hills kicked off their 2017 league games as wild as you can imagine at home against Damien. It didn't take long for the highlights to start pouring in as LaMelo Ball (33 points), LiAngleo Ball (25 points), Eli Scott (21 points), Onyeka Okongwu, Ofure Ujadughele and the rest of the team extended their streak to 52 wins in a row! Damien came played hard all game long and gave it their best shot with junior Cameron Shelton leading them in scoring with 32 points.

Our friends and fellow YouTube content creators JesserTheLazer and Kristopher London were there as well. Check out their YouTube channels below.

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'Ballislife' 3 weeks ago
Chino Hills vs Oak Hill Academy EPIC GAME Full highlights:
L Twon
'L Twon' 2 days ago
Them boys soup.
Jordan Murphy
'Jordan Murphy' 2 days ago
ummm why does gelo look like he switched shoes with someone on the other team😟
Sam Walker
'Sam Walker' 3 days ago
what shoes is lamelo wearing at 0:54
Nicolas Seran
'Nicolas Seran' 1 week ago
'Viarella' 2 weeks ago
they dont play d..I dont think number 3 passes half court ..for to play two way ball..
Rob Dameron
'Rob Dameron' 2 weeks ago
no one playing defense?? shit iiiii could put up 60 with that crap!!
Jack Deming
'Jack Deming' 2 weeks ago
Retards on the sideline
Jack Deming
'Jack Deming' 2 weeks ago
Fuckin cherry picking douche bags
Tanner Tuber
'Tanner Tuber' 2 weeks ago
Who realized that #0 on white team has hardens
mike gold
'mike gold' 2 weeks ago
Basketball sucks ass
Gook Wang
'Gook Wang' 2 weeks ago
'xProtege7' 2 weeks ago
Number 3 on chino hills plays like K Love
'knpstrr' 2 weeks ago
These games are ridiculous. Constant post entry passes from beyond half court... haha what a joke. A mean if you can do it, more power to you, in the short term. But that isn't basketball.
'Sens4Lyfe6' 2 weeks ago
yo wtf high school ball is lit

miss the good old days ;(
Luke Moon-Walker
'Luke Moon-Walker' 2 weeks ago
lol so jesser and lsk are celebrities now lol
Charles Amoateng
'Charles Amoateng' 2 weeks ago
where do i buy tickets
trent guilbeault
'trent guilbeault' 3 weeks ago
Notice that lady always holding the chino hills crowd back after every score
Dj Rolln
'Dj Rolln' 3 weeks ago
So 3 guys score all the points on that team or what?
Daisy Ridley
'Daisy Ridley' 3 weeks ago
do y'all think the 2012/2013 Montverde team could beat chino hills? That team had Joel Embiid, D'Angelo Russel, and Ben Simmons
Jacob Sanford
'Jacob Sanford' 3 weeks ago
How do they get away with all those full court passes?
Mike Oxbig
'Mike Oxbig' 3 weeks ago
Imagine being the coach. The ball brothers just run their own plays lmfao
- omFg
'- omFg' 3 weeks ago
that was amazing
Savage 10
'Savage 10' 3 weeks ago
Chino Hills
Dustin D
'Dustin D' 4 weeks ago
This crowd nothing compared when Lebron was in high school
'NICKYTUBE VEIWED' 4 weeks ago
Like for jesserthelazer
papa jesus
'papa jesus' 4 weeks ago
guy in that ugly ass vest is annoying af falling over every play like bruh u look stupid af.
Reece elizondo
'Reece elizondo' 4 weeks ago
I love how that dude at the end made 1 3 and everybody even the bench went crazy
'Javert' 4 weeks ago
LiAngelo kinda looks fat but he's a beast
Scott Ireland
'Scott Ireland' 4 weeks ago
transition defence.. do you play it?
RNF Gaming
'RNF Gaming' 4 weeks ago
lol no defense to be found
'Cycle' 1 month ago
what shoes is lamello wearing @ 54 seconds
'Domiinguez_5150' 1 month ago
Where's lospollostv lol
'TheUltimateTizzy' 1 month ago
9:42 he said "hold my dick"
Jajja Ysudyxhuxs
'Jajja Ysudyxhuxs' 1 month ago
The middle is the worst
'KevinR3452' 1 month ago
This is such stupid basketball. The Ball family is so overrated. The refs don't even ref correctly. The players don't even know what defense is. Anyone can shoot the ball, only the true stars can play defense. What a pathetic game. High school games shouldn't have scores in the 90's and 100's.
JustinDagamer 66
'JustinDagamer 66' 1 month ago
That was a mean block at 3:52
Michael Moreno
'Michael Moreno' 1 month ago
Zion Williamson would destroy chino hills
Xander Marikit
'Xander Marikit' 1 month ago
Liangelo Ball does not do defense
Xander Marikit
'Xander Marikit' 1 month ago
Liangelo Ball does not do defense
Average Gringo
'Average Gringo' 1 month ago
Song? @O:55
Jeff Webber son
'Jeff Webber son' 1 month ago
This is the worst recorder I have ever seen he shakes so much and zooms in every five seconds I'm getting the biggest headache and I'm about 1 minute in , just disliked the video
j c
'j c' 1 month ago
Song at 0:56
Karen Daveyan
'Karen Daveyan' 1 month ago
T- Prizmo
'T- Prizmo' 1 month ago
5:00 carry asf
T- Prizmo
'T- Prizmo' 1 month ago
4:38 nice play
'HammerKingzzz7' 1 month ago
UCLA is just gonna be ball brothers if Lonzo stays long enough for La Melo
Triggered xD
'Triggered xD' 1 month ago
That bitch screeching the whole fucking game was annoying af
XxLegendxX_500 Gamez ツ
Huskies isnt it
'JeromeyLin7' 1 month ago
Are LaMelo's kicks custom made? I can't find the colorway
'Hhshhshhe' 1 month ago
Ball bros overrated
erich roberts
'erich roberts' 1 month ago
the younger one might make it but the older one isn't. I'm seeing any major skill. plus he's over weight.
Sports Gamers Online
Chino Hills playable in NBA 2K18 CONFIRMED.
'Gh' 1 month ago
Felix Swave
'Felix Swave' 1 month ago
Why doesn't liangelo play football? He's good at catching long passes, even when there are multiple people near him. And he is stocky enough to run over people and not get crushed. All he needs to do is get faster and he should be good
Lachlan Cook
'Lachlan Cook' 1 month ago
Liangelo be getting triple teamed and still putting up good shots
'SILO WORLD' 1 month ago
those preppy white boys got me weak lmao
Too Good4u
'Too Good4u' 1 month ago
Getting block 24/7
Too Good4u
'Too Good4u' 1 month ago
Angelo ball=ass cheek
Jayden Mackie
'Jayden Mackie' 1 month ago
Song at 0:54???
Jayden Mackie
'Jayden Mackie' 1 month ago
Song at :54?
'taxn' 1 month ago
good ass game
dymas ananda
'dymas ananda' 1 month ago
Warm up song??
Enrique Ybarra
'Enrique Ybarra' 1 month ago
Matt Bonner with the deep 3 at the end!!
Leon Prince
'Leon Prince' 1 month ago
Ryan Maka
'Ryan Maka' 1 month ago
Does anyone else hear the crazy mom in the background
'ballislife2351' 1 month ago
Ballislife shouting out youtubers now 😂
Little Caesers Higo
'Little Caesers Higo' 1 month ago
I wonder if any of the starting Chino Hills players came back after the game and watched this video and thought JesserTheLazer was some coach or something lmao.
Lilian Peter
'Lilian Peter' 1 month ago
Does anyone know what shoes lamelo was wearing ?
so mad idk
'so mad idk' 1 month ago
gelo couldn't be stopped down low
'Sim' 1 month ago
Man those players on Chino Hills really know how to ball...
James Leonard
'James Leonard' 1 month ago
Number 15 stole the show!
gregory Brown
'gregory Brown' 1 month ago
globe trotters no defence league.
'Handles' 1 month ago
Yo everyone got litty when the white boy hit the deep three at the end😂😂🔥
Brian Hermann
'Brian Hermann' 1 month ago
not bad, but I would still take Derrick Rose's Simeon team any day
Trey Five
'Trey Five' 1 month ago
Don't even know the guy in the thumbnail ...
'perryp25' 1 month ago
#23 kinda nice! Is he new?
JevinColonTV 01
'JevinColonTV 01' 1 month ago
You think reading high could beat chino hills
Logan Hadt
'Logan Hadt' 1 month ago
Do you only go to chino hills games
Frisky Dingo 73
'Frisky Dingo 73' 1 month ago
Wait a minute.... wait.. wait a goddamn minute, we ain't gone speed past that like it ain't just happen. 3:55 fucks sake. Talk about Court Vision.
Noah Andriach
'Noah Andriach' 1 month ago
this is dope
Keegan Myerchin
'Keegan Myerchin' 1 month ago
me before the video: hype cuh yeet
me after the video: more more O_O xDDD cuh who agrees
'AtheGoat' 1 month ago
what was so special about the 3 number 15 knocked down??
Savage Mode
'Savage Mode' 1 month ago
why chino always cherry picking
'LAlingo' 1 month ago
dont know who kid #15 is for chino hills but that 3 he hit from deep gave me chills...
Black Neji
'Black Neji' 1 month ago
Grey #3 built like he need to be in the d-leauge
Jesus Avil
'Jesus Avil' 1 month ago
Aint gonna the players have skill but the team just cherry picks 😤😤😂
'CPgaming8119' 1 month ago
So who won the team in gray or green
Mystic GotHandles
'Mystic GotHandles' 1 month ago
Jezzer and LSK at 12:00
'Torein' 1 month ago
Whats up with this ugly blonde hairstyle
'quisfromdeep' 1 month ago
Blame Steph Curry lmao, this is ridiculous 🤘🏽🤘🏽
'TheClassyPeople' 1 month ago
Robert Leland
'Robert Leland' 1 month ago
This is shitty basketball. Half of the players aren't even playing both ends of the court most of the time...
'Adrian.' 1 month ago
11:34 I'm dead😂😂
'MMXX Euro' 1 month ago
When you put all the 2k sliders up...
Ric LaFlair
'Ric LaFlair' 1 month ago
#3 overrated
Drew Gourgues
'Drew Gourgues' 1 month ago
At 3:21 you can see Jesser and Kris in the stands
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