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Beyoncé - Self-Titled, Part 4 -
Published: 3 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Self-Titled, Part 4. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Marcos Batista
'Marcos Batista' 1 week ago
Muito bom de mais mesmo😍😍😎
Keevin Henley
'Keevin Henley' 2 weeks ago
She really is a totally different person when performing.
'NiCOLOO M' 3 weeks ago
0:31 Sia was probably writing "Hurt Together"...?
Não vou te dar view só porque reagiu a Kpop
0:31 "SOCORROOOOO" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Vim pelo Diogo
'EverydayWanda' 2 months ago
Watching in 2017 LIKE
Alayjia Stone
'Alayjia Stone' 2 months ago
'sprshedina' 4 months ago
1:13 I did a double take, thought it was her nephew. Wow identical. Both cuties
Kit Mash
'Kit Mash' 4 months ago
Beyoncé came up with these lyrics off the top of her head with NO pen and paper. This woman is EVERYTHING 💯
lia karina
'lia karina' 4 months ago
0:32 sia pedindo pra sai do cativeiro
Emihle Mdingi
'Emihle Mdingi' 4 months ago
meme @ 2:22.
akoli17 17
'akoli17 17' 5 months ago
now it's all about Becky with the good hair and red lobster
abbes saadallah
'abbes saadallah' 6 months ago
she took Jay to crazy horse ???
Jada Ash
'Jada Ash' 8 months ago
Sarah Idun
'Sarah Idun' 8 months ago
I love the way she talk her smile 😊 her voice who else would not fall in love with this amazing woman in the world I mean the queen 👑 👑 👑😚 I love ❤ you Beyonce 😚
Butter Francisco
'Butter Francisco' 9 months ago
I'm not even suppose to be watching this
Butter Francisco
'Butter Francisco' 9 months ago
like my moms does to me actually im really young tho
Butter Francisco
'Butter Francisco' 9 months ago
who cares If your mom is mad you are a grown woman not a child your mom will always support you
Erica Ha
'Erica Ha' 9 months ago
how is her video a good influence on her daughter when her daughter looks at video she would probably copy waht her mom did
Erica Ha
'Erica Ha' 9 months ago
that explains why she was acting like a slut in partition
Yana F
'Yana F' 9 months ago
It's so cute when she says birth. SO CUTE
Amantle Bishop Thantsha
what she mean my husband thinks am the hottest thing in the in the world
i mean what else can surpass ya hotness... :D
Linda Goffigan
'Linda Goffigan' 10 months ago
Everyday iVo
xavier beauchamp
'xavier beauchamp' 10 months ago
I just play the 0:31 over and over. Sia's voice is crazy beautiful. Even in those 2 seconds she sings lol
Bianca Aldridge
'Bianca Aldridge' 10 months ago
Sia's face is being shown 😮
'Ma_Saby16' 11 months ago
I think it is so sad that she didn't put that into her "Beyoncé" album it would have been sooo cool, but I guess it's because she didn't want to ruin the art with the behind the scenes
'iVo' 1 year ago
Who else is on a Beyonce marathon like me? 😂❤
Marcus Ramalho
'Marcus Ramalho' 1 year ago
cara é sério que eu vir a Dia nesse vídeo ? 💕💕💕
u.u o.o
'u.u o.o' 1 year ago
Beyoncé and Sia in the same room, this is fantastic!!
Lilly  James
'Lilly James' 1 year ago
Oh my god there are no words that can express how much I love Beyoncé she's my superhero (after my mom) ahhhh I love her so much !!!
'bodybalancer' 1 year ago
There are so many women who feel the same thing even not having a child, there is a lot of shame over women's sexuality. She like 'runs through the jail and sets all the women free!' 😂🙌
'bodybalancer' 1 year ago
"And he thinks I'm the hottest thing in the world" lol correction: he RECOGNIZED that you were/are the hottest thing in the world 😂🙌
Jennifer Rivera
'Jennifer Rivera' 1 year ago
It just enfuriates me when people literally lashed at her for the video of Partition. First of all, the woman is 30+ years old, she's not a little kid. 2nd, who the fuck said that after you are a mother you have to be saint-like? HELLO?! How in the hell did you made the baby in the first place? It wasn't a kiss, ya' know. American society is so retrograted and stupid these days and are not seeing that women are not the same as before. We are discovering our inner power and our bodies where shaped as such to carry that power. Let her do what she wants. I find her inspiring for keeping herself checked while allowing herself to be true to her nature. Kudos for you, girl!
Maria K.
'Maria K.' 1 year ago
How is it possible that she weights so little and that she is curvy at the same time ??😮
Toraino Floyd
'Toraino Floyd' 1 year ago
I Love To See Her Business Side!
Mαjo Torres
'Mαjo Torres' 1 year ago
She looks soooo perfect without makeup. 😍😍😍 I love her so much! 😍😍😍👌🏻
Ktoś Tam
'Ktoś Tam' 2 years ago
She deserved so bad to win "Album  of the Year" Grammy Award
shilene robinson
'shilene robinson' 2 years ago
2:18 - 2:28 is so genuine lol I just love that part
Mark A.
'Mark A.' 2 years ago
Im in awe at how she clicked at the exact tempo to Partition, shes staaays on beat
'Uyanga' 2 years ago
I've lost ''65'' pounds?? Girlll you didn't gained that much of a weight, stop lyingggg. You weren't that fat being pregnant. You was looking great and beautiful!
LaTricia Allen
'LaTricia Allen' 2 years ago

Love her
'jaakun' 2 years ago
Holly RA
'Holly RA' 2 years ago
Love how she was wearing no makeup during the recording session and still looked gorgeous!
ELELUDU soniohhyd
'ELELUDU soniohhyd' 2 years ago
I think b is poised and very debonair with all of her uploads but I really like the interviews that she has here on YouTube.
She's hot!
Josh Wood
'Josh Wood' 2 years ago
Seeing how beyonce invited all those writers out including sia, and SIA was just relaxing with a blanket and singing, and later sitting next to beyonce at the table just makes me so happy. Idk why
Veronica Garcia
'Veronica Garcia' 2 years ago
oh oh sia we just saw your face lol
János Zsigus
'János Zsigus' 2 years ago
Partition is my fav track from BEYONCÉ. It's so sad that people call her a satanic whore because the video, it's just her fucking fantasy. She's comfortable with her own body and sexuality and nothing wrong with it, it's a positive thing and I love the video, really really love it. People are so ignorant and hateful.
Alexander Trindade
'Alexander Trindade' 2 years ago
fuck that, her story is fake.
sexuality do part of illuminatti role.
Gianfranco Torres
'Gianfranco Torres' 2 years ago
"Just because you become a mother it doesn't means you lose who you are"....... that's true!!! She has a beautifull daughter and stills being the same queen we all love
Fifth HarmonyGreece
'Fifth HarmonyGreece' 2 years ago
0:54 i bet that was beautiful
'AChanel17' 2 years ago
Beyonce also said that she freestyled "bootylicious" and it turned out that it wasn't true.Now she keeps saying it about a few of these songs side-eye
'lexilauryn55' 2 years ago
she's so cute oh my god hahahaha
Melody Nyamazana
'Melody Nyamazana' 2 years ago
I like it
Elisa B
'Elisa B' 2 years ago
Please make a movie 
Elisa B
'Elisa B' 2 years ago
You will always be my favourite Artist :)
'raizah123' 2 years ago
I cant believe she freestyled the opening verse of partition damn
Genesha Garrison
'Genesha Garrison' 3 years ago
Aya Bourdaime
'Aya Bourdaime' 3 years ago
3:41 hahahahah 
Flame Game
'Flame Game' 3 years ago
omg +beyonceVEVO  you got sia how old is she 
Kristina Whitfield
'Kristina Whitfield' 3 years ago
Pause at 1:13 and just look at her for a minute. Just look at her, she has her hair in corn rows, she's not smiling, she's not looking at the camera, and she has absolutely no make up on, her eyebrows aren't even filled in, and she is still drop dead gorgeous. I honestly believe that the true beauty she shows in that very moment is because of what's on the inside. I see people comment on her videos all the time, especially on the 'Pretty Hurts' video, for her to take off the makeup and she won't be as pretty. Just look at her at the very moment and absorb her true beauty because she is beautiful.
Ladies, we are beautiful and we should be able to admit that. NEVER let someone tell you you're not beautiful. We should encourage girls to believe they're beautiful instead of saying they're full of themselves when they say they're pretty or attractive. Ladies, you are all beautiful you have the right to feel and believe that.
Elena Ivanova
'Elena Ivanova' 3 years ago
"He thought I was the sexiest thing i the world"   LOL You funny Bey. You kid of are..
ken Gaulthier
'ken Gaulthier' 3 years ago
hahaha she so cute while reording partition with her arms crossed like a shy little
Antjuan Johnkins
'Antjuan Johnkins' 3 years ago
IF you want to know did  a song with 2 pac all eyes on me yes The second guy was me is 2 pac allive yes he is he coming out reitrement if a label sign me.
Ariyah Johnson
'Ariyah Johnson' 3 years ago
Driver roll up the partiotion please! I don't want you to see yonce on her knees! Partition is life!!!! #beyhive  #beyontourage  
Bruno Jannuzzi
'Bruno Jannuzzi' 3 years ago
Sia became more famous now that she wrote songs for Beyoncé, means that she deserves this success 
Orful Tuto
'Orful Tuto' 3 years ago
Pourquoi c pas traduit en français ?:(
jalen wheeler
'jalen wheeler' 3 years ago
Remember guys she got her GED not too long ago so she doesn't says too many sentences correctly, but at least almost every song she make is a hit !
Elijah Harris
'Elijah Harris' 3 years ago
Best song she evey made beside ox
Kannen Glanz
'Kannen Glanz' 3 years ago
Partition is EVERYTHING.
Arsen T
'Arsen T' 3 years ago
Beyoncé the most sexy person in the world.
Tionne Stevenson
'Tionne Stevenson' 3 years ago
I'm just talkin SHIIIt
Tanzamia Hylton
'Tanzamia Hylton' 3 years ago
I don't need you seeing BeyBey on her knees! Love it.
Britttany Ellison
'Britttany Ellison' 3 years ago
at 2:46, bey knows she wanted to say "Damn these girls are FINE" instead of "fly"; but we'll go with 'fly' lol!
'Alty' 3 years ago
She looks so much like tyra banks in partition
Cj Hamilton
'Cj Hamilton' 3 years ago
I loved when she starting singing partition while she was in the chair , she was jamming lol
'whateverdude1935' 3 years ago
anyone else replay Sia's note at 0:31?
Kevin Asencio
'Kevin Asencio' 3 years ago
Success with the best writers ;)
'mickkeybomb' 3 years ago
'mickkeybomb' 3 years ago
Yes girl
Paulette Williams
'Paulette Williams' 3 years ago
Kailah McNeil
'Kailah McNeil' 3 years ago
i like how for this album she opens up more about her personal life...including marriage and motherhood. 
Camila Ortiz
'Camila Ortiz' 3 years ago
i love you
'tasbah3' 3 years ago
Yeah easy to get your body back after birth when youre that rich Beyonce. Im sorry but try to livea normal person life with both parents working full time to pay the bills, then come back and talk that S*^%#. You dont speak to normal women, you are just trying to sell them that illusion!! To get the mindless sheep to buy your things and make you more rich
Simon O
'Simon O'Hagan' 3 years ago
Jesus is my number 1. Beyoncé is my number 2.
Kennedy  Stevenson
'Kennedy Stevenson' 3 years ago
Blue is too cute
denise jones
'denise jones' 3 years ago
1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
2: organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests

Where in that definition does it say women should only have the right to do something if it doesn't benefit men? I'm pretty sure every man and woman like attention from the opposite sex sometimes. Women have to right to do whatever they want with their body just as men have that right.
Cameron Chenoweth
'Cameron Chenoweth' 3 years ago
These videos are so inspirational:3
'stargirlb13' 3 years ago
I love how Beyonce can be so sexual and seductive while performing, and so authentic and sweet in real life. It's hard to find celebrities these days who don't let fame get to their head. Beyonce is so genuine and talented.
daphney molete
'daphney molete' 3 years ago
queen B you are the best
iamnyaaa__ McGill
'iamnyaaa__ McGill' 3 years ago
'FREE SNOWDEN' 3 years ago
like sexuality power that we all have, we have also the power of thinking and develop others human skills...
'yourbeautiful' 3 years ago
Beyoncé ,you're my QUEEN
lleylo lopezz
'lleylo lopezz' 3 years ago
What's the name of the song that's playing in the background
Fa Zheng
'Fa Zheng' 3 years ago
she is so cute <3
Fa Zheng
'Fa Zheng' 3 years ago
beyonce plese just dont god damm start twerking plese!!!
Kalema Godfrey
'Kalema Godfrey' 3 years ago
Yessssssss beyonce go pretty girl :-)
The Curly Cockney
'The Curly Cockney' 3 years ago
You're literally the perfect mother! Loving, devoted and caring yet still following your own dreams, great example :) x
Denyce @MyLuxury1st
'Denyce @MyLuxury1st' 3 years ago
Too Short!
'kudopoint1' 3 years ago
She should focus more on being a beautiful soul, mother and wife not a sex symbol . All attention is not good attention. And who wait till they get this age to start acting like they're teenagers. To me it just seems a little desperate a part of getting older is maturing. And no real man that loves and respects you would sit there and watch his wife and the mother of his child degrade herselves doing things that should be kept only in the bedroom and for his eyes only
sookie manning
'sookie manning' 3 years ago
I just love her, beyonce is amazing and so so so talented. such amazing woman and artist   
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