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I Asked My Co-Workers How Much Money They Make -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedYellow

By: BuzzFeedYellowPublished: 3 months ago

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Cue the awkward conversation pauses!

Adulting is hard, and no one knows that better than Kelsey. Watch as she tries to navigate being a "grown up" in her new series on Watchable:

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Shannon Azzif
'Shannon Azzif' 1 week ago
Did he say 33,000 a year
Lingling Hao
'Lingling Hao' 2 weeks ago
I'm so excited Kelsey is me hero
'MaybeeeNot' 3 weeks ago
knowing what your co workers make actually is important cos it allows you to negotiate your pay bette especially if you think you're getting paid less because you're a minority
T Smith
'T Smith' 4 weeks ago
Yes! You should share your information!!!!
MMT Films
'MMT Films' 2 months ago
And this video shows how bad salary buzzfeed workers do
'TerrorCON' 2 months ago
you guy work for money the rich make money
'srv1959' 2 months ago
nightmares do come true!
Katherine Patrick
'Katherine Patrick' 2 months ago
Don't ask your coworkers how much they make!!!!!!! And if they ask you, don't tell them!!!
'hokumorris' 2 months ago
I have recently started to think that a major contributor to income inequality is the cultural stigma against talking about income. My coworkers all had an open conversation at one point about this and as a result some of my coworkers who were making less than what I was making to have leverage when going into a promotion/income adjustment meeting. People can't ask to at least make as much as everyone else if they don't know what everyone else is making. I don't see anybody benefiting from not talking about income other than the people in charge of paying employees. If your employees don't know what the baseline is, then they can't ask to at least be paid at that baseline. The taboo only keeps money in employers' pockets.
Kathleen B
'Kathleen B' 2 months ago
BuzzFeeds videos are becoming more and more pointless and they're becoming so short .. like what was the point of her asking people their salary then making a 1.30 min long video (not including the promo for her new series) about it??? Idk man I used to love BuzzFeed now I'm not seeing the point
Aashish Bagdi
'Aashish Bagdi' 2 months ago
Unless you are OVERPAID for what you do, I see no reason for hiding your TRUE salary ... The society thing is B.S, you're just hiding your salary from an underpaid counterpart/colleague !
'Gao' 2 months ago
Dislike because buzzfeed
Nicholas Sloan
'Nicholas Sloan' 2 months ago
Considering this is BuzzFeed, I'm surprised they didn't mention the wage gap.
'Matches_Malone' 2 months ago
When is Sara going to get her own series?
Emily C
'Emily C' 2 months ago
Ur the butthole who did the questions women ask men
Jack Savard
'Jack Savard' 2 months ago
i love how the feminist is somehow understanding daysha just because she used the word society and feminists jus love that word.
jordan fink
'jordan fink' 2 months ago
they need to be honest and open about it and unionize.
Diana Cortez
'Diana Cortez' 2 months ago
You are doing it right I'm going to say it one tow three 😁yes
samuel tambunan
'samuel tambunan' 2 months ago
Kelsey, I think you should stop making this kind of click bait video but straight up meaningless. At least you could discuss more about what Daisha said but no. You're too lazy to make good content, shame on you
Jazzy P
'Jazzy P' 2 months ago
'am i doing this right' isnt avaliable in my country
Yorkshire Lad
'Yorkshire Lad' 2 months ago
Glad no idiots have posted comments about the debunked pay gap.
'raptor9191987' 2 months ago
I see a lot of comments saying "Why not just say it? What's the big deal?"
Most companies have a policy about you discussing your pay with other coworkers. If you do, it can lead to actions such as a warning or even being fired. I'm sure Buzzfeed has the same company policy and these people do not want to jeopardize their jobs.
'Juil' 2 months ago
This was done better by Adam Ruins Everything.
Brenna Smith
'Brenna Smith' 2 months ago
10/10 quality vid
Kyle Y
'Kyle Y' 2 months ago
I think that some of the people at buzzfeed are cool but most of them and the company as a whole are pretty not neato
Conner lee Carey
'Conner lee Carey' 2 months ago
Thing is, if coworkers shared their salaries with each other, wage equality would be much easier. The power would shift if coworkers came together.
Enoch Hart
'Enoch Hart' 2 months ago
Why do Buzz workers blame all of their choices on society?
I shave - Society forces me to
I eat healthy - Society forces me to
I exercise - society forces me to
I wear makeup - society forces me to
I'm scared to discuss my salary - society forces me to
Rhonda Lathbury
'Rhonda Lathbury' 2 months ago
Why did I do that to myself? If is actually against the law for a boss to tell you not to tell your pay to other employees, and still we feel like we shouldn't or can't. The best job I ever had was with SANSKA and our pay was posted on the office door... guess what no one did ,ask for raises , make any rude remarks about pay, or feel like someone with the same job made less than them or more. If you were a crane operator it was x if you were a laborer it was y and so on . No problems.
'6thgraderfriends' 2 months ago
Wow Daysha, it isn't the world's fault you chose to be a video producer/actress who makes between 33,278-68,819 dollars a year ( Realize you aren't as much as a victim in your life as you think and move on to something better if you need to.
'Bobolala333' 2 months ago
Click bait
'Inanna08' 2 months ago you're welcome.
'Woodshadow' 2 months ago
The less you know the more power the other side has. That is exactly why companies tell you not to talk about your salary to your co-workers. That is actually infringing on your right to form unions and freely discuss your wage. It is a violation or the labor rights act. Talk about it all you want
Donald Trumpet
'Donald Trumpet' 2 months ago
I make $2/hr working at bpo it sucks big time
'xMccoyn1990x' 2 months ago
I make about 12,000-13,000 a year a survive just fine, its not a lot but enough for me.
Dave H.
'Dave H.' 2 months ago
So I guess none of them have seen the Adam Ruins Everything episode where he talks about salaries and whatnot.
'WarmnessOnTheSoul1' 2 months ago
i gave this a thumps down because the thumbnail is cringy AF
'christyyy003' 2 months ago
It is advantageous for co-workers share their salary because not sharing allows for higher-ups/bosses/higher corporate workers to pay others less than others. Knowing someone else's salary won't cause anyone's salary to decrease, but rather allow for others to have their salary increase. It seems taboo but it's just a number and it would be better for everyone if everyone shared their salaries.
'Donaldthustra' 2 months ago
If women weren't inferior, we'd pay them equally.
Anastasia Putilina
'Anastasia Putilina' 2 months ago
Bla bla bla they are hypocrites oh I don't know how much I earn yeah sure guys 👎
shaytoo 3105
'shaytoo 3105' 2 months ago
have you ever thought of different positions and different education?
I thought not
Fersty G
'Fersty G' 2 months ago
I don't understand how this is rude? Explain to mah
So wowowow
'So wowowow' 2 months ago buzzfeed have wage gap between females and males? I hope not, considering the videos they make
Space Penguins
'Space Penguins' 2 months ago
This channel is a joke
Moses Lawson
'Moses Lawson' 2 months ago
This was a complete waste of time!
Jazzy A
'Jazzy A' 2 months ago
i make 16000 a year
Natasha Navarro
'Natasha Navarro' 2 months ago
omg can someone tell me what they are typing on those computers all day
TheCoolKidPlays 999
'TheCoolKidPlays 999' 2 months ago
Leila Botetzayas
'Leila Botetzayas' 2 months ago
When buzzfeed runs out of runs out of ideas
'jojoko' 2 months ago
Where's the rest of the show? It like stopped after the theme tune intro played.
Daisy Gaeta
'Daisy Gaeta' 2 months ago
buzzfeed is running out of ideas
Flôwer Pôwer
'Flôwer Pôwer' 2 months ago
clicks on the link to "am I doing this right?" "This is not available in your country." Me: well IM USED TO THAT AT THIS POINT.
Josh Spain
'Josh Spain' 2 months ago
I don't know if this is federal law or just company-to-company regulations, but the jobs I have held forbid us (the workers) from disclosing our income from the job to coworkers. Even my father has that regulation where he works at. So, asking about it, recording their responses and posting about it may be illegal, but if it not illegal by the government or the company they work for, there is nothing that can be done, legally speaking.
Comfort M
'Comfort M' 2 months ago
Why do they always try and make it deep and profound?
Kaeli Alexander
'Kaeli Alexander' 2 months ago
It's a North American cultural construct thinking that discussing salary is tacky. In many parts of the world (for example, Latin America), it's fairly common to discuss your salary openly with friends, coworkers, and family. Moving from Canada to Mexico was a culture shock for me in that aspect, but now I'm open about what I earn at my job and it feels freeing.
'whaddupchunt' 2 months ago
lmao these people are so touchy. we all struggling out here, just tell us how much you make !
Amanda Howard
'Amanda Howard' 2 months ago
Lol I love how the one guy just straight up lied.
'Sunshine' 2 months ago
This blonde chick looks like a clown
'Duebrick' 2 months ago
they clearly haven't seen the Adam Ruins Everything episode on sallary
'BritBot' 2 months ago
We covered salary negotiations in several of my college classes - turned out to be the most useful thing I learned from that Bachelors degree
Bertha Lovejoy
'Bertha Lovejoy' 2 months ago
daysha is the reason leftists get called SJW
Sirr Senpai
'Sirr Senpai' 2 months ago
It's just money, dude. You're still getting paid.
'icampos89' 2 months ago
Here I was expecting a meaningful discussion on salary differences between co workers alla Adam Ruins Everything but instead wasted 2 minutes. I forgot this was buzzfeed.
Tyffanee Lavely
'Tyffanee Lavely' 2 months ago
I wish "am I doing this right?" was here on youtube because the so called watchable place is actually unwatchable. No matter what, the videos are extremely choppy and will not play right >.<
Madame Sativa
'Madame Sativa' 2 months ago
Pay transparency makes things fair.
Reanne tf
'Reanne tf' 2 months ago
she look like a donkey in the cover photo thing
'MrAlexsm09' 2 months ago
Wonder how many men she found that make 30% more than her for the same work
Natalie Lenthall
'Natalie Lenthall' 2 months ago
I've never understood the big deal like ever it seems so stupid to me
Jacki Barry
'Jacki Barry' 2 months ago
Scripted and Clickbait.... Anyone think so?
Angelica Schuyler
'Angelica Schuyler' 2 months ago
The One
'The One' 2 months ago
Why are some people confused why others lie or do not want to share their salary? I mean you don't want strangers to know how much you make. You can tell those you are close to or know, but if you tell strangers, especially online, it is like asking to rob.
Rajib Ahmed
'Rajib Ahmed' 2 months ago
when u work at BuzzFeed so you literally give a BS excuse for literally everything
'Danni' 2 months ago
Legit someone could ask daysha "how's your day" and she'd answer "I don't know it's just the oppression how am I suppose to understand what the day is like when I'm just so shut down my society"
'clarinet3131' 2 months ago
I've never hesitated to answer when someone asks what I make.
'freakyfro99' 2 months ago
Not knowing how much your coworkers make only benefits the company. If you find out that your coworker that does the same work as you gets paid more, you're gonna ask for that raise and that'll only hurt their bottom line and benefit you. Companies have made it seem tacky to have honest conversations about how much you make and it's ridiculous.
MelAuiron and Cats
'MelAuiron and Cats' 2 months ago
Does she have her own Youtube? She's just so fun to watch!
'Clarissa' 2 months ago
0:47 "society tells us" ...hold up literally every issue she has is with " society" when she is the "society" she speaks of 🙄
Miki Soraoka
'Miki Soraoka' 2 months ago
I find that the awkwardness around asking about salaries is more of an American thing (Not specific to just the people at BF) I'm not really sure why though. Any thoughts?
The Legend
'The Legend' 2 months ago
If we're both on a sinking ship, you get to leave with the kids. Think of it as a surcharge
Joe T
'Joe T' 2 months ago
whatever it is, you bunch of sjw's make too much
Ratt Jack
'Ratt Jack' 2 months ago
This is so scripted it's not real
'msakikibee' 3 months ago
I read that it's actually better for the collective group if you all know how much each other make. Bosses don't want you to tell because then they can pay you what you want and tell you it's the normal rate. But you have no way of knowing if thats true. Some people could be paid more and some could be paid less for the same amount of work.

So you all could take the chance that maybe you're lucky and are in the higher paid column (most likely if you are a white male) OR you all could grow up, talk about it and come to your next negotiation more informed and make sure you're paid what you're worth.
Lu Luisa
'Lu Luisa' 3 months ago
That's just so American
'gtg' 3 months ago
Kelsey: How much money do you make?
Daysha: I think we all know what we're worth but we're afraid to go after it because society tells us that you're not worth it
Olive Horan
'Olive Horan' 3 months ago
Oh my gosh..that was hard hitting material. I'm WOKE.
Marley Euliano
'Marley Euliano' 3 months ago
When buzzfeed always blames issues on society and then people have the mindset to never blame anything on themselves or THATS JUST THE WAY IT IS. Also Kelsey is obnoxious
'Quin' 3 months ago
She is so not funny that it hurts
Catherine Theresa
'Catherine Theresa' 3 months ago
Of course Daysha make this into the world hates women.
Кристина Зыбарева
я хочу айфон
Robert De Klerk
'Robert De Klerk' 3 months ago
I make almost £20k a year and i'm 19yrs old!! why do people get so salty when you ask how much they earn!!
Serena Davies
'Serena Davies' 3 months ago
I hate daysha
Andrew Dell
'Andrew Dell' 3 months ago
Cannot watch am I doing this right in the uk!!!!!!!! Why????
Great Owl
'Great Owl' 3 months ago
This video was more of an AD for "Am I Doing This Right". I clicked on it and it is steaming on "watchable". Never heard of it. I forced myself to give it a chance for 5min. I was happy I did. It's a well made, funny, educational and edgy show. Congrats, Kelsey Darragh (@kelseydarraghcomedy)
Austin Marlowe
'Austin Marlowe' 3 months ago
I irony of this coming from Buzzfeed.
Josh Garver
'Josh Garver' 3 months ago
Well this was stupid.
Shelby Atkinson
'Shelby Atkinson' 3 months ago
Why are you holding the microphone so close to them???
Ethan M
'Ethan M' 3 months ago
Too much.
Mila Jensen
'Mila Jensen' 3 months ago
this girl is extremely cringey
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