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Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4. -
Published: 2 years ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 2 years ago

7, 731, 088 views

118, 368 Likes   1, 116 Dislikes

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'Whisky_Team' 4 days ago
Hitler vs Vader fucking please
Director Orson Krennic
You can Fly but you can't escape ghostbusters
Richard Solomon
'Richard Solomon' 2 weeks ago
iggy azalea vs Arianna grande
Karan Kuppa-Apte
'Karan Kuppa-Apte' 2 weeks ago
Adolf Hitler
'Adolf Hitler' 3 weeks ago
bye fake Shitler
Director Orson Krennic
Ghost buster VS Hitler,I am exciting
'BradPlaysGames' 3 weeks ago
Lil Yachty vs Lil Wayne
Cult To Follow
'Cult To Follow' 3 weeks ago
Still wating for hitler vs vader 4 :(((
Bane Plush Adventures
Hitler is SO getting his Karma!
Sheikh  Jeddahwi
'Sheikh Jeddahwi' 4 weeks ago
It's been 2 years where the fuck is hitlers pt 4
Aa Durian
'Aa Durian' 1 month ago
why ya all didnt do this
Zach Goldberg
'Zach Goldberg' 1 month ago
this is like a trailer of number 4
Banana Man
'Banana Man' 1 month ago
"I can fly!" Famous last words
Ignacio perez
'Ignacio perez' 1 month ago
when will be avaliable? and it World be nice Hitler to win at least one
Ladybug 012
'Ladybug 012' 1 month ago
Kevin Patricio
'Kevin Patricio' 2 months ago
yes lets go
RMS Titanic
'RMS Titanic' 2 months ago
Adolf Hitler leader of the Nazis vs Osama Bin Laden leader of Al-Qaeda rap battle please
FlyingChris Jumperjack
a force ghost vader vs Hitler ghost
Abu Niazi
'Abu Niazi' 2 months ago
Where is it
Oh Yeah Mr.Krabs
'Oh Yeah Mr.Krabs' 2 months ago
we need a nother Darth Vader vs Hitler
David Caftan
'David Caftan' 2 months ago
more of Adolf Hitler and Vader
'xXL3g3NdLaloXx' 2 months ago
Wtf why does Lloyd look taller than Peter at 0:33?
Fragmented R
'Fragmented R' 3 months ago
Stan: Oh my god, they killed Hitler!
Kyle: You saviors!
alihan andaç gülen
'alihan andaç gülen' 3 months ago
what is this guitar song ?
X Finder HD
'X Finder HD' 3 months ago
0:13 Flashback
'Hassan' 3 months ago
We need more Hitler vs Vader, release him!
Hans Lee
'Hans Lee' 3 months ago
We need Hitler vs Vader 4, 5, 6, 7...
Xjeff 123
'Xjeff 123' 3 months ago
The ghostbusters caught hitlers ghost
Charly and Estevan
'Charly and Estevan' 3 months ago
chuck cheese vs freddy fazbear
Ravyandani A Prawirohardjo
its already december. where is the vid
'eVoLvEr_96' 3 months ago
When I seen the thumbnail for this I thought it was Vader vs hitler 4
'최영호' 3 months ago
Oh no! I want see HITLER
Ulaş Şenel
'Ulaş Şenel' 3 months ago
Kylo Ren vs Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader 4
Panagiotis Pappas
'Panagiotis Pappas' 3 months ago
Dude the electric guitar part 0.20 nailed it!
New Gamer2
'New Gamer2' 3 months ago
I dont find this video hm...
Harjot Gill
'Harjot Gill' 4 months ago
Tactical Cheeze
'Tactical Cheeze' 4 months ago
More Darth Vader vs Hitler! Come on guys that is by far the one you guys do the best
Fuck Your Feelings
'Fuck Your Feelings' 4 months ago
Ryu vs. Ken
Street Fighter
Dwayne Watkins
'Dwayne Watkins' 4 months ago
John Williams Vs. Hans Zimmer!
'James' 4 months ago
0:16 Hitler: "I CAN FLY!" (HHEEEE HEEEE NOPE!)
'blueflameking' 4 months ago
what we need is some sort of Hitler vs Vader prequel, with Vader there are at least three decent predecessors other than Anakin who could rep the Dark Side, the trouble is with finding someone to take Hitlers' place
Bard Kaitiff
'Bard Kaitiff' 4 months ago
'WIZOrganisation' 4 months ago
Hitler vs Darth Vader part 4 is overdue
Random Skilzz
'Random Skilzz' 4 months ago
part4 please
MarioGengar Gaming
'MarioGengar Gaming' 4 months ago
Please cmon guys just make a part 4 of hitler and Vader
Marc Vizueth
'Marc Vizueth' 4 months ago
come on make season 4 already
Leon Haberer
'Leon Haberer' 4 months ago
One battle every monday.... not really :D
'Del' 4 months ago
'THE ARCADE ZONE' 4 months ago
zachary Pivo
'zachary Pivo' 4 months ago
Who else replayed the "Yah, Tzee" starting part over and over again.
'TheDragonPSA' 4 months ago
2 years 2 days since the release date. Still no season 4?
jp mivi
'jp mivi' 5 months ago
Hell yeah
'Forsaille46' 5 months ago
Holy Mary Mother of Joseph !
Vader vs Hitler acena
Vader vs hitler 4 plsss its the best battle since season 1 plsss make it
'Starpower44 '' 5 months ago
That really said every Monday?
'Aviator13' 5 months ago
heil Hitler
hannibal kills
'hannibal kills' 5 months ago
Hitler actually had the Ghost Division.
'Random.' 5 months ago
2 years later and still no adolf vs hitler 4 wtf!
Herr Konig Hilbert Schultz DVGE
Hitler vs Stalin!
Rocka Pwtrut
'Rocka Pwtrut' 5 months ago
Still waiting for Vader vs Hitler 4
'MASTER MC' 5 months ago
we need part 4
Plutonian Inc.
'Plutonian Inc.' 5 months ago
Mein fuhrer!
three of jays love and hate
part 4 is still have to work out a few things
JasonGreatMc Paunovic
wtf is this why do u show us this D; cry
Jonas The Fatt Catt
'Jonas The Fatt Catt' 6 months ago
Soooo no more Hitler vs Vader?
'Vader's Reactions' 6 months ago
Hitler's Ghost VS Kylo Ren
'Vader's Reactions' 6 months ago
Hitler's Ghost VS Kylo Ren
Angelo Giordano Plasicov
plz hitler vs vader again!
Funny Moments
'Funny Moments' 6 months ago
'kenfoust3443' 6 months ago
Gordon Ramsay .vs. Simon Cowell
Anthony Allen
'Anthony Allen' 6 months ago
can't wait. Darth Vader vs Hitler a 4 time and ghostbusters vs myth busters a 2nd
Kurumi Tokisaki
'Kurumi Tokisaki' 7 months ago
Eric Herke
'Eric Herke' 7 months ago
stop killing hitler senpai
J Music
'J Music' 7 months ago
To anyone asking for Hitler vs Vader 4:

Guys, they made 3 battles with same characters..... It's surprising that they didn't run out of things to say in the last one........ It'd be hard to milk it any further now.....
Christopher Lefont
'Christopher Lefont' 7 months ago
Why do people keep saying Darth Vader vs Adlof Hitler if they did 3 rap battles, one in each season 1-3. And Adlof Hitler got trapped here
'Gwat' 7 months ago
sub zero vs scorpion
Nkosi Carter-Fisher
'Nkosi Carter-Fisher' 7 months ago
So that happened to Hithler
Little Red The Gamer
'Little Red The Gamer' 8 months ago
0:00-0:02 always kills me lol
Gabriel Tafoya
'Gabriel Tafoya' 8 months ago
Ghost busters (male) vs ghost busters (female) please do this 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
GamingMaster 101
'GamingMaster 101' 8 months ago
Go Gronk And tom Brady
We're the vids
Tyson Kreitz
'Tyson Kreitz' 8 months ago
com one
Dan King
'Dan King' 8 months ago
mcgregor vs boru
Strawberry Flavored Bleach
I get why they don't make anymore vader vs hitlers. They used all possible insults
Shine - Leader
'Shine - Leader' 8 months ago
number 5 please
Adolf Hitler
'Adolf Hitler' 8 months ago
Einfach nur erbärmlich
Izumi Haruhiko
'Izumi Haruhiko' 8 months ago
when will u release it
'Nyttelost' 8 months ago
When the Old Ghostbusters and the New Ghostbusters have their rap battle, Hitler will be unleashed when the streams are crossed. He'll be ready to drop some ghastly beats then.
Káposzta Gaming
'Káposzta Gaming' 8 months ago
One punch man vs. Light
lord nateyolo
'lord nateyolo' 8 months ago
oh hell to the yes dark vader vs hitler
Richard Ruiz
'Richard Ruiz' 8 months ago
you need to do one more
Pheonix Fire
'Pheonix Fire' 8 months ago
We're the hell is Hitler.. They can bring him back as a ghost or something
Zak Washburn
'Zak Washburn' 9 months ago
I don't know if they did this, but i wanna see sonic vs mario
Caleb Kentner
'Caleb Kentner' 9 months ago
do ghost hitler vs vader
'FinestFantasyVI' 9 months ago
That moment when you realize ERB made a better Ghostbuster trailer than Hollywood
'BradAlberts' 9 months ago
Donald Trump vs Kylo Ren
Thorsten Kümmel
'Thorsten Kümmel' 9 months ago
Pablo Escobar vs Al Capone!
Darth Dovahkiin
'Darth Dovahkiin' 9 months ago
I need so much Vader vs Hitler 4 xD
danielle king
'danielle king' 9 months ago
hitler is a ghost does this mean slimer gets to eat him
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